His Bitch Gets Her Own Bitch

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I locked eyes with his. He smiled a delightfully evil grin and kept up his slamming pace, his cock tearing her ass up, and I loved it. I see my man owning another bitch and looking at me, and I just gush. It’s so hot. And that was the hottest yet.

I moved down under her and on my way down, I stopped to bite her nipples. Her exhausted whimper of enjoyment was just what I wanted to hear. I got down to her beautifully waxed pussy and made it up to her that my man was about to own her ass for much longer than she probably realized. Her pussy was soaking wet already and I found a use for that when I slid 2 of my fingers up inside of her tight self. I could feel my amazing man’s cock bury deep in her ass, as I brought her close to orgasm. I couldn’t let her yet, or she’d never be able to take his dick for longer.

I stopped my tongue and slid in another finger and started to pump them inside of her harder, in rhythm with his cock. I could feel her body convulse with the intensity of her pleasure and I could hear in her voice as she let out gasp after gasp, that she doubted her ability to take what was happening. And I just turned it up, I slid my 4th finger inside of her and I could really feel it stretch.

That just drove my man crazy as he sped up this pounding of her ass. He grabbed her by her hair and rode her ass HARD. Her screams of passion got so intense he pushed her head between my legs. As she twitched and babbled through her nirvana exhaustion and licked my pussy as if it was an oasis, I pushed her head harder into my cunt.

Since I can orgasm dozens of times and very easily, I braced myself for one while pushing my thumb into her taunt pussy. Her gasps for breath and attempt to let out a scream as my hand slipped inside of her threw me over the edge and we began to orgasm together. With my other hand I grabbed the back of my man’s thigh to brace myself. I’d bahis firmaları never had my hand inside of anyone before and this felt amazing. I slide my hand up and down a little inside of her, as my man’s cock slowed but kept up the intensity that he used to pummel his cock into her. I heard his hand as it spanked her sexy round ass. Her hands jumped off the bed and clung to my waist as I could feel her body tense on top of me, in a way it probably never has before. She finally collapsed from her orgasm, my hand still inside of her. Which made giggle to myself a little bit.

We pulled out and I lay down next to her, and cuddled up with her. I pinched her nipples lightly as my man stood over us, jerking it. I love watching his cock’s head as he jacks off. My other hand played softly with his balls, licking them now and again. I love it when he cums on me, I especially like hearing him cum. He always sounds like it’s the best cum yet. His thick cum came all over my tits and her tits and stomach.

He left to shower and I cleaned us up as she regained the ability to think clearly after her crazy awesome orgasm. I licked her punished pussy and ass, gently. After he finished his shower we sucked his cock and licked his balls till he fell asleep from relaxation.

Normally after having sex with a girl I can’t wait for her to leave. But I wasn’t about to kick such a kinky girl out. The next morning she awoke with his cock in her face, hard and ready for her mouth. She started to seem offended but he pushed it right in and I pulled her hair into a pony tail and held her head as he fucked her face. She took it nicely. I was shocked. Could we really have found a girl as kinky as me? Who likes to be owned as much as me? Impossible. But it seemed to be true, as he sped up and went a little deeper. She started to gag but I could tell she was trying to keep up.

He pulled his cock kaçak iddaa out and slapped her in the face with it. I picked up where she left off and sucked his cock into my mouth. I know what this cock likes and I’m great and providing it. His strong hand on the back of my head, his cock’s head pushing down my throat. It can’t get any better, I thought to myself. But it did, when he pushed me down on the bed on my back. He stood on his knees above my face and shoved his cock inside. He told her to hold down my arms above my head.

Wow! I love being owned by my man, never by our bitch, but since he told her to it was perfect. I had to fight the urge to gag and keep my breath steady or I’d choke, which I loved, it felt like my man was even in charge of my breathing. How hot is that?! I love being his bitch. He’s the best master ever.

His beautiful cock pulled out and he moved down to my pussy. It was my turn to orgasm like crazy. My turn to pass out from pleasure and pain. YES! I love feeling him on top of me, his strong body driving his dick into me over and over and feeling his arms and back and abs flex as his cock pleasures parts of me I didn’t even know were there, its amazing.

Our bitch waits patiently for direction. He wants her to ride my face and have her ass pointed in the air. I gladly eat her pussy as she squirms from the intensity, still sensitive from last night. I feel a butt plug put into my hand. He wants me to put it in her. I lick her ass for a minute before shoving the largest butt plug we have into her. I can feel her allow it at first, unaware of it’s size. But not even half way in and she starts to question what’s happening. She tries to feel behind her how big it is but I shove it the rest of the way in. She screams and shakes for a moment, but when I begin oral again she does her best to accept what’s inside of her.

After a few minutes of getting kaçak bahis used to the huge plug in her and me getting used to him being on top, I push the plug’s base to make her gasp. I turn it slowly. All of her desire to stop me is obvious but she still hasn’t said to officially stop yet. I can tell my boyfriend want to give me more. And he turns me over and has her under me; legs spread waiting for my mouth to comfort her through the intense feeling in her ass. Which I’m about to join her in feeling.

He lubes up his dick and pushes the head inside of me, knowing to be gentle with me at first. He slides my vibrator over my clit and I hold it there. I try my best to not resist it, but as I feel each inch I can’t help but clinch up a little. His hand lands sharply across my ass cheek.

“Take it, bitch.” He rubs the now red hand print on my ass. I relax the best I can; before I know it all of his dick is buried in my tight ass. Once its in, gentle is over, gentle is too intense for me. I’d rather be completely owned anally than have slow gentle sex anally. Its too intense to me. So my man grabs my hips hard and starts to fuck the shit out of me. I let out my moans and gasps of pleasure in her pussy as I distract myself from coming too quickly by eating her good.

I love taking it. I love taking his dick like a good bitch, I love sucking his dick like no other. And I love it when I feel owned physically. He slapped my ass again, and again. I was going to come and there was no holding back. The more he gave the more I wanted. I felt like I could take it all night. But I also felt the orgasm about to be unleashed. I was flooded with pleasure and pain and came so hard. Her orgasm wasn’t important to me at this time but she still got hers as I muffled my orgasm in her pussy.

He pulled out and jerked it again, this time all over my back and ass. Our nice new bitch cleaned it up and licked my sore ass till I came again. We all went back to sleep for a few more hours. It was a good night and morning. We kept seeing her for months after. Wait till I write more to find out what happens next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32