Her First Affair

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Big Dicks

Let me say first, we are not swingers or sex freaks or anything like that and we’ve always had a healthy sex life. It’s just after all these years of marriage there’s a need to spice up the marriage bed, so to speak. Lately John and I have introduced some role-playing into our sex life. We talk about different fantasies and desires and then incorporate the scenarios as make believe while we have foreplay. One of our favorites is me telling John I made love to another man. John loves to get down and lick me as I tell him about how the tall dark stranger takes me and how I allow him to use my body for his pleasure. This drives John insane and he usually cums while he licking me, before he gets to be inside me. More than once as we cuddle après sex after playing this game, John will tell me that anytime I want I should go out and have that tall dark stranger and to enjoy him. I always say, ‘We’ll see,’ but I’m only talking, as I could never do that.

You can call it fate or maybe how the stars align, but on one of the few weekends, that my John had to be out of town was when my boss asked for volunteers to rebuild a lost file of great importance. Obviously, I had nothing to do and it just so happened I knew something about the work we were looking for so I said I would help. It was a lot of work and not many people to help and in the end, it was just my boss and I. We finally finished about eight-thirty and my boss offered to buy me dinner. As were in casual clothes he suggested we go to a near-by bar that served good food.

Saturday night pendik escort and the place was packed, we sat down for a cocktail while we waited for a table and then we had another before we were seated. I knew I shouldn’t have had two drinks on an empty stomach and now I had a real glow on. During a surprisingly good meal, we chatted about anything but work. During a lapse in conversation, I looked up to see James looking at me intently. He reached over and put his hand on mine,

“I know I’m out of place here but I have to tell you I’ve had the hots for you for a long time.”

I blushed bright red but too drunk to think, I just giggled and said,

“It’s funny but my husband and I play a game where I sleep with another man and I always imagine you as the other guy.”

I put my hand over my face,

“Did I just say that out loud, oh my god that is so embarrassing.”

The mood was broken so he paid the check and we walked out to his car. I thought he went to my side to open the door for me but instead he gently pushed me up against his car and kissed me not lightly but with passion. It was not like a kiss between a husband and wife who have been married for so long that kisses are almost as handshakes. This kiss was hot and I could feel it all the way down to between my legs. He broke the kiss but held his head close to mine. He put his lips to my ear and whispered,

“Laura, come home with me I want to make your fantasy a reality. This may be our only chance, so don’t think just act.”

And I did, as I maltepe escort just nodded without speaking. We drove in silence as my mind raced a mile a minute, could this be the end of my marriage. Even I knew fantasy is far different from reality and yet somehow I felt as if I was doing as John wanted. He stopped at a liquor store and I remember thinking that I’d already had all the alcohol I could handle but when he came out he was only carrying a small bag I realized it contained condoms.

He held my hand as we walked to his apartment and I felt as nervous as I did when I lost my virginity. Once inside he kissed me and I kissed him back, then he held me at arm’s length,

“Laura, I don’t want to force you into anything you’re not comfortable with, if I go too far, just let me know and we’ll stop.”

I kissed him again for my answer and although I was nervous I was not about to back down now.

James pulled my sweatshirt over my head and I thought it cute that he couldn’t unsnap my bra. His mouth on my breasts was so very erotic, maybe because John no longer bothered with them. We sat on his couch and I ran my fingers through his hair as I watched him kiss and suck my breasts. He took my hand and led me to his bedroom and I watched him undress. I was anxious to see his penis, the first I’d seen up close other than my husband’s since I’d married.

I guess to be a good story I should say it was huge and that he had a he-man’s body but actually both his penis and his body were very much like my husband’s. He kartal escort retrieved the condoms and I asked if I could put it on him as that was something I’d never done. Believe me girls it’s not as easy as it looks and we were laughing so much he actually went soft. I told him to relax and I’d take care of him, now I was going to put him in my mouth but once that rubber was on there was no way I was taking it off. I was afraid of maybe putting a hole in it if I sucked him with it on, so I changed tactics.

We lie on the bed together and I began kissing him, I rubbed my hand through his chest hair and with the other, I held his penis. It didn’t take long for him to get hard and soon he rolled me over on my back and then he mounted me and he slipped into me easily. He was good but not great and although just the thought of actually having sex with someone other than my husband was exciting I didn’t orgasm. Still I enjoyed it when he came and later when he pulled out of me I really appreciated the rubber containing his mess.

In the end, it was just like my marriage as he soon fell asleep and then I did too. In the morning, we did it again and by then even the newness was gone and it was almost disappointing. I showered while he fixed breakfast and as we ate, we found we had run out of things to say.

He took me back to my car and before I got out, I told him I had enjoyed what we did but that I could never do it again, because of what it might do to my marriage. When I got home, there were three messages on our phone and I was glad I remembered to shut off my cell. When the phone rang again I picked up and assured my husband that I was OK and when I asked me what I’d been doing I teased,

“You’re just going to have to wait until I get you naked and in bed to find that out.”

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