Kat and the House on Cherry Street

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Katrina had already been running that day, at a fresh five thirty in the morning before the summer heat had a chance to permeate through the air. Now the suburbs were sticky with humidity and the mid-afternoon air hung heavy, wearying her as she jogged through the bright, hot streets. Not the most sensible time of day for this — but she had come out again anyway. The workmen weren’t out at five thirty in the morning. They would be, now.

She had been running the same route in the afternoons for the past week, which took her past the house on Cherry Street where the builders were working. Big, bare-chested, broad-backed men, sweat glistening in the sun upon their beautifully-moulded, muscled shoulders. The enjoyable view made the heat rise inside her, to rival that already caused by the seasonal sun. They obviously enjoyed the view of her, too, from the wolf-whistles and comments that they directed at her lithe and leggy form as she loped past. It had caught her by surprise the first day, and awkward nervousness had lent her more speed as she ran on. But the nervousness had quickly transformed into excitement, and she had allowed the men much more of a view of her on subsequent days.

In her very early twenties, five foot nine inches tall with a slim and athletic – but still very feminine – frame, thick raven hair, big blue eyes and a flawless complexion, Katrina had been very aware of her own beauty for a long time. And she was not being subtle about flaunting it today. Black jogging pants covered her legs, but they rode low at her hips, exposing much of the bright pink thong beneath. A tight, skimpy tank top in matching pink clung tightly over a black sports bra. She felt very self-conscious, but she had been daring herself to do this all week. Would this be the day?

She reached Cherry Street, and neared the house where the builders were working. There were three of them in the front garden and two perched on the roof. She felt flushed with anticipation, still unsure of how bold she would let herself be. At the driveway where their big white van was parked alongside a skip piled with debris, Katrina stopped and bent down to tie the shoelace on her running shoe. She had paused at the last corner to untie it. The first of the men noticed her, and gave an appreciative whistle. She looked up at them all and gave them a big, warm smile, her blue eyes glowing bashfully.

“Babe,” shouted one of the men, a handsome young blond.”You look hot! Hoooh yeah!”

“When are you going to come on over and make friends with us?” another man called, bald-headed and leering. He beckoned to her. “You been teasing us all week — we’ll take care of you.”

Katrina took a deep breath and licked her full lips thoughtfully. “I am kind of hot today,” she replied. “I could use a drink.”

The faces of the men lit up with big grins. They looked at each other, nodded. “We can take a break,” said one. “Come on in.”

The two men on the roof descended their ladder hastily. Katrina swallowed nervously as she walked up the drive and allowed the men to lead her inside the house. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she thought. “Just stay in control…”

The interior of the building was bare and undecorated. Several walls were still in need of plastering, and wires sprung out from unfinished electrical outlets. Dirt, dust and muck from the builders’ boots was tramped all across the floors.

Looking around at the grimy mess, Katrina suddenly started to have doubts about what she was doing. “Umm… I’m not sure I should be in here… look, I’m sorry…”

“Aww come on now, don’t go!” one of the men whined.

The handsome blond looked around him and an expression of understanding warmed his face. He smiled reassuringly. “It is a bit nasty in here, isn’t it? Stay there — I’ll be right back.”

Katrina watched him leave, then looked around at the four other men.

“What’s your name, love?” one of them asked.

“Katrina… Kat. People call me Kat.”

“Very nice to meet you, Kat. Do you… like to drink cream?” He smirked.

She smiled back. “Yes, I like to drink… cream.”

“Do you lick it all up like a good kitty?”

She nodded slowly and managed to give him another sultry smile. He was tall with dark hair, and not bad-looking.

The blond man returned with some plastic sheeting. The others hurriedly helped him spread it over the floor. “A little better?” he asked.

She nodded again. She was still nervous, but the thrill of what she was doing hadn’t left her. She knew why she was here. They knew why she was here. Despite that, there was still bahis firmaları an awkward pause. Katrina looked down at the floor again and shyly started smoothing out a crease in the plastic with the toe of a running shoe.

“You know,” began one of the men, “you have a great body — why don’t you show us a little more of it?”

“Yeah,” another chimed in, “why don’t you show us those pretty tits of yours? You didn’t come in here just to tease us now, did you?”

Katrina took a deep breath and hooked her fingers under her tank top. She slowly lifted it up.

“Very nice. And the bra, baby.”

She complied, peeling the clothes slowly over her head and freeing her full, firm breasts for all the men to see. They all stared appreciatively. The bald-headed man excused himself for a moment and left the room to return a moment later with a cellphone. He held it up in front of him to take a picture.

“No!” Katrina squealed, covering her breasts hastily. “No cameras, please!” Having naked pictures of herself on the internet had not been part of her fantasy.

“No problem,” said the blond guy. He strode in front of the camera, and took it from its owner. “Here,” he said, passing it across to another man. “You look after it for a bit till the paparazzi calm down.” He watched the other man pocket it, and turned to Katrina, gesturing with open palms. “Done,” he smiled.

“Thanks,” she murmured, “I’ve had bad experiences with that before.”

There was another pause.

“How about you take those running pants off?” one of the men suggested. When she hesitated, he added “they’re half off already. You can show us the rest of that thong.”

Katrina looked down and composed herself again, smiled. She put down her top and bra, sat down on the floor and removed her shoes and socks. She got to her feet again and very slowly pulled her jogging pants down and stepped out of them, revealing her long, slim, naked legs. The men whistled at her standing there before them in just her skimpy pink thong. Exposed and nervous, the thrill of what she was doing returned to her and she could feel herself becoming more aroused. She knew that the dampness between her legs was more than just sweat.

“Babe, you are gorgeous.”

The tall, dark-haired guy moved toward her. “If you’re a good kitty, you can have that drink of cream now.” He held her gaze as he lightly ran his hands over her hips and buttocks, and then up over her breasts. Her nipples hardened to his gentle touch and she gasped softly. He put his hands on her shoulders. “Get on your knees.”

Katrina knelt down before him obediently and he unzipped himself. His penis sprang out, already mostly erect thanks to her striptease. Without needing further direction, she took its shaft in her hand, and its head between her lips, and rapidly stroked and sucked it to full erectness. Cheers of approval from the other men helped her own arousal as she pictured what she must look like, almost naked on her knees, giving a blow job to a stranger while four other men watched.

She continued to stroke his penis with one hand while licking and sucking, resting her other hand on his thigh for support while she moved her head back and forth. He was clean and did not taste unpleasant. She closed her eyes, concentrating on pleasing him, and barely noticed that some of the other men had moved around her until she felt the touch of other hands stroking her skin. Fingers moved over her breasts, buttocks, between her legs. She moaned in pleasure.

“Move her down,” a voice behind her said. The man in front lowered himself till he was seated on the floor, grasping her head so that she had to move with him, keeping his penis in her mouth. Katrina now found herself on her hands and knees with her head down and her ass up in the air.

“Oh yeah,” the man behind her breathed. “Oh, yeah.”

Hands tugged at her thong and slid it down over her behind. She moved her legs to allow them to pull it down easily over her knees, and off. Fingers reached between her legs and stroked the moistness there, sending a thrill through her. The man behind her spread the firm cheeks of her buttocks apart and paused — presumably to admire what he saw — while her vulnerable and submissive position caused her arousal to increase all the more. Then his fingers returned to continue their probing of her sex, slipping inside her eager opening easily, and massaging her for a few more delicious moments. Then she heard the fumbling of a belt buckle and zipper, felt a firm hand on her flank as the man steadied himself, and then the thrust of his hard member kaçak iddaa into her waiting wetness.

Katrina’s gasps and squeaks of pleasure were muffled by the penis in her mouth as the man at her rear continued to thrust deep inside her. He spread her legs wider and began to thrust a little harder, reaching forward to run his hand over her naked back and under her body to grasp her breasts, which were swinging fiercely as she was rocked back and forth. Again she wondered what she must look like, taking two men like this — two strangers! The thought thrilled her as much as the physical sensations that were firing inside.

“Yeah!” cheered the voice of the bald man excitedly. “Spit-roast the slut!”

The degrading call caused a confusion of emotion for Kat. But neither of the men needed any encouragement, it seemed. The man whose lap in which she slurped and sucked grasped her head again to guide her, as she was having more difficulty pleasuring him properly while being pounded from behind.

The man at her rear continued his exuberant thrusting, increasing his pace — and the tempo of her muffled squeaks — until his last, long thrust which he held deep in her, quivering. She felt his shaft twitch, and he ejaculated inside her. Moments later, the member in her mouth did the same, squirting warm cum down her throat, which she gulped down between gasps.

“Lick it up, then.”

Katrina realized the man was referring to the remaining stickiness on the end of his penis, which he had withdrawn from her mouth and now held in front of her face. Despite still being breathless, she obliged.

“Good kitty.” He petted her hair briefly and then stood, and zipped himself back up.

The man behind her had also withdrawn, and was replaced by the next. It was the bald man.

“Have you ever taken it up the butt?” he asked.

“Yes, but…”

“She says yes to butt!” he cheered, spreading her legs apart again with his big hands. Kat felt him roughly probe her pussy with his fingers before sliding them up between her buttocks and lubricating her there with a mixture of her own juices and the other man’s cum.

“Wait,” gasped Kat, “I…”

“You’ll feel me, babe, don’t worry. Oh yeah, you’re gonna feel me!”

She felt the head of his penis at her anus, and he began to push into her, stretching her painfully. She cried out.

“You like that? I’ve hardly started, honey.” He continued to push into her and she fell forward onto her belly. He moved his bulk over her and slid one arm underneath her for leverage, and to maul her breasts as he began thrusting into her ass.

“Ahhh, fuck!” she swore in pain. “Fuck, fuck!”

“Yeh babe, I’m gonna fuck you alright. I knew you were an up-the-butt slut!”

He continued his steady thrusting and added his grunts of pleasure to the sound of his flesh slapping hard against her behind. Katrina’s cries softened into gasps and moans as her muscles relaxed, and her ass was steadily opened up enough to accommodate its intruder. She hadn’t yet cum, although the last man had brought her very close, and as the pain softened, she was able to enjoy the pleasure again that was humming through her.

Kat’s next shock, as she braved a glance to the side at the men watching her getting an ass-reaming, was to see that one of them was holding up a cellphone again. “No!” she squealed, “I… ahhhh!… said no cam… unnnh!”

“What’s the matter, babe?” asked the man on top of her between breaths. “Oh, the camera? You weren’t complaining while you were taking care of two guys at once — so I figured you’d be fine to be filmed getting fucked in the ass, too”.

Katrina was overwhelmed. The realization that she’d been filmed — that other people would be able to watch her naked, getting fucked in every orifice by three different men, was too much. But… she’d always been excited by the idea of exhibitionism, even if she hadn’t been brave enough to do much about it before now. After the initial horror, she realized that it also made her very excited — and aroused even further, especially to be seen in such a submissive position.

The man’s thrusts were getting faster and shorter, and Kat sensed he was close. He finished with a deep thrust which tore another scream from her, though this time it wasn’t just from the pain — she was close to climax again herself. She felt several shorter thrusts as the third man’s semen was emptied into her, and then relief after he withdrew from her ravaged rear passage.

“That is one sweet ass,” the man said appreciatively. “You are one hot little slut!”

He got up, put kaçak bahis himself away and turned back to the others. “She’s not going to be able to walk after that… and certainly not run for a while!”

Katrina raised herself on wobbly arms and slowly sat up. It hurt to sit on her butt. Sweat — some hers, some not — ran down her back and into the cleft of her ass to join the other fluids that were leaking out down there. The taste of cum still filled her mouth. She felt so dirty after putting on such a wanton display, and almost felt like crying. This really hadn’t turned out the way she’d pictured it. Sodomy and cellphone cameras… the man was right, she had become a total slut.

“Here,” a voice said. Katrina looked up and saw that it was the blond guy. “You could probably use this.” He was offering her a plastic cup of water. She took it gratefully and downed it quickly.

“Thank you.”

“I hope you’re not too tired out yet,” he said gently, “someone who goes running as much as you do must have more stamina, surely?”

“No,” smiled Katrina, “I’m not too tired out yet.” It was true. She was very sore — sore in places she hadn’t expected to be — but he was the most good-looking of all the men, and… she still needed to cum.

“Okay then, why don’t you lie back?” He scooped up her clothes, bundled them up and put them behind her head as she stretched out on her back, admiring his handsome features and lean, muscular body. He granted her a more complete view as he undid his belt and trousers, and slid them down his thighs. He was well-endowed, and erect.

Kat opened her legs invitingly and drank him in with big eyes as he lowered himself down on top of her. This was much more like her fantasy.

“Damn, you’re gorgeous,” he said softly.

“That’s just what I was thinking about you,” Katrina whispered. Then she gasped as she felt him between her spread legs, and he penetrated her.

His arm slid beneath her neck, and his other arm stroked her flank as he thrust slowly and deeply into her. His thick shaft quickly began to send further waves of pleasure through her body, and she thrust her hips eagerly back in response. His hand roamed her body further, over her hair, face, heaving breasts and taut belly, and she licked at it when able. Then it settled underneath her ass, where he held onto her as he started to thrust even harder.

Kat bucked and writhed beneath him, reached up and clasped her arms around his neck, crushing her breasts into his firm chest and grinding her hips against his, feeling the rush of an impending climax. The momentum of his thrusts increased, as did the volume of Katrina’s moans. Then it hit. The waves of bliss crashed through her, and she cried out and squealed loud enough to be heard across the street. He continued to hammer into her until he too had cum, pulsing and squirting his seed inside her hot, quivering body.

Katrina lay on the floor in a pool of sweat, recovering her breath after her colossal orgasm. As different sensations in her body started to reassert their dominance, she realized that her knees and elbows hurt, she was sore between her legs, and her ass felt like it was on fire. But she still felt weirdly wonderful. Not only could she not remember climaxing quite like that before, but she felt strangely liberated and found that she was enjoying being seen as a shameless slut. She was naked with her legs still spread open, lying on display in front of five men, all of whom were now dressed again and wearing smug and satisfied expressions. Four of them had cum inside her — the fifth, despite the nudging from his comrades, was apparently satisfied with capturing her sexual performance on his cellphone camera.

Kat was also feeling satisfied. Seeing that the last man was happy to remain a voyeur, she took a deep breath, sat up again and began fumbling through her sweaty clothes. She was determined to keep in control and leave while she still felt good about the experience, before she started to feel too self-conscious and let shame and shyness get the better of her, as they were threatening to.

A couple of the men said something to her as she pulled her thong back on and fastened up her bra, but she shut them out and didn’t hear the words, focusing on getting dressed. She put on the rest of her clothes before she let any of the men catch her gaze again. Then she flashed them all a sultry smile and walked past them out of the house on weak and wobbly legs, with as much dignity as she could still muster.

“He was right,” she thought as she tottered down the drive and back along the road, “I can barely walk, and it might be days before I can run again comfortably.” But still she wondered with excitement what she was capable of now, and what would happen the next time she chose to pass by the house on Cherry Street…

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