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Eighteen-year-old English school-leaver Baker Reynolds arrived at Logan International Airport to stay for all of July with his mother’s much younger sister and her husband in Boston.

Baker knew his aunt and uncle a little because they had visited his family in Leicester City three times in recent years.

At the airport Aunt Connie rushed him and ground her lips into his and pushed her breasts into his chest. He wasn’t surprised because he’d come to know Aunt Connie was full on and totally assimilated into American culture.

“Oh god, just look at you, oh yummy,” she said reaching high to thrust her fingers though his blond curls. “You have grown into a man.”

Baker looked at her tits and thought and the 34-year-old was all woman.

As they drove to the City of Cambridge in Greater Boston where Connie and Rod Maddox, university lecturers lived, Connie said, “Call me Connie darling. Your mom is not around to censure you.”

“Right and thanks. You’re looking well.”

“Which part of me is looking the best to you Baker?”

“Um I’d rather not say.”

“These?” she asked, juggling a breast.

“Um yeah.”

“Good man, you haven’t disappointed me.”

Baker wondered exactly what that meant. Looking through the windscreen he began recognizing neighborhood features, having stayed here with his mom and sister three years ago.

They arrived beside the two-level house and the aged Labrador Duke came from nowhere to meet then. He was friendly but didn’t remember Baker of course.

As aunt and nephew were walking up the stairs Connie said, “Rod had to step in at the last minute as leader of a university student touring Argentina. He’ll be away for two weeks. Do you wish to sleep with me?”

Eh? Were there two beds in the master bedroom? He didn’t reply.

“That is not a command.”

“I-I’d better not.”

“I won’t tell your mom if that’s what you’re worried about and your uncle would never know either.”

He didn’t answer. She sighed and led him into the main guestroom.

“Don’t be embarrassed at me asking you this darling but I believe you went to a co-educational school?”

“I did. I’ve finished at Sheepy Senior College near Leicester and go on to university in London to study IT and management in the autumn, I mean the fall.”

“So you have had contact with females your age?”

“Yes of course, all the time. We had mixed classes.”

“I meant intimately, very intimately?”

“Yeah after school ended for me. I’m not a virgin if that’s what’s you’re getting at.”

“I was and you’d better be on your guard Baker because I’m in a sexy mood. You could stay at my mother-in-law’s home if you wish.”

“No it’s fine here and I’m comfortable being alone with you. You are my idea of an ideal woman Connie.”

“God Baker, watch what you say to me. Talk to me like that and I could lose it.”

He grinned. “Shall we go for a walk?”

“Ah smart thinking young man. Come on we’ll walk out for coffee and take Duke with us. He never turns down a slow walk.”

An hour later Baker slipped into the heated swimming pool alongside his aunt.

“You didn’t mind me saying we ought to swim nude?”

Eager to sight her treasures he said, “Not at all.”

“Now you can take a good look at my breasts. Touch them if you wish.”

“Yes they look great.”

“Touch them.”

“Um no thanks, not now.”



“Is it okay that I touch your penis. It’s quite big.”

“Yeah okay.”

She took it in her hand and asked could she jerk him off.

“Jesus,” said the embarrassed visitor, feeling it growing in his hostess’s hand.

“I want you to touch my pussy.”

He quickly rubbed a hand up and down it and pulled away.

“Good boy. This is all part of my plan to break down your resistance.”

When they were walking home arm-in-arm after eating at Evoo on 3rd Street, Connie asked, “Will you sleep with me tonight.”

“Um not tonight if you don’t mind” and that rebuff pulled his aunt into a sour mood.

After midnight Baker called his mom and told her his uncle was away for two weeks and his aunt appeared to be coming on to him.

“Coming on?” said his mom carefully.

“Mom I’m sure she’s looking for sex.”

His mom, a solicitor, spoke carefully as if deciding to avoid panicking him.

“Baker I want you to leave that house within the next few minutes and book into a cheap hotel and then in the morning take a bus tour to somewhere. Keep safe and I’ll load money into your credit card account. This will be a great opportunity to see America. Are you happy about this?”

“Yes mom.”

“Oh leave a note for your aunt and write the truth, that you feel awkward being in her home alone with her and have decided to go and see something of America. Say you are happy about this and will keep in touch with me daily.”

“Thanks mom.”

“Thank you darling and I’m pleased you won’t be having sex with your aunt. There is no need to tell your father and sister about this. Connie is probably on the female equivalent bursa escort to Viagra.”


“Never mind. Just get out of there my lovely boy.”

Next day Baker went to three rental car companies and they refused to deal with him because he was only eighteen. He walked back to the motel where he’d left his bags and the couple who managed the place invited him in for coffee when he said told them about his problem.

“Rental car companies are uneasy about renting out to any driver under twenty-five,” said Burt. “And with good reason because people that age tend to have appalling driving records. However I know a couple of smaller outfits that will probably let you have a vehicle at a higher charge.”

“Thanks but no Mr Brown. I’m running cold on the idea. I think I’ll book back in here for another night while I contemplate my future. I have twenty-five days to fill in and then could go to my aunt and uncle’s home. They are, um, in South America leading a party of students on a summer tour.”

“Are you handy doing odd jobs such as tiling and removing grime and stains Baker and cleaning a pool thoroughly and slapping some paint around?”

“I think so Mrs Brown. I helped my dad give my grandmother’s house a facelift last summer and that including tiling and I know how to maintain a swimming pool. We have one at home although only a quarter the size of your one and it was inside and heated.”

“We erect a tent over our pool as the weather gets cooler and that extends the swimming time by up to five weeks,” said Mr Brown. Mrs Brown muttered it was a hideous eyesore.

The result of that conversation was Baker was hired to work as a roustabout on trial for a week and if satisfactory would be kept on until he was ready to leave. He was given a unit beside the kitchen that rarely was let out because the boiler and air-conditioning machinery room was behind it and that was a bit noisy.

Mrs Brown took Baker to the room and he was happy to receive pay of $8:00 an hour because the room had TV and was quite large and the room and meals would be provided without charge and he was not required to work weekends.

“I’ll get one of the maids to make up the bed. I hope you’ll be happy here. Please be respectful to guests at all times.”

A female, young enough to be a university student on summer work, knocked on the open door and Baker said, “Oh hi, please enter.”

“Hi I’m Carol. Are you English?”

“Yes Carol. I’ve been hired to clean up things around here.”

“That will be great. It has been a top motel but has slipped a bit since the Browns took over. They are not energetic enough to make frequent inspections and kick butt when necessary.”

“Turn around please Carol.”

She did so without fuss and turned back to smooth down the sheet.

“Why did you ask me that?”

“I thought your butt should never be kicked but had to check my decision making.”

She giggled and said, “And?”

“It’s a beautiful butt and should never be kicked.”

“I have a boyfriend.”

Baker knew to press on.

“I bet he’s away for summer?”

Carol sighed and said yes.

“Want to drop back her after you finish work?”

She bit her lip and asked why?

“For coffee of course. What else did you think?”

She smiled and said he was different. She knew he was English because he spoke so clearly and precisely.

As she left Carol said she might call back in an hour or so.

“Wriggle your butt,” he called but instead of that she delivered a naughty finger gesture.

Baker dozed off and was awakened by Carol kissing him. He pulled her on to him and she said she ought to lock the door.

Energized by the significance of that comment, Baker rolled her off into the middle of the bed and jumped up and locked the door and pulled the drapes.

“You must think I’m awful?”

“Nah you are just a friendly American. My name is Baker Reynolds.”

“Hi Baker. I’ve not heard that name before as a first name.”

“My mother at the time of my birth became a little euphoric or perhaps eccentric or maybe even schizophrenic.”

Carol giggled. “Was it an old family name?”

“Yes in her family going back to the fifteenth century.”

Carol laughed and asked what his mother a duchess.

“Oh no, nothing as exotic as that although she is the second daughter of a viscount and is entitled to be addressed as The Honorable Mrs Reynolds while dad being a commoner is just plain Mister.

“Omigod how interesting.”

“If you say so.”

“Oh but I do. I love reading about the European aristocracy. Now where were we?”

“You were just about to ram your tongue into my mouth and spread your legs.”

“God you know a lot for one so young. How old are you?”

“Twenty,” Baker lied and with a sigh Carol thrust her tongue into his mouth seeking his tongue and widened her legs.

With three fingers deep into her pussy Baker asked, “Do you usually engage in this behavior before you go home?”

“No such luck,” she wheezed as one of his fingers touched just the right bursa escort bayan spot.

“Get you tits out and let’s fuck,” said Baker, his fingers tiring.


It was only the second time Baker had experienced full sex and Carol, being a vocal person, was quick to tell him how fast he should thrust her and what parts of her she wished to have licked, nibbled or sucked.

Later as they lay resting Carol said, “The truth Baker, how old are you?”


“Omigod,” she giggled. “You’re the youngest guy who’s ever pushed into me but you were really okay. If we do this each day I can teach you things if that’s your wish, although there’s not a great deal for you to learn. Perhaps I should say right now generally women don’t wish to be fucked in silence. There are two people to execute a fuck, er a minimum of two persons so they expect interaction and communication. Just remember as the passion arises it is totally acceptable to lie to a woman about how beautiful she is and how great she is at sex. I’ll teach you some of the things to say.”

“What happens if the woman is having her monthly?”

“Either you back off or if it’s a woman like me you go into her butt.”


Carol cackled away in delight.

Late one afternoon on Carol’s day off Baker was re-grouting tiles around the end of the pool when a female voice from the balcony above called hi.

He looked up and the blonde lifted her sunglasses into her hair and he said good afternoon.

“You have a body like Apollo.”


“Thank you ma’am.”

“It’s Angela and I’m in Unit 11. Come up for a drink when you’ve finished there.”

Thirty minutes later Baker knocked and Angela opened the door and facing him totally nude said, “Come in Apollo. We’ll have that drink afterwards.”

Angela was married and said when she was a naughty girl away from her husband she only indulged in anal sex out of respect for him.

And so Angela initiated Baker into anal sex. She was strong and he pounded her leaning over her back and slapping at her big swinging tits. She loved it and bucked and then slammed at her pussy and climaxed really heavily and collapsed. Baker pulled out, pumping into his condom and his face red with exertion and excitement.

Back in his unit Baker showered and fell asleep, missing dinner at 7:00. Mrs Brown arrived smiling with his dinner on a tray at 7:30 and said, “You look much better than when I saw you staggering back to you room two hours ago. Young man you must be careful of women like Angela in Unit 11. Some of them can practically kill a guy with the powerful use of their body working their vagina like a weapon.”

The startled look on Baker’s face had Mrs Brown in fits of laugher.

“Thanks for that motherly advice. I guess I was out of line becoming involved with a guest like that?”

“No it’s fine sweetie. You have to get your experience somewhere. Just be discreet. I had asked you to be respectful to guests at all times and when she called out to you I had a good idea what she was on her mind.”

Baker had called his aunt and she was delighted to hear from him.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes fine. I’ve been touring the state,” he lied.

“What have you liked best?”

“Niagara Falls,” he enthused, having gone there overnight with Carol.

“Rod arrives home next Tuesday. It will be embarrassing if you’re not here when he arrives.”

Baker, who was due to return home on the Saturday of that week, agreed to return in time to go to the airport with his aunt to meet his uncle arriving home mid-afternoon.

“I’m sorry I tried to get it off with you,” she said. “I think I came on to you too hard.”

“I was scared you might be too much for me. I’ve been told strong women can practically kill a guy with their pussy.”

“What?” Connie shrieked, bursting into laughter.

“I haven’t told mom about what happened,” he lied. “I just said I wanted to have a good look around while I was over here.”

“I knew you hadn’t because Lillian has called twice, making her regular calls and didn’t mention it and she seemed surprised that you had gone off alone. I said you ought to be okay because this was Massachusetts and she bought that. Christ I hope you have not run into any harm or dangerous situations.”

“No it’s been fine and I’ve been doing a lot of reading.”

“What? Oh yes reading.”

“What have you been doing?”

“Fucking and this and that. Oh god, I meant to say a bit of this and that. Oh god.”

“It’s okay. I realize you’re over-sexed.”

“”Me? No way. Perhaps we can get one away before we leave for the airport?”

Thinking about that later Baker wondered why he’d not said he definitely would not have sex with her. Was his attitude changed now that he was more sexually experienced?

Mrs Brown put on a farewell dinner for Baker and invited Carol.

“I’m surprised you invited me to represent all the other maids Mrs Brown.”

“You girls are room attendants Carol. It is un-American to call hired personnel maids. Well I invited you because escort bursa you and Baker know each other ever so intimately.”

“You know?” Carol puffed.

“Nothing of note happens around here that I don’t know about,” smiled Mrs Brown thinly.

Connie and Duke came out to meet Baker as the cab arrived. She stood off and as the cab left said, “Oooh look at your tan and you even look taller and stronger.”

With planned resolve Baker said, “You can hug and kiss me Connie but we don’t go beyond that. You are my aunt and if mom asks did you and I have sex, I want to look her in the eye and say no. You know how she is at reading people and knows when they are lying.”

“Oh god yes and how I remember that.”

With Rod home they had a great few days. A couple of hours after Rod arrived home they sat beside the pool, drinking and scoffing nuts and pretzels.

When Connie went inside to bring out more food and liquor, Rod asked, “Did Connie attempt to seduce you?”

“Yes,” said Baker, yawning and looking up at the sky. He had half-expected that question.


“God Uncle Rod, she’s my aunt. You wouldn’t expect me to be so foul to do that with her would you?”

“No pal and I like your ethics. Look why don’t you call me Rod. You’re a big boy now, a pretty big boy I guess. Connie would have found when she grabbed your private parts in the pool.”

“Yeah and she had seen what I had because we were in the pool nude. Christ Rod, she looked at me and dribbled. I thought only guys drooled like that?”

“You have a lot to learn about women young man. You are very lucky you didn’t attempt to fuck my wife. She’s strong and could have half-killed you.”

Baker gulped loudly and said, “Gee how lucky can a guy be to avoid that fate?”

Connie arrived and asked, “Why are you two grinning like Cheshire cats?”

“Baker has just told me your grabbed his cock and balls in the pool.”

Connie laughed. “Yes and the poor guy must have thought I was out to fuck him but I remembered I was his aunt.”

They all laughed and began a great social evening.

On Saturday when they parted at the airport, Baker turned for a final goodbye wave and could see Rod was blowing his nose and Connie was wiping her eyes. They grabbed each other and waved. It was only then that Baker realized how deeply he’d bonded with them. They were a cool couple.


Baker’s parents Lillian and Athol and sister Katie were at Manchester International Airport to meet him.

“God you have matured,” his older sister said. She and Baker were in the back seat of the BMW.

He grinned and whispered all the sex was great.

She giggled and dropped a hand on to his thigh. Baker was horrified that his dick had jumped to attention. It should know Katie was his sister.

On arrival his mom had staggered him when she whispered, “You are looking great. I really can’t blame my over-sexed sister for attempting to hit on you.”

She then pushed a breast hard into his arm.

Baker was half-afraid of what his father would say and was relieved when he asked, “Are the American’s anxious about the state of their national economy?”

That night in bed Baker was jerking off. He was half-asleep and was imagining it was his sister jerking him and his mom was waiting, mouth open, to catch the gush.

His phone went.

“Hi it’s Pussy. Welcome home.”

She’d actually said Pru (Prudence) but Baker was sexed up.

“Thanks Pru. Lovely tits.”

“I ought to slam down the phone.”

“But you won’t.”

“God you have obtained greater confidence. What’s happened to Mr Wimp?”

“American women have fucked that attitude out of me.”

Pru giggled. “Katie called an hour ago and mentioned you were home. Come over sometime tomorrow to see me and Ronnie (Rhonda her twin).”

“Okay. Bye.”

Baker walked along the riverbank a short distance to the Wellington’s home. Iris and Frank knew him well because he’d gown up with Pru and Ronnie.

Iris, in only a robe, answered the doorbell rubbing her eyes.

“Omigod look at you. Baker Reynolds is becoming a man. Come in, Pru said you’d call sometime. They’ve just gone to the mall. Come and watch me dress. I want to know all about your American stay.”

Watch her dress?

Baker followed. Mrs Wellington was as old as his mom but she was in better shape. She rode horses and played badminton and tennis and was very competitive. In the bedroom she turned and dropped her robe.

“Well what do you think?”

She had small tits but Baker with his newly found confidence suspected he ought not say that.

“You have the body of an athlete.”

She looked pleased and held out her arms and said to give her a welcome back home kiss.

Baker was surprised a woman her age would maintain a hairless pussy.

They kissed but she didn’t let him go. Instead she reached down and said, “Let’s see what you’ve got. I’ve often thought about you.”

She squeeze and his dick grew in her hand.

“Will you allow me to get it out?”

“Yes,” Baker croaked, to one of his mom’s best friends.”

“Oh this is a beautiful penis Baker. Why don’t we use it?”

Baker thought oh she wished to suck him off. He’d read that many women into their early forties had an addiction for fellatio.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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