Lady Fingers (Conclusion)

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Ted wasn’t prepared for Diane to so quickly disrobe…but he recovered almost immediately…and his eyes admired her soft beauty. Seeing her naked from head to toe in bright light was definitely better than the fleeting glimpses he got – even if it was her tasty, lightly carpeted sex – in the undependably variant light of the movie theater. His eyes feasted on her, moving from her twinkling, impish eyes to her lush lips, on down to her pink-nippled full breasts, her “inny” navel, the somewhat familiar fur patch, and down her shapely legs all the way to her slim ankles. He smiled as he realized that she’d once again played magician. While he’d seen her deftly remove her dress, he’d totally missed her kicking off her shoes. And those shoes weren’t even anywhere to be seen.

“Well, I guess all that remains is to find a comfy place for you to lie down. Do you have any massage oil?”

“Oh, um, no…I’ve never been given a massage before. I thought you were going to use the body lotion you used before. Remember, we left it next to the sofa.” Her slim, previously sucked index finger pointed to the pink bottle still waiting for further use.

“Well…actually, I really want this to be great for you. The lotion will be okay, but if you have some kind of oil that’d really work much better. How about baby oil? That would work very well. For a massage whatever you use should glide on smoothly and sensually, and baby oil would be a great substitute for massage oil.”

“All right, then, baby oil it is! I do have some in the bathroom. I rarely use it, but if you say it’ll make for a great massage, then by all means please do use it. Besides, I just love the smell of it anyway.”

“Great…perfect. Tell ya what. Why don’t you relax and let me get everything. Just tell me where the baby oil is exactly and I’ll grab that puppy right up for ya. And we should put a sheet or something down for you – the oil could get messy – and something to lay your head on. And how ’bout a nice glass of wine? You have any?”

“Sure. Let’s do this…I’ll get the wine, you get whatever you’ll need for the massage. Deal?”

“Deal. Ok, so draw me a map. Where can I find some sheets, the oil and a pillow?”

“Oh, right. Sheets in the closet down that hallway right there. Baby oil in the cabinet over the bathroom sink. The bathroom’s first door on the right past the closet. As to the pillow, you can either use my bed pillow or one of those fluffy throw pillows by the sofa.”

“Hmm…those throw pillows look comfy. I’ll use one of those if you’re not afraid of getting a little oil on it.”

“Why not get a pillowcase while you’re in the closet and I’ll put it over the pillow just in case?”

“Gotcha. Sounds good. Be right back. And…um,” he smiled, “stay naked.” He tried a wink, but wasn’t very good at it.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” she replied, and her wink was much better.

Ted came back just about the same time as Diane. She was standing in the center of the living room already sipping her wine. “This a good spot?” she asked.

“Perfect,” he replied.

He laid out two soft sheets on the floor, folded over several times to be thick, both for comfort and to soak up any excess oil. He then got the throw pillow, slid two pillowcases over it, and placed it at one end of the sheets.

“Well, it’s not a massage table, but it’ll have to do, I s’pose,” he sighed.

“I’m sure it’ll work just fine,” Diane assured him. “Um…front or back first…since you won the bet.”

“Lie down on your stomach. I’ll start with your neck and shoulders. Lotta tension there, I’m sure.”

“Me? Tense? Surely you jest!” she joked, “After that theater episode I’m as relaxed as I’ve ever been!” Her smile was cheery and slightly erotic with the tip of her tongue briefly escaping to play between her lips.

Almost beside herself with anticipation, she laid herself down on the sheets with her chin resting on the pillow. Just before Ted started her massage she took a quick sip of wine. Then she closed her eyes and relaxed.

Ted put a palmful of baby oil in one hand, then rubbed his two palms together to warm the oil a little. He then placed both his hands on the back of Diane’s neck, thumbs in the center, fingers to the sides. He firmly kneaded her neck and worked his way to her shoulders, slowly using his fingers and the heels of his hands to rub away tension and loosen tight muscles. Diane was enjoying it almost as much as she’d ever enjoyed anything. It had been a long day, and she was still pretty wasted from the popcorn incident at the theater, so Ted’s massage was making her drowsy.

Actually, as Ted worked his way meticulously down her back, Diane drifted in and out of a hazy sleep. His hands forcefully kneaded first one side of her back, then the other. She could only sigh and smile. Occasionally, between naps, she’d sip her wine and then lie her head back down to enjoy the massage again.

Ted worked güvenilir bahis his hands down her back to the base of her spine by working perpendicular to her spine, from the center outward, moving slowly down her back first on one side of her spine, then back up on the other side of it. When he reached her tailbone on about the third or fourth circuit, he brought his leg across her back to straddle her, facing her head. Diane didn’t expect this, so she opened her eyes and looked back. She saw him in his straddled position, with his inner thighs just barely brushing her naked hips. He smiled down at her, and then began to rub her back in the other direction now, from the top of her buttocks up to her shoulders, moving along either side of her spine at the same time…and then back down again the same way. Along the way, his fingertips pressed into her flesh as if her were rapidly playing a piano, but with more force and pressure. To Diane, it felt like ten tiny fists working their way into tense, aching muscles, loosening and relaxing them. He would do this all the way up her back, and then flatten out his hands and pull them back down her back in one long, fluid motion, using his weight to give some force as he pressed the heels of his palms firmly into her skin. He did this repeatedly for about fifteen minutes or so.

He then slid himself further down Diane’s legs, so that he was now straddling her lower thighs, just at her knees. Diane felt a light touch on her buttocks, and smiled. Ted’s oiled hands stroked lightly on her cheeks, his flattened palms working in tiny, gentle circles. He gave her globes light squeezes and used primarily up and down movements of his hands, from her tailbone down to the beginnings of her thighs.

It was at that moment that Ted gave her a little tease…and a hint of what was to come. As he brought his leg back over her so that he no longer straddled her, she felt one light kiss on each cheek. She couldn’t hold back a tiny giggle, and when he heard that light laughter, Ted bent and gave each cheek a second kiss.

Ted kneaded Diane’s thighs from the bottom curve of her buttocks down to her knees. He then sat on the floor between her legs, lifting both of her legs, putting her knees on his thighs with her calves against his chest and abdomen and her feet resting on his shoulders. He massaged the back of the calf of one leg slowly from knee to ankle, then switched to her other leg and repeated the entire process. Then, even though he’d already given her a foot massage earlier, he massaged both her feet, just for the sake of completeness. He’d enjoyed her sighs of pleasure when he rubbed her feet hours ago, and thought he might do an even better job this time, especially with the baby oil instead of the thicker body lotion. During this second foot massage, Diane again visited dreamland.

Ted had to wake Diane to tell her to roll over onto her back. When she did, he started at her toes and insteps and worked his way back up to her head. She smiled and sighed all the time she wasn’t napping. When Ted got to her upper thighs, he bent and kissed the top of her downy triangle briefly. When she looked at him with a smile, he said, “Just saying hi to an old friend.”

He massaged his way back up her belly, making sure not to neglect her sides, from armpits to hips. He paid special attention to this area, because he felt it was an often overlooked area of the body, and because he found that curve from breasts to hips so sensual.

Her breasts he massaged lightly, bending again to give each nipple a tender kiss. He didn’t want Diane to think he was going to forsake her massage for breast fondling, so he didn’t linger on them. Time enough for that later anyway, he mused to himself.

He again massaged her shoulders and neck, this time from the front. Her arms he rubbed as he sat at each side of her, working his way to the very tips of her fingers. Again, though he’d massaged them once already, he gave her hands a second thorough massage, ending with a kiss on the tip of each finger. To finish up, he sat at Diane’s head and gave her a facial massage, beginning with her neck and chin and lightly massaging her face, and even her scalp. About two minutes into the scalp massage, Diane was napping again, mouth slightly open with soft breaths not quite silently escaping.

Ted allowed Diane to nap a bit, waiting about fifteen minutes before waking her. When she awoke, she looked at him with a broad smile on her lips.

“Wow…that was wonderful. Thank you, Ted.”

“You’re quite welcome. But…I’m not done,” he said with quietly from grinning lips, “That was only phase one.”

“What”s phase two then?” Diane asked, eager to find out.

Ted replied by standing up and removing his clothing, article by article, with deliberate slowness…

Diane, naked and covered in baby oil, watched Ted remove his clothing. He did so slowly, teasingly, watching her eyes take in his lean, muscled body. She türkçe bahis smiled as each article of clothing ended up in a small heap next to her reading chair. Ted deliberately took a long time removing his briefs, toying with her. She watched, amused and excited, as he pulled them down just to the level of his pubic hairs and then lifted them back up again. He then turned around, standing over her facing her legs, and slowly lowered the briefs down to his knees, bending over as he lowered them. When he reached his knees, he turned to look back at Diane, and saw her staring wide-eyed either at his firm buttocks or what dangled just in front of them.

Diane chuckled at the show…but swallowed hard and bit her lower lip. Eventually, Ted lifted one leg out of the briefs and kicked them away with the other. He continued to stand over her. He wiggled his tight butt playfully, then turned and faced her. The mystery was over. Ted’s manhood, beginning to ever so slightly lengthen, made its unabashed, unhidden, glorious introduction to Diane’s approving eyes. Her smile of amusement became a smile of joy, followed by a sigh of anticipation…and sparks traveled briskly from her admiring eyes directly to the growing wetness between her thighs.

Ted again lowered himself on top of Diane, causing her to sigh in disappointment at no longer being able to see that captivating organ without craning her neck uncomfortably. He then put his hands on her shoulders as if to rub them again. Instead, he leaned down to kiss her forehead, then her eyes, cheeks, chin, ears, every inch of her face…and neck. He let his lips slowly linger on her face, gliding them along her skin, his warm breath tickling her cheeks and the areas just in front of her ears.

“Now, Diane…phase two. You said I could massage you any way I like…and any part of you I choose,correct?”

“Yes,” she replied hesitantly, a bit apprehensive at his wicked grin…but her middle grew wetter still.

“All right, then, here’s my choice. I’m going to massage every inch of you again…every inch. But, this time I’m going to use my lips and tongue in addition to my hands. This time my touch will be light, erotic, and I won’t shy away from kissing, licking, nibbling, sucking on, or touching any part of you. Are you sure that’s okay?”

“Ted, do you really have to ask that after what happened in the theater?”

“Just making sure,” he grinned, “Good, then let’s begin, shall we, Milady?”

Ted began this time with Diane’s front side. He kissed, licked and nibbled her neck and shoulders, while his hands roamed elsewhere, his fingertips barely brushing her oily skin. As he nuzzled her neck, kissing and licking it gently, occasionally sucking it tenderly, his fingers so lightly touched her breasts that her nipples became instantly erect. She squirmed under his dual assault on her body, his mouth and hands roaming wherever they pleased. The extremely light touch on her breasts caused tiny goosebumps to dot her rosy aureolas and her nipples nearly vibrated with their intense interest in the proceedings.

Moving down to savor her breasts orally, his lips and tongue continued the work that his fingers had begun. At times, only his hot breath could be felt on her flesh, his mouth never touching her skin. Other times, his lips gently skimmed over her breasts, bringing those tiny goosebumps once again from hiding. His tongue licked slowly and carefully around her excited nipples, the tip of it barely touching the aureolas as it flicked and danced, and just barely brushing the outside edges of those awakened nipples. The tips of those now begging nipples he saved for last. But finally, he did lick them, again with just the tip of his tongue, and they seemed to want to jump into his mouth, eager to be devoured.

As his mouth enjoyed the sweetness of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples, his hands caressed her sides, from beneath her arms to her hips – slow, light-fingered strokes. The tingling sensation along her sides, combined with the warm stimulation on her breasts, made Diane sigh deeply. It just felt so good. She was running her fingers through Ted’s hair and wasn’t even aware she was doing it.

Ted’s mouth captured one nipple and sucked it gently. His hands then came up from Diane’s sides and each stroked a breast lightly while his mouth savored that nipple. At this time, Ted regretted having only one mouth, as Diane’s other nipple seemed to cry out for attention as well. So, doing the best he could for it, he grabbed that nipple between thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed and stroked it, while his lips and tongue did the same for her other nipple. Diane was moaning a little louder now, and her fingers were more active in Ted’s hair.

Ted’s mouth left Diane’s nipple and worked downward to her belly. His hands remained to stimulate her heaving breasts, fondling, squeezing, fingers tweaking and lightly pinching her pink nipples. His lips and tongue tasted her güvenilir bahis siteleri oily belly, then he kissed and licked her navel, finding a tiny pool of oil inside it. He did his best to lick it all out, sucking as his tongue licked. His hands kept themselves busy on her breasts. His mouth moved ever downward. When he got to her silken triangle, he kissed all around the curly hairs and down along her moist, pouting lips. She was beyond wet, which pleased Ted immensely, but he surprised Diane by stopping. She was expecting a second popcorn incident. But such was not to be.

“No,” Ted said, placing a kiss directly on the center of her sex, “not yet. You’ve already had that. I want to prolong this a bit.”

He kissed his way down her thighs, eventually having to relinquish his hold on her breasts. He first lifted one leg to concentrate his kisses and licks on her inner thigh…then did the same to her other leg. While licking her inner thighs, his hands caressed her belly and hips, and even lightly caressed her steaming mound, fingers playing teasingly in her silken carpet. He kept hands and mouth busy at all times, never stopping stroking, kissing or licking her. His fingers and tongue searched her flesh unceasingly, as if continually searching for something new to taste and explore. His lips he moved all around her skin, using them to actually massage her as his hands had done earlier, his tongue occasionally coming out to play. Every so often, to keep her from even possibly getting bored, he’d return either lips or fingers to the treasure between her legs to stroke or kiss or lick.

His hands and mouth worked down her thighs to her calves, switching from one leg to the other. As his lips adored her calves, his hands took turns lightly caressing her thighs. He worked his way down along her calves all the way to the tips of her curling toes. Diane giggled lightly when he kissed and licked her feet, but she didn’t stop him. And when he sucked each soft, warm toe, the dewey wetness of his mouth was actually soothing to her…soothing, yet erotic. It reminded her of the hot, moist feeling when he sucked and licked her fingers earlier. And his playful tongue gliding furtively between her toes made her giggle and sigh simultaneously. A tender kiss at the tip of each toe heralded the end of his attention to her feet, and when he finished rubbing and kissing those feet, she felt just a twinge of disappointment. “See,” Ted said, “I told you I’d treat your feet nice.” Diane’s sigh was more than enough reply for him. Now it was time to flip Diane over for the pampering of her other side…or rather, her erotic stimulation of same. Ted told her to roll over again, and she quickly did so, eager to continue the pleasure. When she did, she raised her arms up over her head, laying her upper arms on the pillow at either side of her head. She relaxed to await the continuation of her “massage.”

Ted started with the soles of her feet and kissed his way up over her heels, all the while fingertips stroking her calves. He lightly chewed the soles of her feet, rubbing her toes forcefully with one hand and massaging the back of her calves with the other. His lips and tongue “massaged” their way up the back of her calves and thighs. As his mouth alternated between thighs, his hands lovingly stroked and caressed her bottom. When his mouth finally worked its way up to her buttocks, his hands moved upward to stroke her lower back. Light fingers caressed her back, even lighter lips caressed her bottom. Each cheek was gently kissed, soft lips moving from spot to spot to be as thorough as they could. His hands moved from her back to her hips and sides as his mouth adored her soft derriere. He also licked and lightly nibbled those glorious orbs. His warm breath on her bottom made Diane giggle again, but she was loving every sensuous second of this intense attention to her body.

Ted let his teeth occasionally nip gently at her tush, but would then kiss and lick that same spot. Sometimes he would allow his tongue to slowly lick along her cheeks…long, flattened tongue licks from top to bottom of both cheeks. Or he would gently suck her bottom as if threatening to give her a hickey on one, or both cheeks.

After paying oral homage to Diane’s luscious bottom, he moved his mouth ever upward, to Diane’s back. During this lip and tongue “massage” of her lower body, Diane occasionally felt Ted’s erect member drag along her thigh, or poke briefly at the base of one cheek, and she longed to grasp it in her hands…to feel it…to taste it. When Ted had worked his way back up to her neck, he laid down beside her for a more concerted effort at nuzzling and kissing her neck. This time she chose to roll over, and Ted bent to kiss her full on the mouth. It was a powerful kiss, long, intense and erotic. Their tongues met and enjoyed each other for a long time. Their hearts were beating rapidly and their eyes met…locked…burned into each other with intense desire. Diane felt that she’d let Ted do what he wanted long enough…now it was her turn. Suddenly, Ted felt a firm grip on his semi-erect member.

“That was delicious. But now I think it’s time your body got some attention, don’t you?”

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