Last Day of School Surprise

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Demi Maxwell was the hottest fucking 18 year old that I had ever laid my eyes on. Unfortunately, she was also the best student in my AP Government class at Langston High School.

Yes, you heard that right. She was my student.

So while her body might’ve made its way into just about every single jackoff fantasy I had throughout that school year, it was a strictly look-and-don’t-touch sort of situation.

Those final days leading up to the summer vacation had been particularly torturous as the warm weather had come out and with it, every tiny pair of shorts, mini-skirt, and blouse that challenged the school’s dress code seemed to come directly out of closet to drip down her body.

She had sandy, brown hair that she wore in medium length curls and her freckles came out of hibernation in conjunction with the spring blossoms. She was the type of girl whose body just made you want to collapse from how good it was. She’d walk by in a simple pair of jean shorts and white tank top and guys would stop talking. Hell, girls would stop talking.

She was cute and hot and beautiful all at once. She could go from innocent little thing to alluring mystery with the simple arch of an eyebrow. She would often play with the strands of her hair as she’d chew on the ends during class or simply tickle her skin with it. Even she didn’t fully know just how much power she had over people. It was a daily challenge for me just to stay focused on the lessons at hand.

But it was never easy. And that was particularly true on the very last day of class.

The seniors last school day was a few days earlier than the other grades as they had graduation and other things to things to keep them busy. Classes were all finished at this point. The finals had been taken and grades were already inputted. The final week was basically just one big excuse to write overly long yearbook messages and talk about summer vacation and college plans.

Most teachers played movies or did nothing at all.

I noticed her the second she walked into my class for the final time. I had to admit I was going to miss getting to ogle her anytime she walked into my room. And the very last outfit she had chosen was one to remember for sure.

She was wearing this yellow sundress which was flowy and yet, seemed to just fall over her skin like sunshine itself. Her breasts were beautifully on display in a cute line of perfectly propped cleavage and her legs were smooth and tanned and begging to be touched. Even there you could see how her cute freckles came out in the sun and made little patterns up and down her thighs. The hem of the dress was definitely higher-up than dress code would’ve ever allowed, but they were all done, what was I going to do, give her detention on the last day of school? As if I cared. She was a fucking walking-fantasy and she knew it. I was more than happy to allow her a little more leash on such a beautiful day outside.

I gasped a little under my breath as she bent over her desk to put her backpack down. Her ass was absolutely ripe.

The other reason that it was so difficult to have her distractingly sexual presence so nearby was also wrapped up in the many rumors I had heard about Demi.

Apparently she’d been caught fooling around with a couple of guys in the ASB storage closet and there were other stories too of her naughty proclivities that had made their way around the teacher’s gossip roundtable. Demi had a reputation that followed her around as a definite bad girl.

This always impressed me due to just how clever and controlled she was in my class. Her essays were remarkable and her intelligence was very clear. She had breezed through my more difficult coursework with ease and she was a very dedicated student. The rumors of her naughty streak that she kept so well hidden only made her seem all the more fuckable.

And so, as the final class wore on, I constantly found my eyes drifting over to drink in her juicy and delectable body.

There was one such occasion later on in the period where she glanced over at me unexpectedly while in the middle of a conversation with her friend and totally caught me looking. She smiled a little at me as I turned away blushing. When they’d finished talking I saw her get up and approach my desk with her yearbook in hand.

“Would you sign my yearbook, Mr. Davidson?” She asked with the cutest little hint of a pout in her face.

I took her yearbook and handed her mine in return. “Ah yes, of course, and here, you can sign mine as well, Demi.” I handed her my own yearbook which was far less full as I didn’t go around seeking signatures unless students particularly approached me.

I wrote the same sort of message that I write in every student’s yearbook—something very generic and safe. But then for some reason I added, “You have always been one of my absolute favorites,” to the very end of the inscription. I didn’t know why I did that. But I couldn’t help a little flirtation with this bombshell illegal bahis that had crossed and uncrossed her legs all year in front of me like hypnotic metronomes.

She took her time filling out my book at her desk and soon the bell was ringing and the students were saying their final goodbyes as they filed out my door as I wished them all good luck on their entrance into the wide world of adulthood.

As I said my farewells to the last few stragglers and the door swung shut, I turned around and realized that Demi was still sitting in the front row finishing her message in my yearbook. She was the last one there.

God, she looked amazing as she chewed on the end of her blue gel pen, deep in thought, her creamy legs extending out from below the tiny dress, her breasts plump and perky in her exposed cleavage.

I went back to sit at my desk right across the room from where she was dutifully writing and I started sorting through some things. I usually would’ve been racing the other teachers to my car in order to beat the line that formed in the gated teacher’s lot, but you only get so many opportunities in life to be alone with a girl that looks like the sexual personification of honeycomb; and so I found reasons to look busy as I ruffled and organized random paperwork and put things into random drawers for no reason whatsoever.

When Demi was finally finished she clicked her pen and shut the yearbook as she walked up to set it on my desk.

“I’m gonna miss you Mr. Davidson, this was definitely my fav class.” She smiled at me as her hands leaned on the edge of my desk. She was leaning forward a little which caused her boobs to spill out even more from her dress. They looked like they were practically begging to be touched and groped—pears with all the perk of her late teen years propped up agonizingly towards me.

“Thanks Demi, and thanks for being such an attentive student all year long.” My mouth felt dry as I talked to her. “So, do you have any plans for the summer?” I asked, leaning back in my chair and enjoying the view of her lithesome figure leaning against the front of my desk as I sipped some of my water from my thermos.

“Well, I start college in the fall, so I’m mostly hoping to just relax, ya know? Go to the lake a lot. Get a really good tan. Sleep in every morning. Oh, and probably get fucked as much as I can.”

I choked a little on my water as she said that last line.

I looked up at her now and noticed that her hand was playing with the spaghetti strap of her dress.

I watched as she stared at me and smiled a naughty little smile through the small curve of her lip. She slipped the strap slowly down her shoulder as more of her chest came into view. Then I watched as she did the same with her other strap. She peeled the dress seductively down her chest to her waist.

She was wearing a thin, strapless bra which she quickly unsnapped and let fall to the floor and her sexy, young breasts were now naked in front of me with her surprisingly big nipples fully puffed in my direction.

Neither of us had said anything still. I hadn’t told her to leave like I should’ve. She was completely in control of me at this point. I couldn’t have protested if I’d tried. How was I supposed to be responsible with her breasts hanging there like that?

I got up to go and lock the door.

When I turned back around, she was bending over my desk on her elbows, slowly working the small dress up the back of her legs.

I walked back over to her slowly as she gazed at me with a heavy lust.

“Ya know…technically, as of this very moment…I’m no longer your student.”

And when she said that she bent all the way over my desk. I watched with a quickened pulse as she pulled the soft, cotton material of her dress up over her perfect cheeky globes.

Her ass was bent out for me now as she leaned further over my wide desktop which was empty thanks to my end-of-the-year, paper-grading punctuality. She was wearing a burgundy thong that was swallowed up by her perfect peach of an ass. The very middle of her thong had a darker, damp circle, which I swear I could smell wafting up to my nose like pulled sugar.

She was offering herself to me.

I walked over behind her and she looked back over her shoulder at me even as she wiggled her inviting booty subtly in my direction. She was like sex on a stick and her ass raised and lowered as she shifted weight back on forth from one foot to the other.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. But I reached out anyway and grabbed her beautiful ass cheeks and massaged them in my hands. Who was I kidding? This was everything I wanted. She moaned in a harmonious alto as my hands molested her, enjoying the softness of a butt that felt like it was moisturized on the hour. I’d held babies that had rougher skin than she did. She was every sex dream I’d had over the past six months.

My eighteen-year-old front row tease was bent over my desk on the last day of school wiggling illegal bahis siteleri her perfect buns at me with her sundress scrunched up around her middle and the only thing separating me from her wet pussy was a thin Victoria’s Secret thong that was quickly being overtaken by her own arousal.

I paused for one final moment. Some decisions you just have to make.

And she was right after all…technically she was no longer my student. Then again, we’re always learning, aren’t we?

I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, pulling them down and then doing the same to my boxer briefs. I unleashed my throbbing hard-on as it bounced spiritedly out in anticipation of what was to come. My cock was sweaty after a day of work, but in only seemed to make the whole thing hotter. I could tell that she liked the warmth of my sweat.

Demi moaned when she felt me rub my cock across the naked skin of her ass. She continued to wiggle back at me with a needy expectancy.

I ripped her panties to the side and slid the head of my cock up to her moist slit and she moaned again.

“Fuck me, Mr. Davidsonnnn. I’m so fucking horny!” And I’d never thought my name could sound hotter than it did in that very moment. Demi sounded like a dog in heat. Oh to be 18 again.

I slid my large cock all the way into her slutty hole and she writhed on top of my desk. And just like that, my very best student became my very naughtiest.

She immediately went from perennial ‘straight A’ to gladly accepting a ‘D’.

It would be hard to describe just how tight and angelic her high school pussy felt on my firm cock. If you’ve never had the pleasure of fucking the wanton fuckhole of a horny eighteen year old while she bends over a desk with a sundress pulled up around her waist, then you might be missing out on one the seven wonders of the modern sex world.

When my cock had fully pushed into her slippery soft folds, I held myself there, enjoying every second of this sexy, young pussy on my length.

I was only 27 and was one of the younger teachers on campus for sure, but it had been some time since I’d fucked a pussy this young and this tight. Demi might’ve had a certain type of slutty reputation, but that certainly hadn’t affected snug grip of her vagina as it began to milk my cock with a heavenly tight squeeze every time I filled her back up again.

Demi was grunting on top of my desk as she lay completely at a right angle now and enjoyed the way it felt to be pounded by an authority figure. She sounded so ridiculously amazing in the way she was moaning. Some girls are too quiet, or too loud. Some sound like they’re doing bad Brazzer’s impressions.

Not Demi. She was passion and horny adorableness all rolled into one. She was sexy but she was still her age. It wasn’t affected. It was infectious. My cock ached with each delicious syllable that escaped her mouth as she moaned into the wood of my desk. The wood in her pussy was exactly what she’d ben craving.

I’d seen Demi look at me in class before with that beautiful sort of troublemaker look she had, but I was never stupid enough to think it was anything other the power that a beautiful girl has over a suggestive man. But maybe all those fuck-me eyes from the school year had been exactly that.

And now here I was giving her a graduation present to remember.

There was zero chance that I was going to last longer than the combined realizations of all of my fantasies of her and she screamed in glee when I confessed that I was going to cum soon.

She spun around and pushed me out of her pussy and immediately dropped to her knees, as if she knew just what sort of fantasy girl I needed her to be in that moment.

She jacked my cock off rapidly and her other hand deftly caressed my balls with the soft fingernail polish of her freshly manicured hands. I watched as she aimed my fire-hose directly at her face and I groaned as my seed exploded out of me and doused her in huge, sticky ropes of my cum.

She moaned and her hand went to play with herself as she allowed my cum to drench her eye and nose and lips as I splashed all over her sexy face. On my fifth large explosion she stuck my cock all the way into the back of her throat and her beautiful lips somehow found the base of my cock as she absolutely gagged me down with desperate sexual desire.

She wanted my cum all over her and inside of her. She was ravenous.

I’d never seen such dedication to oral sex.

She pulled my sensitive member out of her mouth and she rubbed the shaft over her face as she spread my cum all over herself.

Then I watched as she hopped back up on my desk on her back and spread her legs again. She pulled me to her and I thrust myself back in. She grabbed me and kissed me hard as we fucked.

She was covered in my cum and I didn’t care. I made out with his naughty little slut while I began to pound her with a renewed sense of purpose. There were still some final lesson plans canlı bahis siteleri to be taught after all.

I wanted to make Demi Maxwell have an orgasm on my desk.

I’d never been so determined to leave such a lasting impression with a student.

She moaned into my mouth and I could taste my salty seed on her face as she grabbed my hair roughly with her hands while we kissed.

I pounded her like her pussy was the pulpit and my cock was the fist of passionate religious-zealotry.

She clamped her legs around me as she experienced her first ever cock from an older guy. This would hardly be her last, I knew.

She moaned into my mouth louder as I ravaged her jizz-painted face and squeezed her amazing breasts in my hands.

She was close.

“Immmm gonnna cummmm!” She moaned, and I swallowed up her mouth with my own lips as I rolled my hips into her like the wheels on a train.

“Cum on your teacher’s cock, Demi. Cum for me like the naughty little whore we both know you are.”

And my instruction was all she needed. Her body shook in my arms and her nails scratched lines across my back as she attempted to control herself during her explosively gigantic orgasm.

I finally slowed my thrusts a little as she gripped my upper body hard to hers as she shuddered in my confines. Her short hair caked to the side of her face with sweat as her breasts heaved up and down against the hair of my chest. She was a fully satiated sex kitten and she purred against me as her fingers played lazily with the locks of my hair. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘teacher’s pet.’

I stood up from her as she remained impaled on my cock with her legs wrapped around me. I ran my hands down her chest and over her nipples which caused another shudder as she smiled and cooed at my experienced attentions.

I played with the softy wispy patch of pubic hair that she didn’t shave—it was cute and sensual. It was just one more stupidly sexy element of this girl.

I still couldn’t believe that I had Demi Maxwell spread out on my desk with my cock shoved all the way into her.

Her face was still matted over with some of my dried cum. She was so god damn fucking sexy.

After I’d finally pulled myself out of her she asked me to sit down in my chair. I did so, and then she began a long, loving blowjob on the floor in front of me.

The speed was different now. This was the kind of blowjob you got from someone who really cared about you. She was horny still, but this was more about making me cum again, and making me really enjoy the whole thing.

It took her a good fifteen minutes to make me cum again due to how slow and sensuously she worked me.

Her lips would run fully down and then fully back up the sides of my shaft and her tongue seemed to work every single inch of me as she played with my throbbing manhood, not wanting to miss a single spot. She was moaning just as much as I was. It was erotic.

When I told her I couldn’t hold out any longer she simply kept me in her mouth this time and I watched as her throat sucked me to completion.

She swallowed all my cum now, her lips milking me as hard as they could.

Soon I was the one shuddering and I had to push her off of me as my cock made a sloshy pop exiting her messy mouth.

She stood up and sat on my lap and we made out some more. I didn’t care that I had just cum in her mouth. She didn’t care either. I think she even liked knowing she was kissing me with my cum still in her mouth. She was a very naughty girl.

As we sat there relaxing in the afterglow of our surprise after school detention, we began to talk about the year and what would happen now.

Eventually it was time for her to get dressed and we picked everything up from our little sexual escapade.

She leaned in to kiss me one final time before she headed out the door forever.

“So, you headed home now?” I asked her as I gathered my things together to similarly head towards the parking lot.

“Mmmm, not quite yet, I’ve got one more teacher I wanted to go and say goodbye to. My second favorite teacher I guess you could say.” She was smiling a little as she said this.

“Second favorite teacher?” I was instantly intrigued of course. This girl was sinfully magical.

“Yeah…Miss Greenhalge, the art teacher.”

I instantly felt another jolt in my cock. Miss Greenhalge was the youngest teacher on campus, only a couple of years removed from college herself. She’d been hired on that previous year and every guy on campus knew who she was. If there had been a hottest teacher award, she would’ve won the honor annually. It was kind of impossible to miss the raven-haired stunner dotted with tattoo’s that had recently injected more exposed skin into the teacher’s lounge than had ever been seen before.

I looked down at her with a questioning eyebrow but Demi just kissed me sweetly one last time as she adjusted her dress around her body. She grabbed her bag and skipped over to the door as she paused at the frame after she’d swung it open.

“Don’t worry Mr. Davidson…she’s just my second favorite.”

And with the sexist little wink and smile I’d ever seen, she was gone.

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