House Hunting With Suzy

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My wife, Marg and I had known Don and Suzy for three or four years. Ever since we found our mountain cabin through another agent, they have been giving us a hard time about not going through them. Don is medically retired from the military, something with his heart. Suzy sells real estate near our second home. My wife got another promotion at her firm so we had to look for more property or at least more expensive property for our second home. I called Don and told him I would be up for the weekend to look at places and could Suzy be available. He insisted that I stay with them even though we have a place less than a mile down the road. I like Don and Suzy but she has high-pitched coquettish voice and the most sugar sweet manner about her. It is utterly distracting.

Not that she is bad to look at; she has a great body for a woman of her age and she always dressed to the nines. She has a great set of perky tits and she is proud enough of them to make sure you get a view of them when ever you want. Her low cut blouses and cashmere sweaters always accentuate those melons of hers. Her normal attire is a two or three piece suit. She looks the part of the real estate profession.

Upon my arrival, we all hugged but Suzy’s hug was just a little longer and a little more passionate than I remembered in the past. She grabbed my face and kissed me full on the lips while Don watched intently. “We’re really glad to see you,” she said. Don chimed in, too. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into their home. It was not at all a modest home. Situated on the most prominent hill in the valley with 360-degree mountain vistas, they had built it with money from their real estate business. Don showed me to the guest room and pointed out the guest bath and towels, etc. He said Suzy would be ready to take me to see some places that she had picked out based on our requirements.

After my six-hour drive down from the city, I felt grimy and a little unkempt. I jumped in the shower to take a quick one. I slipped into a daydream of a little red headed gal I met last year who gives a great blowjob. Before I finished my shower my cock was standing at full attention. I had a little trouble getting it to subside while I toweled off. I left the bathroom with the towel wrapped around my waist. My manhood was still partially engorged, not erect just full and hanging half hard. At 300 pounds, the standard bath towel barely fit, so I had to hold it at the knot. Suzy caught me coming down the hall and with a gleam in her eye, yanked the towel away from my loins. She gasped at seeing my meat. She grabbed my cock and balls together, playfully squeezing them and then skipped off down the hall with my towel. I definitely heard a little coo and distinct moan come from her when she reluctantly released my cock. I looked around to see if Don was watching but he did not seem to be in sight. I ducked into their guest room and dressed to go look at homes. I thought about wearing a pair of khakis but because I hate to underwear and I thought I might drip a little pre-cum (thinking of the little red head again), I put on a dark pair of “Docker” pants, a set of deck moccasins (no socks) and a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt. This is sort of the unofficial “uniform” for the little mountain community where we have our second home. The locals all dress like bums even the women except the professionals. Those who just live there in the summer and the winter ski visitors all seem to want to make themselves presentable. The ski bums and the summer hires all look like they haven’t a care or have any descent clothes either.

I finished dressing, stepped back into the bathroom to comb my hair and put on a bit of Obsession cologne. As I came down the stairs, I found them sitting on the overstuffed leather couch giggling. I asked, “What’s so funny?”

To that they answered in unison, “Just an inside joke!” and left it at that.

As I proceed down the steps, Suzy’s eyes never left my crotch. Her lips parted and she unknowingly licked them. A bursa escort quick grin came to her face and she said, “Let’s go find you guys a house!”

I asked if Don was going to come and she said her would meet us for dinner at the local watering hole.

We walked through the kitchen and grabbed a few listings she had pulled from MLS. I looked them over as Suzy opened the garage door to allow us to use the Caddy. As I sat down in the huge seat of her Cadillac STS, she slipped into her seat. Unlike most times when I have seen her as a “real estate professional” in her business suits, today, she had on a long yellow sundress. It had crossed straps across the open back, and cut low in the front. She loved to show off those great tits. The sundress also had very high slits up the sides that revealed all but her ass. It rode up on the leather seat and showed her upper thigh. She did not seem to have on anything under that dress. Her breasts were unencumbered by a bra but there was probably one built into the dress. What do I know about sundresses; I only know how to take them off. She seemed to squirm and settle into her seat even more deeply than it appeared possible. She was definitely getting “something special” from that gigantic leather seat.

We rode by the first few places while she told all about the history and financial arrangements to be had at each home. One of the places even had a radio message from another realtor who listed the home. Suzy tuned the radio and we listened to about half the message before I said we should move one.

I did not even like the outside of any of the first three places she showed me. I knew Marg would want more than just a good view and none of them had any pizzazz. The next place, which we approached, was simply stunning. It was the place Suzy had really chosen for us. As I arrived at the huge hand-carved double doors, I knew this house was going to be perfect. She grabbed the key from the lock box, unlocked the door and pulled me into the stunning home. She droned on and on in her high pitched voice about the benefits of the place and the house’s history until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I blurted out, “Can you talk when you have a mouth full of cock?”

She grinned from ear to ear and said in a deep husky voice, “I thought you would never ask!”

Without a second thought the pretty yellow sundress dropped to the floor and revealed completely naked mature body with great tits and cleanly shaved pussy. She seemed to blush a little at her state of undress. With a coyness that belied her maturity, she quickly dropped to her knees on the sundress and deftly pulled my cock from my pants. Before I could even feel guilty about getting a blowjob from her, Suzy began stroking my cock to life. As she engulfed the whole 7″ into her mouth, she worked at releasing my belt and the button on my Dockers. They dropped to the floor at my feet giving her a clear shot at my whole being. She pushed forward until my growing cock hit the back of her throat. It was like it triggered a switch and she began suck on my manhood like a Kirby vacuum cleaner. It was incredible. She seemed really relish her job. She paid close attention to caressing, squeezing and stroking my balls while she completely swallowed my cock. She squatted on her heels with her knees wide apart.

I marveled that I was standing in an elegantly appointed and fully furnished great room with fantastic mountain views but I was not able to take my eyes off this skillful woman giving me a hummer. I asked myself if how it was possible for her to suck it so deeply into her throat…… My mind was wandering but she was concentrating on her task at hand.

Suzy slipped her other hand between her legs. She was feverishly grinding four fingers of her hand into her cunt and stroking her clit with her thumb in unison with her hand strokes on my cock. I saw that her intense ministrations to her snatch produced a number of little droplets. I had my answer about “talking with her mouth full” bursa escort bayan because she did not say anything until she felt my hot jism hit the back of her throat. She swallowed all of it and continued to suck for a couple more minutes on my softening cock until it stood at full attention again.

With her blowjob completed, she stood up, spun around, bent over at the hips, spread her legs, grabbed her ankles and presented her generous round ass to me. She said, in that deep husky voice that only seemed to be in evidence when she was sexually aroused, “Fuck me hard and fuck me now! Stick it in my pussy and ream it out with that beautiful thing. Hurry up! I want to come now!! Aaaawwhhhh! Stick your dick in me, now!”

All I could do was stick it in and hold on. With her standing on her three-inch heels, my cock was perfectly in line with her cunt. I grabbed her hips and plunged deep into her cunt in one quick stroke. She let out another “Aaaawwhhhh!” I began slammed long slow deliberate strokes into her sopping wet pussy. She had the innate ability to use her ass muscles to milk my cock. She took her hands off her ankles. She moved the sundress from beneath her but not until some of her pussy juice dripped down on it. (That’s gonna leave a stain???) One hand went to her tits. She caressed each in turn and then she tweaked each nipple until it was hard. I could barely see her tits because my constant stroking blurred my vision. Her nipples were just the right size. They stood out from her tits like little round buttons. Surrounded by a small light brown areola, her tits were just perfect. Smaller than my Marg, but they were still perky and proud. I reached around her hips and grabbed a handful of tit. Her free hand closed over my hand. She squeezed my hand tighter on her breast. I would not have squeezed her so hard but she forced my grip tighter until she seemed to winch in pain. I could feel her fingers slip around the base of my cock and stroke even more feverously on her clit. I tried to keep up with her pace but she was going at her cunt with such vigor I could only match her two for one. I stroked her harder half expecting her to fall away and make me stop but she just ground her ass into my groin pushing my manhood deeper into her cunt. OOOOOHHH was all she said. I love to hear a woman moan, whimper, scream… anything vocal but she was almost completely silent. I could barely hear anything over the slapping of flesh and my own animal grunts. She seemed to be getting dizzy and uncomfortable so I pushed her toward the gigantic overstuffed chair directly in front of her. She grabbed the arms of the chair, dropped her heels and climbed over the back of the chair with her head hanging down. I mounted the chair and drove my cock into her sloppy pussy. This position allowed me to drive into her like a pile driver. I could hear her now as she grunted at each deep stroke.

We had been going at it for more than twenty minutes when she reached back and pushed me away. When she turned around her face was completely red. She had a huge smile on her face. She grabbed my cock and pushed me down in the chair. She spit a couple of times on her hand and rubbed it all over my cock. She pivoted on one heel, grabbed the arms of the chair and dropped onto me with all her weight directly on my still hard member. She let out a low guttural scream when she reached bottom.

I thought she had re-impaled her pussy but it was her very tight little asshole. She rested just a minute becoming accustomed to my fat cock in her ass before beginning to grind her hips. She made small circles and then quick upward and slow downward strokes. She kept that up for about ten more minutes until I could stand it no longer. I told her that I was about to cum. She didn’t seem to hear me. She grabbed one of my big hands and put it on her left breast. She squeezed my hand hard on her tit. She then took my other hand and put it on her clit. The distended little button stood out like a tiny hard dick. She put my escort bursa fingers together and forced me to pinch her love button. She loved the pressure I created on her clit. She was in complete control of her own pleasure. She was using me to fuck her and she was going to enjoy it her way. After a few more strokes into her ass with my hand on her tit and my fingers pinching her clit, she said, “Now, now, now, cum in my ass. Shoot your load in my ass, now!!!! Cum, cum in my ass. Cum, now!!!!”

As soon as I heard her husky sexual voice again, I shot a huge load of cum into her asshole. My dick was getting sore and raw from our constant pounding for who knows how long. I felt at least four or five huge pulses of hot sperm shoot into her ass. She collapsed back onto my chest. Knowing I had just been used as a toy, I asked her if she was done with me. She said, “For now!”

My softening cock slipped out of her ass and with that a huge quantity of my cum dribbled onto the floor between our feet. She stood up and walked to the kitchen to get a paper towel. I lay sprawled in the chair watching her walk down the hall. Upon her return, I stood and grabbed her right tit. Squeezing it hard, I pulled her into my body and planted a sloppy wet kiss on her puffy lips. “I think we will take this house but I have to show it to Marg first.”

“When we close escrow, you will get another fucking like this, ok?” She volunteered.

We were just cleaning up my cum from the floor and getting dressed when the homeowners walked in the door. I am sure they could smell the sexual juices in the air but they said nothing. I did not say anything to them but Suzy winked at the guy and he knew that the deal was done.

We met Don at the Mountain Top Saloon. He had a martini in front of him and he was grinning from ear to ear. He ordered another drink for Suzy and asked what I wanted to drink. As soon as the bartender walked away, he asked, “Did you fuck my wife good?” I stammered and stuttered a little bit before he smiled and said, “She fucks all her clients. She sells a lot of houses that way! With my heart problem, I can’t do it as much as she wants so she gets all she wants from her clients and I get to hear all about it later. You should try that with Marg. I guarantee she will get horny as hell and fuck your brains out every time.”

The smell of Suzy’s pussy juice was still very pungent on her sundress while we ate dinner. Beside the few droplets that leaked onto the dress while she was sucking my dick, she must have been leaking a lot of fluids from her ass and cunt. The waitress was cute in the way she kept hovering over our table all night. I think she was turned on by Suzy’s smell because I saw her numerous “inadvertent” casual touches on Suzy’s shoulder, back and even her hand. When we got up and were ushered to our table, I thought I could even see the little discoloration in the pattern of that sexy yellow dress. I was just dreaming that I had tasted her wet pussy when Marg arrived from the city. She hugged Don and Suzy, and kissed me very hard. I asked her “Why the passionate kiss”

She said she could smell Suzy pussy when she hugged her. “Did she fuck you when you went to look at houses?” She whispered in my ear. I was about to deny it when she said, “Never mind, I know you did. I can tell from the grin on our face. I know that Suzy fucks all her clients. I knew it the minute I saw your face. You never could keep a smile off your face when get a good fucking! Did you tell her we would take the house on Trapper Lane?”

“Yes, pending your approval, of course!” I said.

She grabbed my dick hard through my pants and said, “I am not going to agree to buy the place until I get fucked, too.”

Now that is another story but you knew that. I later learned that the home was equipped with a complete surveillance system and the homeowners loved the video of Suzy and me fucking in their front room. The homeowners, Brenda and Marc Mackenzie, a beautiful couple in their late thirties, have also become great friends of ours. A stunning statuesque redhead, Brenda has told me many times that she can do better than Suzy did for me that day. I might have to tell you about that later, too…….

More later, damon1951

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32