Licha’s Cantina

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Liz parks and checks herself out in her mirror one last time. It’s been a busy day, she’s been busy working till right before their date, and wants to make sure she looks as good as she’s going to. She smooshes her lips together one last time, and fixes a stray eyelash. She walks up to Jay’s apartment. She’s wearing a dress she knows he’ll enjoy. It hits her mid-thigh, which shows off one of her best assets. She knows Jay loves her legs, and he appreciates a well fitted dress too. They’ve decided on dinner and some dancing tonight. Sounds like a perfect way to blow off some steam.

Liz knocks on Jay’s door. Her mind drifts back to the sexting banter they’ve had going all week. It has been exciting and had her turned on for days. She’s excited to see what the evening holds, and to see Jay tonight. He open the door, and immediately his eyes go to her legs. He welcomes her in with a warm embrace, and a gentle kiss. She kisses him back, he can feel her energy, somewhat more urgent than his own. Jay can hold his own in the wardrobe department, and tonight is no exception. While neither of them is dressed in ‘fancy’ wear, what they are wearing fit well. Especially Jay. His clothes are always exceptionally well fitted, and show off his broad chest and stature. His pants fit him exactly right, and she likes how he looks in them. She likes being close to him.

He tells her, “You look spectacular.”

She knows. She knows how he enjoys her body, and is so complimentary to her. She gets a naughty smile on her face. He’s learning to recognize her signs.

He raises an eyebrow, “Yes?”

Hmmm… she’s thinking. She knows he enjoys being controlled. Their relationship is still pretty new, but the chemistry between them has been off the charts. It’s been the best sex both of them have known.

She grins a naughty smile at him, “Stand over there,” she commands.

He follows her prompt. She puts a pillow down on the ground. Kneels in front of him. Jay is curious, and aroused. She can already see his erection under his pants. His very well fitted pants. She enjoys watching him.

She smooths her hands over his hips and down the outside of his thighs. She illegal bahis hears the hiss of his breath as he inhales. She runs her mouth and teeth gently over his erection, over his pants. She moves her hands to his inner thighs. He gasps, holds his breath. She looks up at him and smiles. She knows her big, brown & hazel eyes are telling him everything he wants to know about how she desires him right now. His eyes close, enjoying the moment. Liz exhales onto his cock so he can feel the heat of her mouth. Imagining what it will be like with her mouth on him. Without the fabric between them. But the anticipation of that, is what he enjoys the most right now.

She slowly unzips him. Sees the thinner fabric of his underwear below. Liz strokes him with her teeth, and her fingers. She runs her fingers up and down the length of his shaft. Feeling him pulse against her hand. She knows she’s getting wet too. Kneeling in front of him, she can feel her own arousal between her thighs. The pulsing, and the wetness. Slick.

She undoes the top of his pants and slowly slides his pants down enough that his cock is free. Liz adores his cock. Full, beautiful, ready. The head of his cock is moist with pre-cum. She looks up at him, and licks it off. Jay gasps. He’s watching her. He is on edge. She loves teasing him, and he likes letting her. Liz slowly runs her tongue along the side of his cock, then, very slowly, the other side. She licks his length from above and below. She traces her tongue around his cock, swirling the tip of it around her mouth. She loves how he tastes, and his smell. She continues teasing and trailing her tongue around him. Her saliva dripping down the length of his cock, onto her cleavage, and dripping down onto the pillow under her knees. She grasps his cock with her hand, and allows her fingers to slide up and down the length of his cock. In between her fingers. She varies her tempo and pressure.

She asks him, “Is this how you like it?”, he mumbles something incoherent back.

“No,” she says. “Tell me. Tell me how you want me to suck your cock.”

“Deeper,” he groans. “Take me deeper.” She knows he has a hard time asking for what he wants, so she illegal bahis siteleri makes him say what he needs.

She willingly complies and takes him into her mouth. Deep and fast. His cock hits the back of her throat, and they both groan with desire. She continues up and down his cock for several more strokes. He starts thrusting his hips toward her mouth. Just as he’s about to thrust again, she pulls away. Her mouth leaving a trail of saliva. She wipes her mouth, gives him an evil smile, and stands up. She tucks his throbbing cock back into this pants. She takes his hand, and guides him to her pussy. She lets him feel how wet she is. They both gasp. She lets him feel her, and stroke the outside of her pussy, her juices have already made her totally wet. She is almost regretting her decision to not finish him off, but there will be time for that later. She removes his hand, and slowly, keeping her eyes on him, she licks his fingers. His eyes never leave hers as she does that. His eyes say more to her about his desire than any words can.

She walks to the bathroom, knowing his eyes are following her, and fixes herself up. She hears him groan with desire and frustration.

“Are you ready to head out for dinner?” She asks him. He pulls himself together, giving her a look that says he’s far from satisfied, and they head out. They take a Lyft to the little Mexican Cantina down the way.

They get drinks, order and grab an outdoor table. Both of them utterly distracted by the other. He touches her leg under the table, and occasionally, his finger will discreetly trace up her thigh. Her breath is shallow. She’s so turned on, she can barely look at him. Occasionally, she’ll stroke the inside of his thigh, and periodically, she’ll dig her nails into his inner thigh. Watching him squirm and try to act ‘normal’. She wonders if anyone watching them can sense the heat coming off of them.

When their food comes, she can hardly eat she is so distracted and wet from having his cock in her mouth just a little while earlier, and his fingers inside her. All she can think of is how he’s going to feel inside her later tonight. She wants his mouth on her pussy. She canlı bahis siteleri wants to wrap her legs around his face while he makes her come. She thought when she sucked him off earlier, it would keep HIM distracted, she underestimated the effect it would have on her. She’s so hot for him, she cannot wait to get back to his place.

They both somehow muddle through dinner with some kind of general conversation and chit chat. They look at each other. They are both thinking the same thing; there is no way they are going to be able to go out dancing. They need each other. They are on fire for each other. Every time his hand strokes her skin, her skin dances in anticipation.

They decide to walk back. It’s a temperate night, and not a terribly long walk. They’ve each had a few drinks. They walk hand-in-hand. She can feel his desire emanating from him while they walk. Like a torch. They pass a darker spot, and she pulls him aside, presses him against the wall.

He says, “I was waiting to do that.”

“Looks like I had the same idea,” she says.

He presses up against her, she can feel his hard cock press into her hips, and she pushes back so he can feel her resistance. They kiss each other, hard. Probing each other’s mouth with a desperate longing. He kisses her neck, bites her. She returns the favor. They continue for a few moments, knowing the moment they are alone together, their desires will overwhelm them. It’s hard to not rip each other’s clothes off right there. He pulls her away from the wall, and they continue walking.

The walk home seems to take forever. As they get closer, he knows a dark parking lot he pulls her into it. They walk toward the back of an abandoned lot. He leans her against a tree. He lifts her dress up, slides his hands below her panties and feels her. She’s drenched. Her panties are drenched. He groans when he feels her. She gasps and digs her fingers into his shoulder. She wants him so badly.

“Please take me home,” she begs. He responds by burying his fingers in her pussy, deep and slides them out. He does that a few times more, and she’s trembling with desire.

“Jay,” she says urgently, “Please, take me home, now!” The thrill of being outside, being seen and possibly caught intensifies and electrifies them both.

He licks his fingers while never breaking eye contact with her, and they head back to his place.

To Be Continued…

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