Honey I’m Home

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I’ve just arrived home after a long day, happily surprised that you’re not home yet. You’ve been working such long hours lately…we both have, but the race home was always good. I look at the clock and realize that the day went by so fast. I toss my keys on the table and ask alexa to put on some smiling songs. I walk to the refrigerator to take out the bottle of wine I’ve been thinking about all afternoon. I pour two glasses of wine…hoping you will be home soon. I take a sip of wine before slipping out of my jumper and tossing it over a chair.

Standing against the island I start flipping through my Underwear catalog. I lean against the counter paging through it…figuring once you get your hands on it I may never see it again. A few minutes pass and I’m almost to the end of the catalog when I suddenly feel your strong arm around my waist, pulling me back against you. I gasp in surprise as I didn’t even hear you come in. I feel your other hand pulling my hair off of my neck as your soft lips start to kiss my neck. I moan softly as I feel your tender kisses on my neck and my shoulders. I close my eyes and exhale loudly as I feel you press your hard cock into my ass while pushing me up against the counter.

I try to reach behind me to touch you, but you grab my hands and place them in front of me on the counter…not saying a word. I let out another moan as I feel your hands move around me to start unbuttoning my blouse…eagerly opening it to get to my breasts. I whimper softly as I feel your strong hands start to massage my breasts, causing my nipples to instantly harden through my lace bra. I can feel your heart pounding in your chest as you press tightly against me. I again move to reach behind me but you place my hands back on the counter top…telling me not to move. You cover my hands with yours pendik escort as you nibble on my neck and gently bite my earlobe…tugging at it with your mouth. My breathing is rapid as I again feel your hands on my breasts…this time working to open the front hook of my bra. As soon as you release my breasts you begin to pinch and pull at my now rock-hard nipples. Holding my breasts in your big hands…massaging them and caressing them as you grind your hard cock against my ass. I push back against you and wiggle my ass against your cock…loving how hard you get for me.

After playing with my boobs…your hands move to my hips, moving down my body to grab the hem of my skirt above my knee. I feel you roughly pull my skirt up around my waist. My heart is pounding out of my chest as I feel my body alive with excitement…absolutely loving your passion…loving how much you desire me. I feel your hand between my legs…rubbing my now very wet pussy through my underwear. I moan your name loudly as I feel your finger slip inside of me…gently caressing my pussy as you whisper in my ear “Somebody sure is wet.” Panting…I whisper back “it’s all for you.’

With that I hear you unzip your pants and then I feel you pull my underwear down to my knees. With a strong hand on my shoulders you push me forward to lean on the counter as you guide your hard cock inside of me. I let out a loud moan as I feel you enter me. “Oh God! FUCK yessssssssss!!” I feel your hands holding on to my hips as you start to thrust in and out of me…releasing all of the tension in my body that had built up throughout the day. My hands are gripping the counter as you fuck me…quickly approaching a climax.

I feel your hands move from my hips to pull me up and against your body…your left arm over my left shoulder and around to my chest escort pendik holding me against you. Your right hand moving to rub my nipples as your cock is buried inside of me. I start to moan in ecstasy as I feel an orgasm rip through my body. My knees getting weak as you hold me up with your arms as I start to cum…and cum again. It never ceases to amaze me what you do to my body. As I feel my orgasms subside I realize that you are still hard inside of me. I squirm out of your grasp and turn around to face you. Wiggling my underwear off of my body I kick them to the side. I stare at you for a few seconds and smile a wicked little grin before taking your face in my hands and kissing you hard on the mouth…turning the tables on you a little bit. As my teeth nipping at your mouth, my hand wanders down your body to start stroking you. I hear you moan into our kiss as I grip your cock with my fingers.

I pull from the kiss and start to lick my tongue over your lips as my hands work to loosen your top from your waistband. Having become very impatient the past few minutes not being able to touch you…I pull your shirt off of you. My mouth immediately goes to lick your nipples as my hands play with that chest I love so much. I start to kiss down your body as I unbutton your pants and pull them down your legs. I lower myself to my knees as I look up into your eyes and slowly take your cock in my mouth. I moan softly as I taste myself on your cock…starting to suck you slowly. My hands move around to squeeze your ass…digging my fingernails into you as I pull you further into my mouth. I start to suck you a little faster as I feel your hard cock throb in my mouth. You move your hands to play with my hair, watching as I suck you in and out of my mouth. I just love how you taste and love giving you pleasure like this pendik escort bayan and I start to suck you harder. You feel the increase in pressure of my mouth and reach down to grab my hands, helping me to my feet. When I am up on my feet again you pull me towards you for a passionate kiss, your tongue immediately darting into my mouth as you push me towards our seat.

You sit down on a chair, your thick, hard cock standing straight up as you motion for me to straddle you. I smile at you as I eagerly position myself above your thighs and slowly lower my self onto you, guiding your cock inside of my pussy. I moan loudly as I feel you enter me. Oh yes baby! Staring into your eyes as I straddle you, my ass pressing against your thighs. I feel you reach for my breasts as we drive each other wild with such ecstatic pleasure, knowing how much we both love this position only intensifying the passion of the moment. I moan loudly as you caress and massage my breasts as we move together. With my hands against your shoulders I grind against you, rubbing my clit against the base of your rock hard cock. Your rock hard cock that fits so perfectly inside my pussy…like we were made for each other. The intensity of the pleasure making our hearts pound and our breathing rapid. I dig my fingernails into your shoulders as I feel another orgasm building inside of me. Scraping my fingernails down your chest, I tell you I want you to cum inside of me…deep inside of me. Your hands move from my breasts to hold my hips as you tell me you’re going to cum. Within seconds I feel you erupt inside of me, which pushes me over the edge and my body tenses in a mind blowing climax…my pussy squirting juices on your hard cock as you cum inside of me.

I collapse against you and bury my head in your neck as you wrap your strong arms around me to hold me tight against you. We sit like this for several minutes in the wonderful bubble, just listening to our breathing return to normal. I feel you place a soft kiss on my forehead before saying “Honey, I’m home”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32