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My name is Chris Miller i am an up and coming shooting guard playing as the star player on the St. Varances college basketball team. I am no doubt going to be in the big leagues, i always make sure to play good defense, make good passes, make good plays.

I led my team to the college league playoffs and now we are in the finals, If i win this i will be sure to be a leading candidate for big league teams.

I relatively stay fit, making sure i keep my abs in check. I stand 7 foot 3 which allows me to dunk at the net if i don’t get a clear 3 pointer shot. Here’s the thing that kind of gets in the way, my dick is massive measuring 9 inches long. I always got to do some next tricks to keep it tucked away.

Not to gloat but i believe that my team wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did without me. But am happy with my teammates and my opportunity.

Its a best of 7 series, lets see how we do.

“Lance passes to Chris Miller, he is working the ball now, about to make a play” A television announcer spoke.

“He is really going to be the number 1 pick teams are going to draft” another announcer commented.

“And Chris Miller with the dunk! St.Varances continue to lead the series 3-2, this victory sets them up to win another win to conquer the entire series!” The announcer said in anticipation of what would come out of this basketball player.

In the locker room I began to unlace my Reebok shoes of course a sponsorship, When one of my teammates Mitchel came up to me.

“Hey man we headed to the strip clubs. A guy like you probably would get us all free lap dances” He Gestured.

I said no but i gave him good lucks with getting with the ladies, i spent the rest of my night alone in the empty court.

As i was practising layups when my coach came in.

“Don’t practice to much, players need to rest to” He pointed out.

“If i ever want to be Like Mike, or like kobe or carter i got to keep my game up”, I made sure my goals were clear.

“Look you have your whole life ahead of you, you don’t need to spend one night trying to get to a level of a player. We are starting a girls league next year, and before you leave here i want you to mentor a girls team at a local high school. Most of the team are all prospects we want them to start off our team. Only for a few days” He laid it all out.

“And what’s in it for me, mentoring flat chested 18 year olds instead of improving of my game” I slickly responded.

“If you do this before we close out the final series, we will retire your number and put up a plaque, you will be practically a hero around these parts.” He stated.

I cursed myself pulling my car up to the high school escort kartal parking lot. I checked in at the front desk ignoring all the female staff watching me. I received the typical papers of the lineups of the team and such. I had 30 minutes to get ready in the gym before the girls team comes for after school practice.

I changed into a simple Reebok sponsored basketball uniform i can break out for any occasion. I took a moment to take a look at the line ups, nothing to special as of now but i saw potential.

I began practising to kill time and before i knew it all the girls were sitting down amazed. Shit! I completely forgot.

I awkwardly introduced myself and took road call, noticing one person was still missing who’s name was Heather. I just simply shook it off as a student who had to do some detention or a make-up test.

I started explaining offensive fundamentals, and started making teams. Since there was 14 girls present i divided them equally and had them verse each other. I made recommendations but i didn’t force anything on them, making sure they were still having fun and using their own skill set.

I took a moment to study each and every girls frame, they were all flat chested and simple, but they did have a bright future.

The game started getting really competitive, the girls really started to run good plays without my direction. I took a backseat as they were all caught up in their own directions.

As i was seated and going through my phone, I heard the change room open. I looked over only to loose my jaw to the floor.

A blonde with a rather petite frame stood out in the simple basketball uniform. She had huge titties that jutted out of her form like basketballs, the top of the uniform showing off most of her side boobs, hey don’t blame the uniform. She had a huge ass resembling the likes of Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose. But this had to be natural also her thighs were thick, she looked like a pornstar in a simple outfit.

“Sorry i’m late by the way my name is Heather” was all she said before asked if she could join, all the girls looked intimidated. That perplexed me for some reason i offered to make one of the girls a coach to balance out the uneven numbers.

After a lot of debating i decided to join the game on the opposing team that Heather joined. I didn’t like to show boat so i ran plays and made some good passes.

I tried to not watch Heather, as her huge tits bounced and her big ass jiggled.

I eventually decided to do one dunk to inspire the rest of the girls.

I called practice and decided to give the girls team one of my private lines, only for advice. I honestly see so much potential for them to go far in maltepe escort the career of basketball.

I was looking over some old basketball footage, when i got a text message on a private line i got set up to a cell phone.

I set up the private line to display the name of the person the phone is under contract with. And the name Heather came up.

“I Can’t Seem To Dunk, Can You Help Me” I read out the text.

I texted her some basic but effective guidelines to jump and elevate the arms, even though i couldn’t see a voluptuous thick girl like her making a dunk.

We began to text each other for hours discussing how she can improve, she seemed innocent and just trying to make a strong performance.

Am just glad she isn’t trying to be one of those instagram models.

I eventually decided to meet her a couple of hours before my next big game, I help her up her game and part ways and then my team and I win the finals.

I met her after school at the same high school as it was cleared out in the gym. I tried to help her dunk but for obvious reasons she wasn’t able to do it.

Eventually we began to practice other plays and eventually sat down and began to talk.

“You know if it wasn’t for these natural 36HH set of tits, I could make that dunk. I don’t know maybe its my ass” she casually mentioned.

I started to explain she should watch her language as it could get her in trouble with the coaches and stuff. Even though i was taken a back by her comments, i couldn’t let her know about my hard boner I had.

I had an hour before the game called and I spent some moments on my phone, making sure to tell my teammates I will be at the game. When i looked up Heather was completely butt ass naked.

Her huge boobs were looked so soft, and stood out like basketballs, her erect pink nipples complemented her complexion of her tanned skin.

Her huge ass was large,round and jutting and her pussy had a nice landing strip.

“If i make this dunk, you have to fuck the shit out of me, but if I don’t I will leave you alone” She offered.

I didn’t need this in my life, so i agreed to her offer.

As she ran down the court, her huge tits bouncing and her sexy ass jiggling.

She made the dunk.

I tried to protest but they’re was something about her.

In utter defeat I stripped naked, she grabbed me and seductively began to kiss me.

I felt up her supermodel ass it was truly out of this world, we eventually found our way in the locker room.

Her large tits pressed up against my fit chest.

I laid her down on the bench and shoved his dick into her tight pussy.

“That’s it! That’s pendik escort bayan fucking it!” Heather screamed out. She was on her back, her legs wrapped around me as I was hunched over her, forcing my thick cock into this high schooler.

“Holy shit, you’re tight!” I moaned.

“Mmmm, I’ve been wanting this cock!” Heather screamed out. I forced myself even more forward, forcing all nine inches of my cock into her sweet, welcoming cunt.

Her huge jutting tits were bouncing in rhythm, it’s like they were going to bounce off!

As much as i was enjoy this fuck I did have a game to play that would decide my entire life. I had to finish this up quickly and fast.

I began to pick up the pace.

“Oh my god your pussy is really tight” I spatted out driving into her.

“Your dick is so huge, I love it” She moaned back.

“I’m going to cum, get on your knee’s” I yelled.

“No!, that’s okay, just cum inside of me and make me pregnant with my fertile pussy” She responded quickly.

Before I could respond i spurted out semen deep into her tight pussy, I couldn’t control the pleasure.

I just impregnated a higher schooler.

Realising what i just did, i quickly started to get dressed and began to make my move out. If i could somehow get to the game, i couldn’t get accused of whatever motive she has. I can protect my reputation.

While I was getting dressed I looked to see if she was doing anything, she took a picture with me with her phone. Her slutty sexy ass naked body, and me getting dressed in the background.

Proof of the whole ordeal.

“What do you want from me” I asked.

“I backed up the picture on various emails” she turned around her buff huge ass facing me. “Face it its over now fuck me”.

“Fuck a out of this world girl, Chris! FUCK ME!”

Heather screamed as I drived into her doggy style.

“Holy fuck you’re incredible!” I moaned out, driving into her.

She was on her phone, doing what, i don’t know but i was enjoy the luck i was having.

“And it appears Chris has sent in a photo, we haven’t opened it yet. But i think it has something to do on why he isn’t here” the announcer announced.

The crowd laughing.

The photo Heather took was quickly shown on the courts arena.

“I’M CUMMING!” I yelled for the second time.

“YESSSSSS! ME TOOOO! FUCKKK YESSSSS!” Heather screamed, her ass and cunt flexing as she came.

We rode out our orgasms together, and kissed each other passionately, have I found the one?

We were getting cleaned up and then she said,

“Why don’t you be like mike?”

She ran to the locker room door to the hallway and screamed out.

Then she turned back to me and said.

“And retire”.

Needless to say i was put away in jail, as i was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I still curse heather for ruining my life, but sometimes I think it was worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32