Hawaiian Vacation Ch. 01

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Ch. 1 – Arrival

I have visited the island of Kauai a few times before, but this was the first time for Talia. We had two weeks to enjoy the tropical paradise and I looked forward to showing her many of my favorite spots on the island. Places and activities which will now seem new to me as well, now that Talia is with me to share them with.

Driving from the airport to the condo, Talia’s eyes are wide with wonder and excitement. She can hardly believe we are here. After the formalities of checking in and carrying our bags into the condo we both sigh and stand on the terrace and look out at the ocean with our arms around one another.

“I can’t believe how beautiful it is here,” she says.

I turn to her and take her in my arms. “It’s more beautiful than it’s ever been before,” I whisper, “You’re here now.”

We kiss deeply and passionately as I pull her tight slender body to mine. We are still wearing the clothes we wore on the plane, hardly island-wear, and we simultaneously realize we’re both overdressed. Our lips part and we gaze at one another.

“Well,” I say with a smile, “the island is yours. What do you want to do first?”

Talia gets a wicked look in her eye and giggles. She leans to me and whispers in my hear, “I want to get naked.”

With a laugh she steps away out of my arms, back into the condo and stands in front of me with her arms upraised, hands playing with her long brown hair. Teasing me and taunting me, she says, “Make me naked.”

I think, what a great way to start a vacation! I move to her and slip my hands under her sweatshirt, my fingers and palms gliding over her soft warm skin. I feel her torso twisting and turning, her sides, her ribs, her back. I cup one of her tits in my hand and gently rub the nipple with my thumb and her head drops back and she moans softly. I kiss and lick her ataşehir escort exposed throat and Talia pushes her crotch against the growing bulge between my legs. I lift her shirt up and over her head and quickly my fingers slip under the waistband of her tights and slide them over her ass, cupping and squeezing her cheeks for a few moments before dropping to one knee as I continue to peel the fabric down her legs. Pressing my face into Talia’s firm flat belly and licking at her navel as she steps out of the last of her clothes.

For a moment I nuzzle her neatly trimmed little fur-patch, smelling her aroma before standing again. I hold her at arms length so I can look at her, and slowly trace my fingertips lightly over her body. She stands motionless but trembling, accepting my caresses. I cradle her face in my hands and lean forward and kiss her lightly on the lips.

With a smile, I say, “Well, you look pretty naked to me.”

The devilish look returns to her eye and Talia says, “But you don’t.”

This sweet, darling girl begins untying the cord of my baggy sweats, and I pull off my own t-shirt. She pushes them over my hips and they drop in a heap around my ankles and I kick them aside. Talia leans her head against my chest and says, “Thank you for bringing me here with you.” With that, she slowly sinks to her knees, looks up at me with the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen, takes my cock in her long fingers and lovingly kisses the plump mushroom head. Talia’s sweet lips part and she takes the length of my cock into her mouth.

Swollen, but still only half erect, my prick fills her mouth, and continues to grow and stiffen. Her wet tongue massaging the length of my shaft, she feels me become rock hard. Talia makes soft, low humming noises in her throat when she sucks me. She plays with my balls with one hand and slurps kadıköy escort bayan noisily on my raging boner.

I run my fingers softly through her hair and whisper encouragement to her, “Yesss, luv. You suck me sooo good. Oh, suck my hard cock, Tally. I love it. I love you. Don’t ever stop. Keep sucking…keep sucking my cock.”

I look down and see my beautiful girl pinching and tugging her own nipples with one hand, fondling my cum filled balls with the other, and her head bobbing up and down, fucking her mouth on my rigid cock. Faster and faster. She moans deep in her throat, savoring the taste of my meat. Lips tightly gripping my rigid bone. Her hot, wet tongue stroking the underside of its entire length. I feel a climax quickly building and I attempt to gain control of it, not wanting this to end too soon.

I try joking, “You must not have gotten enough of that airline food. You seem hungry.”

She chuckles with her mouth full of cock. Then pulls away, breathing heavily, and looks up at me with the desperate look of a wanton slut, her hand gripping the base of my cock.

“I’m always hungry for this,” she says, and rubs my iron-hardness all over her pretty face. “Are you gonna feed me?” she pants. She firmly squeezes my balls in her hand, “I want what’s in here.”

With that Talia’s mouth dives back down onto my cock plunging the length back into the molten depths of her mouth. I gasp loudly at the sensation of again being consumed so completely. She resumes her insistent sucking, determined to bring me off as quickly as she can. And I know now she’ll be getting what she wants very soon. Like a jockey riding a thoroughbred toward the finish line, Talia pumps her hand and mouth rhythmically on my cock, drawing the cum up out of my balls.

“Gawd, Talia, I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum in your escort maltepe mouth!!”

Talia whines in desperate need as she feels my cockhead swell in her mouth. A blast of cum shoots out followed quickly by another. I feel her throat swallow these down, then she tilts her head back, opens her mouth wide and presses my throbbing prick against her extended tongue. Looking down through the haze of my own ecstasy, I see another salvo of cum shoot from my cock and hit the roof of her mouth.

Talia is delighted by the feeling of her mouth being filled with my spermy discharge. She loves to make me cum and prides herself in making me shoot hard and in large amounts. My cock pulses again with another spurt, but now her lips are again wrapped tightly around the shaft as she slurps the rest of my load into her mouth and she makes yummy noises and gulps down her creamy, liquid reward.

As my ejaculation subsides, her lips begin slowly pulling up the length of my shaft, drawing the last remaining drops of cum out of my cock and onto her tongue. At last, she holds the rim of my cockhead tightly with her lips and lavishes the sensitive tip with licks of her cum-covered tongue, her eyes closed, relishing the flavor.

Love, lust, passion fill my soul as I look down at this lovely, loving woman who has just given me such pleasure. She gets to her feet and wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. I cup her ass cheeks in my hands and lift her off the floor as our kiss continues. At last she breaks the kiss but still hangs from my neck, her tight little body pressing firmly against mine…pert tits poking my chest…my spent, but still tingling cock trapped against her lower belly.

Talia looks at me with a big sheepish grin. “I just wanted to thank you for bringing me here,” she says and buries her face against my chest, almost as if embarrassed.

We both laugh at her silliness and I hug her even tighter. Feeling her soft, naked skin against mine, I think to myself that this is going to be the best vacation ever.

Little did I know at the time, just how wonderful it would be.

To be continued.

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