Lake Trip Fun Ch. 01

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This is the first part of a multipart story originally submitted under the name KENKX. I have acquired a new sign-in member name, KENKX0 with a new computer and password to allow continuation of this story. You will find additional stories under my previous author title, KENKX on this site. Now, for the first installment:


“The lake’s up. There won’t be much beach area left on the island this weekend,” Gary stated into his cell phone.

Eric listened, then smiled. “Yeah, but that’s good. Everybody will be pushed onto less space, thus more skin per square foot!”

Gary chuckled, “Hey, you’re right. We can take our gals, raft up, have a drink, and feast our eyes on all the womanly flesh without having to leave the swim platform.”

Gary and Eric had been close friends since high school and both enjoyed boating on a nearby lake. After high school, they attended different universities, but they returned home and picked up their friendship. Gary, by nature an introvert, was now a C.P.A. working in a large regional firm. Eric was outgoing and impulsive. He now sold a line of hospital supplies for a medical distributor when he wasn’t chasing skirts.

Gary was in a two-year long relationship with Cindy. Eric tended to carom from one girlfriend to the next on a fairly regular basis. This month, Eric was squiring Marilyn, a tall, slender R.N. he’d met at the medical center.

Cindy was happy-go-lucky. Her personality balanced well with Gary. Gary laughingly told Eric and others, “If it wasn’t for Cindy, I’d probably be a social hermit.”

Cindy had a vivacious attitude. She also had a contagious penchant for touching and hugging. Eric always enjoyed the feel of Cindy’s large, soft breasts pressing against him each time she gave him a playful hug. Eric often wondered how Cindy would be in the sack, but he’d never pursued her because she was Gary’s girl.

Secretly, Gary had fantasized about several of Eric’s girlfriends, but he was much to shy and reserved to actually make a play for any of them. Gary had even seen two of Eric’s girlfriends naked.

Once, he’d dropped by Eric’s house and found him and Tricia sunning naked in the backyard. Eric had invited him to strip and join them, but he was too nervous and retreated as Eric taunted him.

Another time, Gary went out on Eric’s boat for a moonlight cruise with Eric and Daphne. Several drinks later, Eric dared Daphne to do a strip tease for them and she surprised them both by slipping off her suit and parading around nude the rest of the cruise. Daphne was wild. She pulled Eric’s cock out of his trunks right in front of Gary and sucked him briefly. Eric then took her below and fucked her. Gary could hear her moaning and groaning with pleasure and he rubbed his own cock in frustration.

Daphne grabbed Gary’s cock and asked Eric if she could at least suck it. Eric readily agreed, but Gary moved away, saying he didn’t feel right about playing around with her. Later, as he lay in his own cabin, Gary cursed himself for being such a tight ass and passing up an opportunity to enjoy Daphne’s blowjob. He knew, though, that if he had succumbed, Eric would want to get cozy with Cindy. “Would I really want to share Cindy with Eric?” Gary mused as he stroked his stiff cock that night after the moonlight cruise.

He could tell that Eric lusted after Cindy from the way he held her that extra moment whenever he had an opportunity. Gary continued to harbor a fantasy in which he and Eric both fondled Cindy and took turns fucking her. He used that fantasy many times to accompany his jack-off sessions.

Gary and Cindy arrived at the lake late on Friday afternoon and lugged the weekend supplies down the dock to Gary’s Sea Ray cruiser, logically named “Bean Counter.” Cindy put the fresh food in the galley’s refrigerator, then pulled a T-shirt and shorts from her bag. Gary sat at the small table and watched her remove her business attire and bra. She put her shorts on over her pink bikini panties and turned to Gary, briefly exposing her pendulous breasts and large pink nipples to his gaze. Cindy had sandy brown hair and a spattering of freckles across her chest that helped to accent her natural breasts.

“Ah, it feels so good to get out of my work clothes and into something comfortable at last,” she said as the T-shirt slid down to cover her chest and tummy.

Gary smiled, “I can see where your nipples put dents in your shirt, Cindy. Are you aware of that?”

“Oh, who cares?” Cindy replied. “We’re all friends up here. It feels so good to let my puppies out to play.”

“You’re a shameless hussy,” Gary chided unconvincingly, “but I love you anyway.”

Cindy quickly changed the subject. “Open a bottle of that good cabernet we bought and let’s get jiggy.”

Dutifully, Gary found the corkscrew and opened the wine, pouring two glasses. After a sip, he decided to change into his usual dockside attire, denim shorts and a Jimmy Buffett T-shirt. He liked to look the part of a casual dock rat on the weekends. It fulfilled bahis firmaları another of his fantasies.

Cindy watched him slip out of his slacks and white briefs. “What, no underwear, sport?” she teased.

“I like to give my boys some air too,” Gary retorted with a sly smirk. “Shorts are enough, I think.”

Cindy took another sip of wine and smiled. “I like the look. I can see the outline of your dick better.”

“Can you really see that?” Gary asked with alarm.

Cindy laughed out loud and her nipples seemed to become more visible. “No, silly, I was just screwing with you. Besides, you have such a nice dick, you might as well flaunt it.”

Gary could never tell when Cindy was kidding and when she was serious. Instinctively, he looked down but he couldn’t see any distinct outline in the front of his shorts. “She’s kidding this time,” he decided.

Gary and Cindy were halfway through with their second glass of wine when Eric and Marilyn noisily made their way down the dock. Eric’s slip was across the narrow dock and over one space from Gary’s slip.

“Hello lovebirds!” Eric called out in his typical greeting. “Great weather for the lake.”

The newcomers busied themselves unpacking supplies, including a case of beer and a case of champagne. A few minutes later, they reappeared on the deck of Eric’s Sea Ray, “Fun Seeker II,” with glasses in hand. Eric carried a bottle of bubbly and wandered over to Gary’s dockside table.

“Here, join me in a champagne toast to the big sale I made yesterday!” Eric poured the bubbly liquid into their empty glasses, then filled his.

“To me and my incredible sales talent,” Eric unabashedly stated and the three of them clicked glasses.

“Congratulations, Eric,” Cindy gushed. “You’re a legend in your own mind,” she added with a chuckle.

Eric laughed, “When you’ve got it, flaunt it, right Gary?”

“I guess so,” Gary reluctantly agreed. “Sounds like you did good.”

Eric topped each glass. “Yep. I’m thinking that I may need a bigger boat. That’s the best way to spend the commissions I’ll be earning on my new account.”

Marilyn emerged from Eric’s cabin in a very brief halter top and low-rider shorts. “Hey, why not spend some of your new riches on me, big boy?”

Eric chuckled at Marilyn. “I plan to do just that, babe. I’m going to buy you a smaller thong swimsuit, one you can see through when it’s wet.”

“You perverted pig,” Marilyn countered with a wry smile. She turned to Cindy. “All he ever thinks about is sex, sex, sex. That’s why I like him, I guess,” she added quietly.

Eric opened a second bottle of champagne and poured. Gary eyed Marilyn’s brief outfit and unconsciously visualized her sitting naked before him. Her lack of cleavage indicated that she had small, perky breasts. Her tight shorts revealed the shape of a small, well-shaped ass. “Does she trim her dark bush, or does she shave it smooth?” he mused as he surveyed her.

Eric was chatting with Cindy as Gary’s mind wandered. Gary returned to the present when he heard Eric exclaim, “Hey, Cindy, did you know that champagne makes a girl’s nipples hard?”

“Huh?” Cindy sputtered. She saw Eric stare at her ample chest and looked down. Sure enough, her erect nipples were very noticeable through her thin T-shirt. “Well, we all have them, you know. What’s the big attraction?”

“I’ve never seen them for real,” Eric replied with a sly grin. “That’s what makes them so intriguing. Want to show me your tits?”

Cindy blushed. “Marilyn’s right. You are a perverted pig! I haven’t had that much to drink, you know.”

Gary felt a shock, like lightning, go through him when he heard their exchange. “She didn’t say she wouldn’t show him, just that she wasn’t that drunk yet,” he thought to himself. Eric had the nerve to ask right in front of Marilyn, too. I should speak up, but instead, I’m getting a hard on just listening to them tease each other.

The edgy moment passed quickly. Marilyn asked for a refill and Eric busied himself with pouring another round for everybody.

“We need some snacks to go with all this booze,” Marilyn stated and rose to go to Eric’s boat.

“I’ll help,” Cindy volunteered as she followed Marilyn into the cabin.

Marilyn spoke when they were below, in the cabin. “That Eric. He’s such a tease. Pay no attention to his drunken rants.”

“I’ve known Eric longer than you have, Marilyn. I’m used to his crude remarks. He’s an incurable sex maniac, but I love that in a man. Sometimes, I wish Gary wasn’t so straight all the time.”

Marilyn glanced over at Cindy. “Maybe we need to work on that. Work on both of them, as a matter of fact.”

“What do you mean?”

Marilyn shrugged, thinking. “I know. We’ll both give Gary all the attention this weekend. Get him all aroused. See if we can help him break out of his accountant’s shell. Eric will go nuts if he’s not the center of attention and he’ll get aroused too. After we get them both hot and bothered, then we’ll decide what to do about it. kaçak iddaa What do you think?”

“You are one devious, twisted broad,” Cindy responded. “I love how your mind works. Let’s figure out how to proceed. I’d love to see Eric stewing in his own juice for a change, and see Gary so excited he won’t be able to hide the woody in his shorts.”

Marilyn and Cindy spent the next few minutes plotting as they prepared some cheeses and dips on two large trays.

“Here you go, boys,” Marilyn exclaimed. “We think you need some nourishment to counteract all the booze you’ve consumed.

Cindy sat close to Gary and sliced off a portion of sharp cheddar. “Here you go, honey,” she cooed as she offered the tidbit. Gary accepted the cheese and nodded before sipping his drink.

“Gary, you need to try my ranch dip,” Marilyn said as she moved to his other side and fed Gary a tortilla chip covered with creamy dip. “Now, wasn’t that just delicious?” she murmured close to his ear.

Eric sat with wide eyes. “Hey, what about me?” he asked nobody in particular.

Marilyn glanced at Eric. “Help yourself, you can reach it can’t you?”

Muttering, Eric cut off a chunk of cheese and began to chew. “Huh,” he grunted.

Cindy pressed her left tit into Gary’s arm so that he could feel her softness. “Want some more?” she asked coyly.

Gary nodded, wondering what she meant. Cindy put some Brie on a cracker and fed it to him as she stroked his back. “Now, wasn’t that just delicious?”

Not to be outdone, Marilyn leaned against Gary from the other side and picked up his glass. “Here, sip more champagne. It’ll make you feel so good,” she whispered as her hand stroked his neck.

The two girls continued to shower Gary with nibbles and attention. Eric sat back dumfounded and watched Cindy and Marilyn wait on Gary hand and foot, ignoring him most of the time. Gary was also abashed, but he soon grew to enjoy all the female attention. Laughing, he fed Marilyn a bite of cheese and filled both girls’ glasses with another round.

Finally, Eric had enough. “I’m going for a walk down the dock,” he announced and stomped off.

Cindy looked at Marilyn, behind Gary’s back, and grinned. “I think Eric is jealous,” she whispered.

“Serves him right,” Marilyn replied quietly. “He can be such a brute sometimes.”

“Hey, what are you two whispering about?” Gary broke in as he wrapped his arms around both ladies. “What’s the big secret?”

Cindy kissed his cheek and rubbed her hand along his upper thigh. “No secret, Gary. We’re just glad you’re such a gentleman. We want to reward you for your good behavior. That’s all.”

“Why, thank you. I’m glad you finally noticed what a nice guy I am. Is that why you’ve been feeding me and making me drink so much vino?”

Marilyn agreed. “Yeah, Gary, you deserve a reward for your behavior. Matter of fact, your behavior has been a little too good for a weekend on the dock. You need to loosen up . . . unwind more and enjoy life.”

“Oh really? Do you have an idea about how I should do that?” Gary retorted a little too loudly.

Cindy picked up on Marilyn’s hint. “Why don’t you come down in the cabin with us and we’ll see if we can come up with a reward for you?”

“Both of you?” Gary sputtered.

“Sure, why not?” Marilyn replied as she winked at Cindy.

The three clambered into the cabin and Cindy jumped onto the bed. “Climb up here, Gary. I won’t bite.”

Marilyn pushed him forward and he found himself on his back between two attractive females. Cindy put her hand on his chest and leaned over to kiss him. Their tongues met and Marilyn watched Cindy suck the breath out of their prey.

“You’re a good kisser, Cindy,” Marilyn told her buddy. “Can I see if I can give him a better kiss than that?”

Cindy nodded and moved back while Marilyn bent over and laid a deep kiss on Gary’s surprised lips. As she kissed him, she let her hand trail down Gary’s body, then up to his crotch. Her fingers moved around his zipper and she felt Gary’s cock begin to stiffen noticeably.

“Wow, that’s a nice one,” she gasped as she broke her kiss. “Cindy, why didn’t you tell me?”

Cindy shrugged. “They’re all pretty much alike aren’t they?”

“Hell no!” Marilyn croaked. Gary seems to better endowed than most fellows. I think he even has Eric beat.”

Gary tried to struggle up onto his elbows. “Hey, wait a minute, you’re not supposed to know about those things,” he feebly complained.

Marilyn wouldn’t relent now that her curiosity was aroused. “Come on Gary, let me have a little peek, okay? Cindy, you don’t mind do you?”

Cindy decided to play along and see what would happen. “No problem as far as I’m concerned,” she agreed.

Before Gary could move, Marilyn pulled his zipper down and stuck her hand inside his pants. In spite of his size, the soft bed kept him from moving away and then he felt Eric’s girlfriend grasp his thick dick through his jockey shorts.

“Oh my,” Marilyn cooed, “it’s nice and thick. I kaçak bahis want to feel it.”

She worked her fingers through the front panel and Gary groaned as her fingers closed around him. Her hand explored his length, then fondled his balls as Marilyn continued to work her magic. Moments later, she managed to free him and both girls stared down at the swollen member now exposed to their view.

“Now that’s a cock to be proud of,” Marilyn stated emphatically. “I’m so jealous, Cindy. I’ll bet you love how he feels.”

Cindy looked on with both shock and pride. “Yeah, he’s pretty special when he gets going,” she agreed.

Marilyn held Gary’s cock up with her hand. “Here, Cindy, suck him and get him fully erect.”

Cindy glanced up at Gary but he was staring up at the ceiling and moaning. Marilyn was coaxing her by stroking her boyfriend’s erection. “Come on, Cindy. If you don’t, I will.”

Cindy bent low and her tongue licked the head of Gary’s cock. She tasted the drop of precum that had formed on the head. Slowly, she took him into her warm mouth and pressed down to engulf as much of his thick rod as she could.

“Oh yeah,” Marilyn urged, “suck him good, Cindy. I think he’s even bigger now.”

Cindy moved up and down and she felt Marilyn’s fingers surrounding the base of Gary’s cock. She had never before engaged in any form of sex with someone else watching. The thought of Marilyn seeing her sucking Gary’s hard prick aroused her juices and she lost herself in the moment.

Gary moved his hips as his voluptuous girlfriend ardently sucked him. Marilyn enjoyed the feeling of holding his warm dick as Cindy’s lips moved down to touch her fingers.

“Come on, Cindy, let me suck him with you,” Marilyn finally begged. “I need some too.”

Marilyn had to repeat her entreaty before Cindy heard her. At that point, she was past caring what would happen. Cindy let Gary’s cock pop from her lips and raised her head. Marilyn immediately saw her chance and swallowed Gary’s hard dick as she squeezed his balls.

“Oh my God,” Gary groaned as another mouth began to slide along his exposed member. Gary’s fingers clutched at the bed cover as Marilyn demonstrated her cock sucking expertise. Moments later, Gary felt the pressure build as his liquid load began to move to the exit.

Marilyn felt Gary’s balls tighten and knew he was nearing his climax. She desperately wanted to taste him and she used her lips to grip his throbbing rod. The first squirt went to the back of her throat. Several more spurts followed in quick succession and she made a valiant effort to swallow it all. Cum dripped from her lips and down her chin and she pulled back.

Cindy looked on as Gary’s last drops seeped out and ran down his glistening cock. Without thinking, she leaned forward and cleaned the extra cum from her boyfriend’s cock. Then, she glanced over at Marilyn and noticed the clear liquid on her friend’s lips and chin. Putting her hand behind Marilyn’s head, she pulled the other girl to her. They kissed, and then Cindy licked Marilyn’s chin before kissing her again.

“That was so hot,” Marilyn gasped. “We both got to taste Gary, and he got his reward I think.”

Gary lay back with his head moving from side to side, his flaccid cock still exposed. “Holy shit,” he muttered. “I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it.”

Cindy leaned over and kissed him lovingly. “Did you like that, honey?” she purred.

Gary could taste his own sticky juice on her lips. He had just experienced one of his greatest fantasies, and the weekend had just begun.

The girls went back onto the dock. Gary zipped up his pants and rejoined them just before Eric returned with a beer in his hand.

“There’s a new Fountain down over on the next dock,” he slurred. It’s a beauty. We might be able to get a ride tomorrow.”

Everyone was quiet, nursing his or her drinks.

“Hey, what’s up?” Eric asked when his news didn’t evoke any enthusiasm.

Gary forced a reply. “Nothing, nothing at all. That Fountain sounds pretty fast.”

Eric looked relieved. “Oh yeah, it’ll be fun to see how fast it’ll go.”

Marilyn winked at Cindy and each nodded. “Eric, get the grill hot. We all need to get busy and get dinner.”

Gary was happy to jump in and help Eric set up the electric grill. The recent episode would be embarrassing if Eric caught on.

After dinner, the two couples retired to their respective cabins after a final goodnight. Cindy pulled off her shirt and shorts as she watched Gary undress. “I’m so horny,” she giggled, “and I want to fuck you silly.”

Gary was surprised. With Cindy’s oral assistance he was able to perform very well. The image of the two women ministering to his rigid cock kept him ready and willing.

Meanwhile, across the dock, Eric was having less success. He had imbibed heavily and despite Marilyn’s best efforts, he couldn’t get it up. Finally, he fell asleep and a frustrated Marilyn got herself off with her fingers, dreaming about sucking Gary’s nice cock. “I’m going to fuck them both before the weekend is finished,” she vowed.


Marilyn was up early the next morning and had the bacon fried before Cindy stumbled out of the opposite cabin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32