Her Turn to Tie Him Up

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Big Tits

Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental, not that I expect you to recognize anyone. All participants are over 18.


She moved forward and straddled him in the chair. Settling down into his lap she felt his hard cock move against her wetness. Leaning forward she draped her hair over his shoulder and kissed his neck. His arms were held down at his sides with hastily looped silk ties and he had another around his eyes.

She was wearing a summer dress of light cotton and no underwear. He was tied to a chair, naked.

He groaned involuntarily. She had been teasing him for what seemed an eternity.

He had agreed to the game with the understanding that she would let him do the same to her. She was obsessed with her own control and the idea of her letting her guard down was extremely exciting to him. Ironically he was now wondering if he would last long enough to return the favor.

Her tongue moved slowly along his naked shoulder towards his neck and placed kisses along his cheek and jaw line until their lips met for a moment and she teased him by holding back slightly. He arched forward moving his hips up against her, exercising the only control he had. She gasped and then grabbed his hair and pulled his head back firmly.

“No.” she said teasingly as she reached down between their bodies and teased the tip of his penis as it lay along her slit, pushed upwards as she ground down onto it. She could feel him becoming slippery and he kept trying to slide his hips down enough to get inside her but she would lift herself away at the last moment each time.

Standing up, she moved around behind him and ran her hands up and his arms and then over and down his chest. She leaned in close and pressed her breasts against his shoulders as she kissed his ears. She used her teeth to nip at the earlobes and let her hands roam all the way down to his cock. Leaning heavily into his shoulders from behind she put both hands on it and began to stroke him. Using two hands was almost too much for him and he moaned out loud into her hair. Turning his head to side as far as he could escort ataşehir be buried his face into her neck and hair, breathing her in. His panting breath was in her ear. Her hands moved in long strokes along the shaft, up and down, moving towards the head.

Her wetness had helped lubricate it but she decided it needed more.

She moved back around to kneel in front of him. With a deft move she quickly put her hair up with another of the silk ties lying on the floor. Her hair up, again she reached for him. Pressing his pubic hair down with her one hand she cupped his cock and gave it a few gentle strokes. He gave out a sharp intake of breath.. Then leaning in she licked up the one side while stroking the top with her palm. She could feel his heat against her tongue. Her mouth then moved over the head and took almost half of him into her mouth. She held him around the base and then began to move her mouth wetly up and down, her tongue moving around the shaft.

Occasionally her lips rise up enough so that just the tip is inside her mouth, her lips tight and her tongue moving around the head. He moans appreciatively as she pleasures him with her lips and tongue.. Every so often she would use her other hand to pull firmly on his shaft up towards her lips and he would give out a much louder moan. He tasted very good but she knew he wouldn’t last very long inside of her if she continued to work him so hard. Regretfully she released him and he gave out a sigh of disappointment.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t done.” she whispered into his ear. She stepped back for a moment and took off her dress, letting it spill to the floor.

She straddled him again, facing him. When she reached down between them she held his cock upright so she could use him against her wet opening. She rubbed the head against her, up and down. Moving back and forth she slowly eased him in and out, just the tip entering her. Her own juices were flowing and she was having trouble stopping herself from just driving herself down and taking him deep. She leaned forward and kissed him then, with just the tip inside of her. His kadıköy escort tongue was moving against hers and as their kiss became hungrier she moved deeper onto his erection until finally he could feel his pubic hair against the sensitive lips of her vagina.

Placing her arms around his neck and looking directly at him she began to fuck him with slow determined thrusts. She could feel him sliding in and out and it was a delicious feeling made all the more exciting by the fact he could do nothing but just accept it.

This was definitely just for her.

Leaning back slightly she kept one hand on the back of his neck for balance. She slid her other hand down between them and captured her clitoris between her fingers and lightly stroked it. Pressing firmly upwards as she humped downwards against him served to increase the friction and she knew she would be able to come if he could hold out long enough.

Closing her eyes, she rode him hard driving down as deep as she could. He had begun to move his hips up against her, altering the angle his cock was thrusting into her. That was very nice but next time she resolved, smiling to herself, she would have to tie his legs too.

She leaned forward again putting her face into the crook of his neck, panting. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest and their pooled sweat made their skin slick. She continued using one hand to pressure her clit as he thrust harder and harder against her. She felt her orgasm rising as he pushed up against her until finally she fell over the edge and gave out a sharp cry, biting down into his shoulder and whimpering. The waves of her orgasm pulsed through her as she ground herself down onto his hard erection each thrust giving her a sharp explosion of pleasure. She collapsed onto him, shivering slightly as she pants and moans.

After a moment or two she began to come back to herself and slid her hands down his arms to where they were bound against the chair and slipped the silk ties loose. He had not yet come himself so he was still rock-hard and panting himself. He stood up from the chair, lifting her with maltepe escort bayan him until she was standing in front of him.

Holding her at the small of her back with one hand he ripped the blind-fold from his eyes with the other and drank her in. His eyes were slightly wild and she realized that he was very excited. She smiled at him.

With strong hands he pushed her to her knees and moved his cock up to her lips, putting it into her mouth. He entwined his hand in her hair and she began to suck on him. He moved himself back and forth, his eyes closed as he took his pleasure. Her hands worked at his shaft as she wetly moved it in and out of her mouth. On her knees now, he could see her body, her breasts, and her beautiful legs.

Taking his penis from her mouth he put her on her hands and knees on her discarded dress and moved behind her. She put her face down into the summer cotton to give him access to her and curled her fingers into the fabric.

He slid himself into her with just a single smooth thrust and she gave out an exclamation. He seemed huge in this position. He leaned forward over her back and began to place hot kisses down her spine as he moved in and out of her wet pussy. Moving his hands to her hips his thrusts became stronger as he pulled her back onto him as he fucked her hard. Each thrust drove another moan from her throat as he did to her what she had just done to him in the chair. She smiled into the dress as his hard thrusts drove her forward. As she felt him swell inside of her she knew he was close and she reached back between her legs to run her fingers gently over his cock as it moved in and out. This was more than he could handle and he pulled out of her ready to explode

She quickly got up onto her knees and spun around to face him as she put her arms onto his hips and reached up to grasp his hard shaft. Moving up very close to him she pushed him into her mouth and began to stroke him with her lips and tongue. Within a few strokes he began to come in her mouth. He moved quickly from her mouth and the rest of his orgasm ended up on the smooth skin of her chest. She didn’t mind it at all.

Breathing heavily he knelt down beside her on the floor and took her into his arms kissing her deeply.

They hugged and he looked at her with lust in his eyes.

“Next time it’s your turn.”

She just smiled and picked up a tie.

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