Intellectual Pursuits Ch. 01

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After struggling to get by as an actor and playwright in New York for nearly 10 years, I was tired of having to hustle for money and wait tables to pay the rent. I needed a change but it seemed that there were few honorable and stimulating career options in our bleakly market-driven society. In my theater world I was sometimes called upon to write reviews and participate in conference discussions where I came in contact with people with PhD after their names. One of these, a young professor named Susan encouraged me to pursue an academic career. I had to admit that the idea of teaching, reading, and writing about the performing arts, not to mentions summers off, sounded pretty appealing. With some excellent coaching from Susan about the application process, I was accepted to a top-ranked graduate program in performing arts in Los Angeles, California.

By consulting the campus housing office I found an incredible situation: a cottage in Santa Monica with a private garden and hot tub. The rent was on the high side but after slumming it so long I was ready for a little luxury. Being a student again came as a shock, I felt thrust back into the infantile position of jumping through hoops for a professor and a bureaucracy but I was determined to suck it up for the prize at the end.

The program required that all first year grad students take a seminar notorious for its heavy, theoretical reading load. The silver lining of this ordeal was the close relationships forged among one’s cohort. There were twelve of us but of these, three caught my attention and imagination. Francisca was the only local Angeleña. She was articulate and confidant, had glowing, coffee-colored skin, and large, bright eyes. About 5’2″ with short, tousled hair, and a petite build, she was a pixie, but a kick-ass sort of pixie who attracted me immediately. Jane was from Atlanta, African-American, taller than Francisca and much more curvy. Her hair and overall appearance was more professional looking than most of us but her clothes were enticingly form-fitting and always showed some cleavage. She was very friendly and out-going. Pauline, from Virginia, had wild curls of fine blond hair, blue eyes, a slim torso with a nice round ass encased in her tight jeans. She was rather quiet and self-effacing in seminar, but could be very talkative after the professor left the room.

At the end of our first week, we all agreed to meet at the brew pub a block from campus. We commandeered a large booth and ordered pizzas and pitchers of beer and got to know each other in increasingly high spirits. Squeezing back into the booth with two more pitchers, I found myself sitting between Jane and Pauline. Jane was really funny and Pauline and I were laughing until tears came from our eyes. They were both leaning against me and casually touching me as we laughed and teased each other. The subject of housing came up and when I told them about my hot tub, Jane said: “so what are we doing here?”

“Do you want to come over?” I asked them.

“Yeah, let’s drink up and go,” Jane replied.

Pauline looked hesitant. “Don’t tell me you’re shy” said Jane. “Come on, there’s only one cure for that.”

Pauline laughed at herself and said “Okay. First time for everything I guess.”

When we got to my place, I went to get towels and Jane and Pauline went to the bathroom. When they came outside they were laughing and Jane teased Pauline, “shame on you-stealing from your granny.”

“Shut up” Pauline protested, “change the subject.”

“Sounds interesting,” I pried.

“I need a beer” declared Pauline and grabbed a bottle from the six-pack we picked up on the way.

“So you’re not going to tell me?” I continued.

Jane couldn’t resist saying “she was wearing some of those granny underwear and I made her take ’em off.”

Pauline was laughing too and said, “okay, you’ve embarrassed me enough. Are we going to take a hot tub or not?”

I lifted the cover off the steaming tub and started pulling my clothes off. The two young women quickly followed suit and we all slid into the water, the moonlight glistening on our bodies. bahis firmaları We continued joking and laughing as I enjoyed the delicious sight of bare breasts bobbing in the water. Pauline had perky B-cups that looked perfect on her slim torso. I wanted to reach over and caress them. Jane had full, rounded breasts, with big dark nipples that stood out. I wanted to suck and bite them. These thoughts had just crossed my mind when I felt a foot against my thigh. “You know what would feel good?” Jane asked and then answered her own question. “A massage. We can trade but do me first.” And she rubbed her foot against my leg again.

“I’ll do your feet.” I said. “Pauline, why don’t you take Jane’s back?” I suggested. Pauline moved behind Jane and started to rub her neck and shoulders as I pulled on each of her toes. Jane moaned her approval as we continued. After a thorough foot rub, I started to massage Jane’s calves up to her knees.

“That feels so good” she said. Jane closed her eyes and I looked at Jane’s sexy body with lust. I let my hands slide just over Jane’s knees to glance her thighs then pulled away, then did it again. Jane grabbed my hands with hers and placed them firmly on her thighs. Pauline looked up questioningly but continued rubbing Jane’s back. Jane moaned and spread her legs a little more, then used her feet to pull me closer to her. She opened her eyes and looked at me, took my hand and placed it on her hairless mons. I silently began to caress her mons and then her pussy lips while she closed her eyes with a sigh.

Pauline soon noticed what was going on but didn’t say anything. She stopped massaging Jane who reached back for Pauline’s hands and slowly placed them over her own breasts. I watched Pauline’s lightly tanned fingers tentatively touch Jane’s rounded breasts. Jane was in a world of sensation with her eyes closed and mouth slightly open. I kissed her lips and felt her tongue dart out to meet mine. I pulled back and concentrated on her pussy and was excited to see that Pauline was now pulling and squeezing Jane’s nipples, making them swollen and erect. I put a finger inside Jane’s pussy and drew circles around her clit with my thumb. Jane was pulling me closer with her feet and making little cries. As Pauline pulled Jane’s nipples, she started to lick and bite Jane’s neck.

“Harder” Jane breathed out between her little cries.

Pauline and I attacked Jane’s clit, pussy, nipples and neck with intensity bringing her to shuddering orgasm. Jane pulled me to her face for a deep kiss, and then kissed Pauline with equal enthusiasm. “Sweetie, you’re next” Jane told Pauline.

Pauline hadn’t said anything and had a look that was part deer in the headlights, part smoldering tigress. “Pauline, is this alright?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. I think so,” she said.

“Remember,” Jane told her, “a first time for everything.”

“I think I would like a massage,” said Pauline.

I got behind Pauline and touched her slender back, running my hands down to where her hips swelled out to her rounded ass. I loved touching her and smelling her wild hair as it brushed my face. Jane started on Pauline’s feet but was soon rubbing all over Pauline’s body. Pauline leaned back against me until she was stretched out above me as Jane and I explored her body.

My cock was hard and I was sure Pauline could feel it against her lower back. Jane started kissing Pauline and I felt a hand grab my cock and begin stroking up and down. I didn’t know whose hand it was. I presumed the more aggressive Jane but I removed one hand from Pauline’s nipple and placed my hand on the one on my cock and followed the wrist and arm up to Pauline’s shoulder. This was so hot. I was loving my new life if this was any indication of what was to come.

As Pauline stroked my cock and wriggled her slim body against mine, Jane pulled Pauline hips up high enough to dive into her pussy with her lips and tongue. Now it was Pauline’s turn to sigh and moan until reaching her orgasm. The three of us held each other in the warm water which had lost a few degrees of heat since we had entered it. kaçak iddaa

“This is hot but I’m getting a little cold,” said Jane. “Can we go inside?”

“Of course,” I replied. After drying off with the towels, I brought Jane and Pauline inside my studio, still warm from the day, where we all lay down on the bed. I lit a few candles and brought glasses of water which we gulped down.

“So, Liam,” said Jane, “are you ready for your massage?” I just smiled and nodded, looking back and forth between the two lovely creatures who lay naked in my bed. “I’ve got some nice oil,” Jane said, rummaging in her bag. They laid me on my stomach and gave me a great massage, at first just using their hands. Soon I could feel oily breasts rubbing all over my back and legs and then Pauline’s whole body sliding up and down mine.

“Let’s turn this over and see what we’ve got,” said Jane.

Despite all the beer and hot water, I was very hard when I lay on my back, gaining appreciative sounds from my two masseuses. They began to softly caress me all over but avoided my cock at first. As they rubbed my chest they took turns kissing me, at first softly and then more passionately, sometimes breaking to kiss each other just above my face. This was really hot. “You must be dying to come,” said Jane, “but I don’t think you’ll mind if this lasts a little longer.”

“You can do anything you want to me” I replied, pretty certain that it would be wonderful.

Jane slid down and placed her breasts around my cock. She rubbed me all over with her nipples then pushed her breasts together, squeezing my cock between them. This looked and felt really great. Jane moved a little further down and licked and sucked the head of my cock for a few moments then noticed that Pauline’s face was right next to hers. Pauline’s blue eyes shone with excitement.

Pauline was looking at my cock closely. “Lick it” Jane told her, grabbing my balls in one hand and gently guiding Pauline’s head with the other. Pauline had a glazed look as she tentatively touched the head of my cock with her tongue, then began making long licks up and down. Jane took Pauline’s hand and placed it on my balls, showing her how to rub them as she licked me. It dawned on me that this might be Pauline’s first blow job. The whole scene with two women pleasuring me was impossibly erotic.

Jane moved up and placed a nipple in my mouth. “Bite it” she said. I licked and sucked and nipped and gently chewed Jane’s nipples as she moaned and Pauline meanwhile had placed my cock head between her lips while stroking my shaft with one hand and my balls with the other. Her tongue caressed the head of my cock while I bit down on Jane’s hard nipples making her yelp. But she immediately pushed her nipple back between my lips for more.

“Where’re your condoms” she asked. I pointed to the night table and Jane opened the drawer to pull out the box I had providently placed there when I unpacked just two weeks earlier. Pauline pulled her mouth off of my cock and asked “was it good?”

“You have no idea,” I answered. “Come here and kiss me.”

As Pauline moved up to sweetly kiss my lips while touching my face, Jane unrolled a condom onto my cock and positioned herself above me. “I know you’re about to burst but just let me and Pauline have a little more of this first, okay?” asked Jane.

Jane used her fingers to part her wet pussy lips and slid down onto my cock. Seeing her dark, curvy body, shining with oil in the candlelight, while Pauline kissed my face, neck and chest, I felt as if I was in a new world of pleasure. Jane rubbed her own clit while she rode me with her slick pussy that felt hot to my cock and quickly brought herself to an orgasm.

“Okay Pauline, now you get to make him cum. Get that sweet little pussy of yours down here right now.” Pauline obeyed Jane’s order and straddled me. Jane laid down by my side, caressing my chest and said, “I want to watch this.”

Pauline pushed herself down onto my cock slowly until she had the whole thing inside her. She leaned forward with her hands by my shoulders and began to pivot her hips, kaçak bahis sucking me in and out of her pussy. Her pussy felt very tight around my cock, like a hand gripping and pulsing as she fluidly fucked me. Jane was whispering in my ear: “she looks so good fucking you with her sweet little pussy, sweet little Pauline just sucked your dick with her mouth, now sweet little Pauline is sucking your dick with her little pussy.”

Jane kept up this verbal encouragement as I reached up to caress Pauline’s breasts and gently pull her nipples. Pauline was flushed and uttered loud exhalations, interspersed with soft moans. “You’re just a machine, Liam, you still haven’t come. You brought us so much pleasure, two sexy women, and now you’re going to cum so hard as Pauline fucks your cock.”

Pauline started moaning louder and pushing harder against me, Jane was flicking my nipples with her fingers and urging me on and I pushed up into Pauline. “Fuck her, fuck her little pussy, fill that little pussy with your hard cock, fill that little pussy with your hot come!” Pauline cried out her orgasm and I spurted with an intensity that was almost painful. I spurted again and again, grabbing Pauline’s hips and pounded into her until my orgasm subsided. Pauline collapsed upon me, slippery with sweat, kissed me then rolled to one side. On my other side, Jane pulled the sheets up to cover us and we all fell asleep, exhausted.

I woke up sometime before dawn when Jane got up to use the bathroom. I turned and put my arm around Pauline, spooning her. “That feels really nice” she whispered. Pauline took my hand and placed in on her breast. My cock hardened against Pauline’s ass. “Oh wow” Pauline softly exclaimed, then turned to face me, kissing me passionately while grabbing my cock with both hands. Pauline looked at me sleepily, her hair sticking out in a thousand directions. She kissed me again and then started to kiss down my chest to my stomach and then my cock. Laying her head down on the mattress beside me, Pauline grabbed my ass and began pulling my cock into her mouth. It felt good but I needed a little more movement.

I placed a hand on Pauline’s head and gently pushed to accentuate the sensations of her mouth on my cock. Pauline kept pulling my ass and slurping on my cock as I guided her head and soon I was spurting come into her mouth. She looked up at me, a dribble of come on her lips. She smiled at me and swallowed. “Was that alright?” I asked, not sure if I had been too forceful.

“You can do anything you want,” she said, and moved back up to lie in my arms.

Jane came back to bed and spooned me. Her full boobs felt really good against my back but I needed more sleep and was soon back in dreamland. The next time I awoke, it was because Pauline had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Jane reached down to caress my cock which rose to the occasion once again. I turned to kiss and fondle Jane then worked my way down to her pussy and licked her to a quiet orgasm. As I looked up, Pauline was watching us with a wistful expression. “Are you okay?” asked Jane.

“How is this going to work?” Pauline asked.

“Come here,” Jane told her. Pauline sat down on the bed, looking uncomfortable. “This is new for you, right?” Jane asked Pauline.

“Uh huh,” Pauline nodded. “I had the same boyfriend through college and I guess our sex life was pretty vanilla,” she added.

Jane said, “well, I’m not looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend but I’d get with either one of you or both of you together again. Last night was great.” Jane continued, “what do you say, Liam?”

“That sounds great to me, I’d love to be with both of you again,” I replied. Pauline’s posture suggested withdrawal, her expression was blank. I wondered if she was morally conflicted, or did want a boyfriend, or was just hung-over, but I knew she wasn’t as easygoing about what had happened as Jane. I told her “Pauline, if you’re open to exploring this some more, I’d love it, but if this was an experiment that you’re more comfortable putting behind us, I can respect that and still want to be your friend.”

Pauline’s posture shifted and she looked at us. “Can I think about it?” she asked.

“Sure,” Jane replied.

“Of course,” I added. I suggested a local café for breakfast and we all got dressed and went out to satisfy other appetites.

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