Glory Daze Ch. 05

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A series of stories about the pleasures of youth and the fun had during those glory years….

Story Five — Tales from the Pussy Posse: Another notch on the belt…

“Baby you’re so ready for it,” I said, urgently begging the reluctant Mary Francis, as I nuzzled a tender spot behind her ear.

I felt her breath hot on my neck as her hand moved down to stroke the muscles of my naked back.

“I don’t know Marc,” she whispered back, half-moaning when I reached another sensitive area, “It’s wrong. We shouldn’t. You don’t love me.”

I wanted her so badly. My throbbing dick was achingly aware that her pussy lay just below. The denim of our jeans and our underwear providing the only separation.

“Oh, baby,” I urged, going for broke, “Please don’t say no to me. I need you so bad.”

My free hand dropped from her breast and moved down to unbuckle her jeans. She made no effort to resist my advances.

“It’ll give you something to confess in the morning,” I said wickedly, referring to the act of our sin.

Without much effort she lifted her ass off my truck bed, so that I could slide her jeans down to reveal her delicate powder blue panties. My fingers hastily moved to push them aside so that I could finger fuck her cunt. There was no doubt in my mind this girl was still a virgin, but she clearly didn’t want to stay one, and I wanted to help her with that problem.

It’d been two weeks since I’d first begun my effort to lay Mary Francis Carmichael. We’d met at a church social my mother had forced me go to. She’d been there talking to a friend by the dessert table. The atypical, Catholic schoolgirl. Specifically she went to Saint Mary’s Catholic school across town. I’d never had one of those girls before and I felt like I was in a Billy Joel song or something. Our eyes had locked as I’d gone for a piece of pie, and as I’d walked away, turning once to give her another glance, I heard a giggle escape her lips, and she and her friend checked me out.

She’d been easily flattered by my attentions, the local football hero from the public school. I could be very charming. My intuition told me she wanted me to fuck her. I saw it in her eyes the instant that we’d met. I’d watched her watching me without my shirt on that day playing games with the other guys. Watched her running her eyes over my muscles and down my six-pack before settling on the bulge in the front of my shorts, and observing the curve of my ass.

I had to say I liked the look of her too. It wasn’t just that she was an untapped hole.

To say that she was the best looking girl was a stretch. But she was more than okay. She came up to about my shoulder, with rich dark hair that had more red than chestnut brown in it: a blessing she’d inherited from her Irish father. When she moved in the sunlight it was simply dazzling. Her face was appealing. Not gorgeous, but very pretty. Her cheeks possessed a natural healthy glow of pink and the rest of her face had a creamy fairness that again spoke of her ancestry. Her most stunning feature of course had to be the line of her ass as it rounded down into her thighs and the sweep of her legs that followed. Damn fine stuff. Perfect round titties too. And the greenest eyes this side of the Shannon.

I think she knew I wasn’t boyfriend material, which most of the girls at my school already knew.

But even with a reputation as a serious player, I was viewed as a good guy. All my life I’d wanted to evoke a bad boy image, I really had, but the girls all saw right through me to my kind and generous, if not always gentle, nature. They thought of me as the kind of guy who would do a winter toy drive or help little old grannies cross the street. They all knew I was unashamedly after sex, like most guys, and that I wasn’t picky about where I got it.

And because I wasn’t perceived as a threat, it all usually ended up working to my advantage, and my sins were forgiven before we got into bed, and afterwards when the deed was done.

Whatever the case, that charm had been sufficient to get Mary Francis to go on our recent series of dates, coming so soon after it had led me to cop a feel of her tits after the picnic. I’m sure it’s why my tongue was stuck down her throat earlier tonight at the movie, and I think it was a real safe bet as to why her pussy lips felt moist around my fingers right now.

Christ she smelled so good.

The juices from her pussy leaked out to form this intoxicating aroma with her perfume. It made me all that more desperate to get a piece of her ass tonight.

“Mary,” I groaned, “I don’t think I can stop now.”

She moaned in response, unable to form words.

“I really need you,” I groaned again; dry humping her thigh, almost begging, “Can we?”

“Do you have a rubber?” she breathed.

“In my pocket,” was my reply.

My mouth kissed down her open blouse and settled on her naked breast. I’d undone her bra not long after I’d coaxed her into the back of the truck with me to watch the stars. Without taking my mouth off her ataşehir escort nipple, I’d reached into my back pocket and pulled out the first of three condoms I regularly kept pressed inside.

Just for circumstances like these.

By this time I’d gotten her really hot and bothered. The radio was playing the latest bit of rock and roll. I was fairly certain the other couples in the two other cars parked near us in the secret make out spot of Miller’s Woods were similarly engaged.

She seemed willing and I let out a deep breath of relief that I wasn’t going to have to go home with blue balls tonight. Usually most of these girls were a sure thing, but guilt or fear could sometimes lead to cold feet. My honor was such that no matter how horny I was I could never force an unwilling woman to make love to me.

“Baby,” I said, my Louisiana drawl slurring my words, “Have you ever done this before?”

She looked into my eyes, our faces very close together.

I thought maybe she was going to tell me for a moment that she’d fucked someone before. Though I highly doubted it.

“No,” she said at last, “But I know what to do.”

“Okay,” I murmured smiling, “This might hurt a little.”

Propping myself up on one elbow, I undid my zipper. The sound was easy to make out. She trembled for a moment, probably out of nervousness. I pushed my pants and boxers down far enough to expose my cock and balls. The evening air outside was cool, and I felt it as my balls pulled free of my boxers, so I gave my little soldier some gentle strokes with my right hand to keep the blood pumping.

“Hold it,” I said firmly, bringing her hand down to my cock.

No point in being shy now.

She reached down, at first reluctantly, but quickly with greater enthusiasm, and grabbed the first naked dick she’d ever held. Probably not the last if she was going to be this easy. Her hand was warm around me, almost feverish. She gave me a few experimental tugs getting a handle on the feel and length.

“That’s it,” I groaned, “Feel how hard I am. It’s all for you baby.”

With my teeth I ripped open the wrapper of my Durex XXL condom and pulled it out of the package. She removed her hand when I brought my own down with the condom to place it over the mushroom tip, and expertly rolled it one-handed down my shaft. Soon I’d sheathed the tool that was going to make this little Catholic schoolgirl a full a fledged woman.

Being in the back of my truck was not usually the way I preferred to pop a cherry, but when the mood is upon you, and the circumstances are in your favor, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Before taking my leisure, I stuck my first three fingers inside her hole to give her a preliminary stretching. She moaned as my thumb moved over her clit at the same time.

“Mmmmmmm …” she moaned, as my fingers ran down her wet lips, and easily dipped into her again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, God,” she sighed again as my finger slid up into her as far as I could go.

I felt her hymen and her tight, wet cunt gripped my finger snugly.

She was very moist. I pulled my fingers out of her and rubbed some of her cream over the latex covering my dick. Natural lube is always the best.

“You are so juicy,” I whispered to her as erotically as I could manage.

She grabbed my thick bicep. A look of pleasure and panic mixed in her eyes.

I ran those same fingers over her bush. Her pubic hair curled through my fingers. It was so warm and soft.

There was no point in waiting at this point. I grabbed my cock and positioned myself on top of her in the classic straight man’s missionary position. My powerful thighs pushed aside those gorgeous creamy legs, forcing her back to arch just a little. Her treasure was exposed before me, ready for the taking.

If she’d have said ‘no’ right then, there would have been nothing I could have done to stop myself.

I was lost in the lust of fucking, hypnotized by the pleasure awaiting my young dick. And I moved forcefully up between her thighs. My hand placed the fat head of my cock against her pink, swollen pussy lips. Both of us were focused on my dick pushing forward and opening the lips of her cunt, if for different reasons. She was still too nervous to feel the pleasure that this was bringing her. She absorbed me slowly, as I passed her gate and slid into her inch by inch. Her heat was intense and her twat gripped me so tightly. Her nervousness caused her to contract against me. I’m sure it was bringing her discomfort, but it felt so good.

“Relax,” I advised her.

She arched her head back as I continued to push into her. When my steel rod was against her last barrier, I pulled back a little. Then I slid back into her, this time wedging my entire cock into her crack. I knew that her hymen was now long gone, torn away by my battering ram. Her face winced in pain.

Then she opened her eyes and looked at me.

I put on my most tender face. Smiling a big sympathetic smile.

“That’s it,” I whispered, “Let kadıköy escort yourself get used to it.”

My eyes glanced down between her thighs, and I watched my fat dick stretch her pink pussy lips wide open. It was a beautiful sight seeing her stretch around me, watching my monster squeeze into her, and then pull out over and over. She did relax with the rhythm of each gentle thrust, each stroke long and tender. Salvation may have been found at church tomorrow, but I was in heaven tonight. Once I thought she was actually starting to enjoy herself, or at least relax a little, I began drive myself up into her harder with firm thrusts.

I took her tits in my mouth and hands. My thrusting continued as I groped more and more of her flesh for my pleasure. I admired her breasts. They really were very nice. Her big round nipples erect with the tongue bathing I’d given them earlier, sustained now by my present efforts.

I got so turned on; my thrusting began to become more uneven, and it grew more so the more excited I got. I was like an animal as instinct took over, and I began to fuck her even harder, with reckless abandon.

She finally let out a moan that sounded like one of pleasure, and then she smiled at me. I felt my heart warm.

Her titties rocked up and down with each of my forceful thrusts. She closed her eyes as she felt my huge member fill her up entirely.

My first trip into an unfamiliar pussy is often short. It’s probably my excitement at being there in the first place, so I’ll be damned if that first fuck ever lasts more than ten minutes. For my second or third fuck of the night I can usually go all night long if you let me, it’s just so much fun to keep cumming though, and often.

True to form, I felt the first stirrings in my balls as my thrusting became really rough. My thoughts were only on my own pleasure at that point as I approached the point of no return. If she’d have been more experienced she’d have known what was happening to me. My grunts became loud and vocal. I felt the dam burst in my balls as shot after shot of semen filled up the tip of my condom. I continued to thrust awkwardly into her until I felt the last of it leak from my tip.

“Damn!” I said, relaxing on top of her.

Her breasts pressed against my naked chest.

“That was good baby,” I told her, “You’ve got a nice, tight pussy. You feel real good.”

She smiled with the praise.

I rolled off of her, satisfied. When I pulled out, her pussy gave a little sucking sound. I let out a long contented sigh when I saw that there was a little blood on the condom. Add it up to another notch on the belt as I took the seventh virgin of my young male career. That’s a lucky number.

I flung the used condom over the edge of the truck railing.

Now at this point there are two ways to handle such a situation.

One was to take Mary Francis home, call it a night and add up the points. The other was to find a way to stop the inevitable pussy foreclosure that followed a move like that. What I’ve never understood about some of the other guys that I knew who played for fun was why poison the well after taking just one sip? Sure I wanted to get as much pussy as possible, from as many different sources, but that didn’t mean I never wanted to come back to the well I’d just tapped for more. It did take a little more work. I’ll be the first to admit that. But patience is its own reward.

Unlike my buds Greg or Steve, who’d have been home by now, for the next fifteen minutes I made Mary Francis feel like she was the only woman on the earth. I snuggled her, I hugged her, I spooned, and I told her how beautiful she was. Kissing her in every possible way until she felt like I genuinely cared. Until she believed that I’d given her a real gift tonight, instead of only putting out for my benefit.

Mary Francis probably had no way of knowing that she was number thirty-one on my list, give or take the occasional drunken lay I may not remember. Not bad for a career average this early in the game.

As I whispered sweet nothings in her ear, I knew that any guy like me could fuck a girl with a condom on if she was feeling a little randy. But it’s worth double the points if you can buck the bronco bareback.

Even if I could never prove it.

I knew I had two other condoms in my wallet just in case.

There was always a ‘just in case’.

And Mary Francis’ little cunt was still waiting to be stretched some more. Truth be told I couldn’t be bothered with the rubbers. I wanted to take it to the limit.

So that’s when I really began to kiss her, doing everything to divert her mind from my other activities, keeping her fixated on the feeling of my lips and tongue. I doubt any man had ever kissed her like this in her young Catholic life, or ever would again for years to come. She was gasping for breath. I’d gotten her so worked up. Her chest heaved underneath me. I grabbed my cock and gently ran my head up and down the lips of her bare pussy slowly. She was speechless, unaware bostancı escort of what I was doing.

I slapped her clit a couple times with my cock to stimulate her. That really made her engine rev. We were burning.

Then I pushed forward and the pink lips of her vagina opened for me, allowing me unrestricted access inside. I moaned as I felt the feeling of being naked inside her. No latex between us. She was still such a tight little fuck, that I could only make it halfway inside her on my first thrust before I could go no further. I moaned as I felt her warmth engulf me. Getting back into my earlier rhythm, I eased myself out of Mary Francis’ tight pussy and then slipped back into her, entering her all the way on the third stroke.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooooooooooooooooo…” she gasped, realizing what was going on, fully stimulated, “We shouldn’t.”

Too late now, I thought.

With her cunt filled with my meat, she was able to feel it without the earlier discomfort of her hymen breaking. I was completely filling her. After two weeks of trying I was finally inside her in my naked glory. I looked down at her, holding myself inside of her twat. Her emerald eyes were very beautiful. I bent to kiss her tenderly, and passionately. We were truly making love, without the actual love part.

We weren’t just fucking.

Her tongue eagerly shot into my mouth and I could feel her bringing her crotch up against mine, clearly wanting this even though she knew thought it was wrong. She evidently needed to be used this way. Her hands slide down to the muscles of my ass and pressed me against her harder. I eased my cock out of her most of the way and then slowly slid back into her.

She moaned around my tongue.

I made love to her thoroughly on that truck bed, taking my pleasure inside of her, and I wanted her to compare me with every other man who would come after me this night. To remember the shape and feel of my dick.

Her hands were grabbing at my ass, pulling me into her over and over, trying to get me to fuck her harder. I broke the kiss, looking to oblige her.

She really started to moan as I pounded my cock into her needy hole even faster. She raised her feet in the air against the truck railing, high above my thrusting ass. Her eyes closed as she rushed to embrace an approaching orgasm, which I could feel coming on from the gyrations of her pussy walls. Her tits bounced up and down violently as I fucked her even harder. She was breathing heavily and her moans were high-pitched as I fed my cock into her in short fat stabs.

Suddenly, her moans stopped.

Her faced showed her entire range of emotion and she stretched her legs straight out. Her first ever orgasm achieved during sex was washing over her. Her hands pressed my ass downward and her thighs grasped my waist tightly as she came. For a moment, I couldn’t move, trapped by her powerful spasms.

My cock was trapped inside her pussy as it convulsed around me.

Then she hollered out, her orgasm washing over her.

Her face was clenched in pleasure as she struggled to control the feelings in her body. Finally her hands and legs relaxed their grip and I began fucking her again slowly. She placed both feet on my ass, feeling it clenching and relaxing each time I thrust inside her. Her pussy gripped my cock very tightly, and she was so hot around me. It had been a while since I’d gotten a lay this good. And I certainly hadn’t been laid in over two weeks since I began my courtship of her. My balls were still full, and my cock felt heavy and stronger than ever.

As much as I wanted this to last, I didn’t think that I could make it go longer.

Her bare pussy was fantastic. I didn’t want to fight it anymore. I held myself above her, locking my arms as I rammed her like a jackhammer with my rod, in and out, in and out, in and out of her hole. She looked up at me adoringly. There was nothing but lust in her dark eyes. I loved how fast her tits shook up and down as I buried my rock hard dick inside her pussy over and over. I was slapping hard against her, and her ass was bouncing up off the blanket towards me, making our sex even better.

I felt my balls grow heavier, and they were getting hotter as well. My cock could not wait any longer. I fucked the shit out of this girl: number thirty-one, drilling her helpless ass into my truck bed. Then suddenly I felt the rush of cum in my dick, and there was no time to pull my throbbing cock out of her soaking wet vagina, so I steadied myself against the back of the truck cab as I shot load after load inside her recently virgin pussy.

This girl had all the makings of being a really really good fuck one day, once she’d had more practice. As she looked into my eyes in the post coital haze, our breath steamy in the night air, she knew I would be a man willing to take advantage of her naiveté. And I would be happy to fuck her again.

But not as her boyfriend.

I’d done what I’d set out to do. I’d racked up another score and now my interest was fading. There would be no more dates, no more movies. But hopefully there would be more forbidden encounters between us like this one. I looked forward to the opportunity to break her in. Hell, she hadn’t even learned how to give a blowjob yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32