Halloween Roulette

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“Come on man, it’s just a Halloween party. You’ll be in a costume. Not one person will ever even know that you’re there.”

Ray Arden, my longtime friend and roommate here at FSU always had an angle or scam to get into a party or event that was being held within social circles that we didn’t normally run with. The Halloween Party in question, was being thrown by one of the bigger sororities and their parties were always said to be epic events.

“I can’t buddy. Like the Dean’s committee said last month, I’m on “Double Secret Probation”, and that’s at least until the end of the semester. Maybe longer, if my review doesn’t go well.” The powers that be, stole that line from Animal House, but it seemed to work for them.

At the start of the school year, I had been caught selling a series papers and assignments to freshman. Due to my grades and otherwise clean record, the specially assigned committee allowed me to stay, as long as I made financial restitution to all those that I sold papers to and agreed to stay out of trouble, and trouble according to them included attending parties.

“Bullshit. How many times do I have to tell you, no one will know that your there and I can’t go unless I bring a wingman, they said so.”

“Really buddy, I’d love to help you out and you know it, but I can’t risk the pending disciplinary action.”

“Fuck that shit. I promise you. We’ll get cool costumes, and no one will know who we are. There will be some topnotch girls there. Be a pal.” Ray wasn’t even close to giving up on this one.

“Yeah, that reminds me. Why were you invited? That sorority tends to go for the all-pro jock type, not the nerdy type like you and me, if you can convince me to go.”

“We’re not nerds you fucking dick, we’re jocks.”

“Tennis. We’re on the tennis team, Ray. That does not make us jocks.”

“Yeah, but we’re fuckin good. Ranked number one and two, buddy. One and two.”

“Okay. But you’re also the president of the FSU Magic Card Club and that, in anyone’s books, equals nerd.”

“It’s a cool club, so go fuck yourself.” Ray tossed the remote to me and flopped backward onto his bed. The silent treatment was his form of sulking and it has been since we met more than fourteen years ago.

“Tell you what. You get the costumes. If they’re cool enough that I don’t think that I’ll get busted, I’ll go, but only if I don’t feel like I’ll get busted.”

“You’re my bitch Garrett, you’re my bitch.” Ray always perked up when he got his way. Usually I would have made him sulk for a few days before giving in, but I had a couple of important tests coming up and a rather large assignment that was due, so I needed him out of my hair.

“Yeah, that’s me Reid Garrett, Ray Arden’s bitch.”

The next two weeks went as expected, Ray ranting and raving about the difficulty of getting us suitable costumes. At one point he asked if I would be agreeable to going as Fozzie Bear to his Kermit the Frog. He knew the answer before he asked, but at that point, he was grasping at straws.

It wasn’t until the Thursday before the party that two boxes appeared via UPS. Ray’s brother-in-law worked somewhere in Hollywood and had some sort of wicked connection, so he was able to procure us a couple of legit costumes.

“Boba Fett, called it.” Ray looked like a kid in a candy store when he held up the mask. The other costume was an Imperial Stormtrooper and any other time, there would have been a fistfight to be him, but not tonight.

“No way buddy, you’re the man in white or you’re going by yourself. Take it or leave it.”

In his trademarked fashion, Ray tossed the mask down and flopped on his bed. “You know what Garrett? You can be a real cunt when you want to be.”

“Yeah, I can, but I’ll be the cunt dressed as Boba Fett.”

In the majority of my classes on Friday, the main topic of conversation was the large number of parties that were being thrown on and around the campus. Rumors abounded about the goings on at several of the different frats and sororities. The one that caught my attention was the Omega party that Ray and I would be going to.

Apparently, it was a sorority-members only party. The beautiful young ladies of this particular organization would invite the biggest nerd that they could find and try to win some sort of coveted prize. From the word on the street it was a Beauty and the Beast party, or in this case, maybe a Beauty and the Nerd. Fucking great. It bothered me that Ray would be disappointed when he found out the reason he was invited, but like I had been with Ray, so many times in the past, I was wrong.

“I don’t give a shit. I’m still going. Ainsley Taylor invited me. Man have you ever seen that chick up close? She’s smokin hot. Ainsley man. Fucking Ainsley Taylor.”

“Ray, I get it man. I honestly do, but you were invited as the punchline to a bad joke. If you don’t show, the jokes on them. No shame. Look, we’ll hang out here and play some Duty, have a couple of beers.”

“No. No way. I’m going and I don’t kartal escort give a fuck.”

“Ray you were invited because of your nerd status.”

“You were invited too.”

“Yeah, by you. Look, we’re nerds, but we’re cool nerds. People like us because we help them out of jams with schoolwork and because we play tennis and because we occasionally get into a little trouble, but at the end of the day, we’re still nerds no matter how we look at it.”

Ray took a few seconds to ponder my words. I could smell the wheels turning so fast in his head that it smelled like something was on fire. I wasn’t expecting any grand revelation, but Ray was deep in thought. When he finally spoke, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

“Come on Reid. I need this man. I don’t care why I was invited. I was invited. I’ll risk being the laughing-stock at school if it gives me even a five percent chance to stick my dick in Ainsley and I need you to have my back. I’ll owe you forever.”

“Have your back? I always have your back, but I think that we might be in over our heads on this one buddy. I’m telling you. They only want us there because we’re fucking nerds. Maybe it’s some kinda sick perverted thing that they’re into.”

“Precisely. Fucking nerds. Reid did you even hear yourself? What if they are sick and perverted. What if by some strange chance, they want to fuck a nerd? How bad would that be for us? I hate to keep repeating himself, but you have seen Ainsley, right? Her friends are almost as hot as she is.”

“Yeah, buddy. I’ve seen her.” Taylor was one of the biggest stuck-up bitches on the face of the earth, let alone the FSU campus. She was a Southern Belle that came from money and loved to show it off. To her, the rest of mankind were peons. She walked around campus with a horde of minions following and mimicking her every move.

“Say it Reid. Please. For the love of God and all the holy pussy in the world, say it.” Begging had never been beneath my friend.

I knew better. It would be like walking into a shit storm, but I couldn’t let him do it alone. “Yeah,you dumb fuck. I’ll go, but when I get tossed outta school and am flat broke for the rest of my life, you’ll have to explain to your kids why Uncle Reid lives in the basement.”

Halloween parties and alcohol, bring out the best and worst of party goers. My personal favorites are the girls that get to dress up as slutty as they want. They show off more skin than if they were at the beach and no one says a thing. Tits and asses hanging out everywhere. And the nerds, don’t even get me started on the nerds. Just like Ray and I, we get to walk around like we just stepped out of a Star Wars movie and normally no one will mock us. But tonight, I have to admit, Ray’s brother-in-law really out did himself with these costumes, they’re top notch.

“Are you sure that we’re not supposed to bring anything? Drinks? Anything?”

“Listen to me. Ainsley said just to show up. The only thing that was a must, was to wear a costume that completely showed anonymity.”

“Well young Stormtrooper, you are as anonymous as shit.”

“Fuck you. You know that I called Boba first.” Ray chuckled but threw in a “Prick” just to let me know that he still felt jilted by the costume arrangements.

The Omega sorority house was a huge old southern manor that had housed a century of privileged girls during their college years. It was on a street that was lined with large Cyprus trees and not far from our dorm room. Luckily the October nights temperature was cool enough to keep us from sweating our nuts off in the confines of the plastic suits.

We waited on the front stairs as the other invited guests were escorted into the foyer of the house. When Ray and I reached the plateau, a southern belle dressed in a princess gown and an opera mask, asked us a couple of questions.

“Were you gentlemen invited tonight?” “Can you see well enough to read the rules on this sheet?” When we agreed with a “Yes” to both of her questions, she gave a simple, “Splendid” and handed us a sheet of paper and directed us toward the bar.

The room was full of sorority sisters. Each was dressed in similar gowns and each wore masks that hid their identities. It would appear that they wanted to be as unknown to us as they wanted us to be unknown to them.

Rules of engagement lined the paper. They were fairly straight forward,and well laid out. No names. No excessive talking. No questions.And the number one rule, no exposed faces.

At 9:00pm sharp, the doors to the ballroom were closed and the master of ceremonies took over.

“Gentlemen, and if I dare say so, Ladies. Welcome to our 42nd annual Halloween Ball. Gentlemen the rules are simple, if they are not followed, you will be removed from the premises. Please enjoy a glass of punch. Mingle and dance, because when the clock strikes ten, we will hand out the numbers and spin the wheel.”

The lights lowered and the music started to thump off of the walls. “What the fuck Ray? maltepe escort bayan What kinda sick shit did we get ourselves into?” Ray looked around the room but remained silent.

“Ray, did you do a head count? There has to be forty of us nerdy fuckers in here and at least seventy of those chicks dressed up like princesses. It doesn’t add up.”

“Shut up Reid. Do the math. It’s just better odds for us to get laid brother.” Ray was always the eternal optimist of the group.

There was music and snacks, but it resembled a grade eight mixer. Equal numbers of girls on one side of the room, with the boys on the other. Everyone was a bunch of wallflowers. It seemed as though none of the guys knew each other with the exception of Ray and I. The girls on the other hand did know each other, but they weren’t talking.

Ten o’clock couldn’t have come soon enough. With the lights brought up, a set of doors was opened and four of the belles wheeled in what appeared to be a Las Vegas style Roulette table. While they prepared the table, the Master of Ceremonies once again took over the microphone.

“The Bewitching hour is upon us. Gentlemen, in an orderly fashion please go over to the board and remove an envelope. Inside there will be a number. That will be your lucky or maybe, unlucky number for the evening. When one of the ladies spins the wheel and the ball falls upon your number, she will be yours to do with as you wish, until the clock strikes midnight.”

Sounds of ohs and ah’s came from the crowd of guys surrounding me. If they were lucky enough to get laid tonight, I would guess that for most, it might be the first time.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen. Before the first spin, I must inform you that things may not be exactly as they appear. Tonight, some of the young ladies that are trying to enter this hallowed sorority and others that are trying to maintain their status, are and have been, shall we say, bad girls.”

This brought a series of giggles from those Belle’s that weren’t on the front lines on spinning the wheel and Ray elbowed me in the side when he heard the words, “bad girls”.

We both knew enough to know that we had walked into some sort of sorority hazing. These girls lacked self-respect. They needed something from us, so they would do almost anything to get it, so that they could join this bullshit group.

“Gentlemen please. The problem is that within our group of thirty-eight bad girls, yes one girl for each of the slots on the table, there are issues. Some are clean and proper, some are currently experiencing their menstrual cycle, some have been instructed not to have bathed for the past week and two or more, as I am told are awaiting results from an STD test. The rules are quite simple, you can leave now and miss the opportunity to have your way with a Belle that is normally well beyond your reach, or you can stay and follow the instructions that you will be given, to the fullest. If you do not, your costume will be removed and you will be placed on the street, naked, to find your way home.” The once happy moans of the horde of nerds, had rapidly turned into groans of despair, but surprisingly not one of us assholes left and the room was buzzing with anticipation.

The 38 sisters lined up and one by one made their way toward the wheel. The croupier spun the wheel for the first time and the games had begun.

The third girl in line was a tall brunette with her dark brown hair pulled back into a French braid. Like the others, her facial features were covered by a mask, but her pale blue gown showed some curves and a little cleavage. The young lady called out the number to the room when the wheel stopped. In a voice that crackled with fright we heard, “Red nine.”

Ray was excited and disappointed all at the same time. The young lady that called his number appeared to be hot, but she was most certainly not Ainsley Taylor.

As nonchalant as possible Ray strolled over to her side, grabbed her hand and headed down the same hall as those before him.

The line started to dwindle, and the empty slots in the wheel were starting to dwindle, I was one of the last five standing. A red-haired princess approached the wheel and when the ball landed, she looked up at her peers that were leading this circus and called out the number with far more confidence than those before her. “Black twenty-two”. That was me. I had been summoned. When I didn’t move as fast as my princess had desired, she called out again. “Black twenty-two. You’re up.”

The four remaining dudes behind me chuckled but, the girl with the red hair didn’t seem to be winning any points with the sisters that were watching her.

When I grabbed her hand into mine, I found that my princess had a sweat lined the palm. For someone that sounded confident, she sure felt nervous.

We walked down the hall in silence under the watchful eye of The Sisters of Anarchy Sorority. Who in their right mind would pimp out their pledges for sport? Better yet, who would allow themselves escort pendik to be pimped out just to conform and fit in with a group of psychos? Did being a member of this sorority look that good on a resume?

My so-called princess had a room to herself. It was small, but filled with a twin bed, a desk with a fairly state of the art computer and gaming system. Along with that, there was a small wall mounted television, a Lazy Boy chair and headphones. It would appear that she had everything that she needed.

In her room she looked every bit the part of a princess. Her hair was flaming red and tied back into a series of braids just like the girl Ray had gone off with. From the waist of her pink chiffon dress, she appeared to be small and tightly put together, while her bosom showed signs of what might be classed as ample. She stood tall and proud and what intrigued me the most was her neck. As weird as it sounds, it was long and thin and had great, soft lines.

“Make yourself at home.” Her voice was softer that when she spoke in the ballroom.

With every intention of just waiting until midnight to depart, I decided by play along.

“So, may I ask which are you, mid-cycle, unwashed or dripping with an STD?” Behind her mask I could almost feel her cocking her eyebrows.

“Well pity your misfortune, I’m all of the above.

“Holy shit. And I thought that this party wasn’t going to be any fun.” My comment brought a snort and a laugh from my princess in pink.

Even with the laugh, there was still an uneasy feeling in the room. Neither us was making a move, nor were we eager to strike up a conversation. Glancing around I noticed that this young lady may not having been totally prepared for the night. If she had, she probably would have hidden the pictures that showed her face.

I recognized her immediately. It was something that started with an “S”. I had sold her an assignment. She was having a lot of problems and had ran out of time. I remember that she, Sharon, no, but something like that, cried when she found out that I got busted. But she didn’t have to worry, because under oath, I swore that I had never met any of the purchasers face to face, which was an outright lie.

“So, am I allowed to ask why you are doing this?” Again, for some reason I felt like she was cocking her eyebrow at me.

“Guess that I could ask you the same thing, right?”

“Probably, but I’m just a lowly nerd. Isn’t it supposed to be an honor to be in the graces of your fine sorority?” Again, she snorted when she laughed. Susan? Maybe. Shannon. Maybe not.

“Oh yeah. I bet that you feel honored. I thought that all you nerd guys were smart.”

“Who told you that. Normally, we’re more cautious than smart. Being here with a menstruating, chlamydia carrying, unbathed, dirty girl, wouldn’t classify me as smart in anybody’s books. Nor would it say that I’m very cautious.” The third snort and laugh came from her as she turned and opened a small bar fridge.

“You want a beer or a White Claw?”

“No, but I’ll take one of those waters.” Sarah. That’s it. Sarah something. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I remembered her as being very pretty. Lots of freckles that accented her deep red hair. I recall her being witty, yet distraught when we met.

“Both my sisters belonged to this bullshit sorority. They’re twins and were queens among the queens of this place. My mother was also a sister many moons ago. I had no intentions of even coming to this damn school, but it’s a family tradition you know.” She seemed to be less than enthused about what was happening in her life. “Anyway, I resisted their pressures to fit in and conform and here I am. If I don’t fuck an absolute stranger and show them a condom full of cum, I’m out.”

“Maybe you should resist some more. Show them you will not be a conformist. Instead, you should go out there and show them a mouth full of cum. Show them that you’re the boss.” No laughs this time, but a long series of snorts and a curled finger trying to cover her nose.

“Clean, by the way. Because of my family tree and legacy here at this institution, I at least get to be one of the clean girls.”

“Well lucky you or perhaps lucky me if we take this any further.” I’m sure that she cocked her eyebrow this time.

“Look Boba, I know that in your world, sex between those not married is immoral, but here in the real world, it’s what helps us keep our good standing in a sorority. So, if you’re game, I’m receptive to the idea of some premarital copulation.”

Wait. What? Who’s the nerd here? This girl just made a Boba Fett reference. She pulled a line that Princess Leia said to him, out of thin air.

I wasn’t about to give in so easy. Oh yeah, I wanted to have sex with this girl, she is an absolute stone-cold fox, but I also liked the idea of stringing her along.

“What’s in it for me?” No snort, but there was a laugh.

“You’re kidding, right? I guess that it’s almost everyday that you get to bang a sorority girl, with no consequences or no questions asked.”

“What? You don’t know. Maybe I’m a star on the football team, and just a nerd in disguise for Halloween. What if you end up getting tossed out? Then I’ve wasted my time banging an ex-sorority girl. What glory comes from that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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