Laura’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 04

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Mike and Laura had been together six months. Since the night they had a little fun on their vacation at “Velvet Touch” their sex life was fairly normal. Mike didn’t want to press Laura to quickly into being more adventuresome within their relationship and with her own sexuality. He was still working on getting her over her shyness at being totally naked with him.

When he first discovered that she shaved he was surprised only due to the fact of knowing what a really sheltered life she had led. He had asked her about it one day and she told him that she been doing that since the first time she had her first period. She said she could not stand to feel that sticky icky feeling as she put it. She said it was her aunt who had told her to shave that it would make her feel better and cleaner. Laura had started her period while visiting her aunt at her lake house in the summer when she was twelve.

He had finally convinced her to let him shave her a month ago. When he first suggested that to her she had shied away from that. She was still pretty shy and not yet used to having someone in her life again, so he bided his time until he finally got her to agree. This was one of the things that really turned him on, and it had taken him some time to convince her it was true.

Now every morning after they had showered after getting off of work, he would shave her. His cock would always get hard just thinking about shaving her. Naturally he would always have to taste his handiwork after, making sure he hadn’t missed a spot.

Tonight was their six month anniversary and he had something special planned for her. He thought it was very lucky that it would fall on a Friday when neither of them worked and he was quite happy about that. Now if the ice storm that was being predicted would hold off until they got back from dinner he would consider it a very lucky day indeed.

When they got home that morning after their shower and his shaving of her pussy he had made love to her all morning as he had done everyday since the first night they spent together. As soon as she had fallen asleep he had slipped out of bed to go buy the surprises he had in store for her that evening.

He had only been gone a little over an hour, when he returned, he hid everything out in the shed until he could bring them in later without her seeing them. The only thing he brought into the house were the 4 dozen carnations he had picked up for her. He put them in the closet in the spare room just in case she happened to go in there for some reason.

He slipped back into bed, his hand slid softly down to her pussy and he gently began to wake her up playing with her. He made love to her again and this time he fell asleep with her.

He was what was referred to as a “Satyriasis” meaning he had an excessive, often uncontrollable sexual desire in and behavior by a man, according to the dictionary. He was the male version of a nympho.

Laura was his equal, she never said no, she was always sexually aroused and her spirit was almost adventuresome as his own. He’d been with a few women who were sexual but not as oversexed as himself. That is why all his previous relationships didn’t last, and if one of them said to him oh don’t mess my hair because they had planned on going out…well then the next day he was the one going and it was without her.

Another quality Laura had was her fierce loyalty to Sue and Jaye, especially to Sue. Sue was every bit as loyal to her as well. When they had come back from their vacation, Sue had cornered him one morning while he was waiting to take her home from work. She made it clear that if he was just fucking with Laura or if he hurt her, he would regret it. She had made him promise he would not tell Laura about their conversation. She had finally told Laura herself a couple of months ago, telling both she and Mike that she now believed that he did truly care for her best friend.

He had taken her to Clara’s on the River for dinner. It was a nice casual restaurant that they both enjoyed going to. While she had been in the shower he had brought all the things in from the shed putting them in the spare bedroom, then he had joined her in the shower.

The freezing rain started just as they were leaving the restaurant. It took them an extra 15 minutes to get home. When they got inside he helped her off with her coat then told her to stay in the living room that he had a surprise for her. He slipped into the spare room to get the things he had hid in there then hurried back to their room. Ten minutes later he was back in the living room handing her a small package with the card he had worked so hard to make on one of those make it yourself greeting card machines.

“What’s this for,”she asked him? “I thought you said we would not get each other a gift, Michael?”

“Open the card and read it, you’ll understand as you read the card,” he told her.

The card had two hearts on the front entwined, inside it read…Inside bahis firmaları the small box you will find a gift to big to fit in any box, please open the box now, after you have looked in the box open your card to the next page and it was signed Always yours, Mike. Laura did as the card requested, the box was empty. She turned the card to the next page…Although the box looks empty it holds a gift I could not wrap, it holds my heart Laura, and I give my heart to you. She cried, she couldn’t help it, she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him passionately. “It’s a gift I’ll always treasure, Michael.”

He had almost blew their relationship last night when he made love to her and he was going to make sure he didn’t slip again at least not for a while yet. In a very heated moment of passion he had said those three words to her. She froze up on him, stiff as a board when he had blurted out that he loved her.

“No you don’t Mike, it’s just your passion talking, please don’t say it again.”

He knew she was not ready for his declaration of love and couldn’t believe that he had just blurted it out as it was. It didn’t matter that he was in love with her, it would take time, probably a long time before he could ever make her understand that he did love her or that she would believe him. Times like that he really hated her ex husband and would have loved to have beat the living shit out of him for making her so insecure about love.

He cuddled with her on the couch for a few minutes, kissing her sweetly and nuzzling her neck. He wanted tonight to be really special for her, he hoped that the surprise that was waiting in the bedroom would bring another area of pleasure to her. He was fairly confident that he could get her to go along with what he had in mind. She was so willing and eager to do anything that would bring them both sexual pleasure. More importantly is that she trusted him, and her trust just made him love her more. Damn he had to be careful or he would tell her that he loved her again if he didn’t control his need to make her understand just how much he did love her.

“Come on honey, I’ve got another surprise for you in our room,” he told her, pulling her up from the couch and leading her down the hall to their room.

Laura first noticed all the candles he had placed around the room, the room was full of the gentle aroma of pineapple, a scent that was neither to strong nor to sweet, it was her favorite. The bed was covered in rose petals of various colors, white, red, yellow and pink. There were also two huge vases of carnations which was her favorite flower. Over in the corner of the room on the floor was one of those huge floor pillows, that matched the mint green and yellows in her bedroom. On the side of the bed closest to them was a huge clothing box, tied with a bright red ribbon. “Michael you promised no gifts.”

“Honey this is something that I bought you a few weeks ago and have been saving for this special occasion,” he told her, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her passionately. He had sent away for what was in the box weeks ago. He had rented a post office box so that it would be delivered there so she would not know about it if it had been delivered to the house. He reached for the box and handed it to her.

She placed it back down on the bed and slipped the ribbon from the package opening the box. Inside was a beautiful short, red satin gown. She lifted it from the box looking at it more closely.

Mike pushed her towards the bathroom door. “Go ahead and change into it babe, I’ll be eagerly awaiting for you to open the door so I can see what I have envisioned you would look like in this for weeks,” he told her.

Laura undressed and took the gown from the box. It lay in soft folds across her breasts, cut low, it was made to just drape over the breasts, with one satin button to hold it together between her breasts. Thank god she was thinking that it was not one of those kind where the woman has to have perky breasts to wear it. The gown fit so that when you buttoned it, the rest of it lay in gentle folds, almost like material bunched and gathered. It was open all the way down the front but hung so that it didn’t show bare skin, yet could be pushed aside to expose bare flesh. The length was just long enough to hang just below the cheeks of her ass.

She had never seen panties like the ones that came with this outfit. They were full, but cut high on the sides, they did cover her belly though. It was as she was slipping them on that she noticed there was a opening in the crotch. These were not like open no crotch panties, just having a slit in them for easy access without having to remove them. Although Laura was a big gal, she felt sexy in the outfit and the red looked good with her long blond hair hanging down over her shoulders and down just below the middle of her back.

Mike had undressed as soon as she closed the door, he was already getting hard and trying to control his passion kaçak iddaa waiting for her to appear. When she opened the door he thought she was the most beautiful women he had ever had the privilege of knowing. He gathered her into his arms kissing her hungrily then telling her how beautiful she looked. He let his hands slide up the outside of her thighs, moving around in back to cup her ass cheeks pulling her forward hard against his hard cock. He wanted to take her right now, the urge to just lay her down and ram his cock into her was strong within him.

He pulled her to the bed and lay down beside her, kissing her, fondling her breasts and letting his tongue tease hers into dueling with his as he kissed her. He slipped his right hand into her gown lifting her breast so he could play with her nipple. He had a set agenda for how tonight was going to go so got his hunger for her under control. No part of her was uncovered, his hand was inside the fold of the gown playing with her nipple, arousing her slowly.

“Laura I want tonight to be very special for you, making it special for you will also make it very special for me as well.” He kissed her again, slowly then with more passion. Kissing could get her very wet and she had told him early in their relationship that his kisses just made her melt inside. He propped himself up on his elbow looking down on her flushed face, she was already in the beginning stages of her arousal and his cock twitched with desire looking at her. “Tonight I want us to do something we haven’t done yet babe, I want you to experience another way of being pleasured and in so doing you will be giving me pleasure as well.”

“What do you mean babe,” she asked him? She wasn’t sure what he meant as she watched him sit up and reach down to the floor on his side of the bed. She heard a rustling noise then he faced her holding a black leather blindfold in one hand and some wrist and ankle restraints in the other. When she first saw what he was holding in his hands she was nervous, yet she couldn’t control the excitement that was beginning to rage within her at this new aspect of their lovemaking.

“Honey if this makes you nervous or scares you in any way we will forget about it and I will never mention or suggest it again.” He saw the hesitation in her eyes when she first saw what he was suggesting. “Laura I would NEVER hurt you, I think you already know that babe, these are just going to be used to let you experience a different way to enjoy lovemaking. There is not going to be any kind of pain involved if you were thinking that honey.”

“Mike I don’t understand. I know I’m very naive when it comes to these things but aren’t those used by people who are into the domination thingy?”

“These are used by all kinds of people hon and not just those who enjoying inflicting pain or showing their domination over someone. Do you trust me Laura?”

“You know I do.”

“Do you think that I would ever do anything to hurt you?”

“Of course not, I know you would never hurt me physically Mike.” “Then will you let me show you just how these can be used for pleasure giving?” Laura didn’t hesitate when she told him yes. She didn’t know what he had in mind but her body was already aching to find out.

“Lay here in the middle of the bed on your back honey, he instructed her.” He slipped one of the wrist restraints on her left wrist, then took the other end with the long tie strap on and tied it to the left side of the rail on the headboard pulling her arm straight out and to side of her and over her head. He did the same thing to the other arm, then to her ankles until she lay there spread eagled like she had been staked out by some Indian. Seeing her like that made his cock throb with desire.

“Here is the fun part honey. I’m going to put the blindfold on you so that you can’t see or watch anything I’m doing to you, you will only be able to feel the pleasure without knowing what it is. Not being able to see me or to know when your going to be touched is part of the excitement of this Laura. If at any time you don’t feel like this is pleasant to you tell me and we will stop immediately, ok?”


He slipped the blindfold over her head covering her eyes. He kissed her, warm, wet kisses, tongues mating as he prepared to take Laura on a new journey. His hand slipped inside her top reaching for her breast. He caressed her breast, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. It hardened at his touch, sending little shivers through her body that were visible to him. He slowly moved his hand over to the other breast and gave it the same treatment. He knew she was longing for him to suck them, her nipples were so sensitive to his sucking that quite a few times he had made her cum from prolonged sucking and rubbing of her clit. Those were always powerful climax’s for her and he thrilled at them.

He let his hand slip down the front of the gown, parting it, he ran his fingertips lightly along the kaçak bahis edge of her panties, tickling her as he did so. Moving slowly towards her inner thigh still just touching her with his fingertips. He laid the palm of his hand at her pussy, pressing and rubbing lightly. The he let his middle finger slip inside the slit to enter her pussy. He began a very slow finger fuck. Her hips were starting to move trying to move towards his probing finger. Now he began rubbing her clit in slow circles, letting his finger slip back into her slippery slit now and then to finger her for a couple of minutes then back to her clit. “You like that don’t you honey, I can feel your clit getting harder.

Laura was aching for a climax, she wanted to feel his mouth at her breast. She was on fire, the burning deep inside getting hotter the longer he touched and caressed her with his fingers. She knew it would not be much longer and she would have her first orgasm.

Mike knew she was getting close so he eased up a bit. She moaned in her displeasure when his finger stopped rubbing her clit. He stopped touching her completely, not moving at all.

“Mike? Mike what are you doing? Honey please? She knew he had not left her side she could still feel his thigh next to hers. Why had he stopped? Why wouldn’t he talk to her? She felt him move, then felt the bed give a little as he got up. She could hear him walking around the bed then heard the bathroom door open and close. How many minutes had gone by before she heard the bathroom door open again she didn’t know but she felt the little rush of air as it moved across her body making her shiver.

All of a sudden she felt something soft moving over her breast, she didn’t have a clue as to what it was, only that it was soft. Now she felt it on her other breast, across the top of her chest, across her neck, the side of her face, along her arms, now her stomach, down her legs, up the insides of each leg, across her womanhood, which tickled and her hips lurched as it touched her there.

Mike moved the peacock feather slowly all over her body, he had tied a peacock feather to soft ball of feathers on a stick together so she would feel both the gentle softness of the feathers along with the slightly stiffer feeling of the peacock feather. He leaned down to her breast taking her left nipple in his mouth. He heard Laura gasp as his mouth touched her breast and began sucking gently. He was now sucking on her right nipple, this one was more sensitive than the other and he sucked it a little harder. His poor darling was so much wanting to come that he felt bad for not giving her a little bit of release.

She loved the way he would suckle at her nipples, it just drove her crazy! She was enjoying the attention to her nipples when she let out a little yelp at the shock of the cold at her nipple. She could feel the wet and coldness of the ice as he moved it all over her nipples, her breast, and she jerked when he lifted her breast and ran the ice under each one. Now she was shivering as he ran it across her stomach, letting a little pool of the ice cold water run into her navel. Back up her stomach to her neck he went with the ice, across each shoulder and down each arm. Down each leg and on the inside of each of her thighs.

Laura was getting more and more aroused by this new feeling. Now he was at her feet, rubbing the ice over the tops of each of her feet and it felt wonderful. He ran the ice over the bottoms of her feet and she tried to jerk them away because it tickled, not being able to because of being tied up. He pressed the ice harder into the heels of her feet and along her soles and that was heavenly. She was surprised when she felt his mouth surround her toes and suck them. He had never done that before and it was a very erotic feeling. He licked the sole of each of her feet, and along each ankle. He had ice in both hands and was rubbing it slowly on the inside of her legs as his mouth paid homage to her feet.

He was aching to fuck her, but it was to soon. He was not through with his ice play yet. He moved closer to her pussy and ran the ice up the crease of both her legs and she just jerked and squealed. The crease on her right side was very sensitive and her body would almost convulse when he licked her there, so the ice was even more torment to her. He ran the cubes of ice over the top of her pussy, letting the rivulets of water drip down along the folds of her pussy.

He took one of the cubes and ran it inside her pussy lips making her squeal some more. The he began a slow tease with it on her clit. She was going crazy from the cold and the pleasure. He slipped the ice cube into her pussy, pushing it up inside her. He did the same with the other cube. He leaned down and took her clit into his mouth and began sucking. He was going to let her cum at first then he decided his cock needed to cum as well so he could continue on. He straddled her shoving his cock deep inside her. The ice still melting inside her shocked and pleased his cock as he began fucking her. He wasn’t even trying to hold back his urgency to cum and he shot his load quickly filling her pussy to overflowing. He pulled out and she yelled, at him.

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