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While this was written back in 2006, I’m finally getting around to posting it. Comments appreciated.

=== === ===

The main streets were packed, with the local town’s parade. I had been hitting side streets and was almost halfway across town when I saw her walking down the side of the road. She was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts with a dark red t-shirt. Her long black legs were doing the most interesting things to her ass, and long dark hair, as she made her way down the walk. Before I realized it, I was slowing down and pulling to the curb.

I rolled down the passenger window, leaned my head towards it, slowing down even more. As I came up immediately to her side, I was that not only did she have a nice round ass, but her chest put it to shame. I could easily wrap my arm around her waist, but her chest was easily twice as round.

“Say, do you know the way to Paterson St.?”

I was expecting her to jump, but she must have known I was pulling up, since she kept walking at the same pace, looking straight ahead. “Sure.”

I let my eyes move up and down her body while I thought about my next choice of words. “Care to share?”

She turned her head towards me, smiling. “Maybe. What’s in it for me?” She kept walking, head turned towards me.

“I’d be happy to give me a ride.”

She smiled larger, stopped. I moved forward a couple feet more I stopped the car. “Is that so.”

My slip came to me. “I mean, I’d be happy to give you a ride.” I had to stretch my neck up and over to try to see her, since she’d made no attempt to move towards me. I was about to throw the car into reverse when she started moving towards me.

After a couple of steps, her head was cut off, since I’m driving a smaller car. I take the time to check out her shirt. Her breasts are pushing into the fabric of the t-shirt tight enough that the fabric comes out in a straight line from tip of breast to tip of breast. Moving my eyes down towards her stomach, the shirt is pulled slightly away from her skin. The front is pulled up by her breasts enough that I can see just a bit of her dark-skinned stomach near the top of her shorts. The waist of her shorts are drawn tight against her skin.

She places each hand on the inside of the door and begins leaning towards the car. Her ass moves away, but her chest moves down and towards me. I’m waiting to see if I can get a look down her shirt when her head comes into view.

Now that I’m closer, I can see she’s young, but not that young. She’s got lines near her eyes and in the corners of her mouth, but her lips and eyes are still young.

“I’m walking down to Mill Dr.”

“Is that a matter of fact?”

“Sure is.” She moves her eyes around the inside of my car. “You could take me there since it’s on your way.”

“You sure you want to go with a stranger?” Well, that was a smart thing to say …

She laughs. “I’m plenty old enough to.” She flashes a grin at me. “Sure you want me”, short pause, “to come?”

I grin back at her and make a move towards the door handle. “You bet.”

I pull the handle from inside and she steps away from the car. She puts her hand on the outside handle and pulls the door open. Her head’s gone again, so I take another look at her body, this time letting my eyes start at the waist of her shorts and move down. Her shorts look to be less than six inches long from waist to leg.

She turns around slowly, giving me a look at her left side and back. From closer up, her jean shorts look even tighter. She starts moving her ass down towards the seat and sits. She moves one leg, then the other, into the car, moving the rest of her body towards the front as she does so.

When I finally move my eyes up from her legs, I see that she’s looking over at me. I move my head forward, too quickly, and get a bit of a head rush. I put my hand down between us and when I hear the door shut, I switch over to drive.


Right away she tells me to to turn right at the next intersection. I’ve been through this town before, and contrary to what I said, I don’t need directions to Paterson St. I also have some idea of where Mill Dr. is, and it’s not this way.

“Go down this road three blocks and then take a left.” She moves her head and upper body towards me. “So why you going to Paterson?”

“Buddy lives there. We’re gonna go fishing for a bit today.”


I chuckle, take a left, and look over at her. “Sure, but it gives you time to think.”

“Oh yeah? What do you think about?”

I knew what I was going to be thinking about today. “I don’t know, whatever is on my mind.”

“What’s on your mind right now.”

I start to grin but catch myself.

She laughs quickly. “Nevermind. I suppose we both know. Take a left in five more blocks.”

“Okay.” I pause for a moment. “Say, isn’t that going to take us back to the road we were on?”

“Well sure. This is a nicer drive though.” She let’s a pause build this time. “And it gives me time illegal bahis to think.”

“Oh yeah? What are you thinking about?” I look over at her and see she’s looking out her window.

I’m almost at block five, so I figure she didn’t hear me. I take the left and am about to repeat myself when she talks.

“Mill Dr. is up about four blocks, on the left. We’ll see a park first.”


“What time you going fishing?”

“Umm, I don’t know, whenever I get there I guess.”

“I don’t mean to make you late.”

“Not at all. After all, you’re going to help me get there. I’ll just tell him I got lost and had to ask for directions. Am I taking a left here?”

She leaned towards me slightly. “Yup. Then take an immediate right.”

I cross traffic and swing right.

“Third house on the right. The blue one. You can pull into the driveway.”


I pull up and in. I throw it into park and look over at her. I start to open my mouth, but she’s already begun talking.

“Come on in and I’ll write up some directions for you.” She’s already opened the door and is making her way out. She’s quick this time, so I only get a quick look at her ass pointed towards me as she gets out.

I turn off the car, and start getting out. The seat belt stops me, until I release it. I shut the door behind me and make my way to the right of the garage, moving towards where she headed.

Beyond the garage, there’s a door leading into the house, at which she’s standing and unlocking. She opens the door, and looks back. “Come on, hurry up.” She half-smiles, half-grins.

I pick up my pace and start looking around. Not a bad neighborhood, and really quiet. Even though a fairly main road is just half a block away, there’s a grove of trees behind the houses. I make my way inside the house.


It takes my eyes a moment to adjust. I’m in a small foyer. There’s a staircase in front of me, a living room to my right, and a small dining room to the left. I’m moving my eyes back towards the living room when I see her as she makes her way out of it. She walks towards me and smiles. “Be right back.” She jogs up the stairs, and I watch her as she goes up.

Her legs are doing that thing with her ass again. I move my eyes down a bit, looking at the bottom of the shorts, right where her legs come out. After a second, she’s out of sight.

I move towards the living room and check it out. The right wall contains a full window, with a couch right in front of it. The wall directly across is blank, but about 20 feet in there’s a television, angled towards the couch. To my left, there’s a recliner against the wall, angled towards the tv. There’s a small table in the middle, with a collection of remotes and magazines. The wall far to the left has a couple of smaller windows, looking out towards the trees. There’s a hallway in the corner, heading in the direction of under the stairs. Probably to the kitchen and back to the dining room.

I hear her coming back down the stairs, so I turn around. I get another brief look of her in profile as she steps on the landing. Tight red shirt, tight jean shorts, long black legs. Her head’s turned towards me, and she smiles.

“Sorry. Come on back and I’ll get you those directions.”

She heads towards me, and brushes past, heading into the living room and back. As she walked by I could clearly smell a slight perfume, one that I hadn’t detected in the car. She must have heard me sniff, because, “Oh, and I had to put a bit on.” I didn’t mind.

I followed her back, and since she wasn’t looking back at me, I let my eyes trail up and down her backside. When we got towards the back, we turned into the hallway and found ourselves in the kitchen. Along with the usual appliances, there was a table in the center of the room with a couple chairs around it.

“Nice house,” I said.

“It’s my parents.” She was looking through a small dresser. “They’re actually gone until tonight.” She pulls out a pen and note pad. “Here they are!”

She brings the paper and pen over to the table and drops them down. She moves back slight, and puts her elbows down on the table. I turn towards her, my eyes previously wandering around the kitchen, and watch as she moves her ass back and away. Her head is looking away from me, and she’s writing away, so I let me eyes move over her body. Her jeans are even tighter now, and her shirt has moved up just a slight bit. After a moment, I realize that I’ve got a painful bulge in my pants.

I glance down, then back up, and meet her eyes. She’s smiling softly.

Quietly, she asks me a question. “Want a tour?”

I swallow, and it sounds like an elephant’s stamp. “Sure.”

“Follow me.” She heads towards the other exit from the kitchen. “You’ve seen that way, so we’ll go through the dining room.” There’s a small curio cabinet straight across, and a door to the right. “My parents room” she points. We’re then heading towards the front of the house, around the illegal bahis siteleri rather massive table. Ten people could easily sit around this table.

We’re back in the foyer, so we head up the stairs. I let myself fall back enough that I’m eye level with her ass as I lean my head slightly forward. It occurs to me that there’s no basement in this house. At the top of the steps, we’re in a rather large hallway. There’s three doors, two on the right and one on the left.

“The first door is my brother’s room, and the second is the bathroom. The one on the left is my room.” We head down towards it, skipping the brother’s door.


She’s got three walls of windows in her room. One window towards the front of the house, one towards the back, and two towards the side. Curtains are drawn on all four, but the light is still filtering in. She’s got a dresser to the right, a bed towards the left, against the middle of the side wall, another dresser against the other wall, and a table between that wall and the bed.

She heads right over to the side of the bed, puts both hands on it, and moves them and her body across the bed to the other side. Her hands reach the side of the bed, and she stops moving. Her stomach is flat against the bed, her ass is slightly raised, and her legs are almost standing straight. The bulge in my pants is painful.

Her ass starts moving down, as her feet slid away from the bed. She moves her head, letting her right cheek rest on the bed, as she looks over at me. “So, do you have a condom or not?”

Huh? “Umm …”

“If you don’t, you can’t come instead me. But I’d really like it if you hit me from behind.”

She kept looking at me, straight faced. But then, then she smiled, or really it was more like a grin. Something broke, and I moved towards her.

One minute I was in the doorway, the next my hands were on her ass. I let my hand slid over her ass, my fingers slipping over and into her tight short pockets. With fingers finally inside, I started moving my hands down, yanking the shorts towards me. They moved, but not very much. At this point, she was looking away from me again, but she moaned in pleasure.

I dug the palms of my hands into her ass and moved my hands up her ass. I moved my fngers deeper into her pockets and pull her shorts towards me again. They’d moved half an inch, but that was more than they should have. She moaned in deep pleasure at this. I moved my hands back up her ass, letting my fingers slip out of her back pockets, letting my hands trail over and past her jean shorts. As I made my way to her t-shirt, I let my fingers slid under the fabric, up her spine.

As I reached the back of her bra, I let my finger-tips move over the strap, and then moved my hands towards her sides, tracing the strap. When I reached the sides of her breasts, I started to let my fingers slide through her plush skin, under her the cups of her bra before I stopped. My hands were pretty far up her shirt, so I started spreading my elbows away from me, letting her shirt start riding up her back.

I put one knee onto her bed, then the other, letting myself sit on top of her ass. I kept using my arms, and finally my hands, to pull her t-shirt further up her body. By now, it was over her head, and around the tops of her arms, but I stopped pulling it off.

I put both feet onto the ground and made my way off of her, but back behind her. She could turn her head, but because of how I’d left the t-shirt, she wouldn’t see me without moving the t-shirt aside with her hands. She made no attempt to.

I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, pulling my boxers down with them. My hard cock sprung free, glistening from the tip. I got down on my knees, and moved my hands to the sides of her shorts.

I began pulling them down again, listening to her moan. After pulling twice, I then yanked them up, resulting in a surprised gasp from her. I moved my hands under her stomach, making my way to the front of her shorts. As I reached the button, I lifted her up, and she stayed, letting me unbutton then unzip her shorts.

I moved my hands to behind her and pushed her back down to the bed. I moved my fingers into her back pockets again, which was slightly easier now, and dragged her tiny shorts down off her ass. I started to see right away why I’d seen no panty lines; she was wearing a thong.

I kept moving her shorts down, until I reached her ankles, where I let them stay. I put my tongue on her right cheek, then on her left, then back, and back again. At each lick, she moaned in pleasure as I started making my way towards between her legs.

As I made my way down with my tongue, I moved my hands to the band of her thong and pulled it up towards her. Her moans were becoming louder as my tongue got closer to her pussy, and my hands climbed higher and higher. When my tongue finally reached their goal, just a bit of her pussy was showing on each side of the thong’s fabric. I let my tongue slide under, first one canlı bahis siteleri side, then the other, and helped the fabric between her lips, continuing to pull the thong higher and higher. I lapped my tongue sides across her pussy, getting an “Oh god!” from her as I did so.

I was beginning to drip, so I knew it was time to let myself slide into her. I pulled off her thong in one fluid motion, letting it rest on top of her shorts, which still hung between her ankles. I stood up, letting my hands slide up her side, and let myself slip into her cave. She was so tight around me. I moved myself slowly in as deep as I could get, and then slowly out almost all the way. In and out. In and out. With each movement, she sighed, long.

I let myself unclasp the back of her bra and just pulled it up her arms, stopping when I reached her shirt. I kept pumping her, slowly, as I slid my hands down her arms, to the sides of her chest, and towards the front of her body. As I moved my hands under her, I felt my way to her tits, and when I reached them they were already hard. I let myself pinch them between my fingers, still moving my cock in and out of her pussy slowly.

I continued to play with her tits from behind, and continued moving in and out of her, for about five minutes, according to her alarm clock.

I moved my hands back towards her ass, then towards my cock. I withdrew and placed a hand on myself. I moved the tip of my cock towards her warm pussy, letting just the tip slide between her lips, up and down. She was doing something between a purr and a moan now.

I stopped suddenly, after just a little bit of this, and rolled her onto her back. She didn’t know what was going on, so it wasn’t as easy as I’d planned. Nonetheless, in a moment she was on her back. I put my hands on her knees and pushed her over the bed, just enough so that I could get on top of her to fuck her. Her head, however, was overhanging, but as she moved her hands to try to support her head, they got stopped by her shirt.

I put a knee on the bed, slipped my cock inside her pussy, and put my other knee up. My hands went up to the sides of her arms, as I pressed down on the loose fabric of her t-shirt. She’d either have to keep her head up with her muscles, or move her hands to the back of her head to keep them straight. After a moment, she stopped trying to get the shirt off and moved her hands to the back of her head. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but I was in control now.

I looked down at my cock, moving in and out of her pussy. She’d shaved herself, in something like a rectangle. I moved my eyes up, towards her round, plump breasts. Even though they were loose they were still slightly erect, only pushing towards the sides a little bit. I would have liked to have forced her to her knees and put my hard cock between them, letting myself fuck her breasts, and shooting my load onto her face.

I realized that I was pumping her even harder, thinking about this, and she was moaning even harder because of it. At the rate I was going, I was going to be coming inside of her, which she clearly hadn’t wanted. I thought about just doing it anyways, but slowed myself down.

On her plump ass? Her tight stomach? Her round breasts? Her sweet face, still hidden from view by the t-shirt?

I pumped her hard, twice more, and finally pulled myself out of her. I was going to come, and had decided upon her breasts. I quickly moved my cock up her body, up her stomach, towards her breasts. I moved a hand from by her arm to my cock and started pumping like crazy. Hard towards the base, hard back up, again and again. I could feel it building up, more and more and more until I grunted … and started shooting myself onto her breasts, onto her tits, towards her neck. Back and forth, back and forth …

I grabbed the t-shirt from around her neck and pulled it up her head. Once her mouth was in site she opened it, and sucked in a breath. Before she could close it I stuck my cock into it. She started to gag, but then regained herself and began moving her tongue over the head, and around the rod. Placing both hands on her shoulders, I pulled her body towards me, moving her head onto the bed, and letting myself angle my cock over her mouth.

Before I knew it, I was pumping my cock into her mouth, getting a gag from her every once a while, but she made no motion to stop me. I was pumping harder and harder, until I started coming once again. I withdrew slightly, then completely, letting the last spurts hit the t-shirt covering the top of her face. She alternated between swallowing and sucking in air.

I finally got off of her and moved off of the bed. She made no move to follow suit. I looked at her, her breasts, neck, mouth and t-shirt covered with my come. Her whole body was misted with sweat, and between her legs she was rather wet. I moved towards my pants, and started pulling them up. As I got to my knees, I leaned towards her pussy and ran my tongue over it three or four times as I pulled my pants up. I adjusted my shirt and tucked it into my pants.

“What’s your name honey?”


I made my way out of her room. As I reached the door, I looked back, but she’d made no move. I headed downstairs and out to my car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32