Letters for My Past Love

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I want to make love to you, hard and long! I want you to look into my eyes and nowhere else. As we explore each other’s entire body we never close our eyes or look away. The light is not too bright but they are on enough to see each other and our expressions. I begin to work my way around your body with my hands, gently massaging your ample breast and supple ass. I slowly remove your shirt and unclasp you green bra, looking up at you the entire time I begin to caress, lick and suck on your breast.

As your shirt falls to the ground I lay you down, as we continue to play and kiss you can’t help but to feel my manhood. I slowly take your shoes and socks off while rubbing your legs, I work my way to rubbing the outside of your jeans between your thighs, you begin to feel a release of wetness and can’t help but to begin to thrust against my hand. I alternate hands between your breast and pussy, I then take your pants off and move your panties to the side as I begin to massage you. I begin to go down on you and your so wet you can hear me slurping your delicious juices. You realize now that you can no longer see my eyes, only the top of my head and you begin to rub it and thrust yourself against my unshaven face.

I reach up and insert my finger into your mouth and you begin sucking it, slowly taking it in and out, sucking on it, sometimes gently sometimes very hard. I then take my hand and begin to finger you, first with one finger and working my way up with more until you begin to gasp for air, again I take my fingers and insert them into your mouth so you can share in the deliciousness I am going down on, this goes on for what seems like a hour, you lose yourself in the moment and have no sense of time or your surroundings. You are now completely naked now and I have all of my clothes on, I stand you up and caress you holding you close, then and only then do I allow you to begin to explore my body.

You begin to remove my shirt, I was wearing a orange fishing shirt. Button by button you move your way down and rub your hands across my chest, shoulders and arms. I begin to shake with anticipation as you unbutton my pants and remove then. It becomes clear then the entire size canlı bahis of my manhood as it protrudes from the top of my underwear, it is very wet and has a heartbeat of its own. You take your hand and squeeze and stroke it, the girth is such that you cannot close your hand entirely and it takes two hands to cover it. While looking up at me you begin to kiss me on the belly and thighs, working your way all around my cock as if just to tease me, I beg you and you refuse, all the time with that look you get when you know I want you so bad!

I proceed to grab you, stand you up and turn you around, I say I am going to need to spank you for being so naughty. I bend you over the table and begin to firmly grab and smack your ass. I rub it each time as if to say I am sorry, suddenly I grab your pony tail and pull you into me, it slides in with one rough tug and I begin to pump you from behind. You feel your pussy being stretched with a pleasure you have never felt, just as you begin to get past the shock I stop and begin going down on you again, this time from behind, I am sucking and licking all over you, I insert fingers and thrust them in and out, rubbing on your clit and spanking your ass and pussy from time to time. I begin to lick your asshole and insert only one finger, you release yourself completely to me and begin to lose all control.

Then I lay down on my back and rotate beneath you, all the while never losing my concentration on going down on you. I place my cock it your face and ask if you still want to be naughty or do you want to begin to please me. You slowly lower your mouth on my membrane, amazed that something that fat could fit in your mouth. Tasting yourself is such a turn on you can’t get enough. I begin thrusting into your wanting mouth and you must stop to take a breath. As you continue you notice that I am now rubbing your pussy franticly, you begin to contract your muscles with no control. I then stop you and lay you on your back again, this time I pull your legs apart and begin to finger you, using just two, with a upward pressure on your g-spot. With one hand I am rubbing your clit and the other is fingering you. You feel a sensation like no other and feel like bahis siteleri you’re going to squirt again, just before you do I stop and begin to stroke myself.

Letting you recover just enough to catch your breath I begin again, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm. I begin to feel your thighs and pussy begin to convulse, I don’t stop this time, taking you to the point of no return. Grasping you I lift you to a standing position, the smell of sweet sex and sweat fill the air, I look into your eyes and tell you that it is not over yet, now it is my turn. I let you recover in my arms just long enough you can stand without my help then I lie down flat on the floor. I pull you over onto me and insert myself into your still pulsating opening. I reach around and squeeze your ass and rub the outer part of you asshole, I use the juices we have made as a lubricant and begin to finger your asshole. I ask you to squat on me and look into my eyes so I know that this is reality and I finally have you completely. You bounce up and down for a short while but your legs are too week to continue, then you rest yourself on me and begin trusting to front and back.

As I thrust upwards you lower yourself on to me completely, we kiss deeply, we cannot get enough of each other. We are both lost in the ecstasy of the love making. I begin to lose my breath and my testicles get tight, just then you stop as if to punish me again. You tell me I have to wait and that you are not done yet. You begin to move away from me but grasp me by my cock and lead me to another room, while keeping eye contact the entire time. As we enter the room you tell me to wait here as you proceed to go get on the bed. You tell me it’s my turn to watch and you begin to fondle yourself, starting with your breast and moving your way down, you begin to masturbate for me, moaning and telling me how much you want me, you alternate hands and lick you own juices off of your fingers. Asking if I can join you, you tell me no and continue, you notice I begin to stroke my cock and can no longer control myself. I beg you if I can join you but you still refuse saying just watch and I will get my chance soon.

You bring yourself to orgasm bahis şirketleri and it turns you on beyond belief to know what you are doing to me. I can no longer control myself and move to the bed, I position myself on top of you and enter you. We begin to move in rhythm as if we have become one. I turn you over and take you from behind, driving my entire erection all the way what seem to be your stomach, you can’t get enough forcing yourself against me and begging me to fuck you, your scream it out loud-fuck me harder you demand and I continue to drive myself deeper and deeper. I insert a finger in at the same time and you don’t think you can handle anymore. Once again you have a uncontrolled orgasm and lose all muscle tension and collapse onto the bed begging me for a break.

As I allow you to recover I hold you close and comfort you, you have never felt more safe or euphoric of a condition. My erection never goes away and as you recover your determined to make me cum for you. You throw me to the side and tell me to lay on my back, you position yourself on top of me with your back facing me and insert my cock into your pussy, your head is at my feet and you tell me your gonna ride me and I should spank you as your torture me. Thrusting back and forth you make the decision to squat and ride me like there is no tomorrow. Just before I cum I pull away and tell you I want to watch your face as I fuck you, I want to see you cum with me. Once again you find yourself facing me we are wrapped in each other’s arms watching each other and getting lost again in the moment. I begin to thrust deeper and deeper until I am almost to the point of no return then I stop long enough to ask you where you want it, you tell me you want it.

You can’t answer me so I stop and make you beg for it, you say I want it all over me. I begin fucking you again with intent in my eyes, I continue to get faster deeper and harder, again and again I push harder, you see my muscles all tense up and I pull out, now I am just driving my member up and down outside of your wetness, faster and faster I go until you feel me shoot my hot wet ejaculation all over your body, it is everywhere, it is up on you chin and breast, all over your belly, parts of your hair and even on the wall behind you. I collapse in your arms and hold you tightly, we drift off to a restful sleep without even cleaning up, when we wake up we do it all over again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32