Les Alouettes

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Although the brisk fall air was stinging my cheeks a rosey pink, I wore a giant smile as I basked in the energy of the crowd at my first CFL football game. I cheered and booed along with the home town fans, having no team loyalties of my own, despite growing up nearer to the Alouettes’ rivals, in Toronto. I was attending the game alone, just one more face in the crowd. My attendance was a suggestion given to me by a friend who had learned of my business trip through Montreal, and rattled off a list of places to visit and things to do. While I doubted I would be able or willing to visit some of the events, I had chosen the football game as an exciting way to blow off steam after a long week of conferences.

I clapped along with some music designed to rile up the crowd as half time approached, with the Alouettes in a commanding 21-3 lead. I shivered slightly despite being bundled in my thick winter coat and decided to take a bathroom break and warm up during the half time intermission. I doubted I would be alone in that decision in this frigid Canadian weather, and stood up to begin my journey a few minutes before the whistle to get a head start. Filling through people milling about on the concourse, I headed for the bathrooms nearest the entrance, knowing they would likely be the least busy.

Crowds thinned out as I left the concessions area, and by the time I approached the bathrooms there were very few people walking to and fro. As I approached the narrow entrance to the ladies room, I head a deep baritone voice call out behind me. Assuming it was for someone else, I kept walking, and paused just as I reached the door and heard a second shout.

“Hey yo Wait up “

As I began to turn towards this new call, I felt a very firm hand grasp my shoulder, and I jumped slightly and spun to face whomever was behind me. I found myself looking at a man’s chest, and had to arch my neck to look up at his face. Handsome, and the colour of rich dark chocolate, the man’s face was beaming ear to ear with his gigantic grin.

“It IS you ” he said with breathless excitement. “I knew I saw you across the field.”

“Excuse me?” I asked in confusion. “Do we know each other?”

Seeming not to hear my question, the man excitedly went on, his massive hand still clasping my left shoulder.

“I knew it was you Wow. Such a small world.” he said. “And you’re looking fine baby. Damn them curves just pop “

“EXCUSE me? ” I say louder this time, and more forcefully, shrugging his hand off my shoulder. “No need to front girl. I know who you are and what you’re all about.” he replied calmly, with a sly grin. “I would recognise that face anywhere. Your pink cheeks even look like they been cock-slapped recently, just like your pics “

Shocked, I felt my face immediately flush with embarrassment, my wind-burned cheeks burning as warm blood coursed through them.

“I think… you must be mistaken.” I stammered. “I should be going.” I started to back away towards the bathroom door, only to have the tall powerful man follow me slowly.

“No baby, its no mistake. I’d recognise those cock-gobbling lips anywhere. Damn you lookin’ fine girl I think maybe I should help you fulfill your fantasy.”

I was beside myself with embarrassment. I had been ‘made’. I quickly realized that the man who was quickly cornering me in the women’s bathroom was a fan of my online blog, and probably knew that I had a long-unfulfilled fantasy to suck a big black cock. I looked left and right, and seeing no security guards nearby, made the snap decision to act on my long-held fantasy. Face still burning, I ignored my shyer instincts and reached out, sticking my fingers into his front pockets, and tugging him along as I stepped backwards, pushing through the door ass-first.

“I think you should follow me.” I said in my best impersonation of a sultry voice.

“Oh fuck yeah girl.” he replied “I would follow that ass anywhere “

As we entered the bathroom bahis firmaları and the door swung closed behind us, I changed the direction of my pulling, and pushed him up against the closed door so that his body would hold it closed and prevent any sudden intrusion. Wordlessly, I slid to my knees, and began to unbuckle his belt with trembling hands. I was beside myself with excitement that I was finally about to see a black cock up close and personal. I looked up at him as his belt unclasped, and smiled widely.

“I cant wait to taste you.” I said, feeling incredibly naughty about what I was about to do.

“Girl you better be ready to open wide, cause I got the biggest black dick you’ll ever see in your life.” was his reply.

If it was even possible, my smile must have widened even further at that. I hastily undid his jeans, and slid them down to his ankles. Leaving his pants on the floor around his feet, I ran my hands up his dark legs, squeezing his powerful thighs lightly. His boxers were loose, but a massive bulge was already tenting them out in front of him, doing little to hide the meat within. I reached up and gave the bulge a squeeze, and was shocked by the sheer width of it. Moaning, I leaned in and began to mouth the fabric of his boxers, letting my warm breath pass through the material as I planted wet kisses on the heavy object within. Quickly a wet spot began to form, and I felt his hand begin to caress my hair as he moaned.

I leaned back and looked up into his eyes, and he smiled down at me. With only a curt nod, he gestured back towards his member, a silent order for me to get back to the task at hand. With a wink, I hooked my fingertips inside of his boxers, and after a small pause, yanked them quickly downwards. My jaw nearly followed his boxers to the floor when I saw what he had encased within, and I gasped involuntarily.

His cock can only be described as absolutely massive. Slightly lighter than the skin around it, his enormous rod dangled heavily downwards, its wide head flaring outwards, somehow even thicker than his perfectly cylindrical shaft’s amazing girth. It was big enough to make a porn star blush, fully ten inches of glorious throbbing black meat, and nearly as thick around as I pop can. I shuddered involuntarily, and felt his cock jump as I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it, my forefinger and thumb nearly an inch apart as I squeezed.

“What do ya think of that girl? You like my big black cock?”

I was speechless, breathless and dizzy with excitement. Looking up, all I could do was make eye contact and nod, jaw still hanging slack in amazement. I gripped his cock by the base, and shook it lightly, feeling the weight of it in my hand. His cock was so large that it didn’t seem to get fully hard; though solid near the head, there was simply not enough blood in a body to fill the whole thing, and his cock remained slightly spongy near that base, making his cock dangle downwards rather than stand straight out. I wrapped my hand firmly around the base, and began to swing his cock sideways, feeling its weight slap heavily against my right cheek.

*THWACK* *THWACK* His cock bounced loudly off my face. It felt like being hit by a tennis ball as his softer base allowed his cock’s hard head to whip into me with increased force. I glanced right to where I could see my reflection in the bathroom mirror, and saw my cheek begin to redden after only four blows. I smiled up as he moaned, and stuck my tongue out as far as I could, my mouth open wide. Maintaining eye contact, I began to swing his cock up and down, letting it slam wetly against my extended tongue. I moaned as a trickle of precum oozes from his hole and slides down my tongue. Tucking my tongue back into my mouth to savour the taste, I continued to sap his cock up and down on my face, hitting it loudly on my nose, cheeks, and forehead.

“Suck on those balls you dirty girl.” he commanded me.

With a smile I leaned in, kaçak iddaa and still mildly stroking his gigantic shaft with my hand, began to mouth his egg-sized and loose-hanging balls. I could barely fit one into my mouth at a time, and used my tongue to swipe back and forth over the short and curly hairs of his sack. I sucked on each ball, back and forth, moaning to let the vibration of my sound tease him. I felt his balls begin to tighten upwards in their sack as I continued to sloppily kiss and lick them. I let his heavy cock rest on my face, stretching from my nose to the top of my head, where it leaked precum into my hair. Glancing over at the mirror again with a mouthful of scrotum, I felt my pussy grow wet at the sight of myself on my knees with his massive tool covering half my face.

“Its time baby-girl.” he said in an even tone. “Time for you to get to work on that dick.”

Pulling his balls out of my mouth with a wet *pop* I smiled up and replied “I can’t wait to taste your great big cock.”

I glanced to the right again, to watch the reflection in the mirror as I held his cock by the base in my fist. My fingers did not even come close to touching each other as they wrapped around his massive shaft, and I smiled as I flicked my tongue out to tease the tip of his cock. I watched the mirror closely as a bead of precum formed at the head of his cock, and saw his ab muscles contact involuntarily as I scooped up the sticky liquid and swallowed it gleefully. I marvelled at the stark contrast between my bright white skin and his luscious dark cock, and licked my lips before plunging my head forward.

Within two bobs of my head, my jaw began to ache as I struggled to take in his massive girth. I lost the ability to watch my reflection as my eyes squinted involuntarily each time I gagged, and turned all my focus to the task at hand. His cock was so big I was barely getting half of it in my mouth, and I struggled to regain my composure and handle his cock with professional care. As I began to calm my contracting throat muscles, I was suddenly surprised to have him reach down and pull my head hard onto his cock, impaling my face with his massive meat. I gagged fiercely, and felt an uncontrollable spurt of thick saliva spurt from the corners of my mouth and land sloppily on my clothing, smearing my chest and lap with spit.

“You gotta get more in than that girl, if you wanna be an expert with black dick ” he said mercilessly, as he began to slowly thrust his cock into my face.

*UHCK* I gagged hard as he ground his cock into my throat in a failing attempt to force the massive head inside. His hands held my head in place like a vice as his monestrous cock head battered at the entrance to my throat. I felt thick, viscous saliva from the very back of my throat begin to lubricate his meat as more and more saliva spilled from my mouth around the edges of his cock. Unable to even open my eyes, I gripped his thighs in my hands as hard as I could and made every effort to loosen my throat to allow him entrance. Finally, with a great exclamation of pleasure, he forced the head of his cock into my throat, and sunk his big black cock to the hilt in my mouth.

“Oh FUCK girl Your mouth makes a goooood pussy for my big black cock ” he very nearly yelled at me in his excitement. “Take it alllllll “

Unable to breathe even slightly around his massive tool, I fought to control my impulse to push him away, and instead focussed with amazement on the enormous cock I had managed to deepthroat. His cock, now thoroughly lubricated from tip to base with the thick, slick saliva from my throat, still paused at each entrance to my throat as I struggled to accommodate it. It became only slightly easier as my throat began to expand and allow easier passage, and despite my horniness, I was very aware of the sore throat I was guarantee to experience the next day. It took every bit of focus and restraint I had to keep from biting down on his cock involuntarily kaçak bahis as he slowly fucked my face.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s a good chicken head.” he said roughly, never breaking pace.

Small bubbles of spit formed around the edges of my mouth where my lips strained around his shaft, as I moaned with pleasure at feeling so full of cock. My pussy began to pulse with pleasure as I took his cock deep time after time, but as difficult as it was I was unable to reach down and rub it, my hands feeling locked gripping his thighs, holding on for dear life. I could feel his huge heavy balls pressing into my chin as he drove every inch of his cock deep down my throat, feeling like he would enter my lungs he was so deep. My nostrils flared for breath each time he pulled back, and I felt myself becoming woozy from lack of oxygen. Knowing he was too into the moment to stop now, all I could do was pray that he would be ready to cum sooner, rather than later.

Luckily for my life span, I didn’t have long to wait. After what seemed like a lifetime, but was probably less than five minutes, I felt him begin to shudder and his thigh muscles quiver with exertion. Finally, he pulled back, leaning against the door, and grasping his cock in his hand. A wave of saliva followed it out of my mouth, and I coughed and gasped for air at the sudden freedom, the spit sliding down my chin and dangling off of his cock in a thick sticky line.

“Rub your pussy while I cum on your face.” He ordered.

Unable to reply, I was only too happy to comply. Not bothering to undo my pants, I thrust my right hand down my pants, rubbing my clit as I quickly approached my own orgasm. With my left hand, I reached up to rub his balls while he stroked his cock, aiming directly for my face. My eyelids fluttered with pleasure as I felt my pussy begin to flex, and at that same moment I heard his loud groan, and felt his first huge blast of semen hammer into my face. I felt his balls contract with each explosion, and within two blasts my eyelids were pasted firmly shut by his cum. I could feel it streaming off of my face, and opened my mouth in time to catch a thick spurt as it shot into the back of my throat. I closed my mouth to swallow, only to feel another jet smack into my face just above my mouth, filling one nostril with cum.

As I swallowed, and tried to dislodge the cum in my nose, I felt two or three smaller shots hit my forehead and cheeks, sliding down to coat my face in a thick sheen of cum. I felt his cock head slap heavily onto my face, and then rub his cum around, smearing it across my face. The feeling of this was too much for me, and I felt my whole body rock with a massive orgasm. I rocked my pelvis back and forth, fucking my fingers with it, and moaning aloud, gibbering nonsense, thanking him for his cum, telling him what a huge black cock he had, and generally losing myself in the moment. Several minutes passed as I came down slowly, still gasping for air, tasting his cum on my lips and smelling it all over my face.

I attempted to open my eyes and failed, forced to reach up and scoop the cum out of my eyes. As I cleared it away and opened them slightly, I heard the door swing open with a quiet rush of air. Looking up, I was startled to see a middle aged woman standing there staring at me, jaw gaping open, eyes bulging wide. My erstwhile companion was leaning against the wall to my side, trying to regain his own strength, his softening cock still dangling free, and still a heavy 8 inches or more. As the woman retreated from the bathroom, I stood and examined myself in the mirror.

My face was a masterpiece, painted thickly with yellowish-white cum in thick lines from my chin to my forehead, in my hair, and stuck in my eyelashes. I could see huge wet stains on my jacket and pants, intermixed with drops of cum. I grinned uncontrollably as I turned back to my companion and thanked him for fulfilling my fantasy. Unable to regain enough breath to reply, he simply held out a business card to me, complete with his phone number and address.

“You need to come see me before you leave town.” he said.

“I can’t think of any sights I’d rather see more.” I replied with a wink.

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