Hotel Rendezvous

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Anal Fisting

After months of waiting, months of teasing and not knowing it was finally time to find out. I’d been chatting online with Steve for about five months. I liked him, our fantasies excited me and we seemed to have that connection that you sometimes get with people you chat to and have never met. I felt comfortable with him, and under the illusion that the person you are chatting with is being honest with you and that they are what they say they are. But the time had finally come to meet him.

He told me long ago that he’d be in town on business later in the year. He never gave a date but always told me it was better not to get our hopes up and make plans just in case nothing eventuated and we drifted apart. But I knew, I knew deep down that we would meet.

Our fantasies had become quite complicated, usually involving me being compliant and submissive to his desires. Because of the anticipated meeting at a hotel room in town, they usually revolved around the sterile environment of an anonymous room. As I slipped into my hold up stockings, positioning the tight lace on my thighs, my legs still warm and damp from my shower I could feel my trepidation rising. I was excited about meeting him, but worried. I don’t really know this man, and here I am meeting him in the middle of the night. Meeting him for sex, there’s no denying that fact. I slipped into my knee-high leather boots, taking a quick glance at myself in the mirror. Looking pendik escort first at my face, slowly down over my still naked body. Down over my pale white skin, the flare of my hips, the smooth, bare skin of my pussy. My fingers pressing lightly to my shaved sex, knowing I was to be entered tonight by a near stranger. Turning away from the mirror I continued dressing, wriggling into my tight black skirt, putting on my black satin bra, then finally a plain black top over it.

I heard the taxi pull up outside, I took a couple of deep breaths grabbed my coat and walked out into the night before I could talk myself out of going. The taxi ride was a blur; my legs were shaking as I tried to keep my knees together. Sitting there in the back of the taxi, prim and proper so aware of my naked cunt under my skirt and scared of the danger I could be putting myself in.

We’d arranged to meet at midnight. The taxi pulled up outside the hotel at about ten minutes past. Town was empty, I felt disassociated. This wasn’t me walking into god knows what situation, it was surely someone else, I couldn’t be this stupid.

The doorman barely acknowledged me as I entered the hotel, there was no one else around. The only noise the echoing clop clop of my boots on the tiled floor. As I pressed the elevator button I knew I could still back out, I was scared, my legs trembling in my boots. But as the elevator doors opened I walked in. The slightly escort pendik weightless feeling of the ascending elevator didn’t help to ease the trembling of my legs, nor did the emptiness and stillness of the normally busy hotel. Room 603. Noiselessly I wandered down the empty, carpeted corridors watching the room numbers increase with every passing step. I was nearly there. Oh god, room 603. Pausing. I took a few deep breaths, my heart beating so fast I almost thought it could be heard in the stillness of the corridor. Raising my hand I knocked on the door.

A minute passed. Is this the right room? What if he’s looking at me and doesn’t like what he sees, maybe I can run away. My mind was ticking over at high at a high pace; I was petrified with no idea what to do next. Then the door opened slowly, revealing the brightly lit interior of the room.

There he was. Exactly like the picture he’d e-mailed me, salt and pepper hair, intense eyes and towering above my own 5ft frame. We came together easily, our lips meeting and not a word spoken. Kissing passionately, my tension driving my feelings into our kiss. I could feel his hands tangling into my long hair as he held my face in his hands, our tongues intertwining and exploring as our lips crushed together. I let out a harsh moan as his hands slid down to my legs, roughly pushing up my skirt till it was bunched up around my hips. Still locked in our hungry kiss, the only sounds pendik escort bayan our rasping breaths and his satisfied moan as his fingers reached my naked and now wet snatch. Pushing me back against the wall and breaking our kiss he lowered himself down to his knees.

I let out a trembling moan as I felt his hot breath over my bare skin, his tongue barely touching the delicate folds of my pussy lips as he leaned in towards me. I screamed as he bit me, my soft flesh between his teeth as he buried himself into my sex. Roughly lifting my leg, he placed it over his shoulder so I was pinned against the wall. Alternating soft licks then sudden bites he worked on my cunt till I had to hold myself upright with my hands on his shoulders.

He was intent, his tongue wildly licking and sucking at my juices, then penetrating me forcefully with two fingers. I could feel myself contracting around his fingers as he probed deeply into me. I knew I was going to come and I couldn’t hold back. Holding his head tightly to my now dripping cunt, I ground my hips hard to his tongue, forcing his fingers deeper. The release was intense, I was overwhelmed and could barely believe that the screams I could hear were mine. His fingers continued to probe into me as I panted and rode out the last of my orgasm. I could smell sex and felt exhausted. He raised himself up slowly, lightly pressing his lips to mine. I slowly ran my tongue over his lips, tasting my pleasure and sucking it from his mouth.

Pulling back from me he smiled said, “I’m Steve, it’s very nice to meet you Christina. Would you like a drink?”

Our night had begun and it was off to a very good start.

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