Heather is Hot at Our 25th Reunion Ch. 02

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Heather and I agreed to meet in Las Vegas for Labor Day weekend. We decided to meet at the baggage claim at the airport since we both would be flying in Thursday night and staying thru Sunday.

I left work early Thursday afternoon and caught my plane from Cleveland to Vegas. I got there about 30 minutes before Heather’s plane was due in from Phoenix. I grabbed my bag and checked to see what carousel Heather’s baggage would be on. I moved over to carousel 5, found a seat and waited for Heather.

Heather came walking thru the baggage claim area looking like an angel. She was wearing an above the knee length, yellow, knit dress that showed a lot of cleavage, and clung to her tits and ass like a second skin. The dress showed enough of her fabulous legs to cause every male, and some of the females, in the area to follow her with their eyes as she sauntered towards me. The bright yellow color contrasted beautifully with her bronze, deeply tanned skin. I am sure some people thought she was a Hollywood star that they just couldn’t place.

I stood up and welcomed Heather with a big hug and passionate kiss. Because I am a lot taller than she is, when she reached up for my kiss her dress slid up her legs and I’m sure she flashed some ass cheeks to all of the people watching. Heather stepped back and gave me her huge smile.

Heather said, “Hi handsome.”

I could only say, “Heather, you are absolutely stunning today.”

We gathered up her luggage and headed for the rental car. After I stowed our bags in the trunk I opened the door on the passenger side for Heather. She gave me a big smile and got in making sure that her dress rode up her thighs so I could see her thong. I thanked her for the nice view and leaned down and kissed her. Heather broke off the kiss and said lets get to our room and fuck. I went around to the driver’s side of the car, climbed in and headed for my timeshare. Heather left her dress up around her thighs so I could see her thong whenever I wanted. She noticed the bulge starting to build in my pants and softly stroked my hard on. It was still broad daylight in Vegas and we could be seen by any one walking on the street or in a car in the next lane. Heather didn’t seem to care so I didn’t either.

We arrived at the timeshare, checked in, and found our room.

As soon as the door closed behind us Heather gave me another very passionate kiss and said, “I need fucked, now.”

She immediately started stripping. I stood and watched as she undressed and showed me all of her hot body. Her bountiful boobs bounced into view when she took off her flimsy bra and her dark, trimmed pubic hair looked great as she slipped her thong off. Heather is breath takingly gorgeous nude and all I could do was stare at her fabulous body. My cock was so hard I had to unzip my pants and take them off to give the hard on the room it demanded. Heather grabbed my jockeys and pulled them down in one hard jerk. My cock jumped out of my briefs and slapped Heather under the chin. She chuckled and pulled the hard on into her warm, wet mouth. She lovingly licked and sucked the hard knob on the end of my cock until I asked her to stop.

“I thought you wanted to fuck,” I asked her. “Keep that oral attention up and I’ll fill your mouth with cum and you’ll have to wait for a fuck.”

She reluctantly let go and stood up for another passionate kiss. She pulled my shirt off and it landed on the floor with my pants and shoes. Heather grabbed my steel hard cock and led me to the bedroom.

Heather seemed so hot that I lay down on the bed and told her to get on top and do her thing. She has a mind of her own and sometimes I let her take control.

Heather crawled across my stomach, turned facing away from me and slowly impaled herself on my hard cock. Slowly and deliberately she pumped up and down, making sure I hit bottom on every stroke. I don’t particularly like the “reverse cowgirl” position because I can’t see or touch the women. Heather seemed to like it a lot. She picked up the pace and was slamming up and down so hard and deep I was starting to get sore from hitting bottom so hard and often. Heather started moaning and thrashing around and I knew she was having a big orgasm. She leaned back, almost on top, of me and went as rigid as a board. I reached around her and played with her tits and lightly pulled on a nipple until she finally relaxed.

Heather said, “you always make me cum hard. What can I do for you?”

“Turn around so I can watch you bounce up and down on my cock,” was my answer.

Heather sat up and turned around facing me without dislodging my erection from her pussy. She slowly started sliding up and down on my rigid erection while I fondled her tits. I pilled her down so she was lying on top of me and started squeezing her ass cheeks in time with her slow thrusts on my cock. She would pull almost out and I relaxed my grip on her butt. When she started back in I would squeeze her ass and push her towards my cock. Slow and sensuous, erotic and loving, we slowly ataşehir escort fucked. This was the most meaningful sex I have had since Pam died. I felt loved, desired, and completely happy with this gorgeous creature sharing her body with me. There was a connection that I didn’t want end.

Heather seemed to understand my thoughts and maintained the pace and depth of our lovemaking. We went on forever. Eventually the slow motion sex started pushing me towards an orgasm. I whispered in Heather’s ear that I needed to cum. She reluctantly said O.K. and immediately picked up the pace. She started to rotate her hips as she moved up and down and that drove me crazy. I let go of her ass and gave her a big bear hug to keep her as close to me as possible. I began to push up at her pussy as she was pushing down on my cock and the deep penetration took me over the edge. My semen started boiling out of my steel hard cock and spurted deep into Heather’s dripping wet pussy. It had been a while since I had sex so I had a huge load to empty into Heather. Stream after stream of cum shot into her and I made a lot of loud noises as I came. Heather was moaning and squirming, shaking like a leaf, before she went rigid on me again.

My cock started to soften but stayed lodged inside of Heather and Heather relaxed so much that I thought she might have fallen asleep on top of me. We lay quietly in the afterglow of sweet, satisfying lovemaking.

Finally Heather rolled off of me and said “I love you.”

I didn’t know what to say or how to react so I just smiled at her. Heather gave me that huge smile of hers, got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I lay there puzzled as to what I should say or do. I wasn’t sure of my feelings for her. Heather and I had been in love a long time ago. I had gotten over her and moved on with my life. Heather had made a life for herself far away from me. Now she was back, even more beautiful, very good in bed and I was single. I decided not to let my indecision create problems for us this weekend. I would go with the flow and enjoy my time with Heather.

Heather came out of the bathroom still naked, smiled at me and said, “I am hungry Tom, let’s get dressed and find something to eat.”

I reluctantly got up, we got dressed, Heather in that short dress again, and headed out. We jumped in the car and drove the couple of blocks to Ellis Island casino and resort. We had margaritas, a great steak dinner, served by a friendly wait staff, and talked about the weekend. We decided to go to the nearby grocery store to buy breakfast and lunch items and we would eat supper out every night. Even though Heather lived in Arizona, she had never been to the Grand Canyon or Hoover dam so we decided to put those things on the things to do list. Heather also expressed interest in seeing a topless show, so that went on the list, too.

I noticed during supper that Heather let her short dress ride high up on her thighs while we were eating. Her luscious legs, and maybe her panties, were on display for all to see. I liked the idea of other people looking at my girl.

When we finished eating, we found a grocery store and bought bacon, eggs, sausage and pancake mix in a squeeze bottle and a small bottle of syrup. We changed our minds about lunch in the condo. We would eat on the fly. We took our purchases back to the condo, put them away and headed for the strip.

My timeshare has a shuttle bus that runs to the strip so you don’t have to worry about parking, and we rode that. We walked the strip, looking at all of the outside displays and the throngs of people on the streets. My timeshare also has a limo for VIP members that you can book for short, in the city trips. We had set up a trip to the Red Rock Casino for Saturday night.

It had been a long day for both of us, and we were tired, so we headed back to catch the shuttle bus. Once back at the condo I took a shower while Heather watched her favorite TV show. Her show ended about the same time I finished in the shower. I lay down on the bed, nude and watched her slip out of her clothes. I was really tired since it was after midnight Ohio time and I had gotten up at 5 in the morning and had worked half a day before the three hour flight to Vegas. Heather on the other hand wasn’t ready for bed yet since it was only 9 o’clock her time.

Heather looked at me and said in a joking way, “Tom your cock isn’t hard. Don’t you like me anymore?

I replied, “Of course I like you Heather, I like you a lot, but I am really tired.”

Heather replied, “Just lay back and enjoy while I take care of you.”

Heather told me to turn over on my stomach so she could give me a back rub. I rolled over, put my arms at my side, and relaxed. She started rubbing my shoulders and worked her way down my body. When Heather got to my butt she squeezed and rubbed my cheeks just like she had my shoulders. She did a great job on my thigh and calf muscles and had me really relaxed. She finished up by massaging the soles of my feet. kadıköy escort bayan I was almost asleep and not the least bit ready for what came next.

Heather stated licking my toes and the soles of my feet. I am not very ticklish bit that got my attention. She then started up my legs, licking and kissing as she went. My calves were gently sucked and the area behind my knees was lovingly licked. My heart was pounding and my cock was getting hard. I wondered what she would do when she got to my ass. Heather pushed my legs apart so she could lick the insides of both thighs as she worked her way up. She reached a point where she couldn’t get her head between my legs any further so she moved her hungry mouth to the back of my thighs. By now I was shivering and squirming under her expert oral manipulations.

Heather reached the top of my thighs and hesitated for a second. I wondered if she would lick and kiss my cheeks or not? Heather started on my left cheek with a wet kiss and a long lick. She slid across my crack with her tongue and did the same thing to my right cheek. I moaned in pure pleasure. She licked her way to the bottom of my right cheek and then started to the middle of my ass. My cock was rock hard. Her tongue slid into the crack of my ass at the bottom and slowly worked its way upward. I was ready to cum. She used her hands to part my cheeks and moved in closer to my little, puckered bud. She teased me by licking up and down the insides of my cheeks without touching the hole. I was going crazy. I have never been so turned on while lying on the bed on my stomach.

Heather could sense that I wanted more and she slipped her warm, wet tongue down to my anus. My whole body jerked when her tongue touched that opening and I groaned loudly as the tongue slipped into my ass.

After a couple of thrusts with her tongue in my ass Heather commanded me to roll over so she could do the front. I remembered her blow job at our reunion and complied as fast as I could. As soon as I was on my back Heather grabbed my erection and started pumping it with her hand as she sucked on the tip. Her tongue lavishly licked me like I was an ice cream cone and her full, wet lips slid around my cock head. I was cumming immediately. Heather pulled me deeper into her mouth so she wouldn’t miss a drop. Spurt after spurt of my hot, sticky cum exploded into her waiting mouth, until I was completely drained. God was she good with her mouth.

When I finished Heather lay down on the bed next to me and cuddled up against me.

I said, “Heather, you are awesome. That was the best oral sex I have ever had.” I thanked her for the tongue bath and anal licking.

Heather replied, “Tom I really love you more than any one in the whole world. I will do anything you want me to do.”

I could only pull her close to me and kiss the top of her head. We fell to sleep, legs entwined, and completely nude.


Heather woke me up in the morning with a huge smile, a bigger kiss, and told me breakfast was ready. That was the best wake up call I have had in years. As we ate we planned out the day. We decided to go to Hoover Dam in the morning, spend most of the day there, come back to Vegas and take in a topless show that evening. We cleaned up the breakfast mess, took showers and dressed for the day.

Heather put on a pair of short shorts, that were very tight, and a spaghetti strap top that showed lots of bare tit. Wow is she hot. I loved it. We stopped at the concierge and got tickets to the revue Heather wanted to see, and then we climbed into the car for the drive to the Hoover dam.

On the way to Hoover dam I asked Heather about the skimpy outfits. Heather answered that she felt liberated here in Vegas and loved to see the looks on peoples faces when she walked past them.

I commented, “You sure do turn heads when you walk by.”

Heather gave me her huge smile and started stroking my leg. “You don’t mind, do you?” she asked.

“Heather,” I replied, “as hot as you look I don’t care if you walk around nude.”

With that Heather pulled her skimpy top up over her head and laid it on the back seat, unhooked her bra and threw it on top of her top so she was topless in the car. I was pleasantly surprised at this display of nudity. We were out in the country on a 2 lane highway so only people going in the other direction were going to see her and at the speed every one was driving that wasn’t going to happen. I thanked her for showing me her tits and reached over and began to fondle them. Heather started moaning so I knew we were in trouble. She was getting hot, I was getting hard and we were going 65 miles per hour on the highway.

I said, “Heather as much as I am enjoying this I think you need to get dressed before I wreck the car.”

Heather responded, “Pull off the road and let’s get in the back seat.”

“Like a long time ago?” I questioned.

Heather answered, “Pull over now.”

Heather started trying to get her tight short shorts escort maltepe off in the front seat. There wasn’t enough room in the front so she climbed between the 2 seats and lay down on the back seat. She pulled those shorts off and put them on my head and told me to get back there, now.

I pulled over on the shoulder, turned the car off and climbed into the back seat with Heather. She grabbed my belt and zipper and had my shorts and briefs on the floor in seconds. I sat on the edge of the seat facing forward and she climbed on top of me facing the rear window. She managed to get my cock into her pussy with a little effort and started bouncing up and down rapidly. Heather was out of control. She obviously had been thinking about doing this for some time and now was really enjoying it. I grabbed her ass and squeezed. There wasn’t enough room to do anything else back there. Heather began that moaning that I loved to hear and her orgasm started taking control of her body. She was muttering Oh my God, Oh my God over and over again. When she started tensing up I knew that she would try to go rigid on me and there was no room for that in the back seat. When her body started to get rigid she leaned back away from me and pushed against the back seat with her feet. Heather managed to straighten out quite a bit and now I could grab a beautiful breast in each hand and squeeze. Heather started clenching her pussy muscles and that sent me over the edge. My orgasm started just as she was beginning to come down from hers. She could feel my hard cock jerking in her vagina and she squeezed some more. I emptied a load of cum into her hot, juicy love tunnel as she flooded the back seat of the car with her juices.

When we both recovered Heather said, “We really made a mess back here, let me clean you up.” She climbed off of my softening erection and my lap and knelt on the seat next to me. Heather leaned over, took my limp dick in her mouth and lovingly licked it clean of all of her juices and my cum. She then took a tissue from her purse and wiped the mess from my thighs and balls.

When she was finished she said, “That will hold you until we can find a restroom.”

We both got dressed and climbed back into the front seat.

We enjoyed the day at Hoover Dam and returned to Vegas. We cleaned up, and changed clothes. Heather put on a short skirt and a slinky top that was sexy as hell. She was wearing a half bra and a thong under her outfit. We left for the strip for dinner and the topless show.

We were walking through the casino on the way to the dinning room when we saw a Showgirl that patrons could have their picture taken with for $10.00 a pop. Heather wanted to get her picture taken so we went over. The Showgirl’s name was Brittany and she was very tall, probably 6’0, dressed in a complete show costume including a large headpiece and she had huge tits to go with a great figure. When it was our turn Heather stood on one side of her and me on the other. When they were done taking the picture Heather asked her if she was in the topless revue tonight.

The showgirl replied, “Yes I am.”

Heather remarked, “I’ll see you there.”

I thought that conversation was a little strange, but I forgot about it at once. Heather and I continued on to the restaurant, had a great dinner and headed for the theater and the show. When we were seated we were sitting on the aisle in the 6th row from the stage. What a great seat for Heather’s first topless revue.

During the first big dance number the dancers pulled their tops off and came out into the crowd. Brittany saw us immediately and came over and gave Heather a big smile. For the remainder of the show Heather and Brittany made eye contact whenever possible. On the way back to our condo I asked Heather what that was all about.

Heather answered, “Brittany is hot, with nice tits, and I like her.”

“Are you bi?” I asked.

Heather pondered the question for a minute, obviously being very careful with her answer. Finally she whispered, “I have been with a woman twice in my life.” “I really enjoyed it a lot.”

I was shocked at the answer, not because I thought it was wrong, but because Heather had always liked guys a lot. And the sex we have had since connecting at the reunion has been incredible.

We rode the rest of the way to the timeshare in silence.

Once we were back in the room Heather asked me if I was angry with her. I answered absolutely not, it was just a big surprise and I didn’t know how to react.

Heather’s response was, “Let’s kiss and fuck then.”

I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a bear hug and a deep French kiss. She reached for my belt buckle and I grabbed her hand, stopping her. We didn’t break the kiss but I could tell she was surprised. I released her hand and started to undress her. Heather again reached for my belt buckle and again I stopped her. I unzipped her skirt and pushed it over her fantastic ass. Then I broke the kiss and pulled her top over her head. I unhooked her bra and told Heather to step back and take off her thong for me. She still wasn’t sure what was happening but she did as I told her. When she was completely nude I told her how hot she was and how much I wanted her. She smiled that killer smile of hers and did a slow spin for me.

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