Hot Nights at the Spur Ch. 02

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Hot Nights at the Spur: Ch. 02

Gunner finds his Wingman for the Three-Way with Ashley


Ashley had thrown down the gauntlet when she baited me with a three-way with one of her slut friends and then decided that she also wanted a ménage à trois, but with me and another guy first. Then she upped the ante when she told me the other guy’s dick had to be bigger than mine.

While I wouldn’t exactly classify myself as well-hung, I’m also not small and I’ve always been able to satisfy women with my meat whistle. The problem is that I had to find him.

But I actually did have someone in mind for a potential three-way. Chase is a fellow gym rat who works out at the same general time that I do every day. We met a couple of months ago in the weight room one day when he asked me to spot for him. He’s much shorter than me with a stout rugby player’s build, which is what was when he played the club sport at the academy.

He has well defined arms and tree-trunk legs and a tight muscular ass that any man or woman would envy. Chase is a good looking, even sexy guy, and I admire how hard he works to keep that chiseled look. I also know he’s a pilot by the flight suit he always wears into the gym.

One time after a workout, I headed for the locker room to grab a quick shower before heading back to work. It was a dingy, musty-smelling place and had a community shower with a half dozen shower heads requiring guys to shower in close proximity to one another.

I was in the shower with shampoo in my hair when I looked up and saw Chase showering under the head directly across from me. He wasn’t looking my way so I gave him the once over and saw a physical specimen.

He was indeed powerfully built with strong shoulders and arms, six-pack abs, powerful legs with a hard dimpled ass and one of the most gorgeous cocks I’ve ever seen. Soft, it had to have been about eight inches long, cut with a big mushroom head and two massive balls hanging below. On his lower abdomen he sported a nice little tattoo of a couple of bombs dropping.

As I discretely gazed at his penis and his nice ass, my own cock began to stir and stiffen. I looked up and saw that he was staring right at me. I was so busted. Then Chase looked down at my hardening dick and smiled at me.

Panicked, I quickly turned back under the shower facing the wall and was doing everything I could to keep from going to full mast. I turned the water to full-on cold which helped, but I still ended up having to walk about twenty feet to my towel sporting a half woody. It was weird because I had never had that kind of reaction in a men’s locker room before.

I quickly got dressed and grabbed my gym bag from the locker. I saw Chase sitting on a wood bench clad in only an olive drab tee-shirt as he raised his muscular legs one at a time to slip into the pants of his green flight suit. That big dick and balls of his were hanging off the edge of the bench, perched like a raptor with talons ready to launch.

He stood up and pulled his flight suit up over his bare ass putting his arms though the sleeves. He let his cock dangle above the zipper of his suit for a few moments for effect. Then he stuffed the whole package inside and zipped up.

During our workouts Chase often bragged about his conquests (in the air and in bed) so there was no doubt that he needed to keep both his outsized fighter jock ego and his voracious sexual appetite constantly fed.

I was pretty sure this wasn’t a problem for him given his good looks and his silver pilot wings, and this made him the ideal candidate to help me fulfill Ashley’s fantasy. The big question in my mind was how to approach him about the idea so I had to come up with a plan.

A couple of weeks later I saw him again at the gym. After finishing our workout, we were getting dressed so I decided to test the waters.

“Hey Chase, one of these days when you have some free time we oughta go grab a couple of beers and shoot the shit.”

He paused as he was tying his boots and looked up at me.

“Sure man, that’d be great. How about this weekend? I’m not scheduled to fly so I’m open Saturday afternoon if that works for you.

I thought about it for a second and quickly decided that Ashley would totally understand me breaking our planned date to go hiking.

“Works for me,” I answered, trying not to sound too eager.

“Cool, lemme know the time and place and I’ll be there.”

“Ever been out to the Broken Spur Saloon?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” he answered. “Who hasn’t been to that hole in the wall? I was planning on taking my bike for a ride so I’ll just cruise out there. Meet around one o’clock?”

“Sounds good. See you then,” I said.

“Yeah man, maybe there’ll be some decent pussy out there at that time of day,” he said as he stood up and strode out of the locker room. “Later!” he said over his shoulder.


Saturday was a beautiful summer day and not a cloud in the sky so I jumped in my Jeep and headed out to meet Chase. bursa escort I loved days like this, warm but not too hot, perfect for taking the top and doors off to take a little drive out towards the edge of town.

Ashley was a little miffed that I’d cancelled our date but when I told her the reason why, she started peppering me with questions about who the guy was. I tried to keep the details to a minimum as I didn’t want to build her hopes up only to be rebuffed by Chase. We agreed to get together later that night.

I pulled into the relatively empty gravel lot of the Spur and skidded to a stop, my tires kicking up a cloud of dust that briefly engulfed my open vehicle. When the dust cleared, I saw there were a few cars scattered about, a couple of pickup trucks and a handful of Harleys lined up next to a hitchin’ post like they were tied-up horses. Given the newness of the bikes I knew I wasn’t walking into a Hell’s Angels meet-up.

Just as I was getting out of the Jeep, I heard the high-pitch whine of a motorcycle down-shifting and slowing as it made the transition from the pavement into the lot and I knew instantly this was not another throaty hog approaching. The Ducati pulled up and purposefully parked alongside the Harleys and the rider killed the engine. I saw that it was Chase when he removed his helmet and got off the bike.

He hung his helmet on the handlebars and stripped off his leather jacket and draped it over the seat. He was wearing a tight tank top that showed off his ripped biceps and he stood there in his aviators and ran his hand through his short sweaty hair.

“Have to show these Harley-ridin’ douchebags what a real high-performance machine looks like,” he said with a shit-eating grin.

“Good to see you man,” I said, as our hands clasped in a bro handshake and our chests bumped slightly.

“Same here Gunner. I’m parched after that ride and could really use a cold one.”

Going from the bright sun into the darkened bar, it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust to the change and I saw the place was mostly empty except for a couple of dusty regulars sitting at the bar drinking beers and shots of something as the strains of Hank Jr. wafted from the jukebox.

“Mustang!” Annie yelled in greeting, as she came around from behind the bar and gave Chase a big hug. Even though I had been in her place at least a half dozen times, I didn’t get quite the same reception although she did give me a wink when she hugged him.

“Annie, it’s been coon’s age… and you are lookin’ mi-tee fine!” Chase responded with his engaging million-dollar smile, embracing her in a bear hug and lifting her feet off the ground.

“Haven’t seen you around these parts in a while hun, how’s tricks?” she said as she retreated back behind the bar.

“Oh, you know the usual, punchin’ holes in the sky and droppin’ bombs on bad guys. How ’bout you?”

“You know, same ol’, same ol’ ’round here. Nothin’ ever changes. Can I get you guys a beer?” she said, lifting two ice cold bottles out of a tub, not bothering to ask us for a preference.

She popped the tops and slid them across the bar. “Here ya go boys. This one’s on me.”

“Much obliged Annie,” Chase said, putting his index finger up to his forehead and flicking it like he was doffing his hat.

“Don’t be a stranger Mustang, I miss ya,” Annie said in a tone that suggested she might actually mean it.

“Same here Annie. I’ll come back in and talk to you in a bit.”

We took the beers, clinked them together then we each took a swig and headed towards the back patio, the ice starting to slide down the outside of the bottles.

The back door of the Spur opened to a large brick patio that was as uneven as the floor inside thanks to the protruding, twisting roots of the large Poplar trees that had been planted long ago but had now grown so high they dwarfed the roofline of the bar. They were a nice source of shade when the scorching sun bore down on the place on warm summer days like today. When the sun dropped and the night cooled there was a big fire pit to gather around.

We walked past the bikers, if you could call them that. They sat in their leathers at picnic tables nursing their lite beers. Given their polished and manicured appearance, it was likely these guys were doctors or lawyers out for a weekend ride.

We grabbed a couple of chairs in the shade and took another drink of our ice-cold beers.

“I didn’t know you were a regular here, uh, Mustang,” I said with a chuckle and an emphasis on the nick-name.

“Easy Gunner, that’s just my call sign,” he said, taking another pull from his bottle. “Fact is, I’ve only been here a few times.”

“Dude, she greeted you like you were her long-lost lover returning from war.”

“Well, there is a bit of a backstory there,” he said, leaning back in his chair with a slight grin on his face. Then he took another swig.

“Let’s hear it,” I implored.

Then Chase leaned in and launched into a first-person narrative like he was describing bursa escort bayan his first air kill.

“Okay, so the last time I was here, I was with this little hottie I met in town. She’s married and lonely…I think her husband is out of town or something. So, she asks me if I want to meet up for a drink or two but I’m pretty sure she just wants to get laid. I didn’t really want to go someplace where people might recognize her or me so I met her out here. Big mistake.”

“Oh yeah? How so?”

“Turns out a couple of her husband’s buddies were here that night. She didn’t see them but they definitely saw her, and hangin’ all over someone who’s definitely not her husband. We had a few beers and she tells me she’s horny as hell and wants to fuck.”

“No way.”

“I’m totally serious. So who am I to say no to that? Going back to her or my place isn’t an option so she pulls me into the ladies’ bathroom and you know what that nasty nympho says to me?”


“She says, ‘Let’s see if you fighter pilots are worth a shit.’ Then she bends over with her elbows on the sink and she spreads her legs, she looks back over her shoulder at me and smiles and flips up her little skirt and reaches back and spreads her cheeks apart with one hand. She’s going commando so I see her nice shaved pussy and puckered ass and my dick is hard in an instant,” he said, snapping his fingers for emphasis.

I just sat listening with rapt attention.

“I whip the ol’ heat-seeker out, spit on it and get it nice and wet, then I stick it right into her sopping box from behind and I start hammering away at her pussy.”

“I had a piss hard-on and was grudge-fucking her for like a minute or so when the door suddenly bursts open and here come those two drunk assholes barging in to come and defend their buddy’s honor or something.”

“Holy shit! What’d you do?”

“Well, they’re pretty pissed off so Mustang has to make a split-second decision. One of them starts to charge me so I pull out of her and clock him, knocked his ass flat on the floor.”

“Whoa,” I muttered in response.

“Right behind them is Annie charging in and coming after ’em with that baseball bat of hers. Lemme tell you, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of that thing,” he said laughing at the memory.

“No doubt,” I said, nodding in agreement.

“I see Annie glance down at my hard dick for a second and she smiles, then she hauls off and whacks the one guy in his side, stopping him dead in his tracks…probably cracked a couple of his ribs. The guy on the floor starts to get up, so Annie cocks the bat, aims it right at his head and says, ‘One more move asshole and I’ll splatter your head like a ripe cantaloupe.'”

“Holy shit!”

“You should’ve seen the three of them hightail it out of the place…fuckin’ worthless townies,” he said slapping his knee and laughing at the pejorative Air Force guys use for the local civilians.

“That is an awesome story.”

“Oh, there’s more. So get this, she follows them out to make sure they’re gone. Like I said, I have a raging piss hard-on so I start taking a leak…that’s about the time she comes back into the bathroom. I’m standing there pissing and she’s just staring at my dick then she says, ‘It’d be a real shame to let a perfectly good hard-on go to waste.'”

“Dude, I was barely done going when she drops to her knees and takes as much of my wet dick in her mouth as she can. I mean Gunner, my pecker is still dripping with piss and that skank’s pussy juice and Annie starts blowing me like there’s no tomorrow!”

“Long story short, she sucks me off in the bathroom, then later pulls me outside over to that doublewide of hers next door where she lives. Let’s just say that I showed her how Mustang gits her done,” he said, still laughing.

“That is an epic story,” I said, laughing with him.

“All true. And by the way, she’s a great fuck for an older chick…you should try her sometime Gunner,” he said with total seriousness.

I nodded my head and filed the information away for future reference. I went inside to grab a couple of more beers and came back out and handed one to Chase and eased back down into my chair.

“So, how’d you get your call sign?”

“Mustang? Well, one time at the academy, me and the rest of the team were in the locker room changing for rugby practice one day. One of the coaches was walking through the locker room yelling at us to get moving, he sees me standing there buck naked getting ready to put on a jockstrap and stops dead in his tracks.”

“I know I’m larger than most people down below but he just looks at me, shakes his head and says, ‘Jesus Hoffman, you’re hung like a fucking horse!’ From then on, every time the guys saw me they’d make neighing and snorting noises like a horse, then they gave me all sorts of nicknames. Since I knew I was going on to pilot training after graduation, the name Mustang seemed to be the best fit.”

I saw my opening so I decided to take it.

“I also have a pretty escort bursa good story about the Spur,” I said, dangling the bait for a moment.

“Yeah? Let’s hear it!” Chase said, suddenly all ears.

I gave him some background about Ashley and me, how we played volleyball together and were now dating, well, kind of anyway.

“Got any pic’s of her?” he asked.

I whipped out my phone and showed him a couple of choice pictures of her in her volleyball gear and other of her in her bikini that she had sent me.

“She’s hot Gunner. Hell, I’d definitely do her. I mean, if you weren’t with her is what I meant.”

I knew right then that the hook was set. I also knew that with his keen sensory abilities he could probably detect a horny woman in heat at 100 clicks and he wouldn’t be weighed down by any particular moral code that would prevent him from going after his prey.

“Hey, that one looks like it was taken here,” Chase said perceptively, eyeing one of the pictures.

“Hence my story Mustang,” I said, launching into how I met Ashley here for drinks and describing her friends in detail.

“Oh man, you’ll have to introduce me to them…sluts are my kind of women!” he responded excitedly.

“Hang on, it gets even better.”

I told him about the blowjob in the parking lot and how I took her back to her place and drilled her all night long.

“So, are you guys in a serious relationship?”

“Naw, we just started dating so we’re just kind of fuck buddies right now,” I replied, knowing that Ashley might take issue with that description.

“That’s cool, friends with benefits isn’t a bad way to go,” he proclaimed, as if he knew any other kind of relationship existed. Then again, I’m not sure I did either.

I continued my story. “So, after we have some hot sex, she brings up the idea of a three-way with her and me plus one of her friends…and she says it’s my choice of which one!”

I intentionally paused, waiting for his reaction. It came quickly as he sat forward in his chair and looked at me intently with eyes wide.

“Noooo sheeit?” he said, drawing out the words with a slight hint of incredulity on his face. “So, which slut are you gonna pick?” he asked excitedly.

“Jade’s my first choice.”

“The dyke?”

“Well, yeah. But dude she’s beautiful and Ashley says she likes to use a strap-on, you know, on other girls.

Chase looked at me dubiously.

“But, here’s the thing. She tells me a ménage à trois is also her fantasy, but with two guys and she wants to go first. And the kicker is, the third guy has to have a bigger penis than mine.”

There, I had thrown it out there and now there was just one of two ways this conversation was going to go from here.

Chase pondered my comment for a moment. Then being the intelligent guy that he is, I could sense the synapses firing in his brain and the pieces quickly fell into place for him. He leaned back in his chair, nodded his head knowingly and a wry smile appeared on his face.

“Ah, I got it. So, you want ol’ Mustang to be the third leg of the stool in this thing?”

I just cocked my head and raised my eyebrows in silent assent as Chase pondered this for a few seconds.

“Interesting. Well, your girlfriend is hot and it wouldn’t be the first time for me. Me and some of my squadron mates pulled a train on some townie bitches a couple of times back when we were at the academy,” he added in a matter-of-fact tone.

Then he pointed at me with the beer bottle in his hand. “If I do this, can you hook me up with her friends?”

I grinned and said, “Oh, I can promise you that.”

“And one more thing,” he said, “I’m not blowing you or doing you up the ass or anything like that so if you have ideas on that, we can forget about the whole thing right now.”

“Yeah, no worries there.”

Then he hesitated. “You know, I saw you looking at me in the shower at the gym that one time and it looked like you started to get excited. What was up with that?”

I figured this subject might come up at some point and I honestly had no canned response for him and now this whole conversation was causing that familiar stirring in my pants.

Thinking quickly, I said, “I dunno, I guess maybe I was thinking about the three-way with Ashley or something and got caught up in the moment.”

“Whatever that means,” he said dismissively with a wave of his hand. “All right, I’m in. When do you want to do this?”

“Well, first Ashley wants a picture of you to make sure you’re not some ugly fucker.”

“Sure, no problem,” he said as he tilted back his bottle and drained it.

“And she also wants a picture of the goods, you know, to make sure it meets her criteria,” I added, making this up as I went.

“You gotta be shitting me? No way, I can’t go having pictures of me and my wanker out there floating around the internet…the wrong person sees that and there goes my career!”

“No, no, no. She doesn’t need the face shot with the cock shot,” I assured him.

He sat there and thought for a few seconds. “Aw right. Well, I’m not texting a pic of my dick from my phone so you’ll have to take it. C’mon, I gotta drain the lizard so we might as well take care of this now.”

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