Hot Lunch with my Friend’s Wife Ch. 02

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After what happened between me and Simran, i kept thinking about that the whole night. Next Morning I called her up. She picked the phone and told me in a low tone, “Wait, Samir.” I waited on the phone, I heard her say, “Samir is not able to reach you.” Shivam came online and told me, “Yes, buddy, tell me.”

I was surprised by the way she played it to inform me that Shivam was still at home. I told Shivam, “Trying you for almost 30 minutes. I am not able to reach you. Anyway, can we catch up for lunch today?”

He said, “No, I have a client meeting today. I am just leaving, have to travel for more than almost 100 km up and down. I will be back only by evening. Why don’t you join us for dinner?”

I said, “Good idea, will call and update you by evening.”

He said, “Ok great, I am not reachable. Then inform Tara if you are coming for dinner, catch you later.”

I said, “Ok, sure.”

I thought that today also my lunch could be special, I got excited. I did not call or inform her. Straightway, I drove to meet Simran. I called her once I reached the parking.

She said, “Yes, Samir, tell me.”

I told her, “I am not getting out of your hangover.”

She said, “Yes, same here. I am not able to come out of what happened yesterday. It all happened so fast.”

I avoided the lift as I wanted to speak to her. I asked her, “Can we meet today now?”

She said, “Samir, you are not giving me any time to think about this. I don’t know.”

I asked her, “Are you not happy about yesterday? I hope you enjoyed it.” Their flat was on the 7th floor. I had reached the 2nd floor by now.

She said, “Yes, I enjoyed it after a long time, definitely, felt good doing it my way.”

I instantly shot back, “Then I also deserve a chance to enjoy the way I want to do it.”

She said, “Oh, that way, so what do you want to do?”

I replied, “Everything that we did yesterday and everything that we did not do yesterday.” I had reached the 4th floor by now.

She said, “You tell me, what are those things that you want to do? I would like to first hear them.”

I said, “I want to taste your pussy. I want to fuck you in the doggy style.”

She said, “Wow, I would love that, Samir.” Before she could speak anything, I pressed the calling bell. She said, “Samir, hold on, someone has come.”

She opened the door; she was surprised and shocked to see me standing there. She was wearing only a shirt with metal press-type buttons, nothing beneath to cover her legs. Her long legs looked desirable, her beautiful face glowing in broad daylight.

She let me in and locked the door only to come back in my arms, hugging me tightly. She loved music; soft, gentle love songs were her favorite songs. Her favorite songs were playing, making the atmosphere romantic. The song from Baghi – ‘Sab tera’ – just set the tone for our love-making session.

Not a word was spoken between us as we looked into each other’s eyes. My hands were on her ass as she stood there wrapping her hands around my neck. Our lips met for a delicious kiss, a never-ending kiss, a passionate kiss, strong enough to inflame our passions stirring all our desires to the core.

We were not in a mood to break from the kiss, but we had to as we gasped for breath. I ripped open her shirt as she pulled out my T-shirt. She stood there in her white bra and panties, looking enchantingly beautiful. We held our hands and moved our bodies closer.

I could feel her turn hot and horny. I kissed her lips, neck as she hugged me tightly. I saw her milky boobs struggling in her sexy bra. I squeezed her naked boobs and took one out of her bra. Her brown nipples and was so sexy. I kissed her nipples and started to lick them in a circle.

She was feeling so good and started playing with my hair. I started to suck her nipples, and she was pressing my head hard towards her boob. I was squeezing the other boob as I was sucking the other. My dick was hard already and was struggling inside my shorts.

I unhooked her bra. She moved her eryaman escort bayan fingers on the elastic of my shorts. We took a step back as I pulled out her bra from her shoulders. She pushed down my shorts. Her boobs were magnificent, just splendid soft and delicate.

My dick pooped out as she pulled down my shorts and undies completely. She held my dick in her hands, feeling it in her soft hands as I held her boobs to squeeze them gently. She kept rolling her fingers on the full size of my dick. Occasionally slipping a little down to get a feel of my meatballs.

I kept increasing the pressure of my squeezing on her boobs as we moaned in the intense awakening of our desires. I bent down, kissed her boobs one after the other, holding them to crush them in my hands. Her nipples struck out, allowing me to suck and lick them in small circles.

I moved down to her stomach, belly, and navel to kiss them. I moved my fingers on the elastic of her lovely sexy panty. I gently pulled it down, only to find her pussy trimmed neatly. She has trimmed her pussy hairs overnight.

I was pleasantly surprised to understand that she anticipated and prepared herself for another session. I was on my knees. I looked at her face looking at her pussy. There was a naughty smile on her face as our eyes spoke to each other.

She asked me, “You like that, Samir.” I said, “Just can’t wait to eat it.” I pushed my nose close to her pussy to smell it. I kissed her pussy or a few times. She stood there caressing my head as I was getting a first feel of her lovely hot pussy on my face.

She stood there as I pushed her thighs apart. I moved back again to her pussy, licking the outer lips, rolling my tongue on it, gently pricking her thighs with my tiny beard hairs. She pulled me up, saying, “Come, let’s go to the bedroom.”

She held my hands, leading me to the bedroom. She made me sleep on the bed as she again sat on me. This time she straight away moved her lips, kissing my nipples moving down quickly to my dick. She held my hard, hot dick in her fingers, she looked at my face.

She looked at my cock with so much fondness. She bent down to gently give it a swipe from her tongue. She pulled back the skin on my dick knob to closely have a look at my dick knob. She struck out her tongue, licking my knob in small rounds, moving her tongue in small circles around my knob.

Her mouth was so warm. She was sucking my dick like candy. I was in heaven. She was licking my tip and sucking my cock as she had not had any for a long time. I was playing with her hair. I raised myself to reach her boobs. I started to squeeze them gently, enjoying their softness.

It was a delightful sensation just making me starve for more. She licked the full length of my dick a few times and kept moving down to my meatballs. She rolled her tongue on my meatballs. Oh god, it was an unbearable pleasure. She kept licking my meatballs in small circles.

She held my dick delicately between her fingers shaking it gently. She moved up, licking my dick, my navel, my belly moving again to my nipples, and finally my lips. She slept on me moving her whole body slowly, giving me a warm feeling of her boobs on my chest and hot, burning pussy on my dick.

She kissed my lips and neck and rolled her fingers on my dick and meatballs, raising my temperature. I held her tightly, rolled around to make her sleep beside me. I got on top of her body. I started sucking her boobs slowly, one after the other. I alternated between sucking, squeezing, and licking them.

Occasionally I bit her nipple to hear her soft whimpering moan. I moved down, kissing her navel and belly. I spread her legs. She did not resist. She opened her lovely, beautiful love hole for me. I positioned my head between her legs to kiss her pussy lips.

She moaned delightfully, asking me to lick her soft and long. She started caressing my hair. I peppered her pussy with soft, gentle kisses, making her starve for more. I kissed her pussy lips spread them with my fingers ankara escort to have a clear view of her pink pussy.

I licked her gently a couple of times, wriggling my tongue in her pussy. I licked her in gentle strokes as she spread her legs wider, opening her lovely pink pussy lips for me. I moved my tongue swiftly between the sluice gates of her pussy to give her a deep hard lick.

Oh god, that bloody horny moan of Tara made me mad. I thrust my tongue deeper with my every stroke. She moaned, twitched, and gripped in pleasure as I delighted her with my sensual licking. Her body twitched, her head moved left and right, she squeezed her boobs, she held my head firmly.

She raised her body slightly as she sunk in the deepest pleasures of getting licked deeply. I pulled back for few seconds to look at her bewitching beauty and her wet sparkling pussy. I opened my mouth wide to gulp the entire size of her pussy in my mouth.

I sucked her pussy lips softly. She could not hold back as she abused me shamelessly, asking me to lick her deep, fuck her hard. My hands kept squeezing her boobs as I enjoyed savoring her delicious pussy. I kept the pressure of licking her hot pussy deeper.

I started to feel her release building up. I held her legs tightly to lick her lubricous pussy in fast deep strokes. She raised her body from the bed as she moved her head furiously from one side to the other. In no time belting out a rousing moan, she released a fountain of juices from her desirable pussy.

I could not wait as I positioned my dick on her love hole. She looked at me as I gave her pussy a feel of my hot, burning dick. I tapped my dick on her pussy a few times and rubbed it softly on her wet outer lips. I moved up, giving her whole body feel of my dick.

I took it to her mouth as she held it with both her hands and licked it in small sucks. I moved down, rubbing my dick on her nipples and slapping her boobs with my dick. She held both her boobs together as I pushed my dick between her boobs for a lovely boob fuck.

After a few thrusts, I moved down to again position my dick on her pussy. She looked at me. Before she could understand anything, I thrust my dick deep into her love hole in a mighty hard push. She moaned as my dick ripped apart her pussy walls to make its way deep inside her hot hole.

She raised her back under the intense pleasure of a hard tight insertion. She asked me to wait for a moment. I looked in her eyes as she could feel my hot meat rod throbbing in her stretching her pussy walls. She relaxed her breath and body as I gently pulled out.

Again looking in her eyes, I drove my dick in her pussy in a firm push. She raised her body as she abused me, holding me tightly. She dug her nails deep in my back as I pushed my dick to the hilt of her pussy. Her raunchy moans, shameless attitude, and teasing eyes made me crazy.

I started to pump her deep and long. I moved my hands to squeeze her boobs as I kept drilling her pussy with mighty hard jerks. She screamed in absolute delight as I pumped her full throttle. She kept taking it all, demanding more and more.

I could feel my pressure building as I kept fucking her in steady strokes. I stopped for a moment, pulled out my dick to tap in on her pussy gently. She could not resist her feeling as she demanded me to put back my dick in her pussy. Her fiery, intense attitude was a real surprise.

I pulled her down from the bed, turned her around positioned her for a back entry doggy style. She stood on the floor and slightly bend her body, opening her ass wide open for me. I slapped her ass a few times as I rubbed my dick on her ass crack.

She turned her head back. She said she had not tried anal sex till now. I licked her ass crack a few times, bit her ass cheeks. I slapped them, turning them red as I pushed my hands from between her arms to squeeze her boobs.

I positioned my dick on her ass hole as she looked back at me eagerly in anticipation. I applied little pressure making her anxious, sincan escort bayan fearing an impending ass fuck. I applied a little more pressure to find her wither with pain. My dick skin also felt the pressure as I tried to dig deeper in her tiny mini ass hole.

I dropped the idea to quickly move down and push down my dick in her wet velvety pussy. I stretched her legs as I thrust my dick into her pussy. Her lovely boobs hung down, moving like a pendulum as I drilled her pussy in smooth strokes.

I held her one hand to pull her back for deeper penetration. She moaned and turned her face back as I slapped her ass few more times. I held both her hands to fuck her faster, deeper. She could not resist now as she wanted to explode again. She screamed, asking me to fuck her hard.

I pulled out again, turned her around, pushed her on the bed. She got up quickly on the bed, sat on my lap again. Without waiting for a second, she gulped the entire size of my dick in her pussy. Her pussy muscles were relaxed. The lubrication was great as my dick moved in went smoothly inside.

Simran lifted her hip and pushed down to adjust her position. She slept on my chest. She started to move forward and backward in slow moves. Her boobs were pressed against my chest, my dick was rubbing her clitoris. It was going in and coming out of her fuck hole like a well-lubricated machine.

Simran moved back as she sat on my dick, increasing the speed of her fucking. I held her ass as she moved her ass in quick fast motions. I squeezed both her boobs hard. It pained her. She slapped me, abusing me as she exerted pressure on my dick.

She placed both her hands on my shoulders as she kept going full bang – bang. Looking at her innocent horny face, I could only thank my luck. I enjoyed her final domination on me as I pushed back her hairs from her face. She closed her eyes rested her hand back on my legs as she started to move faster.

I could feel her pussy swallow my dick deeper every time she moved her ass up and down. Simran punched down with so much intensity that I could feel the pressure on my dick. She jumped up and down, swallowing the entire length of my dick every time she raised her body and relaxed back.

She kept pushing her hair back as she started to move in small, fast, furious moves. Her boobs jiggled faster and faster under the pressure of her unstoppable release. Tara kept her hands on my chest as she moved faster, moaning loudly. She released her juiced drenching my dick with her juices.

My release was imminent now was I could not hold anymore. My body heat raised, and blood boiled as I moaned to blast out a huge load of my juices. She relaxed on my chest. She kept my dick in her pussy for few minutes.

She moved up to sleep on my arms as we moved aside to see the bedspread drenched with our juices. She hugged me tightly and wrapped her legs around my legs. It was evidently clear that I was her newfound comfort.

I wanted one more session, but she refused, saying too much of anything is bad. We had lunch together and left home satisfied. We kept sexting the whole day. The desire to meet again and fuck her hard was getting on me. I had to control my emotions, I decided to wait for a message from her.

The next day morning, I was about to leave to office, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and was surprised to see Shivam standing with a lunch box in his hand. He said that he knew that I would be missing home food. So he decided to surprise me with a lunch box.

I asked him to have a cup of coffee. But he refused, saying Simran was down in the car waiting for him. He informed that Tara would drop him at the office today as his car has gone to service. I again insisted on him, but he refused and rushed back as he had to reach the office on time.

Shivam left. I closed the door and picked to see messages on my phone. Simran had sent a message, “You can enjoy your lunch at the office. If you want to enjoy lunch with me, you can stay back home.”

This was unexpected bloody, thrilling and fascinating. I replied, “Want to have you for lunch.” She replied with a smiley emoji as I changed to my shorts and t-shirt.

I will post the third part soon. Do share your feedback for this part. Till then Bye Bye everyone. ENJOY!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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