Lori’s Birthday Night

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My wife Lori’s 48th birthday was fast approaching. I had not planned any special events as my own birthday was three days later and I had asked Lori to plan one of our new erotic adventures as my present. On the day before her birthday, our friends Jen and Tony called to invite us for a birthday dinner at their house. This was fine by me as I was relieved of making any plans.

This past summer the four of us had spent three weeks in the Greek islands celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary together. So it was only fitting that Jen prepared a Greek meal together with Greek wine for us to enjoy while we reminisced about our trip. Together with a few beers, the evening was quite enjoyable. Soon it was time to bid good evening and head for home. Little did I know what was in store for me.

As a birthday present, I had given Lori a very descriptive and erotic written rendering of my memories of our Greek trip. Included were our sightseeing adventures as well as our more personal moments. On the trip, our lovemaking had reached a height we had not achieved for quite some time and I longed for it to continue after we returned home. We recently spent a very erotic and satisfying weekend at a local bed and tuzla escort breakfast establishment. Over that weekend we decided to continue our adventures and our quest for higher ecstasy as we shared each other’s love.

Earlier on her birthday, as she was dressing, Lori discovered my gift in her lingerie drawer that had become the drop spot for my love notes. She spent a long while reading through the story. After she finished she came into the den and gave me a big long kiss. She said thank-you and nothing else was said.

By the time we arrived home from Jen and Tony’s, I could tell that Lori was in a playful mood but until we got into bed I didn’t know how much of an effect my story had on her.

She immediately turned to me and buried her tongue in my mouth. Naturally, I returned the favor and began to caress her lovely body. Her nipples were immediately hard as I stroked her breasts. She thrust her chest tight between our bodies as my fingers pinched at her tits. I lifted her arms to remove her nightie and at the same time lowered my mouth to suckle her nipples. She pressed harder against my face as I moved my hands lower. Her panties were already dripping wet. I pulled them up so I could have tuzla escort bayan easier access to her flowing love tunnel. Her clit was swollen hard and as it was touched, it immediately began to convulse. I continued to massage her swollen treasure and she continued to throw wave after wave at me. I have never ever felt the strength or the multitude of orgasms that she was experiencing. Her clit would swell to the size of a golf ball as she shuddered in delight.

Normally after several orgasms like this, Lori wants me to insert my cock in her and finish our lovemaking session but not this time. I entered her and squeezed my fingers between our bodies as I rubbed her clit to yet another wave of pleasure. Lori stopped and made me withdraw from her so as I would not ejaculate. She whispered that she wanted to keep coming. She told me to retrieve the ben wa balls from the drawer and insert them in her cunt and continue to masturbate her clit. Eagerly I did as I was told. With the balls inserted, her orgasms continued to heave from deep inside her vagina. I moved my tongue to her showering clit and tasted the heat of her love box. Lori told me that she was so turned on by the love and the passion in my story. escort tuzla As I continued to lap at her juices I asked Lori to consider getting her pussy shaved smooth. She told me I would have to wait for my birthday present.

Lori continued having her multiple orgasms and on a couple of occasions she came so strongly that the ben wa balls dislodged from their nest deep inside her. Each time, I would re-insert them, only to feel her coming one more time. After what seemed to be an eternity, she finally collapsed, breathing very hard and deep. She had once again pushed the ben wa balls out of her cunt with the force of her orgasm. At this point, I was close to coming myself. She told me she was so fucking wet and she needed to be fucked now! I quickly slid my raging hard on inside her slippery passage and was able to hold on long enough to feel her clit pulsate one more time as her pussy walls tightly gripped my cock. We French kissed deeply as I rhythmically moved in and out of her. We caressed and told one another of our love. I soon let loose of my load and collapsed on top of her. I asked her if she knew how many times she had come. She responded that she didn’t but it was more than ever before. Soon, we were both fast asleep, entwined in each other’s arms dreaming of our satisfaction.

Two things I know for sure…one I’m going to continue to write erotic stories for Lori and two, I can hardly wait for my birthday!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32