Life with Kali Pt. 01

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Author’s note: The following is my first attempt at a semi-romance story. This is also the written from the opposite point of view. All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This is part of a longer narrative. Please leave feedback on this to let me know if I should finish it!


I had met Kali my senior year of high school. She had just moved to town and joined our class just before the summer break had ended. I could tell by the way she walked the halls that she had not had enough time to make any friends in town before the school year started. She seemed very reserved and shy. I think that was part of what attracted me to her. Kali was definitely petite. She was only five feet tall with a very slender frame with an almost hour glass figure. Her long, blonde hair lay against her back just above her shoulder blades and her green eyes shined like emeralds on display in a museum. I was sure that she would not be without friends for long. Thankfully, fate made sure our circle of friends had a lot of common members.

I had been in the same school since about the sixth grade so I had time to make a lot of friends. The one thing they all had in common, none fit into any of the typical high school cliques. We all had something about us that just didn’t work with those groups. Like my friend Max, he suffered from gigantism and was the true epitome of the phrase “gentle giant” or Laurie, her dad owned one of the local “hillbilly bars” that had a reputation for being a rough place. Laurie was the only girl I knew that was in more bar fights than there were people in the town we lived in. Seriously, her life was like Road House! As for me, I was kind of plain. I had given up on school a bit. I worked really hard but quickly found that most of the teachers were oblivious to all the cheating going on by many of my classmates that it didn’t matter how hard I worked. Because of this, my grades slipped and a lot of my classmates joked constantly that I was stupid. It didn’t take me long to realize that our group of misfits was going to be a perfect match for Kali.

A couple of weeks went by and one day a few of us noticed that Kali was sitting in the lunch room all by herself. We usually sat outside but the weather had been lousy and we were forced to take “our party”, as our principle called it, inside. I knew I was developing a crush on her but, wasn’t going to admit it to anyone. My friends and I remarked to each other how she must be lonely. Laurie made some jokes about me going over hitting on her. Joking, I told her to shut up. We all laughed then there was a silence.

After a few minutes, Laurie stood up. “Well, if you’re not going to do it”, she stared at me with a crazy look in her eyes, “Then I will!” Laurie turned and walked away.

Max stared at her and joked, “I didn’t know she was a lesbian.” This prompted round of laughter from our group and as I had usually done, a playful slap to the back of Max’s head. Just about that time, Laurie returned with Kali in tow.

“What are you guys laughing at?” she inquired.

“Max thought you were a lesbian,” our friend Jay replied.

Laurie looked Max in the eyes. “I am surprised that he can think since he is all brawn and no brains,” she said with a smirk. Once again, we all laughed. Laurie quickly introduced all of us to Kali and made sure to save me for last and referred to me as the ring leader of the group. Kali seemed nervous at first but, it didn’t take long for her to get comfortable around us and even cracked a joke or two.

The bell rang signaling the end of our lunch period. Everyone got up except for me. Kali stood there for a minute. “Don’t you have to get to class?” she asked me.

“Nope,” I responded. “I have a free period this class.”

Her eyes perked up a bit. “Really? Me too!” She seemed really excited but, being an eighteen year old guy, I was kind of oblivious. “Where do you usually spend your free period”? She asked.

I told her I usually hang out back behind the school at some old unused portable buildings. Unfortunately, the weather was not going to allow me to do that on this day. She told me she was going to go to the library and asked if I would like to join her. I was about to decline, when Laurie bahis firmaları elbowed me in the side and helped focus my attention. I agreed and told her I would meet her there. Kali smiled and headed off. Being a guy I did take the opportunity to look at her ass as she walked away. Like the rest of her, it was cute.

With Kali gone, I turned my attention to Laurie. We stared at each other for a minute before she spoke. “Well, go get her tiger,” she said mockingly. I gathered my things and began to walk away. Laurie smiled at me. I smiled back then with no one around I decided to throw her a curve ball. She raised her eyebrow indicating her curiosity.

Knowing there was no teachers or faculty around I simply smirked and said one word to her. “Bitch.”

I arrived at the library and found Kali sitting in the computer lab. The school had built it without thinking about how to keep an eye on kids in there. There was only one large window that faced the inside of the library and even then, someone had to come up around the bookshelves that blocked it before they could see anything. She was typing up something when I walked in. She turned to look at me and her eyes lit up like the Christmas tree in Times Square. I asked what she was working on and she told me it was a creative writing project. We talked for a bit and found we had a lot in common. Our tastes in movies, music, & books were very similar. We also talked about our families and I found some common ground there too. We both had terrible parents. My dad had never been a part of my life and the substitutes my mother had brought in to my life were worse. MY mother herself was more interested in telling me how I was a screw up and how the world revolved around her. Kali’s parents were possibly a little worse. While she had both parents in her life, they were both abusive and addicted to drugs. Kali told me that is why she was so short and that it also had given her health problems from birth. We talked for so long we didn’t even hear the bells signaling the last two classes of the day. Well that, and there was no speaker in the computer lab and I think the librarian forgot we were even there.

I thought Kali might have a freak out about it but she turned to me and just shrugged her shoulders. With school out, I asked her if she needed a lift home. I was one of the few students that had a car that I could drive to the campus. She asked me if there was some other place to go since she really hated being at her house. After thinking about it for a brief second, I invited her to my house. She happily agreed.

I did my best to keep us from getting to wet from the rain when we arrived at my house but, we ended up getting soaked anyways. As usual, my mother was off somewhere. She had just gotten divorced for the fourth time and was out “having fun”. My brother was also not home. I figured he was going to hang out at one of his little buddies’ houses all night since it was a Friday. I gave Kali a quick tour and led her to my room. I found some of my old clothes and offered them to her if she wanted to change. She smiled and I showed her the bathroom. After a few minutes and clothing change myself, she reappeared. Now I had been crushing on her for a little while thinking how cute she was but, when she returned from the bathroom, I almost couldn’t contain myself.

It was little more than an old t-shirt and some draw string shorts but for some reason it really started to turn me on. I knew then it was a bit more than just a crush. We talked a bit more about our lives and then she made her way to my bed and lay upon it. I was sitting in my chair at my desk just looking over her. She had gone from beyond cute to just plain damn sexy. The clothes she was wearing were from when I was a lot younger but on her they fit perfect and seem to hug every curve of her body. From the way she was laying, I could clearly make out the outline of her breasts. She had to be a B cup but with her small frame, she looked very well endowed. I am sure that if she had the proportions of some of the other girls in the school, she would have been considered “top heavy”. Her waist, like the rest of her, was in perfect proportions and in the clothes, she was wearing, I could see the hour glass.

I don’t know kaçak iddaa how long I was ogling her but, she smiled and stared at me with those gorgeous green eyes. “Will you come join me?” she asked. I did not need a second invite. I sprang up out of my chair and about flew across the room. Somehow, I managed to land on the bed almost as if I had the coordination do so. She giggled at me as I put my arms around her.

She looked in to my eyes deeply. “From the first moment I noticed you,” she said quietly, “I knew this is what I wanted.” Her words made me happy and I had a feeling I had not had before. Sure, I had other crushes and hell even went out with other girls that ended up going all the way. With Kali, something was different. I could not say a word. I just leaned in and kissed her deeply as I held her head in my hands.

She responded by kissing back with passion. We continued the kiss for what seemed like eternity. She surprised me by pushing her tongue into my mouth. I responded in kind as our passion built. It did not take long for our hands to begin roaming over each other in a kind of tender exploration. I broke our kiss and moved my lips to her neck. She gasped at the sensation and I felt her grip on me tighten as if to give me a sign of satisfaction. I continued to let my hands roam as I kissed her neck up and down. Her breathing became heavier. My hands reached the middle of her back just under her shoulder blades. A sudden realization hit me and forced me to pull away from her neck. She was not wearing her bra. She smiled as she figured out I had noticed.

I loosened my grip on her and helped her remove the borrowed t-shirt. Her breasts were just as beautiful as the rest of her. I laid her on her back and moved to position myself above her. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me back to her and kissed me deeply once again. I broke the kiss and moved back to her neck, kissing and sucking on it. She began to moan quietly. I lifted up and took off my shirt before continuing my caress. I leaned back in where I had left off and then started to make my way down her body. I gently massaged her left breast with my hand while using the other to hold myself above her. Her body squirmed in response to my attention. Then I lowered my head and placed my lips on her breast. She squealed in pleasure. I continued to lick and suck on her boob giving attention to her hardened nipple. Her moaning began to get louder. I took a small break to look up into her eyes.

“That is incredible,” she remarked.

“Oh, I am just getting started,” I responded with a smirk.

I moved back down and began to kiss her chest. I moved slowly over to her stomach. She cooed and moaned slightly. I hooked my fingers into the waist band of the short and slid them down. She lifted herself to help me remove them. Underneath were some simple black panties. I could tell that my efforts had been doing some good as I could see a prominent wet spot had formed on them. As with the shorts, I hooked the waist and removed the panties. I stared at her now exposed vagina. I had seen similar sights before, both in pictures and in person but, I couldn’t help but stare. I could smell the sweet smell of her arousal and the combination of sight and smell made my mind go blank. I was snapped back to consciousness by her whimper of anticipation. Looking up into her eyes, I lowered my mouth to her waiting, dripping sex. My subconscious must have been in total control making sure I was nothing but gentle and loving as my tongue moved up and down her lips and flicked at her clit. Her body squirmed beneath me and her moans became even more frequent. Suddenly I felt her hand run through my hair. She gave me a slight tug in approval. I continued licking and sucking her pussy for what seemed like forever. Her hips began to buck violently, her grip on my head tightened, and her moans became one constant sound that was building in volume. I knew what this meant, she was about to cum.

She reached her orgasm as if her whole body had exploded. She bucked and thrashed on the bed screaming out in pleasure. I heard what I thought were words but I don’t think she had the power to form full words during her orgasm. With her orgasm subsiding, she released her grip on my head and kaçak bahis I released my hold on her pussy. Her breathing was heavy, almost to the point of an asthma attack. She looked in to my eyes and tried to speak. She was exhausted but, not satisfied.

“I…wan…” she attempted to speak but was unable. I leaned down and kissed her. She ferociously returned the kiss. I fumbled with my own shorts but was finally able to get both the shorts and underwear off.

Now I admit, I am not the biggest guy on the block when it comes to my cock but, I do know how to use it and other talents. I had a quick thought of I wonder if I will hurt her with her being so small. I positioned myself ready to enter her still wet sex. Once again, she had thrown her arms around my neck. Gently I pushed my cock into her. I met some resistance and was beginning to think my quick thought was going to be a moot point if I couldn’t even enter her. Suddenly Kali shifted and pushed herself against my erection. My cock slipped in with a bit of a pop. She winced and held herself in that position for a moment. I could tell she was getting used to me being inside her. I held my breath as I processed how tight the fit was. I was almost sure I would blow my load right then. I kissed her tenderly in acknowledgment of her actions. A few moments later she began to move her hips as a sign for me to begin my movement.

I slid back and forth in and out of her. I would pull my erect cock as far out without actually exiting her vagina then tenderly push it back in as far as it would go. We worked up a rhythm and a comfortable speed. Like I said, I had sex before this but, with her it was different. It was more than two horny teenagers banging like rabbits just because their hormones were out of control. This was more tender and caring. It was truly making love. Our pace was steady as we continued our love making. Her grip had tightened again but not just on my neck. I was now aware she had wrapped her legs around my waist as best as she could. Her moans of pleasure returned and were just as passionate as before. I looked down to see her body move back and forth with each thrust of my cock. Her breasts bounced up and down with more vigor than the rest of our movements. We continued this way for several minutes before I made the attempt to speak to her. I knew what I wanted to say to her but in the heat of passion, I could only manage to pant “Good?”

Kali could only nod her head in response as she struggled to catch her breath. Her insides were warm and moist. As I thrust in and out I could feel her inner walls squeeze down on my erection. I had never felt this good. I could feel her body reacting with what seemed like mini splashes of fluid against my cock. It didn’t take long for me to realize these were only a small sample of her impending orgasm. I kissed her deeper and with more passion than I had ever been able to muster as I could feel my own ejaculation building. Our pace quickened in anticipation. Suddenly and just as violently as before, her body thrashed under mine. I could feel her pussy spasm against my cock as she came screaming begging me to cum with her.

That was all I needed as I buried my cock as deep inside her as I could get it. As my orgasm hit, I began to pump all my semen inside her. Our orgasms seemed to have stopped time as it seemed like I was filling her waiting vagina with my seed. When time returned to normal, I withdrew my erection from her and collapsed next to her. I had a small bit of alarm realizing I had not stopped to put on a condom before blowing my load in her. My worry was washed away as she turned and looked at me with a look I had never witnessed on any of my sexual partners before. With a single flash of her eyes and a smile, she let me know she was happy, satisfied, content, and in love. I pulled her tight against me as we snuggled together. Never before had something like this happened. I had only once before had things escalated this quick but never with the emotions that had formed with Kali. The only other time had been just like the rabbit situation I had remembered.

It was not long before Kali fell asleep in my arms. I stared at her for a bit before I fell asleep. In that brief time, I understood the look she had given me. At that very moment, I too, felt happy, satisfied, content, and very much in love. I was also ready at that moment, to do anything to keep both of us feeling that way. Thankfully for me, I was going to get that chance.

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