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Beginning of April

It was now spring. I had buried my wife in January.

I was starting to get back into the swing of life.

There was a huge gap in my life and I missed my wife terribly, but life does go on, and so did I.

Monica, my maid, had been enrolled in massage school for a few weeks and she was going to start practicing on me.

Each day she was with me was a three hole day for her, starting with her giving me a nice blow job each morning.

Monica cleaned the house nude, did the towels and sheets, made the bed, cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms and fixed me breakfast and coffee and sometimes lunch and dinner.

She shared with me that the days she wasn’t getting fucked by me she was masturbating several times to make up for the absence of my penis.

She also said she was getting more adventurous about trying new things in her ass.

I told her I would buy her some butt plugs to try. She wasn’t sure she liked the idea but I said I want you to try them out.

I went online and bought her plugs, nipple clamps and Benwa balls.

I had previously mentioned that I told my pool guy, Bob, that I was letting him go and that I would have a business proposition for him.

I invited him over and we sat out by my new pool and talked business.

This was on a Tuesday afternoon at lunchtime, I timed it so that he finished his route so he wouldn’t be rushed and also so that Monica was there.

The construction of the cottage was done with the outside and the guys were working inside so there weren’t any distractions like pounding and sawing but I told them to disappear for three hours, paid, and gave them $100 to go have lunch. No drinking though. They left happy.

Monica prepared a lunch of soup and sandwiches.

I had her put on her smallest suit she owned to serve us.

I wanted Bob to see Monica in these tiny strips of cloth.

Her tits swayed, you could see her nipples through the material, her ass was separated by a tiny thong hidden between her cheeks, and her hairless pussy was evident with a camel toe.

She had her hair up wrapped in a matching bandana, showing her delicious neck.

Classy gold earrings hung from her earlobes.

She looked sexy as hell. I was proud to be fucking her.

When she finished serving us, I asked her to clean the pool like she had been doing.

Bob could not take his eyes off of Monica.

He asked me, is that swim suit legal?

I replied, probably not on a public beach but on private property, why wouldn’t it be if the owner of the house was okay with it?

He looked at me and said where are you going with this?

I said Bob, you probably do okay cleaning pools, but you have the potential to make a shit load of money if we team up.

How would you feel about giving up the hassle of cleaning pools and spas and focus on expanding your business?

He looked at me and said what would it cost?

I told him, it won’t cost you a dime. I will handle the finances and marketing and you handle the people, training and quality control.

We’re going to change the business model and the pricing, and start recruiting pretty ladies like Monica to clean pools.

For their safety and to speed each cleaning along, we will team them up in pairs.

They’ll show up wearing a suit like this, but with a large tee shirt covering to mid thigh.

When they get behind the fence, off comes the tee shirts.

Before they head out to the car, the shirts go back on again.

I smiled and said, if you’re an old guy sitting around waiting for a pretty lady to clean your pool, the only thing that will make it better is if two pretty ladies show up to clean your pool, wearing suits like this one Monica has one.

To make this fair for you, I will guarantee your same take home pay that you’re making right now, and will give you a raise in three months, six months, nine months and after a year. By then we should be in great shape and start taking out some profits.

Bob, if this works out, and I think it will; you are going to make a lot of money and have a very nice life once this gets going.

I want you to think about what we talked about, and I will have a proposal for you in a week.

Bob had heard me but his attention and his eyes were on Monica.

He was like an alcoholic, in a bar; they always have their eyes on their waitress.

He nodded. His eyes were still on Monica’s fantastic ass.

I said Bob, the one thing you are going to have to remember is that you cannot go fishing off of the company pier, are you hearing me? You will need to keep your pants zipped up and no touching anything either.

He looked at me and said, I got that, Jack. I’m at the stage of my life where I am ready to make a lot of money. I can find pussy elsewhere.

With that Bob left and we agreed to meet in a week.

Monica finished cleaning the pool and she brought the dishes into the kitchen and then took me by the hand into the bedroom where she took off her swimsuit and then undressed me.

Going pendik escort to her knees she French kissed my cock and gently pushed my legs apart so she could lick my balls.

I need to take care of you, Mr. Jack, you have to come again two more times today.

She licked my balls for a few minutes, getting them nice and stimulated.

She asked, did you like how I served you lunch and cleaned the pool in front of your guest?

Stupid me, I should have thanked her before she had to ask, shame on me.

I sat down in a chair and she crawled over.

I put my hands on her face and pulled her to kiss me. Yes she had penis breath but I didn’t care.

I kissed her deeply and looked into her eyes and said, you were great, Monica, thank you for being such a good hostess, chef and pool cleaner today.

Monica beamed then she kissed the tip of my cock again and said, I will come and find you soon, Mr. Jack, once I watch my videos.

Please go do your work but don’t work too hard.

That afternoon after she cleaned up, Monica watched her educational videos and masturbated while I outlined the new business that I would own and Bob would operate as a partner.

I bought the domain name, hot stuff pools, and called my trusty graphic designer and asked her to create a logo that would work for the white vans and tee shirts the girls would wear. I emailed my web guy and asked him to research websites, twitter, FB and Yelp accounts for the new company.

I emailed a franchise attorney my attorney had referred and asked him to meet with me and to advise me the amount he would need as a retainer for setting up a new franchise.

Monica came upstairs and said that I was working too hard and needed to take a break.

She stood behind me, her large breasts near my head and Monica started massaging my shoulders, it felt great.

She kissed my cheek and said, Mr. Jack, please come downstairs with me so I can relax you with a nice massage.

Taking me by the hand, I watched her very nice ass go down the stairs to the spare room with the massage table.

Monica had prepared the room well, and I kissed her again before I climbed up on the table.

She ran her hands over my ass and said, Mr. Jack, I want to start your massage by kissing your ass, because I know you like it.

Between the kisses and the small spanks and rubs she was giving me, I started to laugh; it felt good and was funny too.

Keeping her right hand on my ass, she bent down and kissed the top of my head saying, Mr. Jack, I will always kiss your ass because I love doing it.

You have always been so good to me – no one has ever been as kind to me as you, not even my husband, God rest his soul.

I said thank you Monica and she started in on my feet, my legs, and my thighs.

When she got to my thighs she started teasing me, specifically the inside of my thighs, higher up towards my crotch.

She knew exactly what she was doing, using lots of oil and soft strokes; she had me hard as Half Dome and my ass in the air as she played with my inner thighs, her hands brushing against my very tight ball sack.

When she finished with the left leg she moved to the right, with the same impact on the blood flowing to my penis.

She hadn’t massaged my ass yet, only my feet, calves and thighs.

Monica gently rubbed my back, pushing me down to the table and said, Mr. Jack, please move over for me.

She climbed up on the table next to me and we started kissing.

She whispered to me, please climb on top of me, Mr. Jack, so I can kiss you when we make love, and I did.

Monica was sopping wet and horny as can be, I don’t know how many times she’d rubbed herself to an orgasm watching the videos but it apparently was not enough.

As I entered her, she lifted her hips and reached out to me and said, I love your big beautiful cock, Mr. Jack, I love to suck it and to have you fuck me with it.

I began a slowly and steady thrusting into her and she held me tight and kissed me deeply, our eyes locked as we made love that warm afternoon.

She told me she got wet when she was cleaning the pool while Mr. Bob watched, she felt like she was on display, modeling her nude body in that tiny suit.

She shared that she liked showing her body off to men who appreciate her figure, especially to me.

We kissed again and soon her legs were moving up my back as my balls started slapping her ass.

I know she wanted to come but I was so worked up I came with a groan of pleasure, pouring into her gripping wet hot love tunnel.

She held me and just said, give it all to me, Mr. Jack, every drop.

I stayed on top of Monica while I drained into her.

As I rolled off of her she kissed me and resumed her massage.

She finished massaging my ass and my back, a considerable amount of tension having been ejaculated out into her very welcoming pussy.

Monica had me turn over face up and gave me part two of her relaxing massage. Of course she teased the hell out of my dick, getting it large escort pendik and hard in the process.

She spent a lot of time teasing my balls and then wetting my dick nicely with her tongue and mouth.

When she got my cock to her preferred size, she climbed on top of me and lowered her ass onto my cock.

Using gravity helped and she was able to have me enter her back cavity easily.

She said she liked this position better, because I could play with her clit and her tits while she worked to satisfy me.

I loved seeing her clit rise up out of her hood and she loved it when it was fondled, licked or kissed.

I vowed to eat her more often; she really enjoyed it, especially when combined with a few fingers up her ass.

I wasn’t able to cum for some reason, and it wasn’t for Monica’s lack of trying.

I played with her clit and she came, which she enjoyed.

After she came we kissed and she said, Mr. Jack, maybe you need to find some new pussy to fuck, maybe you are getting tired of my ass.

I assured her that was not the problem, and that I genuinely appreciated all she did for me.

Monica climbed off of me, washed my cock and balls with a warm wash cloth and brought out a small blanket, covering me and saying, you rest for a little while and I will be back.

I actually fell asleep, and woke to Monica sucking on the tip of my cock while one hand pumped my hard dick and the other played with my balls.

She kept taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth, her fingers relentlessly teasing my balls and my asshole, until I exploded into her mouth, her tongue doing a magnificent job of pleasuring my very sensitive tip.

I didn’t cum much, there wasn’t much to give up but Monica got me to explode again and that made both of us happy.

Monica looked down at me and said, you are working too hard, Mr. Jack, and when you work too hard, he (my penis) no get hard.

I smiled and said you’re right Monica, I am working too hard.

I showered and got into clean summer clothes.

Before she left I had Monica change the sheets out from the bed. She kissed my cock goodbye and said she would see me in the morning.

Later that afternoon, just after 6, Susan came over to the house. I had invited her over for dinner so I could get to know her better.

She had on white shorts and a light blue blouse with sandals, nothing too sexy but anything she wore would be sexy, she was that kind of woman.

She was a beautiful woman with many talents, but she had a mean streak that surfaced occasionally and I wanted to see if I could get to the root cause of it.

The cottage was still being worked on, but the outside was done and I gave her a little tour, stepping around ladders, saw horses and closed cans of paint.

She liked what I was doing and she asked me if the building was for guests.

I told her I had trouble sleeping in the house and I didn’t want to move so that maybe this would be a solution to me having to spend nights in hotels.

We sat down for dinner on the patio, it was unseasonably warm for early April.

I had turned on the waterfall and turned on the fire pit and put on some jazz that Susan said she liked.

I asked her to select a bottle of wine for us to share and she picked a nice bottle of champagne.

She had a wonderful smile and a very nice laugh, she was stunningly beautiful and I know she attracted a lot of attention by both men and women.

I poured the bottle, our flutes touched and she said, to getting to know each other better.

We talked about the classes she taught at the massage school, she teased me about my eagerness to learn massage therapy, complimented me on my improving technique and suggested what else I could do to become better at it.

Susan was very diplomatic about Monica’s ability and I shared with her that Monica was practicing on me and was actually quite good.

There was an awkward silence at one point and I broke the ice by saying, was there anything you wanted to talk with me about in particular?

She looked at me like a deer in the headlights, but she knew me well enough to say and smile, reaching over to put her hand on my arm, why Jack, yes, several things actually.

I smiled back and said, I have all night so feel free to bring up anything you like. I’m an open book.

Susan took a sip of bubbly and said, I need to ask your help and if you say no, its okay, because I know you are busy with your clients, but I wanted to know if you could fill in for me on the next two Tuesday nights.

She went on to explain that there were only a few students and that I could teach the class at her place at the beauty salon.

I said sure, I think I am free, what topics and such do you want me to cover; Susan replied she would email me the list.

She leaned over and kissed my cheek and said, thank you, Jack, I knew I could depend on you.

At this point we had finished a bottle of champagne and we hadn’t eaten yet. I was concerned about Susan getting drunk and driving home that way.

We pendik escort bayan ate dinner on the patio, it was a still warm. I opened the second bottle and we continued to chat.

Maybe one of the reasons Susan looked so good was that she ate like a bird. But she was drinking like a fish.

I’ve got a good tolerance for alcohol but I had a slight buzz on. Susan was getting drunk, fast.

She was getting frisky with me, her hands always touching me and she was kissing my face.

I wasn’t complaining.

When I got up to clear the dishes and take them inside, Susan said, meet me in the hot tub and bring the champagne.

Only she didn’t make it that far, I heard a splash as she slipped and fell into the warm water of the pool. I literally dropped everything, kicked off my boat shoes and jumped in to get her.

She was not laughing about it. I didn’t think it was funny either.

I pulled her to the shallow end and then walked her to the chairs. I grabbed some towels, got her blouse and shorts off, and wrapped her in bulky beach towels. I worked on drying her hair too. Once she was okay I went back into the pool for her sandals.

I put my arm around her and walked her to the downstairs master bedroom.

I started putting water into the tub, adding some bubble bath and got her some fresh towels. I got her into the tub, still wearing her bra and panties.

She slipped them off, hiding under the bubbles and I didn’t look.

While she was getting the chlorine off I brought the dishes in from outside.

I heard her get out of the tub and I called out that I had left one of my tee shirts for her to wear.

The shirt went down to mid thigh and her nipples poked out.

Susan sat on the edge of the bed and I dried her hair some more, but it wasn’t completely dry so I put a clean, dry towel on her pillow.

I put her into bed.

I hung up her bra, 34D, and her thong panties to dry in the bathroom.

She was drunk but subdued and I kissed her cheek and said I would be in the living room if she needed anything.

I turned out the lights and closed the bedroom door, got her wet clothes from the patio and hung them up to dry. I didn’t dare put them into the dryer because I had no idea about the impact of heat on the fabric. I did that once for my wife and took hell for it.

I cleaned the kitchen, turned off everything and was in the living room reading for about an hour when I heard the bedroom door open and Susan stepped into the living room.

She looked at me and started crying. She told me she was embarrassed she had made a fool out of herself in front of me. I wrapped my arms around her-she felt great-and assured her I didn’t think any less of her. I told her I had fallen in twice and I was sober.

She looked up at me and kissed me on the mouth, something of a surprise to me.

Our tongues met one another. She was a great kisser and she moaned into my mouth.

When our first kiss ended she said I want to spend the night with you but promise me you will be a gentleman and you won’t try anything.

I said that was fine but we needed to get out of bed early. I was thinking I needed to get Susan out of the house before Monica showed up. Plus I wanted to work out.

All night long I was a gentleman but Susan was like a heat seeking missile, following me around the bed as her source of warmth. I did not sleep well. It wasn’t just Susan moving around the bed, I had put on boxers and a tee shirt as “gentleman insurance” and it now felt unnatural after sleeping nude for months.

I woke up at 5:30 the next morning, clinging to the edge of the bed, Susan having chased me there. I left her sleeping as I went to work out.

She was still asleep when I finished so I had a quick shower and got dressed, then I woke her up with a goal to leave by 7am, well before Monica arrived.

I got miss sleepyhead up and dressed wearing the same clothes she had on the night before, and she followed me in her car to a local coffee shop that was usually deserted until 9.

I texted Monica I had an early meeting and would be home soon for my BJ. She texted back a happy face.

Susan was actually quite chipper and said she didn’t have a hangover. She was now laughing about falling in the pool and said that from now on, two flutes of bubbly would be her limit. She thanked me for taking care of her and for being a gentleman about the whole thing. She also said she liked my bed, it was very comfortable.

We ordered breakfast and coffee and the waitress knew me well enough to give us plenty of room. A $50 bill gave us privacy.

I asked her what else she wanted to talk with me about and she said that she had been approached by the owners of the massage school about buying the business from them and what were my thoughts.

Susan also said she didn’t have any money to do it but I replied set that issue aside and ask yourself if this is really something you want to do? What’s your passion?

She looked at me and said, I didn’t go to college, I got a certificate in textiles and have been a swimsuit model. I rep a few swimsuit lines to a couple of department stores and that pays okay. I got into massage to make some more money. But neither is working. I’m 27 and at a dead end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32