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My wife calls me a dork, but she smiles when she says it. I guess I can be childish, or child-like as I like to think of it. Usually she finds it my most entertaining trait, the one that keeps our life fun and exciting. Sometimes, not so much. Like this one time…But I should set the scene first.

Our house is ruled by a little 5 year old nosy demon that claims to be our daughter. She is adorable, so we let her stay with us. But because of this, we have to take extra measures when it comes to our marital ablutions, or the demon child comes knocking on our door demanding to know what is going on in there.

It started simply enough.

One night, after watching some animated movie one too many time, I sneaked off to the bedroom while the wife put the monster to bed. I pulled extra pillows and sheets from the closet, grabbing whatever was fluffy and comfy. Between the bed and the wall, I built a pillow fort. I laid blankets and pillows down and draped a scarf over a lamp. I had made a love nest.

When the wife came in, I popped my head out of the fort.

“Come in!” I mock whispered to her.

She cocked an eyebrow at me, but eventually crawled under the tented sheet. It was warm and cozy under there, bathed in red light. I took my wife in my arms, running my hands across her waist, feeling the taught muscles of her belly. My wife is one of these tall and thin women, dirty blonde hair falling to her shoulders, her small and perky breasts tipped by thick nipples. Her long legs finished in a pert little ass, at the time covered by a set of mom jeans, which would not do. I pushed at her pants, undoing the top button and clawing at the zipper.

We kissed, laughing in each other’s mouths as we clumsily tugged our clothes off.

“Why are we in a cave?” she asked, giggling.

“It’s a fort,” I replied, “I made it as soundproof as possible.”

She took my face in her hands and kissed me, teasing me. “You plan on making noise?” she asked.

“Not me,” I replied, and kissed my way down her belly, past her belly button, to bury my nose in the puff of dark blonde pubes that crowned her slit. She gasped.

I tugged at her pants, kicking them off her legs. I kissed my way around her pussy, teasing her, brushing my lips across the soft crease where her inner thighs met her hips. She grabbed my hair, pulling me into her pussy. I resisted, gently biting her thigh. The whole point of the fort was to take it slow, to not feel rushed and under the gun of a demanding five year old.

So instead I used my lips as a soft brush, blowing warm air as I moved up and down along the side of her pussy. I love the softness of her skin right there, where inner thigh becomes the outer lip of her pussy. I let my own lips feel her skin, my tongue teasing the little folds of inner lips that peeked out. I continued to tease and brush along the outside of her pussy, along the inner thighs, along the swell of her hip bone. Her clit started to peek out, but I refrained from touching it. I hovered over it, gently breathing warm air onto it. My wife moaned, her hips squirming.

I don’t know how long I teased her like that, but I finally got what I wanted. A drop of clear fluid had pooled at the base of her pussy. I gently pulled her open, looking into the depths of her folds, watching as she leaked a string of clear fluid. That was my prize. To make her wet enough that her desire was made obvious.

I dipped my tongue into her sex, into her little honey pot. She gasped. I licked upwards, to her clit, drawing a little cry out of her. The game was on. I slid a finger inside of her wet heat as my tongue continued to flick her little clit. I curled my finger, finding her G spot, and started to rub.

“Fuck..,” she breathed, which I took as a good sign.

I continued my tongue and finger work. Her hips started a rolling movement under my tongue, her hands in my hair. I listened to her breathing as it became faster and tighter. I pushed my own clothes off, never losing contact between my tongue and her clit. Her moans were becoming more insistent.

Suddenly I stopped, making her whine, but I quickly moved up, lined up the head of my cock against her wet opening, and slid in. She was so wet at this point that there was almost no resistance, just the warm grip of her pussy. She arched her back, surprised by the sudden penetration. I sunk all the way in, until my balls rested against her warm ass.

And then I pulled out, jumping back down to plant my lips on her clit, sliding two fingers this time into her. I found her G spot again and rubbed it.

“Goddamit, fuck, fuck, fuck… you’re gonna make me cum,” she gasped.

I mumbled something encouraging into her pussy and continued to flick my tongue on her clit while rubbing her G spot. In the padded womb of the fort, her cries were hushed, close. It had been a while since I had heard her cry out like that.

She grabbed a little pillow and shoved it in her mouth, silently screaming into it. Her hips bucked bursa escort under my tongue, her pussy squeezing my fingers, as she reached her peak.

As soon as stopped thrashing I pulled my fingers out and moved up, placing my cock at the entrance of her drenched pussy. I pushed in, my cock disappearing inside of her. I knew that her clit was super sensitive right now, so I indulged and just focussed on the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of the sleeve of her pussy, not worrying about anything else. I knew I was not going to last very long anyway. We weren’t having sex often enough so every time we did it tended to be quick and furious and silent. I was getting tired of that.

But right now in the moment, with my balls tightening and my cock becoming electric, I just thought of how good it felt to fuck my wife. We kissed hungrily, her tongue licking her juices off of my lips. I started pushing deeper, grinding my hips into hers. Her little cries told me she was about to cum again, so I continued the long deep strokes, continued until her pussy started to spasm around my cock, until I could feel my own orgasm rising from deep inside.

I pulled out at the last minute, grabbing her hair, pulling her to my cock. She dove on my cock, licking and lapping at her juices, then took the head of my cock deep into her mouth. Her hand wrapped around my shaft and started jerking me into her mouth. I lasted only seconds before my hips started to jerk and I shot my hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed and licked me clean, my cum and her juices mixed in her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled her wicked little grin.

Later, cuddled up in bed, she mumbled something as she fell asleep.

“That was nice, we need a sex room so we can do that again…” she whispered.

I lay in the darkness of our bedroom, staring at the unseen ceiling. An idea was starting to form.

The next weekend I emptied my closet. The ceiling above the now empty space led to the small attic that crowned our house. I poked a hole in the ceiling.

While my wife was out doing whatever it is women do in malls, I crawled around in the attic. There was no headspace, which is why we only used that space as a dead storage. Bent in half, I found the hole that I had made in the closet’s ceiling. The idea that I had gelled into a plan. I pulled out my saw and started cutting.

It took two more weekends, and a lot of scurrying around while my wife was distracted in order to finish. But finally it was done. I couldn’t wait to show her what I had been working on.

Saturday night came around, the monster was in her pink pink, my wife came tip-toeing back to the bedroom. I signaled her to be quiet and led her to my closet. With a hint of drama, I pulled the door open. My shirts and pants hung there in their usual disarray. My wife looked at me quizzically.

I pushed the hanging clothes aside, revealing a set of rungs I had attached to the wall. They led up to a newly-installed trap door in the ceiling. I quickly climbed up the rungs, pushing the trap door open and disappeared into the space above.

My wife took a tentative step and looked up. I popped out and motioned her to climb up.

When she finally made her way up, she discovered that I had built a small room up there, tucked right under the roof, with new walls to contain any noise. A mattress was the new floor, the walls painted deep red and hung with some of our old tie-dye banners and flags from our college days. Bob Marley had pride of place at the head of the mattress. A few pillows were scattered here and there, helping to soften the boxiness of the place.

The room itself was barely bigger than the mattress. The slanting roof meant that all you could do was lie down with our feet tucked under the lowest point of the room. It would have been claustrophobic, with the roof just a few feet above our heads as we lay down side by side on the mattress. But I had cut out two small skylights into the roof, just above where our heads were. Technically they were a ships portholes I had saved from a scrapyard, round and steel framed. But they opened to the night air and, more importantly, the stars above were visible.

My wife shook her head at this crazy-ness that her husband had once again brought into her life. But then I brought out a joint and she squealed. We hadn’t smoked anything in years.

We snuggled on the mattress, looking up at the stars as we passed the joint back and forth. The trapdoor was open so we would know if the little monster needed anything, but we were isolated enough (I hoped) that we had some privacy. We talked about this and that, about life and the Universe, just like we had back in college when we had started dating.

My wife curled up against me, stoned and happy. Her hand drifted to my cock trapped in my jeans. Without a word she scooted down and unzipped me. She fished my dick out of my pants and slipped it into her mouth. I moaned at the sudden wet heat. She made herself comfortable, lying on bursa escort bayan her side, her head resting on my belly, keeping my cock in her mouth. She started a warm, wet and slow blow-job.

I grew hard in her mouth, filling her until she had to use her hand to wrap around the base of it. Keeping the swollen head of it in her mouth, she started to slowly move her hand up and down the shaft.

I let my hand play with her hair. Just like in college, where she would have epic blow-job marathon when she would get high. She said she just loved the feeling of my cock in her mouth and go in a trance, just tripping on the sensations. Why did we ever stop smocking weed? I tried to make a mental note to purchase a metric ton of the stuff, but I got distracted by the wet, warm sensations enveloping my cock.

She cupped my balls with her other hand, gently stroking them as her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock. The weed made everything feel fantastic, so fantastic that I couldn’t help but start rocking my hips, pushing my cock a little deeper into her mouth. I expected her to stop me or pull away, but she didn’t. So I didn’t stop.

My hand on her head became firmer, trapping her against my belly. My hips started to rise with a nice long rhythm, nothing violent. I was luxuriating in the feeling of her mouth taking more and more of my cock. The fact that my wife had never let me fuck her mouth like that before made it even more amazing.

Her hand kept stroking my balls, so she was obviously fine with everything happening. I relaxed, letting the feelings wash over me. I looked up through the round little window above my head, briefly considered the stars and how old they were as my pot-addled brain got distracted. But the feeling rising out of my cock was too good to be ignored. I was going to be cumming soon.

I grunted some words that approximated a warning to my wife. She mumbled words of encouragements. I stated to pump harder now, faster, jerking my cock with my wife’s mouth. Her tongue was lapping at my cock, her hand quickly moving up and down the shaft. I was not going to last much longer. I grunted, shoved my cock deeper into her mouth, and spurted a stream of cum into her mouth. She swallowed and licked and swallowed it all, making little grunting noises as she did. My head exploded with the sensation. The suction on my cock was incredible, draining me. Her delight in my cum made it all the sweeter.

When I had finally stopped spurting into her mouth, my wife turned to me. She had a big smile on her face, and my cum on the edge of her lips. She made a show of licking it of, swallowing it all. She crawled back to me to nestle in my arms.

“That was awesome,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah,” she replied, obviously still stoned out of her normally solid and practical mind.

I kissed her, tasting my own salty-ness on her lips, while my hands went fishing in her pants. I found her pussy as wet as I had ever felt it. The wet heat of her pussy was intense. I parted her lips, dipping my fingers into her wetness, rubbing her clit. She moaned, opening her legs further.

That didn’t help. My hand was trapped in her pants now. unable to move. I pushed and shoved her pants over her ass, but that forced her legs closed. She was moaning into my mouth, whimpering with her need. I tried to reach between her thighs but the way was now closed.

Frustrated, I flipped her over and pulled her pants further down her legs. Her bare ass was exposed now, and i attacked it with my fingers, slipping them between the firm globes of her ass. Her entire crotch was wet, and my fingers slipped and slided into her pussy with ease. One, two fingers disappeared into her. She bucked and moved her hips up, welcoming my fingers.

I was lying on my side, next to her, propped up on one elbow, fingering her. My cock was getting hard again at the sight of her little ass rising in the air. I had a thought, which I still credit to the pot. I spread as much of her juices around her ass. I started to push my thumb in her ass as my fingers continued to pump into her pussy. She moaned and pushed against my thumb, which I took to be a good sign. So I continued, making circles with my thumb to open her up.

Her breath was getting short, a sure mark of her incoming orgasm. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and ass and rolled on top of her. My cock was rock hard again, propped by the thought of what was about to happen. I lined up my cock with her tiny rosebud of an asshole, one hand guiding myself in, the other propping me up.

My wife held her breath. My cock pushed against her bud, opening it, stretching it. She exhaled and relaxed. My cock popped through. I froze for a second, not really believing what was happening. I couldn’t remember the last time we had done anything like that. With her legs caught in her pants, her thighs were closed shut. This made her ass feel incredibly tight. I started to pump slowly back and forth, drawing her juices into her ass, covering my cock. escort bursa Finally, inch by inch, I made it all the way in.

She reached back and placed her hand on my ass, digging her nails in my pale flesh.

Her face was buried in the pillow, but I distinctly heard her: “fuck me,” she said.

So I did. I started pumping into her, sliding my cock in and out of her ass. There was no room to do anything else but lay on top of her and move my hips, so I did, long deep strokes into her soft and welcoming flower bud. Her ass a pillow to my hips. I planted my elbows by her head and kept pumping in and out of her ass, drawing little moans and yelps out of her.

She moved a bit and I felt her hand cup her pussy. Quick wet noises told me she was rubbing her clit as I moved in her. Good, She felt so good I was going to cum again. I grunted something. She moaned into the pillow. I started to really hammer at her ass, making her whole body shake. She started to scream into the pillow, one long continuous sound erupting from her lips. My vision got blurry, I lost any sense of where I was or who I was. All I had was my cock diving into the tight ring of my wife’s ass. I pumped one last time and shot my cum deep into her.

She shook under me, her body spasming. She buried her face in the pillow, silently screaming out her pleasure. She shook for what seemed like minutes. I didn’t move, keeping my softening cock buried in her. Finally she collapsed, and I rolled off of her, my cock slipping out.

We retreated to that little room quite often. It wasn’t the most comfortable place to have sex, and was limiting in the kind of sex you could have. But my wife had a glint in her eye now, either from the pot or the increased amount of anal sex. I was in Heaven. I probably received more blow-jobs, and slipped more times into my wife’s ass in the following month than during our entire marriage.

And she talked more freely than ever before. Maybe back in college she just didn’t know herself well enough, or maybe after years of marriage she needed more to get her juices going, but laying there, stoned and staring at the stars, she revealed all sorts of secret desires. Rough sex, gang-bangs, getting tied up and fucked by strangers…my wife was one hot lady with desires that thrilled me. This talk would become our foreplay, and before long my wife was whispering her need to be tied, gagged and fuck as I slipped my cock in her sweet ass.

So of course I decided to take the next step.

I couldn’t build another room in the ceiling, that would be pointless. The roof was simply too low anyway. So instead I decided to expand my wife’s closet into the dining room. This was going to be a lot more difficult to pull off discreetly, so I tossed caution to the wind and told her she should trust me and not ask any questions. Surprisingly, she agreed. I ddi most of the work when she was away, so all she saw were the various tarps and plastic sheeting I had hung to keep the dust out.

I gutted the inside wall of her closet, which revealed some pipes running across at knee height. I had a stroke of genius. I built a fake cabinet on the dining room side, with paneling and everything. The bottom half even had functioning cupboards. From the dining room side, the expansion was invisible.

The end result was a space behind my wife’s hanging clothes, maybe two feet deep. It only extended at hip height though, because of the pipes. Below that was the regular wall. I painted the walls, bolted and attached al sorts of hardware, all to surprise the wife.

My project was finally ready and, one evening, I decided to reveal to her the full scale of my genius. After dinner, once the little monster was in bed, I led her by the hand to our bedroom. I shut the door and told her to promise to do as I say, just this once, just for a little while. Suspicious, she agreed.

I undressed her, slowly peeling off her shirt and jeans, then her bra and underwear, until she was standing naked in the bedroom. I stole a few kisses as I did so, kissing a nipple, a belly button, a butt cheek.

I then led her to her closet. I parted her clothes, revealing the small alcove that I had built. She was quizzical at first, but I led her in and made her lean forward, into the alcove itself, with her hands up and out. I pulled out soft padded wrist cuffs and clipped her into the steel rings I had mounted to the wall.

She protested, feebly. I could tell she was turned on. She was now left standing, bending forward a bit, her ass in the air, exposed and unable to resist. I slipped a gag into her mouth. Her eyes went wide. When I tied the leather blindfold on her face, she moaned through the gag. She might have cum right there.

I stepped back and looked at my beautiful wife. Her cute little ass was sticking out, pushed out by her position. Her long legs were slightly parted, giving me a full view of her glistening pussy as it peeked between her thighs.

I spanked an ass cheek. She yelped into her gag. I spanked the other. She yelped again. I started a slow, methodical spanking, one cheek after the other, until her ass was red. My wife was squirming, but her legs were even more opened now. I could see her pussy open, the lips wet and swollen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32