Lawyer’s Brief

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It’s difficult, I’ve always found, to decide whether you should think of some of your experiences with despair or exultation. Exultation as you look back filled with exhilaration that such things could or did take place or despair that, having happened, nothing so wonderful could ever happen again. The third way, to just get on with things with a mild smile or a groan is not my way. I’m on a roller coaster and that’s how I like to lead my life.

So that of course is how I feel about something that happened to me just over two months ago now at work. I work as a lawyer for a big firm in London, dealing with intellectual property – in particular copyright for technical manuals, textbooks and so forth. It sounds dry but can be a fascinating area with lots of money in dispute.

We had been instructed by an author of a specialist manual who was in dispute with his publisher. Our client was suggesting his publishers had used his methodology and structure, without his permission, in a totally separate manual on a different subject. Like most legal disputes it was both simple and complex, fascinating and dull all at the same time.

After some protracted correspondence, with barrages of letters fired both ways, we hunkered down for a meeting. Two lawyers arrived at our offices to represent the publishers and a colleague and I conducted a meeting with them on behalf of the author.

After a few pleasantries it was down to business. Despite their professional demeanour they refused to give at all and effectively started drawing lines in the sand on at least three issues. Naturally I was able to take stock of our opponents. The older was a well-known, overweight, fairly flamboyant solicitor well known in the City, gently percolating with perspiration in his bright blue stripy shirt and orange tie despite our air conditioning. Beside him, his colleague, though less colourfully attired, was equally striking though for very different reasons.

I tried to take her in with only a few glances as my attention was generally more focussed on her senior. A woman in her late twenties, I guessed, with dark almost black hair that framed her face and fell away to suggest a long journey into mystery. Her eyes told me of youth and sadness, of hope and the cold of loneliness. Clear, easy features with a subtle nose and lips whose sardonic smile was, I hoped, purely professional. Her face and her expressions were of someone both at peace yet pleased to be in thought and I was caught in between her two modes.

She wore a black, sleeveless one piece and I found myself again loving the grace and form of an attractive woman. Admiration for the natural perfection of her shoulders, her arms, her neck washed over me and I smiled mildly and happily in return almost before I realised it. My dreams encompassed all of this beauty and all the rest that I could not see. It was an instant but that was all I needed. To a man such as me, who finds his completion in the beauty of a woman, she was a gift. I did not need more as these looks had given me inspiration enough.

She looked down at her legal pad and I realised I had of course given myself away. But the negotiations were concluding anyway and I would treat her with the utmost politeness, never see her again and she would forget me as just one of any number of admirers. I was only sad that I could not make her understand what she had given me just in those looks.

It was done, they were gone, and I closed my book. The days came and went and my life breathed on. A week or so later the phone rang. It was my boss, saying there were some final points to be sorted out. Some subsidiary bahis firmaları issues that had to be resolved – nothing crucial but important all the same. They wanted to send their second lawyer on the case to our offices that afternoon to discuss it all in person with me and finally sort it out. All very friendly.

I put the phone down and started breathing again.

When she arrived I ushered her into one of our smaller conference rooms with a low ceiling and a long table. She was dressed in a smart blue jacket with matching skirt and white blouse. As she walked in, I drank her in visually and was finally able too glimpse her thighs, especially thanks to the discrete slit in the side of her skirt.

It was clear the final resolution of the outstanding issues was not going to be a friendly affair after all. She stridently voiced her concerns in this regard, tossing her file onto the table. She wasn’t interested in coffee or tea or even biscuits. She wasn’t interested in my view or our case. And she hadn’t even sat down yet.

I was frankly baffled. I looked forlornly through my notes in the hope I might find something to counter her position but it was no use. I was cornered. Finally I read a reference to a case that could help our side but did not have the full case note. Holding up my hand to halt her ceaseless onslaught, I almost tiptoed to the computer at the far end of the room and sat myself down to consult our electronic archive of cases. She marched up behind me and then stood to my left, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed triumphantly, watching me work.

With her looking, I found my focus slipping and the case note proved increasingly elusive. I turned to look at her and, rather surprisingly, found her looking at me with pursed lips and her face turned to me slightly rather than gazing at the screen as I expected. Nonplussed, I turned back to the screen and kept typing.

With a flash of thigh, she grabbed up her skirt with both hands and sat down on top of my lap, pushing her lips onto mine. Her hands came up and took hold of the back of my head, pulling my face down onto hers. Her breath came to me in starts like a fire coming to life. Her hips ground against mine and I was being taken by this woman and all I could feel and want was her. How had this happened? How had I not imagined this might take place?

The hips were the worst of it. With their incessant pushing and pushing my imagination’s vision made me see her doing the same naked with nothing left to be secret. But the immediate and overwhelming sensation were the kisses. She pressed her lips against mine, encircled them and all I could do was kiss her back but not in the way she wanted. Her lips flickered off across my cheek, wetly down my neck. She gently nipped at me as her hands came round over my shoulders, feeling the shapes of my trapezius muscles, the upper slopes of my chest, the other side of my neck.

Some seconds had now passed and I was still stunned. A question formed in my throat but never made it passed the vocal chords. I wanted this too, I somehow decided. Without thinking, my hands went to her waist and then down along her bare thighs. As her lips trekked back to mine I opened mine to engage her properly this time. So we kissed long and hard and whilst I was excited I knew too I was in a low gear, pushing along on pure instinct and using none of the finesse a man vainly likes to think he has. It was all too quick though for that, this ambush. This close I took in her perfume as I took in all the rest of her, which is to say that I had been taken over willingly.

And as quick as it started, it kaçak iddaa stopped. Letting go, she got up and stepped as far back as the PC desk would allow her, which wasn’t far. As she brushed down her skirt, she looked down and told me in no uncertain times what she thought of me, which wasn’t much. But it was my turn and I rose too and told her to sit on the low black leather couch nearby.

With a look she did so and lowered herself slowly, taking of her jacket. I walked over too her and she leant back, looking up at me. Raise your skirt, I hissed. She pursed her lips again but, still piercing me with a look, did as I wanted.

Throwing my jacket off to the side, I hunched down on the floor beside her feet. Uncoupling her shoes, I ran my hand up the long calf of her left leg. The lightness of her frame again affected me deeply. Other men feel profound, deeply moved in the face of great art, or the beauty of nature. I resent the fact that I feel slightly odd about myself for feeling the same in the experience of a beautiful woman, as if it is not normal to be so moved by a face, a leg, or a bottom or a back. But the simple pleasure of the line of her calves, their fresh fleshiness and the endless serenity of her skin’s tone were already at work on me.

Her breathing told me what I wanted to hear and I was bolder as my hands ran up over and around her knees. She had tugged her skirt back and I could take in her black silk knickers, tied up at one side. My hands covered her skin and I kissed her legs now. The thighs were goading my hunger and the cute nips I had given soon succeeded to greedier ways. With a shock of self-consciousness, I found myself growling lowly as my teeth pressed softly against her thighs but when I looked up she was letting her head roll back, gasping silently.

I moved round to kneel directly in front of her, my hands still running up and down those lovely long legs that I didn’t want to stop touching. I renewed my kisses, more lightly this time, but more consistently up her legs until I was kissing her knickers. My kisses ran round until I stopped in between her thighs, when the kisses became intermingled with long licks. Her gasps were less silent now and I looked up once in a while to see her eyes shut against the pleasure.

With her help I undid the tie of her knickers and flipped them to one side. Grabbing round the top of each of thigh with either hand, I stopped for a second to take it all in but then bent down further, running my tongue down from just below her navel, down to her lips which at first I only delicately touched. She arched back at that first contact and then relaxed easily, sinking into the couch. In doing so, her hips came nearer to my face and I immersed myself in her, running my tongue up and down over her lips and then finally teasing inside.

This was really my need as much as hers. When I see a woman I really want, what I really want is to go down on them. It sets me up and I can feel the need and the taste and how she might be. And with all the blissful feeling of someone who is doing something that they really want to do I did not want to do anything else at that point. I could feel her body moving in response and at times her hands reached down to grab at my short blonde hair. Her breathing strengthened and her breasts rose and fell and she was pulling me up. I kissed up her body now, undoing her blouse as I did so and drew my hands up to run along the side of her breasts, brushing the back of my fingers across the nipples.

She kissed me, and I took off my tie and she undid my shirt, running her hands across my chest and over my stomach. She got kaçak bahis off the couch and we stood together, kissing and holding each other. My hands ran round her torso and waist, sliding her blouse to the floor in doing so. Her arms reached inside my now open shirt, the touch of a woman’s hands on my body again. Her left hand reached down to my crutch, and with a soft chuckle she felt the shape of my hard dick underneath my expensive trousers.

As I took my trousers and briefs down, she took her skirt off and stood before me. She turned to the wall and bent over half way, making her intentions perfectly clear with a thrust of her bottom. I reached over to her and with my right hand felt for her vagina and guided myself inside her, at an achingly slow pace to begin with.

My penis ran inside her and with each inch the pleasure become more intense until at the end, with it all in, I felt like it was all going to happen there and then. With a dizzying pause, I stopped for a second and she breathed out slowly. I resumed some slow, easy rocking to and back, my hands on her bottom, shaped like the heart of all secrets. My hands pushed her down onto me slightly as each push brought us together in a closer coupling.

Then one hand crept up her side to her left breast, still with her bra on. As I cupped it, she raised her back slightly and both hands ran round her body. She turned enough for me to kiss her, the lightness of my kisses matching the shallow movements of our bodies. My right hand went down to stroke her clitoris, the fingers gently rubbing. She quietly sighed and lowered herself down again to midway up, thrusting her bottom back at me and leaning against the wall with her arms outstretched. This time I placed both hands on her shoulders, and pushed down more forcefully and I heard her gasp with a start. The thrusting of my hips became more insistent and she bent her left leg slightly, which gave us even more penetration. Her arched back, her high buttocks, her cascading hair, she was my revelation. I could hear her clench her teeth and she reached back with one hand to feel me move against her.

I withdraw from her and it was only then I realised she had been on her tiptoes. She looked round and then turned and I grabbed her again and kissed her. I pulled her up into my arms and she sprang up to me, clasping her thighs around my waist, still kissing me.

This was going to be it. I unhooked her bra as she wrapped herself around me and then put her down on the edge of the table. She saw what my plan was and raised her legs and I eased my cock into her. She looked up at me greedily and lowered herself onto the table, propping herself up on her elbows. Her legs were high against me and I ran my arms under her thighs to support them.

In this position, penetration was at its greatest and each thrust took her higher and higher. Fortunately the conference table was quite heavy but all the same we managed to knock an empty vase over, which rolled slowly off the edge to land with a soft thud on the carpet. My hips were hard and fast against her but once in a while I slowed down to give her long, slow thrusts along the whole length of my cock. She thought this was amusing to begin with but as she grew wilder it just annoyed her and she eventually told me with clenched teeth just to fuck her.

I knew I couldn’t take much more and made it clear that this was it. She told me to stop just a second and reached down to flick a hand over her clitoris. She kicked my arm to get me going again and as I gave my last thrusts, we both came together in a panting, hot climax.

As I withdrew, I looked over her and she smiled happily, smugly. “Don’t worry about that case. Your boss sorted the deal out this morning over the phone. He found that case for me straight away. So you’re not the only one who can give me what I need.”

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