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It was a common lament.

There were three of us sitting around the small kitchen table; my wife and I, and a visiting friend, whom I’ll call Monica, a single mother of one. It was a Friday night and we were just hanging out, talking, laughing, and drinking wine. I’m not afraid to say that we were a bit on the inebriated side. Rather happily inebriated, in fact. Monica had just brought up how frustrating it was sexually being a single mother.

“As soon as they find out I’m a single mom their eyes start scanning the room, looking for a way out,” she griped. “At this point, I’d settle for a hot one nighter!”

“You wouldn’t!” my wife exclaimed. I chuckled and stood to clear some dishes from the table. When women start to talk about sex, I’ve found that it’s generally best not to involve myself in the conversation.

“I’m getting tired of having to take care of myself in the sexual side of things. I miss the interaction with another person… hell, even if it’s just a quick blowjob… sometimes it’s fun to know you’ve met another person’s needs, ya know?”

I stood at the sink rinsing dishes and bit my tongue. My wife has a serious aversion to oral sex. I can’t remember the last time she went down on me.

“You should give my husband a blowjob; he’s got the perfect cock for it.”

I straightened and blink. What the hell did I just hear? I turned and looked over at my wife. She was looking at Monica, not paying any attention to me, with a wicked grin on her face. Monica looked as surprised as I must have looked.

“It’s nice and thick with a good shape, soft skin,” she continued, “and the best part… nothing comes out.”

Monica blinked, “What?”

“Yeah, nothing comes out.”

“What do you mean nothing comes out?”

“He has what’s called ‘retro-ejaculation’. It all goes into his bladder. Nothing comes out.”

Monica glanced over at me but quickly looked away when she saw that I was paying attention, and whispered, “Well, now you’ve sparked my curiosity.”

My wife looked over at me and beckoned, “C’mere.”

Curious, I walked slowly over to where she was sitting and looked down at her. She looked up at me playfully and reached up; massaging me through the pants I was wearing.

She smiled at me lustfully and asked, “Can I show her?”

I decided I’d call her bluff.

“Sure,” I responded, “go for it.”

To my surprise, she began undoing my belt. I looked over at Monica who was leaning forward slightly, her eyes riveted on my crotch. I smirked down at my wife, waiting for her to balk and say something flippant about how “I wished” or something to that effect. She continued to look up at me, a sexy, playful grin on her face as she slowly pulled my zipper down and reached inside my pants, her fingers snaking their way through the fly in my briefs. I gasped slightly as she wrapped her hand around me and squeezed slightly. She licked her lips as I began to swell under her attention, and I was sure she’d remove her hand and zip me back up.

She turned and looked at Monica and asked, “You wanna see?”

“Um, sure,” Monica answered hesitantly while leaning forward even further, probably expecting my wife to renege at any moment. I stood quietly, waiting for my wife to come back with “too bad” or “tough.” My breath caught in my throat, however, when she pulled me out through my fly and slowly stroked my length. I was quite hard by now, and could not believe what was happening. She closed her eyes and leaned forward, taking me in her mouth, moaning softly as she did. I gasped slightly as she slowly slid her lips and tongue over my shaft, enveloping me with her warm, wet mouth. I glanced over at Monica who was craning her neck to see. My wife slowly backed off of me, sucking at my hardness so that it made an audible pop when she drew it from her mouth. She looked over at Monica and motioned to the chair I’d been sitting in.

“C’mere so you can see better.”

As Monica stood she looked at me as if a bit unsure. I could only return her gaze with what I hoped was a blank, neutral look. My wife began licking and kissing the head of my shaft as Monica sat opposite her, leaning forward to take a closer look at my cock.

My wife sat up slightly and said, “Just the right size, don’t think?”

“Mmm hmm…” was the best that Monica could muster.

My wife sat up straighter and said, “Here, you try it.”

Monica sat up and blinked, “What?”

“You do it. He loves it!” With that, she sat back in her chair and reached for her glass of wine, smiling at Monica as she took a drink.

Monica reached out with obvious trepidation and gently took me in her hands. She looked up at me questioningly. I bit my lower lip, somewhat bewildered by the entire situation myself, but turned slightly towards her. Her eyes dropped to my crotch as her hands softly began to explore my length.

“It’s so soft… so warm…” she whispered.

“Taste it,” my wife responded quietly.

Monica blinked at the demand before slowly lowering her lips to me and kissing the tip almost shyly. I watched, entranced, as she closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly, güvenilir bahis seeming to simply enjoy feeling the warmth against her lips. She began to move me and turn her head slightly at the same time, running me over her lips almost as if she were applying lip gloss. She moaned under her breath and suddenly engulfed me with her mouth, taking as much of my shaft into her as she could. I felt the vibrations of her moaning in the center of my being as she pushed me to the back of her throat. She slowly withdrew about halfway before leaning forward again, taking me back into her. Her hands clutched at my thighs as she once again withdrew. I watched as my length slowly reappeared from her lips.

She leaned back and turned to my wife, “How far do you want me to take him?”

“All the way. Make him cum. I don’t hear him complaining about it, do you?”

“As a matter of fact, I don’t, but let’s make this more comfortable,” she suggested while tugging at my pants.

With that, Monica reached up and undid the button holding my pants at my hips. My wife slid them down, letting them pool around my ankles while Monica worked at pushing me back through the fly of my briefs. When she was done she looked up at me and dragged her fingernails down the length of my shaft, grinning in the same wicked way my wife had grinned at her earlier. Then she reached up and pulled the waistband of my briefs down over me and slid them down to join my pants at my ankles.

“Reach underneath and you’ll see why nothing comes out…” whispered my wife.

Monica knelt before me, grasping my erection in one hand and looked up at me as she slid her other hand between my legs, her fingers finding my scrotum. They explored me briefly and a wave of puzzlement passed over her face before understanding dawned on her.

“Um, you seem to be missing something, my friend,” she stated softly, looking up at me.

“Cancer when I was very young. Long story, I’ll tell you some other time.” I responded.

“And that’s why…” she let the question trail off as she nodded in understanding before once again lowering her head to take me fully in her mouth, moaning softly as she did so. I looked over at my wife. She was sitting drinking her wine, intent upon watching Monica giving me a blowjob. When she noticed me looking at her she looked up into my eyes.

“You like that, don’t you?”

I nodded.

“Are you going to show her how nothing comes out?”

I nodded again.


I nodded a third time as Monica stopped and looked up. Seeing my nod she resumed her sucking on me, her fingers gently caressing my tightening scrotum. I turned from my wife and looked down, laying a hand lightly on Monica’s bobbing head. I closed my eyes and groaned slightly, my hips rolling involuntarily. I opened my eyes and watch as my wife finished her glass of wine and stood, looking at me. She stepped close and reached up, pulling my lips down to hers and kissing me deeply. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“Honey, I want you to cum for her… I want you to cum in her mouth.”

Monica groaned around my cock at that, the vibrations traveling to the base of my shaft and pooling there in warmth and pleasure. All I could do was bite my lower lip and catch my breath. I leaned forward to kiss my wife again, and suddenly, without warning, my orgasm washed over me. I moaned into my wife’s mouth as I throbbed and pulsed within Monica’s mouth. Monica let out a long moan and took as much of my twitching cock into her mouth as she could, holding it there, sucking and milking it rhythmically with her lips and tongue. My wife returned my kiss passionately, grinding her pelvis against me as I held her tightly with one arm.

As my climax subsided I broke the kiss with my wife and tried to catch my breath and maintain my balance at the same time. My wife looked down and watched as Monica slowly slid me from her mouth with agonizing slowness. My shaft twitched and jerked with each inch until at last she knelt, looking at it, glistening with her saliva.

“That’s very cool,” she whispered.

She leaned forward and playfully licked at the tip and both women giggled as I jumped with the sensitivity. I gently pushed my wife aside and shakily lowered myself into her chair, trying to wrap my brain around what had just happened. Not that I was about to complain. Monica sat back up her in chair and took a drink from her wine glass, watching me over the rim.

“So, um… thank you.” I managed.

“You’re welcome… the pleasure was-“

“Not even all yours.” I interrupted with a grin.

“You know,” started my wife as she sat down at the table, “you owe her now…”

* * *

“Excuse me?” I asked, somewhat surprised, even now.

“You heard me. You owe her. She went down on you. You should go down on her,” my wife challenged.

I looked over at Monica who was clearly considering the idea, and judging by her expression, she was somewhat aroused by the suggestion, if also a bit unsure. I turned and looked at my wife.

“You want me to go down on Monica?” I asked.

“She went down on you. You owe her now.” türkçe bahis She replied.

“And you’re going to watch?”

“I watched her go down on you, didn’t I?”

I turned to Monica who was finishing her glass of wine, a bit quickly, I noted.

“Do you think I owe you, Monica?”

She took a deep breath, glanced at my wife and replied, “I think the couch would be more comfortable.”

With that she stood and walked from the kitchen into our living room. My wife got up and followed, so I stepped out of my pants, pulled up my briefs and did the same. My wife walked to the stereo and turned on some music, turning the volume down low so that it couldn’t interfere with conversation. I sat on the ottoman facing Monica and looked at her. She was looking at me expectantly. My wife sat down on the couch next to Monica and looked at me, her eyes smoldering with lust. She was clearly enjoying directing these little vignettes.

“You need to stand up, Mon.” I said softly.

She stood and I became aware that she was trembling slightly. I looked up into her eyes.

“Are you sure? We can all go to bed and call it a night right now…” I offered.

“No, I’m sure… I want… it, so bad. It’s just… a little strange, you know?”

I laughed softly, “Yeah… I know.”

I reached up and placed my hands on her thighs, slowly sliding my fingers up to her waistband. I heard her catch her breath and my fingers slid beneath the hem of her shirt, tickling her belly. I brought my hands together at the front of her pants and deftly popped the button open. She gasped softly. I looked over at my wife. Her eyes were riveted on what my hands were doing, and she had undone the top button on her own pants. I turned my attention back to Monica and grasped her zipper in my fingers, slowly pulling it down. She was looking down into my eyes almost pleadingly. She hadn’t noticed that behind her, on the couch, my wife had unzipped her pants as well.

I kept my eyes on Monica’s as I slowly pulled her pants down over her waist revealing a pair of soft, white cotton panties; panties which were visibly moist between her legs. I pushed her pants down slowly, my hands gliding over her smooth legs. She swallowed hard. When I’d gotten the pants to her ankles I gently pushed against her belly and she sat back down on the couch, never taking her eyes from me. I stood slightly and pushed the ottoman back away from me with my foot and then knelt before her. I took one calf in my hands and deliberately lifted one foot from her pants, then the other. Looking back up into her eyes I placed my hands on her ankles and ran them lightly up the outsides of her supple legs until I reached her waist. Grasping her gently I pulled her towards me, sliding her bottom to the end of the couch. I slid my hands around until they were both resting flat on her belly, palms down. My eyes never left hers as I pulled my hands down to her waist, hooking the elastic band of her panties with my fingers to slowly pull them off of her. She lifted her hips to allow the panties to come off of her bottom, relaxing back into the couch as I slid them down to her ankles. Once again, I lifted one foot, then the other and flipped the panties aside. I paused and looked at her. She no longer seemed nervous or afraid; her face wore a mask of passion and desire. That was all I needed to know.

I placed my hands on her knees and she parted her legs willingly. I dropped my eyes and took her in. She was neatly trimmed, a rounded triangle of dark hair pointing down towards the center of her femininity. I reached down to her ankles and slid her feet apart as I leaned forward, pushing my nose against her soft mound, breathing in her scent. I felt her hands on my head, her fingers instinctively clutching and grasping, her stomach twitching as her breath caught.

I reached my arms beneath and around her legs, splaying my fingers across her belly as I dragged my mouth down over her mons towards the warmth emanating from her sex. Slowly I moved my lips over hers, feeling her heat, her wetness. Her scent intoxicated me, passion and lust given an aromatic body. Pulling my hands back to the undersides of her thighs I lifted her legs until she had both of her feet resting on my shoulders. She was open to me completely. I placed a soft kiss on her perineum and extending my tongue, slowly tasting her in a long, sensuous lave that ended at her hooded clitoris. Slowly I circled her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, first one direction, then the other, before gently sucking her into my mouth.

“Oh my God, that feels sooo good…” she moaned.

I hummed against her by way of my response. She shivered slightly and I smiled against her, taking delight in the pleasure I was giving her. I backed off slightly and traced the length of her slit with the tip of my tongue, exploring the slick, tangy fold between her inner and outer labia. I moved down one side and back up the other, then headed back the way I’d came. As my tongue passed across her perineum I licked upwards, tasting the wetness of her opening, teasing her around the edges. When I traced my way back up to her clitoris I flicked güvenilir bahis siteleri it with light, rapid strokes of my tongue. Her stomach jumped and I felt her hands pressing down on my head, trying to increase the pressure against her sensitive node.

I looked up at her, but her eyes were closed, her mouth open in pure enjoyment. I glanced over at my wife who was watching intently and clearly attending to her own arousal as well. I let my warm breath wash over Monica’s sex and then lowered my mouth to her once again, this time sucking her outer labia into my mouth one at a time, pulling at them with my lips. I released her engorged lips from mine and pushed my face between her wet folds, fucking her as deeply as I could with my tongue. She tasted so good; tangy and sweetly salty with a musk that was intoxicating to me. I strained to push as much of my tongue into her as I could, wanting to drink all of her in. Finally I withdrew and pressed the flat of my tongue against her erect clitoris, licking from side to side, pushing firmly against her. Monica dug her fingernails into my scalp, literally clawing at me as I settled into a rapid pace of licking at her clitoris with firm, even strokes.

“Oh… I’m sooo close…” she breathed, her body bucking slightly.

“Yes… that is so hot. Cum all over him,” hissed my wife. From the sound of her voice, she wasn’t too far behind Monica.

I sucked at her engorged labia, pulling them into my mouth before slowly withdrawing and laving at her swollen clitoris with slow strokes of my tongue. With my right hand I reached beneath my chin and pushed my middle finger into her. She responded with a deep moan and considerable twitching. I found her G-spot, firmly pronounced with arousal and began to slowly circle it, pressing into it with the pad of my finger.

“Fuck… oh fuck, don’t stop… I’m going to cum…” she whimpered, her breath coming in ragged gasps. I was more than happy to comply.

Suddenly she was grabbing at the back of my head, pushing me into her. Her legs were squeezing tightly at the sides of my head and she was bucking her hips in an effort to envelope me with her sex. I could only smile as I continued to massage both her clitoris and the G-spot beneath it with my tongue and finger moving in concert. She cried out a few times, her voice catching as her orgasm shuddered through her body. Slowly I brought her down, playing my tongue and finger over her with receding pressure along with each small tremor and wave that washed over her as the pleasure subsided.

I slowly raised myself into an upright, kneeling position between Monica’s legs, bringing my finger to my mouth. I looked her in the eye as I savored her flavor, sucking and licking it from my finger. She lay there catching her breath, just watching me. My wife leaned forward and offered me her own fingers, glistening and slick with her own juices. I maintained eye contact with Monica as I slowly sucked my wife’s fingers clean. They both moaned softly as they watched. They weren’t the only ones in a state of arousal. I was visibly aroused beneath my briefs and my wife noticed.

“You look like you’re ready for more,” she observed.

* * *

“That’s because I am,” I replied.

My wife reached down and pulled the elastic waistband of my briefs down over my erection, then slid them down my legs to my knees. I raised one knee, then the other and pulled the briefs off. She wrapped her wet fingers around my shaft and slowly jacked me while Monica watched. Monica’s eyes were riveted to my wife sliding her hand up and down my length, while my wife was looking into my eyes. She had slid to the edge of the couch and had one of Monica’s legs draped over her own. With one hand she was lightly teasing my cock, and her other hand was absently stroking the inside of her friend’s thigh. She glanced down at Monica’s sex, wet and receptive; her engorged lips were slightly parted revealing the delicate pink inside. With an impish grin she tugged on me, pulling me forward towards Monica. With a glance at each of them I complied, scooting forward until my knees were pressed against the couch and my hips were brushing Monica’s thighs. My wife pulled me down, rubbing at the top of Monica’s wet folds with the underside of my shaft. In unison, the three of us moaned softly together.

“That feels good, doesn’t it, baby?” my wife purred. She continued to stroke and squeeze my shaft while rubbing back and forth over Monica’s clitoris.

I closed my eyes and groaned a soft, “Mmm hmm…”

Monica began to open her shirt, starting with the bottom buttons and working her way up. My wife slid her hand over Monica’s stomach and moved it in slow circles. I watched as Monica unbuttoned the last button on her shirt and pulled it open to reveal a white satin bra. She ran looked up into my eyes as she ran her hands over her breasts, her back arching slightly. She pinched her nipples through the fabric and pulled them slightly, closing her eyes and rolling her head as she did so. Unconsciously, I had begun to slowly thrust my hips back and forth, sliding my shaft forward and backwards over her sex as my wife rubbed it from side to side. Monica moaned and opened her eyes as she unfastened the front clasp on her bra. Her mouth opened slightly as she slid her hands beneath the cups, her fingers curling around her breasts pinching at her nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32