Hospital Visiting

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I was really fed up of looking at the same picture on the ceiling, why couldn’t they put a mirror up there. Then at least I would be able to see myself? I suppose the NHS couldn’t run to a mirror. I was determined to get it changed, especially if I was going to be in here much longer.

“I’m sorry Claire, but you are unlikely to leave here for at least the next three months, you have a serious spinal injury and you have to let nature take its course.” Mr Adams looked as miserable as I felt.

I’d already been there eight weeks, but at least he promised to get me a different scene to look at. Spring was nearly here and at least I had my own room with ample sunshine. When it shone that is. Not a dull ward full of people, all coughing and snoring all night and incidentally, all older than me. I could here the birds singing in the trees, even if I couldn’t see the trees! I had no problem seeing the clouds, but unfortunately clouds didn’t make much noise.

Eight weeks, it felt like an eternity and another three months would be a prison sentence. Mind you, if I had paid more attention to what I was doing in gymnastics, instead of thinking about the man to whom I had given my virginity, only three weeks before, I probably wouldn’t have lost my grip and come down on the lower asymmetric bar in the first place. I had a serious injury, but thankfully I was going to be able to walk again, in time and with years of physiotherapy. Considering the severity of the injury and the site of the fracture, I was very lucky that I had not permanently lost any of the usual sensations either. In the end I was there a total of eight months.

It was nearly visiting time, the highlight of the day, especially when the only other events of the day included, drugs rounds, bed pans, which I couldn’t use anyway and blanket baths. Visiting was only once a day between 7pm and 8pm. The hospital was a specialist orthopedics centre and I was allowed a little longer for visitors, until 8.30pm as my family had a long way to travel. Both my family and friends had been great, my Aunt and Uncle couldn’t come very often, but my friends made up for this and always made sure that I didn’t have a visiting time and no visitors.

I never knew who was coming to visit and that was the basis of the game, to keep me on my toes, figuratively speaking. The game, ah yes that was fun. I had to guess who would be visiting me the next day, write it on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. If I was right then I could choose my reward, but if I was wrong then the visitor could choose the penalty, this was sometimes very unnerving as some of the penalties could be embarrassing. I had good friends like that. The game; became such a part of my time in the hospital that the nursing staff would make sure everyone stuck to the rules and they kept a record of my guesses and the actual visitors, the rewards and the penalties. I wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that they were running a book on the side as well!

The door to my room opened and Sarah, one of the nursing staff popped her head round the door and with a big grin on her face said, “you win today Claire. What would you like for your reward?” Before I could answer, the door was pushed open and Jason floated into the room. “A fresh cream cake,” I said to Sarah. “Ok, I’ll get that sorted for afternoon tea tomorrow if I can.” Sarah left us to enjoy our visiting time. “Is that the best you can think of?” Jason said, with a smirk on his face. “I’d go for something a bit more exotic, like a fancy cocktail or something.” “Er, there’s no alcohol allowed in here remember; and don’t forget with the medication I am taking, it would probably put me in a coma anyway.” I was so pleased to see him. “I can’t have what I really want, no, what I really need.” I mumbled under my breath.

“Huh, what was that little comment at the end?” Jason asked plonking himself down in the armchair beside the bed.

“What? Oh nothing,” I said looking away.

“You said something, what was it? He wasn’t going to leave it alone. I knew Jason; he would keep going until I gave in. So, I thought that I might as well get it over with now. So I told him what I had said.

“Well, maybe I can help?” he said, taking his usual position. “What do you really need Claire?” he said, pausing and patiently waiting for my reply. His deep blue eyes never leaving my face. “Come on, you know me. I’ll just keep nagging until you spill the beans.”

“It’s nothing, not really that important,” I lied. It was important, it was very important to me, but I couldn’t tell anyone, not even Jason. I couldn’t tell him that it was sex or rather the lack of it that was driving me insane. But, Jason is very perceptive and very mature for his age and to add to that, he knows me and my life thus far; in fact he is the only one who knows everything in detail, well almost everything!

I had to lay flat in the bed, which didn’t give me an escape route, other than looking the other way. Not much good that, he would just keep walking pendik escort around the bed and back again until I was dizzy. Jason leaned over me, resting on his elbows on the bed close to my face. He leaned in closer and said, “You know, I could do almost anything I wanted to do to you at this very moment and there’s not a thing you could do to stop me!” He had a very mischievous grin across his face. I held my breath and waited to see what was coming next. He was right of course. I was completely at his mercy.

We had been friends more than two years and we had become very close, in fact Jason was my closest friend. He was two years older than me, just coming up to taking his ‘A’ levels, hoping to go onto University to study to become a physical education teacher. Obviously he was very fit and he was all athletic, both in appearance and his pursuit of life. I spent many a cold day at various sports fields around the country, supporting whichever sport he was doing at the time. But then, he would do the same for me, when my gymnastic team travelled the country in various competitions.

I looked at him both confused and a little wary; he was well known as a great practical joker and sometimes it was difficult to know when he was joking and when he was ‘up to something’. Something that would usually come back three fold on some poor unsuspecting person, like me!

Without any warning at all, he lowered his head and kissed me, very briefly and softly on my lips, I was so surprised that I couldn’t react, I just looked at him. Then he leaned in again and followed that up with another kiss, longer this time and again he broke away. Looking at me intently, he took my chin, gently in his hand but this time, closing his eyes he leaned in and for a third time he kissed me again, this time I did respond, kissing him back but with a little, no a lot of apprehension. His tongue slid slowly across my lips, I let the pressure from his tongue open them just a little. It was all the confirmation he needed. He was still holding my chin gently between his thumb and fore finger; his hold became a little firmer, just enough to let me know that he wasn’t finished yet. His tongue slipped between my lips and searched for mine. This was too unreal, we weren’t this sort of friends, or at least that’s what I thought, I was obviously mistaken. Mind you, that did nothing to stop what was happening now, but then again, neither did I. It felt great and he just proved what I had always suspected, that he was a great kisser. He broke the kiss, but didn’t move his face any more than six inches, his eyes were looking very intently into mine, it looked like there were little dancing lights in his eyes, he was definitely altogether too good looking.

I could feel his breath lightly brushing my cheeks and I felt, more than heard the deep breath he took before he spoke again. “You are my closest and most trusted friend and if I can do anything, anything at all to help ease your current situation, then, I will do it for you. All you have to do is ask me and it will be done.” He was still holding my chin and he was still very close. He leaned closer to my ear and whispered, “Anything at all! What is that you need Claire?” he pulled back a little and looked me straight in the eyes again.

After what seemed like minutes, but was probably only ten seconds he carried on in a low whisper, “Ok well then, how about this.” He became very serious. “I know what you want and I know how desperately you want it, but you know me too, I don’t push myself on any girl. If you need or want my help, then you will have to ask for it.” He was still leaning on his elbows. Letting go of my chin, he leaned back in his chair again and sat looking at me with his hands together, his fingers forming like a pitch roof, tapping his chin with the point.

“And you of all people know that I won’t ask. So where does that leave us, or rather leave me?” I looked straight passed him to the wall behind, I couldn’t look him in the eye, it was quite scary, I didn’t realise that he knew me quite so well and there was always the risk that we were at cross purposes and that he was talking about something else completely. I wasn’t going to take the risk. I couldn’t go and hide for the rest of my life from embarrassment. I was stuck right where I was, I would just have to grin and bear it, after all this must happen to loads of people. But I wasn’t loads of people, I was me and I was suffering!

I was still in the same position and condition when he next visited, which was four days later. He had come straight from the gym and smelled deliciously of a mixture of aftershave, body spray and shampoo. I was so pleased to see him; I thought that after his last visit, that maybe he would make some excuse not to visit me as often as he usually did. I should never have doubted him. Whatever happened, Jason would not let me down, none of my friends would and deep down, I knew that.

He took up his usual place in the chair between the window and the bed. His hair was still escort pendik wet and clung to his neck and forehead at a strange angle, I reached up and put the hair on his forehead back in place and then moved my hand down to do the same on his neck. Suddenly an action that I had performed numerous times before over the time we had known each other; seemed to be much too intimate and I dropped my hand back down onto the bed. We didn’t have that sort of relationship.

“Are you feeling a little happier today?” he asked me.

“About the same,” I replied, “not much is going to change in four days, is it?”

“Yep, that’s what I thought as well.” He said, leaning closer to me and resting his elbows on the bed as usual. “Look at me Claire,” his expression was serious. He leaned in and kissed me, a long lingering kiss, I couldn’t help but respond. I tried to put both my arms around his neck, but being flat on my back meant I couldn’t reach without twisting towards him, which I couldn’t actually do at the moment, as the hospital actually had a strap across my hips, yeah, I was ‘tied to the bed’ to ensure that I didn’t twist accidentally or in my sleep.

Raising his head, Jason looked at me, then pulled his chair nearer to the bed, giving himself more leverage so that he could literally lean over and above me. He dropped his head again and resumed where he had left off. This time my arms had no problem reaching around his neck. Snaking my fingers through his long hair, I tried to forget everything and lose myself in his kiss, but I failed miserably.

This time I broke the kiss, “Why are you doing this, we’re not going out or anything?” I was really confused.

He looked at me with incredible warmth in his eyes. “Because you need it and because you are in distress and because I can resolve some of your problems right hear and now and because I love you with no strings attached.”

The sincerity in his voice was clear but not as clear as the look in his eyes. I knew Jason very well and I knew that he really did mean every word of what he had just said.

He was kissing me again, but this time there was more feeling to it. He slid his hand under the bed sheet and across to my right breast. It made me jump and I again broke the kiss, but he didn’t remove his hand, he just kept looking at me whilst his hand searched for and found my nipple. He was kneading my breast and squeezing my nipple between his finger and thumb at the same time. It felt wonderful, but the moment was very tense. At one point I am sure that I forgot to breathe.

“You know Claire, I am a little older than you and also a little more experienced in er, some things.” I closed my eyes and looked away. Jason took hold of my chin again and gently turned my head towards him, “look at me Claire, and I can tell sexual frustration when I see it.” I didn’t know what to say. Although we were close friends, or maybe it was because we were close friends, it didn’t stop my embarrassment, which started at my neckline and slowly crept up to my face. He had hit the nail on the head, but I really wasn’t sure ‘what’ if anything, he was offering me. I wanted the bed to swallow me whole. Being stuck flat on my back, only served to prove that I was trapped.

Jason was still kneading my breast, but he was looking straight into my eyes, “Do you know,” he smiled “I can never read what you’re thinking in your eyes?” he said softly, “but I do know how to read body language and your body is screaming out for, how can I put it, attention.” I didn’t reply but my breathing gave me away. I had to stay flat on my back but I was not paralysed or without feelings. Jason’s actions were creating a dull ache down below and what’s more, he knew it.

Lifting the sheet, he uncovered the area around my breasts and then slipped his hand under the top of my nightdress. The effect was immediate. My nipples were already getting hard. I could feel that myself, so I’m sure there was absolutely no doubt in Jason’s mind that he was doing the right thing. The straps on my nightdress were only thin strands, so it was easy for him to slide the right one off my shoulder, effectively bearing my right breast. But then, before I could react, Jason bent his head and laved his tongue over my nipple, the effect was instantaneous and intense, holding my breast with his left hand and squeezing lightly he began a circling motion around the nipple.

The ache between my legs became much more pronounced and I was having trouble keeping still. Without stopping, Jason lifted his eyes and looked at me. It was incredibly arousing watching him lave his tongue across and around my nipple. Without taking his eyes from mine he sucked on my nipple and flicked the end with his tongue. “How am I doing?” he whispered. “Er, you are doing great,” I said, breathlessly.

“What do you want me to do, what will ease the ache that I know you have?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied truthfully.

“Are you still a virgin Claire?” he asked softly, going back to my nipple pendik escort bayan but still watching my reactions.

“No I’m not, but I’ve only done it once. So you see. I really don’t know what I like.”

“Would you like to find out?” he was still teasing and sucking on my nipple between questions. I really couldn’t believe this was all happening.

Without waiting, he took my nipple into his mouth, circling it with his tongue. Keeping my nipple in his mouth he very decisively, let go with his hand and began working his way down my body. I knew where he was heading and I couldn’t wait for him to get there, on the other hand, I was too scared to think of what was coming next. Looking into his eyes was like an addiction, I couldn’t look away, almost like hypnosis!

What the hell were we doing! He was my closest friend and what was happening now could ruin that forever, it would definitely change our relationship. We were taking such a big risk with our friendship. Who was I kidding, it had already changed. It didn’t matter what it would do to our relationship, at this point now, I was so turned on that I couldn’t have put a stop to it if the hospital had been burning down!

Then, his hand was there, I closed my eyes, my body began to rise up to meet his hand, all on its own. I really wasn’t consciously doing anything except lie there and wait. The strap across my hips did restrict how much I could move but it didn’t prevent it completely. Jason released my nipple and raised his head. His eyes were strangely darker than before and his complexion had what looked like a ‘healthy glow’ to it.

He began to massage me through my nightdress, oh god, it was so good.

“Do you like this? He asked, changing from massage to stroking. I nodded, I was too embarrassed to say anything, but not so much that I was going to stop him.

Moving his hand down my thigh and back up under my nightdress, he kept watching me all the time.

“Open your legs for me Claire.” I did as he said, opening my legs a little and his finger slipped between my lips and he started a stroking motion, all the way down and then very slowly all the way back up again. All the time my body was responding, meeting his actions head on. I gripped the sheet that I was lying on and swallowed hard, my throat was so dry. I felt my body tense at his touch, my hands were shaking and sweat was developing all over me. The nerves were back in play, I could feel something like panic building. Jason was obviously aware of the change in me.

“Relax Claire, just keep your eyes closed,” he said very quietly, “You will enjoy this so much more if you don’t think about it. Just lie there and let your body take over.”

So I closed my eyes. Jason continued and within seconds he began stroking me with two fingers and every time they reached the top they would briefly’ catch’ my clit between them. This made me moan, very softly but it was there, I couldn’t stop it and I didn’t want to if the truth be told.

“Open your legs wider Claire, let me show something which I guaranteed will please you.” His voice was a little shaky but I obliged and let my legs move further apart.

“Do you like this?” he asked as he inserted his middle finger into me and began to very slowly slide it in and out, in and out. “Oh yes, I think you do, don’t you?” he whispered. I opened my eyes but before I could focus on him he told me to close them again.

“In fact, I know you do, you’re really wet, my finger just slips in and out so easily. I think we should try another one,” and with that he added his index finger and resumed fingering me slowly. It was amazing what a difference two fingers made, I was floating, I didn’t care where I was or that someone could come in at any time. My moans were getting louder and my breathing faster.

“You are so wet Claire, can you feel my fingers sliding in and out, it’s so easy to finger you and you definitely love it, you’re so reactive.” He bowed his head and took my nipple in his mouth again, flicking it hard with his tongue.

“You have fabulous nipples, I could suck them all day and I love having my fingers inside you and you like it too, don’t you?” He was turning me on so much.

His fingers were working magic on me and I was just getting wetter and wetter and the rate of Jason’s breathing was getting faster and his voice huskier!

“I think it’s time I made you cum Claire, have you cum before?” he asked. I didn’t reply. “Just relax. This is the best bit.” With that he started fingering me faster and harder. “Are you ready to cum now?” he asked. I nodded lightly still keeping my eyes closed. The next I knew his thumb was circling and rubbing my clit and he was fingering me hard and fast.

“Come on Claire, I know you can do it. You can cum for me!” his voice was so deep that I almost didn’t recognise it.

“Oh yeah! You like being fingered, don’t you. I can’t wait to see what it’s like to fuck you properly!”

My eyes flew open, I looked at him but his eyes were closed now, and he was standing, not sitting, when had he stood up? I turned my head to my left. I was astounded when I realised that while he was fingering me with one hand he was seriously jerking off with the other.

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