Hot for Teacher

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“Turn to page one-oh-eight in your textbooks,” beamed Miss Schmidt. I didn’t even comprehend the words coming from her mouth, my mind lost in her gentle voice, her thin lips moving softly as she spoke.

It was the third day of my second semester in university, and Miss Schmidt was my new math teacher. Her beauty was breathtaking; her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair lit up the room, her perfectly tanned skin a deep gold hue, her voluptuous breasts belying her slender figure. Her delicate hands held a textbook against her stomach while she stood at the front of the classroom, her thin fingers untouched by a ring.

My penis had been filled with blood since I had first sat down, the first time I had ever willingly positioned myself at the front of a class. While other students took notes, listened carefully, or played games on their laptops, I studied Miss Schmidt.

She was wearing a simple black skirt that ended just below her knees, showing off her smooth shins and athletic calves, along with an unassuming pair of black high heels, which were unfortunately not open-toed, but highlighted her lovely ankles and small feet well. Her white blouse hugged her tight figure nicely, the sleeves rolled neatly up to her elbow, showing off just a little bit of cleavage through the buttoned-up front. A small heart-shaped diamond pendant attached to a thin silver necklace adorned her thin neck, matched by a pair of small diamond earrings that I caught a glimpse of from time to time. She looked to be in her early thirties or late twenties, her brown eyes mature and loving, yet lonely and unfulfilled.

She walked back to a large white-board behind her desk, effortlessly writing out elaborate algebraic formulas and explaining them to the class while I gawked at her flawless figure. My whole body tensed, my hungry cock throbbing in my pants as she bent over her desk to grab a stack of papers, the outline of her unbelievable ass pointed in my direction not twenty feet away. I could barely manage to control myself, only pure logic stopping me from leaping to the front of the class and ravaging her in front of my peers.

After handing out a large work package and explaining what she wanted done, she politely dismissed the class and sat at her desk, focusing her attention on her computer keyboard while everyone filed out the door to her left. I waited until I was the last student in the room, then I approached her, holding my binder in front of my crotch to hide the bulge in my jeans.

Uhm, Miss Schmidt, could you help me? I don’t understand some of it,” I asked, a tingling sensation on the back of my neck when she looked up and made eye contact.

“Were you having trouble with the last equation?” she replied sweetly. I, of course, had no idea what equation she was talking about nor did I care.

“Uh, yeah… the last one.”

“No problem, I’ll show you.” She took out a piece of paper and started writing down a jumbled mess of letters and numbers, none of which I had the ability to focus on at the moment. I placed my binder on her desk and leaned over, pretending to look at the page while she was explaining herself, nodding when she looked at me, staring down her blouse when she wasn’t. “Do you get it now?”

“I think so. Thanks a lot.” I straightened up, momentarily forgetting about my study buddy, which was just inches away from her face. I saw her glance down and turn away, an unmistakable smirk twisting her lips as she returned to the keyboard.

“Anytime,” she said, a hint of playfulness in her voice. I felt myself blush and hurriedly grabbed my binder, quickly making my way to the door. I couldn’t leave like that, embarrassed and still craving the warm embrace of my beautiful teacher. The hallway was nearly empty, as it was one of the last evening classes of the day. I stopped in the doorway, then turned and shut the door, letting my penis do the thinking for me.

“Miss Schmidt,” I announced to get her attention.

“Yes?” Before she could fully swivel her chair in my direction, I stood before her with my binder tossed on the floor. I lifted her chin up toward me as I closed my eyes and kissed her deeply, placing my left hand on her slender shoulder. Her lips were warm and inviting, her body tense after a startled inhale.

Our lips parted and I opened my eyes, staring directly into her beautiful brown eyes, sparkling with shock and…relief? She put a hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into her, passionately locking lips, our lustful bursa escort breathing joined. She stood up, holding my head with both of her warm hands while I gently felt her hips, sneaking up under her shirt to feel the small of her back, our tongues dancing in one another’s mouth. My hands slid along her back to her butt as I gently lifted her up and laid her down on her desk, clearing a space with my hands as I now stood between the legs of a goddess. She lifted my shirt up to my ribs, caressing my hips and back while I lovingly covered her neck and chest in kisses, her head stretched back, eyes closed as faint, eager moans left her parted lips.

I postured up to take off my shirt, tossing it aside and quickly returning to her neck as I unbuttoned her blouse, licking the inside of her ear, flicking her small diamond earring with my tongue. I opened her shirt like a present, unveiling her amazing, fit stomach, her incredible breasts hidden in a plain white bra. I tasted the sweetness of her skin, licking her toned stomach before sticking my tongue in her navel, playfully flicking around while I fondled her still sheathed tits.

She helped me get her blouse off, throwing it onto the floor, then she unbuckled her bra for me, revealing her perfectly round twins, her small nipples hard. I traced the outlines of her boobs with my tongue, then kissed her nipples, first short and light then long and heavy, then with my tongue, rolling her stiff points around over and over. I wrapped my lips around her teat, suckling harder and harder, groping her other breast with my hand, switching back and forth.

Getting down on my knees, my head was at the perfect height to see the black panties she was wearing under her skirt. I turned my attention to her legs, kissing her scarless knees and shins while I slipped the high heels from her petit feet. I caressed her left calf and ankle, holding her toes to my face as I licked the sole of her foot, her soft skin salty with a tinge of sweat. I sucked on each of her gorgeous toes, her nails short and unpainted just as I like them. I did the same to her other foot, savoring her high arch, smooth heel, and little toes.

Her skirt slid off of her silky skin, along with her panties, of which I held to my mouth to taste and smell. I pulled her butt to the edge of the desk and sat up, ready for my meal. I nuzzled her cute brown pubic hair with my mouth and chin, her short hairs prickly on my clean-shaven face. My hands glide along her thighs while I kissed every inch of her beautiful vagina, pressing my lips hard against hers. My tongue gently flicked around and inside her pussy, her clitoris already swollen and out of its hood.

She reached down and spread her outer lips with her fingers, inviting me inside her gates of pleasure. My tongue happily accepted the invitation, forcing itself deep inside, wiggling around in her tight vag with joy. I ate her out happily, my tongue as deep inside her as possible and making lapping motions, my nose pressed against her swollen clit. Her moans grew louder, her body tense, the fingers of her right hand gripping her pretty blonde hair as her spine stiffened, her body rigid, head reared back. She struggled to stay quiet but quickly gave up, screaming in pleasure as she reached climax, pelvis shaking and diaphragm heaving, legs spread wide with toes curled.

The orgasm lasted for well over a minute, her screaming relentless, probably the first orgasm she had had in quite some time. I retracted my tongue and held her hips steady, lightly kissing her wet pussy while she caught her breath, her body starting to relax. After she had settled down, I began to softly touch her warm pussy with the tips of my fingers, gently rubbing my nose in her pubic hair.

She began to massage her breasts, squeezing and rubbing her plump jugs while I tenderly inched my index and middle finger into her precious vagina. My tongue started to play with her bright red clit, flicking it back and forth, rolling it around, my hand starting to move back and forth. Her faint moans turned to joyful cries in no time, my fingers sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy while I licked and sucked on her clit, sending her into the sweet ecstasy of orgasm.

Her body shuddered, stiffened, her voice peaking, hands clasping her beautiful tits while bodily fluids seeped onto my fingers. I slowed down to a stop right along with her, withdrawing my fingers and sucking off her juices as she winded down.

Standing up I met her gaze, bursa escort bayan her face brightened by a heavenly smile and thankful eyes. I hurriedly unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants, releasing my neglected shaft. My penis had been almost entirely stiff for several hours, sore from being caged by a pair of jeans. I slipped off my boxers and revealed my engorged member, glowing bright red and aimed right at Miss Schmidt. Her eyebrows raised and lips curled in a surprised smile before she looked back up at me, awaiting my next move. I felt like I was about to explode, my dick throbbing and my balls tingling in discomfort, crying for relief.

Tenderly parting her gates with my tip, I entered, inching deeper inside, happy with the noticeable sigh she made when her pussy fully engulfed my rod. I leaned over and kissed her chest and protruding clavicle, pressing her hands against the desk by her sides with mine. Her knees bent and her calves touched the backs of my thighs, toes pointed toward the ground. I gently thrust my hips to and fro, feeling intense pleasure from her tight hole, as if I was going to burst…

“Oh, fuck,” I mumbled in her ear as my cock spasmed violently inside her, beginning to erupt. I felt her calves press heavily on my thighs, pulling me fully inside of her pussy while my body tingled and shook, warm cum shooting into her. Her arms escaped from under me as she placed her loving hands on my back, hugging me tight, my breath heavy on her neck while an unbelievable load poured inside of her heavenly walls. She held me tight until after I stopped shaking, the swelling subsiding.

“I’m sorry, that’s never happened to me before. I had waited for so long-” I stuttered.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it, I understand. It’s okay,” she consoled, rubbing my back gingerly. Her voice was incredibly soothing, her motherly tone forgiving and kind. “I’m sure I can start you up again.”

Her hands gently pushed me away, dislodging my limp cock from her tight pussy as she got down on her knees, using my jeans as a cushion. Her warm red lips tickled my freshly trimmed pubic hair, her fingers gingerly caressing my family jewels. She nuzzled my soft shaft, moving it up and down playfully using only her nose. She held the base of my penis with one hand, running her tongue back and forth along my soft dick, lightly kissing it from time to time. She popped my head into her mouth, lips tight just behind the corona, her tongue flicking and rolling around my tip while her fingers tenderly rubbed my cock.

It was taking an abnormally long time for me to get hard, as I usually only took a minute or two, but she didn’t seem to care, patiently licking and rubbing my red shaft stiff.

Her lips slid off my hard on and her hand held my cock, slowly guiding me along the lines of her face, my tip rubbing across her smooth jawline, moist lips, petit nose, and closed eyelids.

After kissing my tip passionately, she returned her mouth to my shaft, inching her lips to just past halfway down my penis and back, gradually picking up speed. She added her right hand, with which she was very talented: she stroked my cock in unison with her lips, but in the opposite direction, her hand meeting her lips in the middle of my shaft, over and over, her gorgeous blonde hair swaying back and forth. She started going farther down, her hand slowly moving less and less until it stopped and she unwrapped my rod, placing it on my thigh to mirror her other hand.

She continued to pleasure me with her mouth, carefully taking me deeper down her throat, testing her gag reflex. Her nose touched my pubic hair and stayed, my dick almost completely hidden in her mouth, her fingers clutching my thighs while the tip of my penis pressed against the back of her throat. Her eyes closed tight in discomfort, her mouth open as she tried her best not to gag. She slowly backed off of my cock, a string of spittle connecting my tip to her lower lip while she gasped for air.

She went right back to work, sucking deeper and deeper until she swallowed me whole, rearing her head back and forth while I held her hands on my hips. She backed off again after my cock tickled the back of her throat, still gasping for air when I bent over and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips.

I helped her onto her feet and turned her around, bending her over her desk and gently pressing her down, her stomach flat on the cold wood with her legs slightly spread, her head turned to the side and resting on her desk. escort bursa

“I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I saw you,” I whispered in her ear, kissing the back of her neck before I stood straight and leveled my hips with hers.

“Please do honey, I want it so bad,” she whispered back, spreading her glorious butt cheeks for me.

My engorged member quickly slipped into her magnificent pussy, warm and wet and ready. I held her hips and thrust mine, quickly picking up speed, her voice rising with it. Her precious hands clenched the edge of the desk above her head, knuckles white. My pubic bone pounded against her flawless ass, shaking her whole body with every thrust, her eyes closed and mouth open, breasts jiggling against the dark wood. She started to scream louder than ever before, lifting her head up, her body rigid.

“Ohhh fuck, ohhh yes fuck meee, ohhhhh!” she screamed in joyful agony. I barely even felt her cum, her body shaking too much beforehand to be able to notice. I slowed to a crawl after her voice lowered into a painful moan, her body heaving, breath heavy. I held her hands on the edge of the desk and leaned over, tenderly kissing her back and shoulder blades while she recovered from orgasm.

Once her body steadied, I turned her over onto her back, putting her right leg over my left shoulder and reentering her dripping wet vag. I held her calf loosely, her hand under her knee to hold up her leg, foot pointed behind me with her knee right beside my face. Her left leg hung loosely off the side of the desk, of which I held her thigh. She postured up on her left elbow, looking slightly up at me while I slowly thrust my hips back and forth, steady and controlled. I watched her fit stomach rise and fall, unwavering, the soft moans leaving her lips enjoying every moment. I took her hand and held it on her left thigh, hugging her right leg tight to my body while I steadily pulped my hips.

Again, I felt the urge to ravage her, to feel the slapping of her angelic pussy against my crotch. I pulled her butt slightly off the desk, putting her left leg over my other shoulder, her knees sandwiching my head. I leaned forward, placing my hands on the desk at her sides, our faces only a foot apart. I began to thrust my hungry penis as fast and as hard as I could, shaking the whole desk in the process, her hands latching onto my arms to stop her from moving, the slapping of our genitals fighting with the cries from her throat. Her head reared back, mouth wide open, her neck tense, voluptuous breasts bouncing wildly on her chest. Pencils and papers pushed aside from earlier fell onto the floor, the desk creaking while her feet swayed above me. I watched as her chest began to shine with sweat, her fingernails starting to dig into my arms, her heavenly cries deafening. The tingling of orgasm coursed through my body, but I didn’t want to climax yet. I gradually stopped, soon realizing that I was breathing just as hard as she was.

I straightened up and spread her legs, bending them at the knee and placing her small feet on my stomach, her hands joining her feet with her arms between her legs. I gingerly moved my hips back and forth, nice and slow, both of our bodies slick with sweat. I held her knees tenderly, entranced by the face of a goddess, eyes closed and calm, gently moaning while I pleasured her pussy.

She seemed to enjoy the slower pace, quietly repeating “Oh yes baby” and “Just like that” in between moans. I felt my body tingle again, and this time I embraced it. As I felt my body tense joyfully, penis pulsing in delight, I pulled out of her warm embrace and held my shaft, shiny and wet from her happy vag.

Thick semen shot out of my pulsing rod, painting thick lines of white on her orange stomach and in her navel, the longest stretching up all the way into her cleavage. She relaxed her legs and let them hang loosely off the desk, her slight hands rubbing my cum all over her sweaty stomach.

She opened her eyes and smiled, observing her messy stomach, wiping the last drop from the tip of my shrinking penis with her thumb. She meticulously wiped off every inch of her stomach with her fingers, looking up at me sexily every time she sucked a finger clean. I bent over and kissed both of her cheeks, then her forehead, letting her lush blonde hair flow through my fingers. My tired penis rested on her tiny pubic hair, my lips smothering her neck and chest in kisses while she rubbed my back with her endearing hands.

“Thank you,” she whispered in my ear before kissing it.

“No, thank you Miss Schmidt. Can we do this again?”

“I would really love that.” And we did. After almost every one of her classes I had for the rest of the semester.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32