Hand Caught in the Panty Drawer Ch. 02

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I was busted for sure now, no wait, what did she say? Susan just turned and walked away. My mind was a blur with thoughts of what she had just said; I did not know what to do except get another drink. I milled around in a daze going from room to room hearing others talk but yet I did not listen to them, I was still in my own mind trying to figure out what Susan said.

I milled around chatting with others until Susan and Shelly walk up to me. That was it; all hell was going to break loose now. Susan took my hand, (something she has never done) and said, with a smile on her face, “It’s time we go!” I looked at her in confusion and nodded, then Shelly spoke up being the polite host she said, “It was very nice to meet you Susan and I am happy you could both make it to the party.” Then she gave Susan a quick kiss on the lips and did the same with me. Then said, “Please be safe driving home!”

As we left Susan held my hand and placed her head on my shoulder, something she has never done since we first started dating. On the drive home we did not speak, but Susan had slid close to me and was being very affectionate, with her head on my shoulder and her hand rubbing my leg and sometimes up to my crouch. It did not take us long to get home of which I was glad and as soon as we entered the door Susan said, “Why don’t you fix us a night cap and bring it up stairs Lover!” I knew then she was drunk and horny, she never calls me Lover unless she is I just did not know how much. I mixed us both a drink and made mine a double then made my way up to the bedroom.

Susan had lit some candles and was already in bed naked. I just stood there watching her as she ran her hands slowly up and down her body taking time to pinch her nipples and then working her hands down lower and that was when I noticed it. She had shaved her pussy bald, I had been asking her to do that for years and she always refused, but there it was bald as could be. She was in her own fantasy at this point as she worked her fingers across her lips parting them slightly then dipping a finger in.

I walked closer to the bed and set the glasses down as Susan opened her eyes, looking into my eyes she pulled her finger from her pussy and slowly brought it to her mouth and sucked it clean. kartal escort I did not know what she was up to but it was sure making me hard and she could see the bulge in my pants. Susan rolled to the edge of the bed and unfastened my belt and pants letting them slip to the floor, placing her hand on my boxers gripping my hard cock. As I kicked my pants off from around my feet Susan had pulled my cock from my short and took it into her mouth.

Now I will say this Susan has all ways been the best BJ hound I have ever known, she seemed to just know how to work my cock till I was ready to blast, but tonight she had other plans. She slurped me and cupped my balls until I was as hard as steel then she popped off my cock with a smile on her face, more like an evil grin.

Picking up her drink she downed it then handed the glass to me and said, “One more!” I was stunned so I handed her mine and she looked at me and said, “No, go fix me another!” I would have been pissed but the look in her eyes was more like she was asking then ordering. So I went down to the kitchen naked and fixed her drink and made it a double then went back up to the bedroom.

When I returned I saw Susan had gotten her dildo out and was reaming her pussy with it, when she saw I had entered the room she stopped. Susan pulled the rabbit from her hole and sucked it clean as I watched. Taking the glass from my hand she slowly took several sips from it then sat it aside on the night table.

It was then that Susan sprang to life again as she flipped over onto all fours and said’ “Fuck me!” I was not going to pass this up, I jumped up onto the bed got behind her pulled, her cheeks apart then pushed my cock into her pussy with one thrust, being she was so wet. We were of for a good ride I thought, after several thrusts in her pussy, Susan caught me by surprise, and she looked over her shoulder and said, “Take my ass!”

I had asked her to try that several times and she has always said no, now she was letting me, what has changed?

Ok, so I did not think about it right at the moment I dabbed some of the lube we used on my cock and worked some into her asshole, then pressing the head of my cock to her tight ring and pushed in, I was amazed at how easily maltepe escort bayan it slipped in. As I entered Susan’s ass she let out a gasp, then asked for more, I pumped her harder and faster until I was ready I explode, her fingers were working her clit as I trusted into her ass, I could not hold back any more spurting my load into her ass as Susan fingered herself into a gushing orgasm. We both fell into a heap and passed out for the night.

The next day was like any other, breakfast, read the paper and watch football. Was it all a dream?

During the next week it seemed as if Shelly did not stop by my office as much, and when she did it was short and to the point. I did not want to press the issue with her at work, so I just let it go. Then something struck me as being odd, Shelly had given me a file the week before saying it was a divorce case showing two woman engaged in sex and yet it had not come across my desk since then. So I called Shelly and asked her to bring me the file, she told me that case had been dropped. I pressed her and asked if we still had the file, she hesitated a bit and I could tell she still had it, so I told her to bring it to me.

Shelly brought the file to me and placed it on my desk then turned to leave. I stopped her by asking her to take a seat as I reviewed the file. Shelly sat in front of my desk as I looked at the file and the pictures, I then saw something I thought I recognized, they were pics of Shelly and my wife. I looked at Shelly not letting on what I thought and asked, “Why did the client drop the case?” Shelly looked uneasy and said, “I did not ask.” I nodded then said, “It does look like they were having fun!” Shelly blushed.

I felt bolder and decided to press the issue. “It would sure be fun to join them, don’t you think?” I asked. Shelly turned to look me in the eye and said, “So you would get off on seeing two woman having sex!” I could see the smirk on her face.

“I would love to see that, and I would love to join in at some point also if allowed!” Shelly looked at me with her sexy gaze then turned and walked away, only to stop and lock the door. She turned and smiled then leaned against the door gripping her tits and licked her lips slowly. My cock escort pendik grew in my pant as she walked toward my desk undoing her blouse exposing her lacy bra and firm tits. I pushed back from my desk as she approached watching her slide her skirt down her hips as she kicked her shoes off. She then slides her panties down and flicked then at my face. I caught them and without thinking I brought them to my nose to smell, her scent was so sweet; I wanted to taste her pussy and Shelly wanted the same thing. She placed herself atop my desk face down pushing her ass toward my face, so I lowered my chair so my face was level with her ass, gripping her tight butt cheeks spreading them open to get a sweet view of her puckered hole and wet pussy.

I could not help but play the tease game and gently licked her cheek and the blow air across the wetness. I could see her pussy wink at me, so I softly licked up along her folds and to her tight little asshole and licked it also as she let out a squeal. I worked my way back down and plunged my tongue into her pussy and worked it around, reaching under her I found her clit swollen and ready, I softly rubbed my fingers across it until I heard her tell me, “Harder!” I did not know if I should lick harder or rub harder, so I did both. It must have worked, Shelly was moaning and breathing faster and louder now and I was not going to stop. It was not long until she had one hell of an orgasm. I licked her till she stopped shaking then pushed my chair back, Shelly pushed up from the desk removing her bra as she did then sank to her knees.

I helped her undo my slacks then she yanked them and my shorts down in one pull. My cock sprang free and she caught it in her mouth taking in all the way down. She then gripped the base and bobbed up and down faster and faster, I knew I could not take much of that and she did also. All I could say was, “NOW!” She sank her lips to my balls and gripped my nuts as I shot my milk down her throat till I was done. She then pulled off smacking her lips and rising up she gripped her tits massaging my cock with them licking up the droplets of cum as it pooled on the tip of my cock.

Shelly sat back and we both let out a sigh of content then gathered ourselves together as well as our clothes. It was then I asked Shelly, “So what do you think of the idea of me joining you and your friend in a three-way, that is you in the pictures I believe, I can tell by the mole on your thigh, or am I wrong?” Shelly’s face went blank, then red, and I just smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32