Hold On Tight

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The shrill ringing of my cell phone pulled me violently from sleep and my hand fumbled around on the nightstand trying to find my phone. “‘Ello,” I mumbled into the mouth piece using my right hand to hold the phone against my ear while using my left forearm to block the light from my eyes.

“Hey baby,” Adam answered softly.

“What?” I asked bluntly.

“My my someone is grumpy this morning,” he commented as I finally managed to pull my body into a seated position using my arm to hold the comforter across my bare chest.

“What do you want?” I asked flatly.

“So sassy,” he said hoarsely.

“It tends to happen when someone wakes me up at some god forsaken hour,” I began, “After keeping me up half the night.”

A heard a small laugh leave his lips before he said, “I don’t recall you being opposed to being kept up half of the night.”

“Maybe that’s because I thought I would be able to sleep in,” I replied smugly. “Had I known you were going to wake me up at the crack of dawn I would have reconsidered.”

“No you wouldn’t have,” he said all knowingly. “And for your information it is after nine so I don’t think that classifies as the crack of dawn.”

Knowing he didn’t call to tell me what time it was I continued, “Very well. What can I do for you?”

“I need you to do me a favor,” Adam asked. I mumbled in agreement and he continued, “I have that open house this morning but I left my briefcase at home.”

I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see me, “Seriously?”

His tone let me know that, while he might not be able to see me, he knew I had rolled my eyes. “Well, it’s not like I did it on purpose.” I let out a deep sigh and he went on, “Please babe? Some of the flyers and stuff that I need are in there.”

“Fine,” I conceded. “Text me the address and I’ll hop in the shower real quick and then head over.”

“Skip the shower,” he said quickly.

A short laugh burst from my throat, “You’re kidding me?” While I normally wouldn’t mind forgoing a shower considering I had taken one the night before, the number of orgasms Adam and I had after that shower created the need for another one.

“The open house starts at 9:30 and it’ll take you probably fifteen minutes to get here so you need to leave in like two minutes.”

I pulled my legs out from under the blanket and shivered as the chilled air skimmed across my bare skin. “Fine. Just let me put on some clothes – wait do I have time to put clothes on or should I come over stark-fucking-naked?”

“So much sass,” he ’tisked’ his tongue at me.

Walking through the bedroom, I began locating my clothes that had been practically ripped off of my body the night before. “Text me the address and I’ll walk out the door in a minute.”

I pulled my black panties up my legs and fastened my black bra behind my back before pulling the straps up to my shoulders. Deciding that I had no desire to put my business suit from the day before back on I walked into Adam’s closet and found a button down shirt of his and one of the smaller belts available. His blue button down shirt draped my body with the hem grazing the middle of my thighs. I cinched the belt around my waist before rubbing a wet cotton ball at the black streaks around my eyes and gargling some mouth wash.

I walked into the living room picking up my clothes as I went and praying to the heavens that I had a pair of leggings in my trunk. With yesterday’s clothes slug over my arm, my purse hanging from my shoulder and Adam’s briefcase clutched in my hand I walked out the front door making sure to lock the door knob as I pulled it closed.

“Thank God,” I muttered as I dug through a gym bag in my truck and pulled a pair of leggings out.

Seventeen minutes later, I pulled up to a very vacant looking house with the help of my in car GPS. Noticing that it was just after 9:30 and weren’t any cars, other than Adam’s, in the driveway I doubled checked the address on my phone to make sure I was at the right place. As though he had been waiting for me, Adam stepped out of the front door just as I put my car in park against the curb. He motioned for me to come towards him.

“You’re off to a pretty jam up start here,” I said with a smirk. “I mean the open house started five minutes ago. I expected to have to park down the street. I think you’re losing your touch.”

“Upon closer inspection of the paperwork, it appears that I didn’t schedule the start until 10 so I’ve still got time. Me and my touch are doing quite well, thanks.” The wink he sent in my direction assured me that the quiver I felt in between my thighs was his intention.

Knowing he was right, I instantly admitted his point. As my eyes wandered across the house spread in front of me Adam grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers together. “Come take a look,” he said leading me towards the front door.

“Really?” I asked following behind him.

“It’s an open house babe,” he chuckled. “People are supposed to come in bursa escort and look.”

“Wait; let me grab your briefcase out of the backseat.”

He dismissed it quickly, “We’ll get it later. I really wanna show you this balcony up on the third floor. The view is spectacular.”

I trailed behind him walking through the front door. As we passed through the front entry, something on a table to the side caught my attention. I cleared my throat and pointed towards the paperwork sitting right in front of me. “I thought these papers were in your briefcase that I just had to bring over here?”

A shrug of his shoulders and a tug on our intertwined hands moved my feet forward so I was once again was being led through the house. After climbing two flights of stairs and walking through several rooms Adam and I stepped through a set of sliding glass doors and I was met with an exquisite view. With the clean cut golf course in the foreground and the rolling hills beyond that the house certainly earned a few more points in my book.

My front pressed against the balcony’s railing as Adam stepped behind me wrapping his arms around my middle. His chin rested on my shoulders and I felt his lips press a kiss to the side of my neck. “So, you lied about the start of the open house, you lied about needing your briefcase, anything else you lied about this morning?”

“I don’t think so,” he said as one of his hands trailed up and cupped my left breast through my shirt. “Although in the interest of full disclosure, while I did want you to see the view from the balcony I also would really like to fuck you right here.”

“Adam,” I gasped, “We can’t.”

“Like hell we can’t,” he countered before nipping at my neck.

Before I could protest again, I felt his hand leave my breast only to reappear a moment later after reaching up under my shirt. He quickly pulled the cup of bra down and allowed my heavy breast to spill out into his waiting palm. While his thumb and index finger rolled my nipple gently his other hand trailed down my body and reached between my legs rubbing me softly through my thin leggings.

“Adam,” I breathed.

“You can say you don’t want this but you and I both know better,” Adam murmured against my ear. He continued to rub my sex through my leggings and I felt a growing wetness between my thighs.

Breathlessly I asked, “What if someone sees us?”

“Kitten,” he said softly before nibbling softly on my ear, “Do you really think I’d risk anyone seeing us? I don’t like to share what’s mine.”

His hand moved towards my other breast, freeing it from the confines of my bra, and my nipple instantly hardened. A soft moan flowed from my lips as I felt his hand reach between the waistband of my pants and my skin and down the front of my panties. He nimbly pushed the fabric to the side and his fingers brushed across my folds.

“What a greedy little cunt,” he commented as his fingers pressed into my slit, dragging through my wetness. “I’ve hardly done anything and it’s practically dripping.” I rolled my hips softly urging his fingers deeper. Adam’s thumb found my clit and brushed across it softly while his index finger pushed into me. I let out a satisfied whimper when I felt his lips collide with my neck again.

His index finger slid excruciatingly slow in and out of me causing my hips to move back and forth slowly in attempts to get his finger faster and deeper. “I thought you didn’t want this?” he asked as his thumb rubbed softly across my clit.

“Please,” I whined.

“Please what?” Adam asked. “Please this?” Before I had a chance to answer I felt him slide another finger in me. My pussy immediately welcomed his second finger and my back arched, my head lay back against his shoulder.

A pleasure filled shaky breath oozed out of my mouth, “Adam.”

“Yes?” his satisfaction evident in his voice. His fingers started moving quicker, sliding in and out of my sensitive pussy. His thumb was applying the perfect amount of pleasure to my clit. I felt my knees quiver slightly and tightened my grip on the railing pressed against my stomach.

Without warning, Adam removed his fingers from my cunt causing me to let out a frustrated grunt. “So greedy,” he chuckled as he brought his fingers to my mouth and trailed them softly across my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked his fingers clean as I felt him continue to harden against my ass.

Once his fingers were cleaned of my wetness, his hands moved to my hips and quickly pulled my leggings and panties down over my hips. After kicking my flip flops off, I used my feet to pull the material down the rest of my legs and allowed it to pool at my feet. “Keep your hands on the rail,” Adam said after I heard the zipper of his jeans slid down its track. “And don’t move.” I felt the head of his cock make contact with my sensitive tissue and instinctively pushed my hips back slightly. “I said don’t move,” Adam reminded me.

“Ugh,” I grumbled. I could feel his cock head resting bursa escort bayan against my slit but he was making no move to push it in between my lips.

“Frustrated, Kitten?” he asked as his hands moved back and slid under my shirt cupping my breasts roughly.

“Yes,” I sighed pushing my chest forward, relishing in the contact of his fingers against my hard nipples.

Adam moved his cock up and down my slit, still refusing to push into me. “You really want to reach down and shove my cock into your perfect little cunt and thrust your hips against mine don’t you?”


His teeth bit into my shoulder through my shirt. “You want me to fuck you.” He didn’t ask it as a question because he already knew the answer. I nodded my head not trusting myself to speak. “Say it.”

“I want you to fuck me,” I said with need. His right hand left my breast and I felt him reach down and wrap it around his cock. The thick head of his cock head traced up and down my slit. I gasped as I felt it brush across my sensitive clit.

“God you’re incredible,” Adam sighed against my neck. “Feeling you strain to resist shoving your hips back and trembling under my touch makes my cock so hard.”

“Maybe you should fuck me then,” I replied with a touch of sass as his cock head continued to rub back and forth against my clit.

“Careful,” he reminded me as he pulled quickly at my nipple causing me to let out a squeal of excitement. “Ask me.”

“Will you please fuck me?” I obliged sweetly, “Please. I really need to be fucked.” My cunt practically hurt with desire. Adam had brought me damn close to an orgasm with his fingers and my pussy ached to be filled. “My pussy needs your cock.”

“My pussy,” Adam corrected as he slammed his cock into my cunt. I cried out in pleasure as I felt the full length of him fill me. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled his length out slowly before slamming back into me. “So tight,” he said through gritted teeth as his cock stilled inside of me. Standing up was one of the few ways that I could accommodate his full length and we both liked to relish in that. The feeling of his cock entirely encased inside of me, stretching me gently, made me feel completely full.

His hips pulled away from mine slowly before slowly sliding back against mine. His slow deep thrusts allowed me to feel every ridge and vein of his cock sliding through my sensitive sex. His speed increased as I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth, biting down to keep from crying out in pleasure. His right hand left my hip and trailed around my body until it was wrapped around me and resting against my pubic bone.

Spreading my wetness across my skin, Adam’s fingers found my clit and began stroking me softly. He continued plunging in and out of me, pulling my hips back to meet his thrusts, as his mouth latched onto my neck. My core tightened as I neared closer to an orgasm. Feeling my tightening around his cock, he nipped teasingly against my neck and slowed his thrusts and stilled his fingers against my clit.

I whimpered because I knew that it was because he was holding off on allowing me to reach release. I gripped the railing in front of me so hard that my knuckles turned white while Adam lazily thrust in and out of my pussy. We both knew that a few more hard and deep thrusts and a flick or two against my clit would push my orgasm over the edge. “Patience,” Adam said as his hand left my hip and cupped my breast.

“Squeeze me, baby,” Adam said. I obliged quickly while silently hoping that the clenching of my cunt would bring me my release. The need to come was clawing at me and we both knew it. “Do you want to come?” I nodded my head eagerly as I panted attempting to catch my breath. “Say it. Tell me how badly you want to come.”

“I need to come,” I corrected. “Please.”

“Is your cunt begging for release?” His thrusts sped up slightly causing me to moan in delight. I nodded my head quickly. “God, I love your cunt.” His fingers brushed softly across my clit once. I whimpered at his sparingly light touch. “It’s such a hungry little cunt isn’t it?” I again nodded my head in agreement.

“Ahhh,” I moaned in pure gratification as his hips increased their speed and his rigid cock slid in and out of my pussy. His fingers brushed across my clit again finally pushing me over the edge.

My climax washed over me, a garbled noise of pleasure echoed from my throat and my knees buckled. Adam’s arms held me upright as his cock thrust once, twice, three more times into my tremoring center before his orgasm erupted inside of me. His hips thrust involuntarily while his cock emptied itself and his teeth bit down on my shoulder.

Adam’s cock softened inside of me and his arms wrapped tightly around my middle and we both waited a few minutes to catch our breath. “Wow,” Adam finally said breaking the silence.

“Ditto,” I agreed. The watch on his left wrist caught my attention and I read it quickly. “I should probably get going,” I said noticing escort bursa that it was just 10:00. “I don’t want people to think this is included with the house.”

“What?” Adam asked. “An insatiable sex fiend?”

“Exactly,” I laughed craning my neck to push my lips against Adams. I felt his cock slide out of my swollen pussy before I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him again. “So, put your pants on, fiend.”

Adam bit playfully at my lips before stepping back and giving me space to reach down and grab my leggings off of the balcony floor. I mischievously tossed my panties in his direction before pulling the pants up my legs, allowing the waistband to rest on my hips. I then grabbed the panties from his hand, and used them to clean his cock, the material wrapping gently around his length and I cleaned from root to tip. When it was adequately dried, I watched as he pulled up his black boxer briefs and jeans that had been hastily pushed down just to his thighs. “For luck,” I said seductively against his lips as I slid my panties into the front left pocket of his jeans.

“Wait,” Adam said as I pulled away from him and started walking back through the sliding glass doors and into the house. He held a set of keys towards me and I raised my eyebrow in question. “My house key,” he answered putting the key chain into my palm. “Go home, take a shower, eat something, take a nap, whatever. I’ll be back in a little while.” He could tell I was going to protest and continued before I had the chance, “The thought of you lounging around my house in a very small amount of clothing, and sleeping in my bed waiting for me to come home and fuck you turns me on.”

“Okay,” I agreed wrapping my fingers around the key.

When we finally got back to the ground floor, an older couple opened the front door and walked into the house. Thinking quickly, I released my hand from Adam’s and dropped it to my side. “I think this house is gorgeous,” I said reaching the front entry and nodding a greeting towards the couple entering. “I will certainly take some of these flyers and keep it in mind.”

“Come back any time,” Adam said not bothering to hide the grin on his face. “I also have a few other properties for sale in this area so I’m sure we can find the perfect one for you.”

“This one was quite excellent,” I said knowing that we both knew I wasn’t referring to the house. Adam winked in my direction before I slipped out the front door and walked down the driveway towards my car. As I reached my car, I heard a realtor speaking to her clients about the high points of the house, “And wait until you see the balcony off of the master bedroom. The view is spectacular.” I laughed softly to myself as I climbed into my vehicle and cranked the key causing the ignition to roar to life.

“I don’t know Mother,” I said into my phone as I heard the front door open and close. My mom started up again about how she really didn’t understand why I wouldn’t clear my schedule so that I could attend a family function. “I already said that I’ll see what I can do.” A smile spread across my face as Adam appeared in the doorway, his eyes scanning over me laying in his bed. “I’m not trying to be difficult mom, I swear. I just…I will have to see if I can take Tuesday off of work because flying in for the weekend to go to the cookout on that Monday and then having to take the red eye back home to be to work on Tuesday is brutal.”

Adam leaned his shoulder against the doorframe leading into his bedroom and crossed his legs at the ankle. “I promise Momma. I will try my best.” Knowing that she was about to start up with her saga about missing me and her inability to understand why I felt it necessary to rip her heart out and move across the country I started to wrap the conversation up. “And I promise that I will call you on Sunday so you can fill me in on everything, but I’ve gotta run right now. Love you.”

“Moms” Adam shook his head in mock understanding.

“Don’t start,” I said waiting to push that conversation out of my brain. “There is forty five minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. She just kept going on and on about how I hardly ever come home, which is a lie by the way, and how everyone keeps asking about me and how it would be such a joy for me to make it home for the annual Memorial Day cook out in a few weeks.”

“Why don’t you go?” he asked simply.

“Don’t start,” I warned as I adjusted myself against the plush pillows. “Or I will give her your number and she can start calling you. Trust me, I think she wants you to go visit more than she wants me there.”

“That’s cause me and Val are besties,” he said with a casual shrug of his shoulders. I watched as Adam slipped out of his dress shoes and left them in the doorway of his bedroom before walking towards the bed.

“Did you just call my mom Val?” I asked as he climbed onto the bed. “And indicate that the two of you are best friends?”

“I really don’t want to talk about your mom right now,” Adam said as he positioned his body so that he was leaning over me, supporting his weight with his arm. Before I had a chance to ask him what he did want to talk about, his lips pressed against mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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