Louvre Love

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by SueNH © 1996

Across the wide marble floor of the art museum, I thought I saw your face again.

It was too much of a coincidence!

I had seen you earlier, I was sure, at the fountain in the park. I was watching the cute little stone cherubs peeing into the water, while you were staring up at the muscular nude goddess towering above the main geysers.

And I was pretty sure that it was you the night before, standing on the bridge over the Seine, gazing dreamily into the churning water. Now, here at the museum, our paths intersected again.

I decided to follow you for a while. First you were drawn to a huge painting that depicted maybe a dozen nude men and women cavorting in a Springtime glen. Next you stopped in front of a realistic sculpture of a nude man and woman in a deep embrace. Their polished granite surfaces reminded me of the sheen of sweat that would be covering my skin if I was in such an embrace. My curiosity about you began as an interest in the coincidences. But now I was feeling the very first tendrils of desire snaking up through my muscles. This desire seemed so out of place there in that public place. I usually never thought or acted that way.

Finally, there you were in front of a gigantic abstract painting that was filled with massive swirls of intense colors. I was not sure if this was what the artist had in mind, but the power of the painting was, for me, absolutely sensual and even erotic. The crimson reds and flesh colors evoked images in my mind’s eye of all sorts of body parts: open vulva…, rounded buttocks…, erect penises…, rubbery nipples…, wet lips and tongues.

As I pulled my eyes away from the magnetic image, I turned to look over to see if you had moved on. No, you were still staring up at the gigantic tableau. I couldn’t help but let my eyes travel down your body. Apparently, you too had sex permeating your experience of this painting, for the front of your khaki trousers was tautly stretched over an upthrusting erection. While staring at the result of your interest in the painting, I almost thought I could see your cock pulsing slowly inside your thin pants.

I’d never been a particularly brave or upfront person with strangers. But here I was, alone in Paris. Nobody here knew me or could scold me for being brazen. So I took a deep breath and moved quietly toward you. Paying no mind to the dozens of art lovers wandering around the gallery behind us, I sidled up silently beside you and turned my face up toward yours. I said in a husky whisper, “The painting is having the same effect on you that it is on me.” With that, I let my head turn slowly downward and gave an obvious stare at your tented crotch. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this, but what the Hell!!

When I looked back up, you had turned toward me and we stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like hours. Part of me wanted to run away as fast as I could, but instead, I took your hand in mine. I knew my palm was warm and moist, but yours felt even hotter. I started to lead you across the floor, but you seemed bewildered. When you started to ask a question, I reached over and put my finger over your lips to silence you, and then I pressed the tip of my finger between your lips, against your teeth. After a moment of resistance, your teeth opened, and I slid my finger in over your tongue and wormed it around slowly. The surprise in your eyes melted away, and I could see that you were willing to trust me about this. You instinctively knew that I had your pleasure in mind, as well as mine.

I took your hand again and continued to lead you, till we stood in front of an relatively unused elevator. Getting in, I pressed the lowest button, which took us down to a dark vaulted hallway. It seemed like we had gone back tuzla escort in time to the Middle Ages. But I knew my way around, having been an art student in Paris many years ago. In the dark, we shuffled down several hallways, and I opened a door into a huge storeroom, lit by bare bulbs way above us in the echo-filled arches overhead. It was so eerie and mysterious that I tingled with excitement. As we passed through the door into this room, I circled behind you and reached around to cup your crotch, quickly confirming that you had not lost your erection. A quick squeeze, and then I pushed you forward from behind, until we stood in an area surrounded by erotic paintings and sculpture. This was where the museum stored away the masterpieces that were considered too libidinous to show to the public. The museum staff supposedly kept them on display for their own research. (We know why they really keep the display, don’t we? And that also explained the lack of security cameras, monitoring what goes on in this room. The locale was perfect for what I had in mind.)

You stood in awe, body rigid with curiosity and shock, and I didn’t feel any more inhibitions about what I was doing. I dropped quickly to my knees (the cold hard concrete was such a contrast to the feelings coursing through my veins) and pulled open the button at the top of your fly, then rapidly yanked down the zipper. Without wasting a moment, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of your tight designer jockey shorts and pulled down your pants and shorts all at once. Your freed cock surged up into the air, arching up toward the faraway ceiling.

“Step out of your loafers and pants,” I whispered in the echoing room. After you complied, I blew a stream of air onto your cock head, which was fat with your hot blood engorging it. I tickled your balls and you spread your legs. You almost seemed to be in a trance as I pursed my lips over the tip of your cock and gently milked your balls. When I took one hand and placed the tips of my fingers up behind your balls and pressed upward and forward right in front of your asshole, I pushed a dollop of precum up through your rigid cock, and it drooled out onto my lips. The taste was so salty and enticing. When I drew my head away, a thin string of your precum stretched between my mouth and your throbbing cock. It was clear and glistening, like a glass-blowers string of hot drawn glass. Suddenly, I bobbed my head forward and sucked your cock in as far as I could and gave you a series of short, hard sucks that made your knees shake. You moaned, your pleasure rising fast, almost like I was sucking it up the rigid “straw” of your cock. Then I pulled away.

You looked down at me in seeming disappointment; but I smiled broadly, lips still wet with your precum. I led you over to a large stone sculpture depicting two figures that were maybe twice life size. The man was sitting on a smooth stone, and the voluptuous woman was seated on his lap, her back against his muscular chest. She was impaled on his cock. Actually, all we could see were his balls, but it took little imagination to picture his penis far up inside her belly. Her face was turned upward and she was obviously in the throes of ecstasy.

I pulled your turtleneck up and over your head, and said, “Climb up onto the sculpture and seat yourself on the woman’s lap.” The marble must have felt icy cold on your sweaty ass, for I saw you squirm and your cock bobbed around. As you finally settled into a comfortable position, I teased you with a striptease that was not in the least subtle. I felt so absolutely brazen and wild, but not a bit guilty about it. I loved the feeling of being so much in control. Not once had I given you any choice about what was happening. Not that I think you were complaining. Far from it.

Naked tuzla escort bayan now, I caressed my breasts and pushed them up toward my face. I could just barely stretch out my tongue to flick at the tips of my nipples, and they were stimulated into blunt points like large pencil erasers. Then I dropped my right hand down onto my thin cunt hair, and squatted down. I spread my knees wide apart, and I watched you watching me, as I made long strokes up and down between the lips of my cunt. My right hand continued to milk at my breast, pinching hard on my nipples. My head swung back and forth, splashing my long blonde hair around my shoulders.

Behind me, I knew that there was another sculpture of a nude life size male, standing straight up and with an obvious erection. He was uncircumcised, and the ridges of his skin were polished yet textured. He was made of glistening bronze. Without looking back, I shuffled my feet, gradually propelling myself backward until I felt the cold hard metal phallus against my rear. I leaned forward and grasped my knees, then ever so slowly let my weight shift backward, and the bronze cock of this ancient god gradually spread my labia and then penetrated up into my vagina. Again, the extreme contrast of hot and cold. It sent shivers up my spine, and my right hand reached down to stoke my clitoris. I could feel all of the hard folds of skin and the raised veins on this god’s magnificent cock as I moved on it.

When I looked up at you, your fist was around your hard cock, and you were jacking yourself off. Sternly, I commanded, “Stop doing that. You must save all of that for me.”

Although you seem surprised by my determination, you nevertheless followed orders, and you placed your hands on the outside of your thighs, gripping the stone thighs of the woman you were seated upon. Your cock glistened from the precum that you had drawn out onto its head. I made a few slow thrusts back and forth on the god-cock and moaned because it felt so good. The metal was warming and was now so slick with my watery juices. The smell of my sex was all around me. Then I pulled off of the cock, and leaned over to it and lapped up some of its wet coating.

You broke into a smile as I came over to you, and climbed up the sculpture. Facing away toward the silent god that I had just finished fucking, I straddled your legs and dropped down all at once onto your cock. It seemed to be just as hard as the god-cock, but it certainly was not as cold. I was still wide open from being fucked by the god, so your long cock went all the way in without any real resistance.

There was no stopping me now as I acquired my second wind. Your hands grasped my hips firmly, and we worked together to lift and drop me, up and down, in and out. My breasts were swinging around wildly. My hands were on your knees for balance, and I looked down to see your beautiful wet cock revealing itself and then hiding away inside me, again and again. My swollen cunt lips wrapped themselves around it, trying to pull you back in each time you pulled out. Below were your hairy balls, covered with my dripping juices. Beneath your balls were the stone balls of the man supporting all of this frenzied action. Another contrast: the absolute stillness of the sculpture, and the abandonment of our coupling above.

Since your grip on my waist was obviously firm, I reached down with one hand and start fondling your balls, and with the other I went back to rubbing and pinching my nipples. Your balls were wonderfully sensitive, I discovered, because after only a few seconds of my treatment, you were already peaking into your orgasm! As you started bucking around in ecstasy, I reached up above me to hold onto the head of the woman arched behind us. I pulled myself upward and held my position escort tuzla as you thrust upward several more times completing your spurts up into my receptive sheath, and then settled downward, your cock slipping out.

You look dazed, but I still hadn’t gotten my own orgasm. I was certainly not going to leave that situation remedied, so I helped you up off the sculpture and took up a new position on it myself. I leaned my torso forward onto one of the woman’s thighs. My head rested just in front of the commingled crotch, my lips almost within reach of the stone man’s balls. My rear was positioned just over the woman’s knee. “Use your mouth to pleasure me,” I instructed, looking back over my shoulder at you.

Standing on the floor, your head was right at the level of my cunt. As you stared at my swollen cunt and imbibed the strong aroma of our juices, I squeezed my cunt muscles a couple of times, and I could feel your pearly semen slipping out and down onto the stone. But I didn’t want to wait any longer. “Come on. Get to work!” I insisted.

Your first few licks were hesitant, and I realized you weren’t as used to tasting a man’s cum as I was. But it didn’t take you too long to get into the swing of it, and pretty soon you were lapping in long swipes that started on my clitoris and ended up all the way up to my coccyx. It was a dreamy feeling, but eventually I said, “Concentrate on my clit, now.”

Which you did eagerly.

Our combined juices were still dripping down onto your tongue and then I felt two of your fingers push into me. I could hear the squishing sounds as your fingers probed around, and I described to you where my G spot was. After a few attempts, you found it and I encouraged you to rub it firmly with a circular motion. I reached behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart so that you could have total free access. Your thumb lightly caressed my asshole. My clitoris, my cunt, and my asshole were all being stimulated at once, and I added to this by massaging my breasts into the stone woman’s thigh.

I stared ahead into the joining of the woman’s cunt with the man’s balls. As I stretched my tongue out to lick at the cold juncture between the two of them, you nibbled down hard on my clitoris and sucked my labia up into your mouth. That was perfect, immediately forcing me over the edge and into an incredible orgasm. I was cumming and cumming! I squeezed down hard on my ass cheeks with my hands. Wave after wave washed over me, and your fingers vibrated over my G spot. I gulped in air between the electric pulses of each pounding wave, and my cunt clenched down on your fingers. I felt my asshole palpitating around the tip of your thumb. My orgasm lasted for so long…, until finally it subsided, and I took a moment to get my wits about me.

Sated now, I pushed your face and hands away, and hopped down off the sculpture. Turning into your embrace, I gave you a deep kiss, sliding my tongue deep into your mouth. While you stood there naked in your still shocked and bemused state, I put on my clothes and walked away, through the door. Just before I turned the hallway corner, heading for the elevator, I shouted back to you, “I’ll be in Geneva all next week, and I’m hoping that we’ll meet there. If we do, it will be your turn to be in control.”

?I was jolted awake as the bus I was riding pulled to a stop in front of the Louvre. Drat! Just a dream. And what a dream. As I stood up to disembark, I felt my thighs rubbing against my soaked panties beneath my skirt. “Why can’t things like that happen in real life?” I muttered to myself as I climbed down the bus steps. Blinking in the bright sunlight outside the bus, I glanced over at the park fountain. There, staring up at the sculpture of a nude goddess was the image of the man from my dream!

“Did I really see him at the Seine bridge last night? Is that why he invaded my dream?” I thought. I swallowed hard, and walked over toward the little stone cherubs, wondering, “Will I go through with this?”

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