Late-night Encounter Ch. 3

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We lay there for a few moments, basking in the afterglow of what had just taken place. He continued the soft caresses, tracing a finger along my silhouette, following every curve and arc with his eyes. I felt he was making a mental map of my body, committing every inch of me to memory. I moved in closer again, longing to feel once again the heat of his lips on mine. Our tongues danced a graceful ballet, each of us anticipating the other’s next move. The chill of the room dissolved, giving way to the comforting thaw of body heat as our kisses became more frenzied and urgent.

His hands roamed my body freely, carefully exploring every inch as if he would later be asked to testify in court. I moaned in anticipation as my hand found his cock again; it was already hard as steel and begging for more attention. He traveled from my lips to my ear, soft nibbles and heavy breathing making that fire inside me grow even more intense. Once more, he transferred his attention…this time focusing on my left nipple. He sucked until it hurt, then sucked some more. Just when I thought he was finished, he began grinding his teeth into my flesh, the friction on my sensitive nub driving me positively insane.

All the while, I was stroking his raging erection slowly, marveling at the fact that he was ready again so soon. I gasped as he pushed my legs apart and plunged two fingers inside my waiting hole. He worked them expertly inside me, turning and twisting and pushing and curling until I could take no more.

“Steve, stop.”

His eyes grew wide. “Stop…why? I thought this was what you wanted.”

“No…” I paused for dramatic effect. “This is what I want,” giving his cock an extra firm squeeze for emphasis.

He smiled again and I thought briefly of the first time I’d seen his smile, how I’d been totally captivated even though he was unaware of my gaze. “You are quite the vixen, aren’t you?” That throaty growl as he rose to cover my body with his was the proverbial straw that broke the poor camel’s back. I had to have him inside me that moment or I knew I would implode and simply cease to exist. I hurriedly tried to guide his throbbing helmet to my drenched lips, but he stopped short and wouldn’t budge a muscle until I relented and let go. He was going to toy with me and I was sure that my demise would wind up in the oddity section of the obituaries. “Oh, look, dear, some poor woman died because her lover wouldn’t fuck her quickly enough.”

“Just let it happen. I have good aim.” He winked at me and I groaned my displeasure at being made to wait a second more.

He nudged the thick head past my outer lips and started grinding his hips just enough to increase the pressure on my clit. The feeling was delicious, my already screaming nerve endings going into high gear…but I wanted more. If I pushed against him and tried to güvenilir bahis force his rod further, he stopped and pulled back. He was thriving on my want, my need, my absolute hunger for his cock. It was obvious that he hadn’t enjoyed attention this intense being paid him for some time, and he was eating up every moment. Finally, I gave up. I was still. I relaxed my hips and let my knees fall to the bed. The next move was his to make…and move he did. After all the dalliance, all the toying with me, he rammed his cock home and stopped, waiting for a moment to gauge my reaction.

My eyes grew wide as my pussy stretched to accommodate his thick tool. I must have grimaced a little at the feel of all that meat sliding into me so quickly, because he grinned and asked whether I’d gotten more than I’d expected. My response was a slow, but deliberate, push of my hips against his. He didn’t withdraw for a few moments, content to merely grind against me; the head of his cock seemed to be trying to gain access to my womb. Once I recovered from the initial shock, I relaxed again and he started his performance, working his magic on me as surely as Houdini ever worked a crowd.

Each movement was that indescribable euphoria elicited by the deadly mixture of pleasure and pain. It felt utterly amazing to be filled so completely, but at the same time, the sheer girth of his cock caused more than just a little discomfort. I didn’t care. I was determined to give this man the fuck of his life. I wrapped my legs around his waist and angled my hips so that he had total access to my drenched pussy. It was almost as if I were trying to climb his body. He braced his arms on the bed and locked his cock into place, and I thrust my pelvis into him, riding him just as surely as if I were the one on top. It didn’t take long for me to feel the tingling sensation begin to rise in me. I knew that, with just a few more thrusts, I’d start to feel that delicious tightening of impending orgasm.

I started working against him harder, pushing him further and further into me with every thrust of our hips. Then, a tickle…that almost imperceptible twinge that lets a woman know her lover is in precisely THE right spot. “Oh, yes…right there,” I whispered into his ear. Still pumping into me, he asked if I was close. A barely audible “Mmhmmm” was all I could muster. My breathing was heavy, I was concentrating on the wonderful feel of that glorious cock inside me…and he stopped moving. My eyes flew open and I glared at him in the dark, certain that, if I could shoot lasers out of my eyes, he’d be a charred piece of toast right about then. “What now?” I asked, the irritation in my voice evident.

“Just wait; you’ll see. Are you still on the brink?”

“Uh, no! If I were I wouldn’t be ready to kill you right now.”

“Good.” With that, he repositioned himself türkçe bahis so that he had my right leg pinned back by his left arm. I was completely open to him now, and the pain was a little intense…but I liked it. Slow, deep, easy strokes seemed to be his favorite. He slid in and out of me, taking his time, pushing the head as far as it would go and then retreating to the point where I thought I would surely lose him. Just before he leaned down to nuzzle my neck, I looked up and saw a smile spread across his lips. Then his lips were on my neck again, and the heat was fantastic. Hot breath in my ear, teeth once again on that tender spot of my neck, he continued his slow, deliberate pace.

There. It hit again. I felt the first signal deep inside me, and I moaned my pleasure. He quickened his pace, still driving it home with every downstroke, pulling almost all the way out on the up. I worked my hips in time with his, again rising to meet him, pelvis against pelvis, bodies slapping in the heat of passion. The twinge turned into a tickle…the tickle started to increase in size. I was so ready to come that my every nerve ending was afire with the expectancy. Again, he stopped, leaving me hanging on the brink, ready to scream out, not in pleasure, as anticipated, but in utter frustration.

“Shhh…don’t talk,” he whispered. “Just follow my lead.” He rose from his spot and took my hand in his, pulling me up so that we were both on our knees in the middle of the bed. He traced a finger along the side of my breast, down my torso, along my waist, then started the journey back up to my face. When his hand reached my chin, he pulled me to him and pushed his mouth into mine, arms encircling me, enveloping me in his warmth. I thought I must never come up for air, so glorious were his kisses. His hands were in my hair now, pulling me to him, anchoring my head so that he could kiss me, over and over, filling my mouth with his tongue just the way his cock had filled my pussy only seconds before.

“C’mere,” he whispered once he finally broke the kiss. He turned me so that my back was to him, then led me over to the edge of the bed, where he stood. I was on all fours, kneeling before him, rear in the air, waiting for it. He guided his meat into me once more, and again I gasped when the large head pushed its way past my nether lips.

This time, there was no pause for effect. He was intent on getting the job done. He slammed his rod all the way inside me, then began piston-fucking me, holding my hips for balance, pulling me back into him with every thrust. I moved to my elbows and put a finger to my mouth, then snaked my hand down to my throbbing clit, my body eager for the release I knew would soon come. He bent over and massaged my left breast, pinching my steel-hard nipple in a vise-like grip. He twisted it and I moaned. Harder he güvenilir bahis siteleri worked it, rolling it between his thumb and finger. The mix of sensations was getting to me, and quickly. That now very familiar tingle once again found its way into my core and started to build. The pressure was so delicious that I didn’t even notice when his land left my breast.

I jumped a little when I felt his finger circling my puckered rosebud, massaging my anus in time with his deep strokes. Before I knew it, though, he had that finger in my ass, and it felt good. Just one finger, pushing into my ass, rubbing his cock through the stretched membrane. “Uhhhh….oh, yeah,” he groaned, and I knew the time had finally come. “Come for me, baby. Come on this cock. I want to feel your pussy grip me. Milk the cum out of my cock with your pussy, babe…please.”

Who was I to turn down an invitation like that? The tingle was no longer a tingle; it erupted into full-fledged tremors that wracked my body. My clit was on fire, my pussy was stretched wide, and there was a finger rummaging around in my ass…how could I not explode? The first wave left me breathless. The muscles in my pussy clenched up at the precise moment that the first shot of his hot seed splashed into me. He was held so tightly in my vise that he couldn’t even move. All he could do was hold my hips and grind against me, grunting in pleasure as load after load of his cream filled me.

I, on the other hand, could move…and move, I did. I bucked against him, riding his cock, screaming in utter joy as my orgasm overtook me. I lost all control. My body shook, my pussy spasmed, and every nerve ending seemed to rupture. The pressure had built up to the point that the release was even more pleasurable than I could have imagined. It didn’t stop there. Just as the initial muscle contractions stopped, his finger found my clit, and as he ground his softening cock into me, my body responded again. Every synapse fired simultaneously and the shuddering overtook me once more. The pleasure was so intense it was painful, and though I begged him to stop, he was unrelenting. His finger worked my clit, circling several times and then pressing directly into the center, repeating this process over and over. I was utterly at his whim. He kept this wondrous “torture” up until I had climaxed twice more, then finally let go of me.

I crumpled into a shuddering heap on the bed, unable for a few moments to move or to even speak. When I eventually caught my breath, all I could think of to say was “Thank you.”

He left the room for a few moments, returning with a towel and a tall glass of ice water. After I’d drained the glass and cleaned myself up a little bit, I looked over at him, eyes still wide. “Where did you learn that?”

“Age has its perks, dear. I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. I’d say, from your reaction, that your initial frustration was worth the time and effort?”

I sat there for a minute, then decided not to answer. Instead, I responded with a question of my own: “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

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