Learning to Surf Ch. 09

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Big Tits

Chapter 9 (her)

What was wrong with me? I thought to myself. Plopping down hard on the bed, I ate the breakfast, because I was starving but disinterested. I couldn’t believe that I let this guy practically fuck me! I was angry. Yet, I was still very much energized because of the passion, the attraction, the amount of heat that rose so quickly.

As I pushed the trolley back out door, I reminded myself that he was just with those bimbos last night; then this morning was with me. What the hell was wrong with me?

But he was so attractive, and I’m not looking for him to marry me. I laughed out loud to myself and figured there was nothing wrong with having a fling on my vacation. He lives in London for god’s sake! I tried to convince myself, it’s not like I’ll ever see him after this ever again. After staring out the window at the ocean and giving me a little pep talk, it all became clear that he is what I needed.

I decided to takes things as they come and said softly out loud

“Come what may…”

The phone rang which made me jump out of my skin. Upon answering it expecting it to be James my stomach lurched.

“Miss, your scheduled tour of the island will begin in 15 minutes. Please meet your tour guide at the Surf Shop.” The young pleasant voice stated.

I giggled at this because the thought of going to the surf shop and seeing James both angered me and intrigued me. I thought about this morning and felt myself getting damp again. I shook the thought out of my head. Snatching a backpack of snacks, that I had set out the day before when I scheduled the horse back riding tour, I was excited. With a skip in my step I trotted myself down to the surf shop.

There were only 2 horses saddled up. Surely I am not the only one going?

James came out of the shop clean shaven and showered and gorgeous as ever, wearing a pair of blue jeans that cupped his manhood and a tight t-shirt that accentuated his Pecs. He grinned widely, winked and said

“Good morning, I didn’t expect to see you so soon.”

“Are you the guide of tours too?” with a little anticipation in my voice hoping that he was.

“Sweat heart; that would be me.” This voice was deep, gruff and very sexy. Bruce, the guy from last night came around the corner of the shop.

My eyes opened very wide as well as my grin. I remembered him from last night. We were down by the fire dancing very intimately before James pulled us apart and dragged me away. He had asked me to come to his room with him so we could finish our intimate dance there. Had James not taken me away I may have still been with him even now. All 6 foot 3inches of him was chiseled, tanned rippling muscles. With dark features and dark hair, every inch of him was like a ‘Superman’ flash-back.

He offered his hand and helped me onto the horses back. In doing so his hand slid on my ass and I could have sworn I felt a squeeze. I glanced over at James and saw what I thought was a look of either envy or suspicion of Bruce. I couldn’t exactly tell because just as quickly his face brightened. The next thing I knew James asked Bruce to go into the shop with him and get something. Bruce shrugged and followed him.

All I could hear were mumbled voices. So instead of eves dropping I looked out over the ocean, another beautiful day in paradise. I could hear the bimbos giggling there way toward the shack and I really didn’t want to be around when they would arrive at the shop and flaunt themselves all over James.

What is going on in there? I wondered.

“Bruce?” I called in a sing song voice, impatient and needing to get away from the bimbos. “Are we leaving or not?”

The men came out together and James had a huge smile on his face. Bruce looked disappointed but slapped his mate on the back and said,

“Never keep a beautiful woman waiting” He waved and disappeared back into the shop.

I was definitely confused here. James mounted the horse and started to walk away in the opposite direction of the gaggle of girls. I had bahis firmaları no choice but to follow him and quickly. Bruce tossed him a bag and handed him a bottle of wine as we walked past the entrance to the shack, which he tucked into the saddle bag behind him.

Walking the horses next to each other I asked him, “So now your tour guide too? What about Bruce?”

I glanced back to see him already comfortable lounging on the deck to the shack watching the bimbos walk toward him with a huge smile of delight.

James replied in a fatherly manner, that I remembered from last night; Telling me matter-of-factly that “Bruce isn’t the guy for you.”

“…and you think you are?” I paused, laughed and watched him shrug. “How is it that you so often get everything you want?”

“Lucky I guess.” He smiled at me with that the dreamy crooked grin. He kicked the horse and we went running down the ocean side hooves hitting the waters edge.

We turned shortly after and walked the horses through thick underbrush and sparsely wooded areas along the coast. After about an hour I found that we were in a small gathering of houses like a village, full of locals. The women came running out of their huts showing me their wares to buy. Speaking very quickly in their native tongue I didn’t understand them at all. James came up next to me and bought some fig bars and star fruit paying the lady and leading me farther down the path.

With him in front of me I got the best view of his ass being hugged tightly by the denim that also stretched over his thick muscular thighs. I was lost to the daydream of remembering this morning. I nearly ran him down with my horse at the edge of some rocks. He had swiftly hopped down and said

“We’ll have to walk from here”

Tying the horses to a small tree on the ground and walking over to me, he lifted me down. My ears perked up, I heard rushing water in the background. He tugged on the knapsack and put the food inside. Grabbing the bottle of wine in one hand and mine in the other as he led the way down a tight path between palm tree after tree and into a clearing where I saw the most amazing water fall. Our fingers intertwined and he led me down to a secluded water fall hidden behind several clusters of trees. Finding a flack rock on the edge of the water we set up a picnic, ate and chatted very casually about anything that came to mind. He was very easy to talk to.

The sun was very high in the sky and was hot. He lifted his shirt over his head and kicked his shoes off to dangle his feet in the water. His large round shoulders glistened with perspiration from the increasing heat. James lay back on his elbows with his head nearly in my lap looked up at me. Neither of us brought up the night before or this morning. Although I know I couldn’t get the feeling of his kisses out of my mind. There was no breeze from being back so far in the center of the woods. His damp blonde curls fell into his eyes. I used the tips of my fingers to brush them away and dappled kisses on his forehead gently and playfully.

“Let’s go for a swim.” He said standing and removing his clothing. He stood there naked before me looking very pleased with his body and not ashamed to show it off and dove into the water.

I saw him disappear under the falls and watched the water beat off arms as he raised his hands over his head and called out, “come on…it feels great!”

Sensing my apprehension, “I won’t look.” He said with a smirk.

Noticing his eyes were shut, I peeled off the t-shirt and removed my bra. I felt foolish for being so shy, but felt better that he closed his eyes while I undressed. I slipped out of my blue jeans and panties too. Kicking off my shoes I stuck my toes in the water and felt my nipples harden from the cool wetness of it. Slipping in slowly, making sure he was still not looking I went fully under water pushing away from the rock floating out to the center of the small pond.

The water was crisp, sparkling blue and clear. I could feel the tremors of the kaçak iddaa water fall vibrate through the pond from the power. I moved closer to the falls into the bubbles that tickled your skin. Against my breasts and bare skin this was the most unusual sensation.

James swam closer to me and pulled me under the falls so that the water rushed down on my head and shoulders. The strength of the falls was so powerful that I lost my balance and tumbled backward into him as to not go under and be drowned. When I opened my eyes we were behind the falls looking out. Like peering out from the opposite side of a mirror, the sheet of falling water looked like rippling glass. The sound was loud but not deafening by any means. My back was pressed against his front as his muscular arms held me about the waist with his chin on my shoulder we both peered out watching not saying a word. I felt my ass against his washboard stomach and he pecked the side of my face. I turn to face him, but I couldn’t feel any floor under my feet. He was standing firmly with the water lapping at his chest. Holding me up and glancing down at my large floating breasts, I laughed, thinking my buoys must be a sight!

James moved his hands under my ass and pulled me to straddle him. My thighs went up in flames feeling his nakedness against my soft creamy skin. His hard cock was pressed between my pelvic bone and his abs. I enclosed arms around his neck and we kissed deeply. With my breasts against his firm chest the skin on skin contact made his cock grow even harder. Kissing and petting each other on the neck and back his hands slipped down and grabbed my ass tugging me down to sit on his cock. The tip of it was swollen and pressed softly to enter me. At the surprise, I clenched and all he could do was press gently and hope that I would let him enter. He shifted so that his shoulders dropped and hand slid farther down my ass and he inserted a single tip of a finger into my pussy. This excited me intensely causing me to shift as well.

He spun me around so the cool hard stone from behind the falls was pressed against my back forcing my pelvis to angle forwards and giving him the advantage of inserting 2 fingers more fully. I gasped and clutched him feeling my muscles tighten and relax.

The water lapped at my nipples making them harder and tingle. I reached down to feel his cock. I maneuvered my hand to fold around it at the shaft and slowly stroking it upwards. He moaned and moved with my motion. I caressed the head and the used the pressure of my thumb to press firmly on the pulsing center vain that ran up to the tip.

His hands were all over me in an instant, cupping my breasts and licking at my nipples, nibbling and smiling, he was enjoying himself. Flicking his eyes up to mine now and again, he was making sure that I was ok with him touching new parts of my body in approval for him to keep going. The water was much warmer now. He ran his hands down the outside of my thighs and tugged them firmly around his middle. Holding my ass in hands he pulled apart my cheeks and I felt his hard cock press again against me to enter me. This motion made me shiver and whimper. Again his hips pressed into mine and the tip entered very slowly. Holding tightly onto him, pressed against the cold stone, I relaxed my muscles slightly allowing the full head to feel the wet warmth of my womanhood. He stopped pressing and I could feel myself opening to accept him. With slow small pulsing motions he inched very slowly into me. I kissed him again opening my mouth mimicking the motion of him with my tongue, then biting his bottom lip. He tilted my hips toward him farther, so this time when he pushed he slid easily right into me. My body shuddered as I felt his hard cock pullout and thrust forward again. Once he entered fully, he paused. Feeling my pussy adjusting to his girth he held it there a moment. Slowly our bodies moved began to move in unison.

I am not sure if it was the water, but it was hard to tell how wet I really was. Or maybe the water made it easier to move? kaçak bahis I felt weightless. As our bodies moved on each other my breasts pressed hard into his chest and our breathing picking up pace. I could feel every inch of him slide in and out of me like velvet. He placed his hands on my hips and lifted me up and down on his cock controlling the speed and the depth as I clung to him unable to do much else. I nibbled on his neck and ear lobe. My breath and whimpered for him hear how he pleased me. I clenched my pussy around his long shaft as he lowered me down in full hard long strokes. When I opened my eyes for a moment he was looking right at me and those intense blue eyes showed nothing but lust.

He lifted me off of him and in place of his cock I felt his fingers on my clit. Massaging and pinching it between his fingers, my head fell back and we pulled apart as my back arched, pressed my shoulders harder against the rock. Gasping, I unconsciously arched my breasts out of the water, feeling for a hold on the rock behind my shoulders. With my arms over my head there was nothing to grasp on to. My hips were moving wildly to the motion of his fingers tickling my clit and his other hand using three fingers to tease me. Sensing my distress, he moved to pry my thighs away from his waist, unsuccessfully. Unwillingly I didn’t want him to stop; I felt so close to explosion. But he did stop teasing me and unclamped my thighs sliding me to the right.

Here, I was able to place my feet on a ledge and stand on my own. The ledge elevated me so that I was about a foot taller than he was. The water lapped just below my breasts which were perfectly at his eye level. He definitely got an eye full of heaving creamy white breasts staring him right in the eyes. He took full advantage of this and dove into them.

I couldn’t stop the twinges that he provoked inside me as he sucked on my tits. My hands went to touch myself as I moaned in response to my own fingers against my clit. He stepped up on the ledge forcing me to move forward to make room for him. His cock was hard and trying to press into me from behind as he kissed me shoulders and neck and wrapped his arms around my middle coaxing me further to the right. I opened my eyes and noticed a place were I could comfortably stand without drowning. Upon reaching this spot he lifted me again and I was riding him with my arms folded on protruding rock on the side of the cave.

I felt the power of the water fall very close. When I glanced over my shoulder, I saw the water pounding him on the back. The force of the water falling hard from over head filled me with the most intense erotic sensation. I was floating in the water with his large hands cradling the small of my back. His thumbs were on my tail bone and his fingers wrapped across my hip bones as he helped keep my pelvis from floating upwards. I creatively spread my legs apart farther, bent my knees and like sitting on a saddle let him fuck me from behind. I could feel my ankles just above his knees and tried to move my hips in unison with his.

This had to be the most unusual place I have ever has sex. The water was frothy here from the force of the falling water. The energy was intense and the water vibrated all around us. It tingled on your skin and with my legs spread widely the bubbles kept popping like champagne and tickling my clit and nipples. I could barely hold onto the slippery rock in front of me. His hand reached around to touch my clit, I whimpered loudly muffled by the roar of the water falling directly behind us. The pressure built inside me and I cried out with a scream as my body shuddered. I felt my muscles clench around him in spasms as he pounded harder into me. Then with a hard last few thrusts I felt the warmth of his cum fill me.

Slowing the thrusts yet hard and smooth he pulled me back to him so my back was against his chest. Supporting me upright, cupping my breasts, they overflowing in his hands. He buried his face into my damp hair and moaned until the pace slowed to barely moving. Not in any hurry to exit my warm sheath we matched each others breathes which began to calm to steadier pace. Dismounting him he leaned back against the wall next to me and held onto me tightly like I was going to swim away.

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