Lucy Likes to Tease Pt. 02

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All characters in this story are over 18. Thanks to the lovely SimplySilver for her inspiration and assistance with this and other stories.


I want to tell you a story, and it’s all true except for the parts I made up.

My phone rings just as I sit down in the lunch room. And I see Lucy’s name and I know, know with absolute clarity, that she’s going to torment me mercilessly. And I pretend to consider not answering, and as I pretend to consider my fingers are acting for me, unlocking your phone, tapping the answer button.

“Hell-OOOOO, sweetness!” Lucy says, sounding entirely too cheerful. “How are you today?”

“Would it matter if I said this was a bad time to tease me?” I ask.

“Of course!” Lucy says. “Those are the best times to tease you, why? Is now a terrible time? Are you all pent-up and horny? Would teasing you now make it so much worse?”

“Oh, god,” I whisper through gritted teeth, “you have no idea.”

“Oh, good,” Lucy says, “because I want to tell you a story about me getting really…thoroughly…gloriously…fucked. Hard. Fast. Repeatedly. That wouldn’t…bother you, would it?”

“No,” I say, meaning ‘yes’, and then I add “Yes. No. Yes. Oh just tell me you fucking tease.”

“Such language,” Lucy gasps, affecting an outrageously fake tone of shock and horror. “Someone needs a spanking. But we’ll get to that later. First I want to tell you about this boy. This was long before I met my sweet little sub, back in my college days. And it’s almost excruciatingly vanilla, but it’s, um, really enthusiastically vanilla, so I think that helps. You see, I’d been dating this boy. Who was kind. And sweet. And polite. And nice. And gentle. Really gentle. ANNOYINGLY GENTLE. Especially in bed. Every time. I really liked that he was nice, but do you know how fucking frustrating it is to have a boy who treats you like a china doll in bed? He’d be making slow, sweet love and I’d want to fucking fuck!”

“Oh,” I say, crossing my legs, glancing around to make sure nobody is near enough to overhear your words or pick up on your body language.

“I’d try to encourage him to be more…vigorous,” Lucy says, “and he’d just say he wanted to be sure I knew he respected me and didn’t want to hurt me. And there’s only so many ways I can say I’d respect you more if you’d bang me like a screen door in a hurricane.”

“Oh,” I say again, conscious that I’m starting to blush just a little.

“MEN!” Lucy snarls. “Honestly. Making slow, sweet love is nice once in awhile but most of the time? I want to get well and truly and enthusiastically and gloriously laid. I want to be ridden hard and put away wet. I want to cum until I can’t see straight. I want to-“

“I get it!” I say, trying to control my breathing. My pants are starting to feel distressingly tight and I know it’s only going to get much, much worse from here.

“Oh, good,” Lucy says. “So you’ll understand why I did what I did next, then.”

“What did you do next?” I ask, after a long five seconds of silence, knowing Lucy’s toying with me, making me ask the question and yet I can’t stop myself from playing along.

“I. Teased. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Him.” Lucy says. “For an entire week. I’d wear revealing outfits that were cut low and skirts that rode high and I always found opportunities to bend over or kneel down or let him catch me coming out of the shower. And I kept having reasons we couldn’t have sex for the week. All of them were plausible reasons, too. And he was too nice to push it. So by the end of the week he was almost as frustrated as I was. It turns out that, when I want to, I can be just a little bit of a tease, lover.”

“I’d never have guessed,” I growl.

“I know, right?” Lucy giggles. “And then, on the weekend, I woke him up with a blowjob. Long and slow and sweet. And he really enjoyed it even though normally he feels like he’s taking advantage of me when I go down on him because blah blah something something I didn’t pay attention. But this time he was so fucking horny he didn’t object. And I got him riiiiight up to the edge where he was just about to blow a week’s worth of bahis firmaları sexual frustration all over me. And then my phone rang. And it rang because I’d prearranged it on a timer.”

“Oh you evil little tease,” I say. “That poor boy.”

“That poor boy,” Lucy purrs, “almost lost his damn mind. Because I answered the phone and made concerned noises and then I told him there was an emergency and I had to go and I was so, so sorry but I knew he’d understand because he was so sweet and gentle. And he really was sweet and gentle and nice and so he didn’t scream at the top of his lungs. But he really, really wanted to.”

“And that’s it?” I ask. “You left him there to learn his lesson?”

“Sweetness,” Lucy purrs, “I didn’t leave him there for two minutes. I walked down to the front door and opened it and closed it so he’d think I was gone and then I walked back up to the bedroom and on the way I got rid of things I didn’t need. Like clothes. Those were all gone by the time I got back. Because I wanted to make it really, really, REALLY obvious what I wanted.”

“Oh,” I say, swallowing hard, and now I’m really blushing.

“I wanted to fuck,” Lucy says, cheerfully. “You know, in case that wasn’t clear.”

“I figured it out.” I say.

“Mmmm…” Lucy says, “so did he. When I got back he was busy jerking off. He couldn’t keep his hands off himself after all the damage I’d done. And then he looked up and saw me standing there, naked and smiling, and he just knew. He knew why I’d been teasing him, he knew my excuse to leave was made up, he knew exactly what I wanted. And I had this whooooooole speech prepared about how maybe now he’d understand that I wanted him to fuck like a rabbit on viagra. And I didn’t get one word out. He was up and walking towards me and he had this look in his eye that was…wild. Feral. Predatory. You would not believe how fucking wet I got just watching him stalk towards me like that.”

“I think I might,” I say, legs clenching together hard.

“Oh,” Lucy purrs, “am I getting you hard, lover? Should I stop talking? Let you get through your lunch break without finding out just what happened next?”

“I hate you so much,” I whisper, clearly not meaning it at all. “I have to stay late today. For a pointless staff meeting.”

“Well then,” Lucy whispers, “I should give you something to think about, shouldn’t I? You know, while you’re stuck in a staff meeting not getting laid?”

“Tell me,” I growl, “or I swear to god I’ll strangle you.”

“You want me to tease you silly?” Lucy asks. “Well, if you insist. So there I was, naked and horny and I was all ready for him to grab me and throw me on the bed. And he didn’t. He picked me up and pushed me up against the wall and lined his cock up and I barely had a second to realize what he was doing and then he was doing it. He thrust in nice and hard and I was soaking wet and he went in deep and it felt so…fucking…good. After weeks of slow, gentle lovemaking he fucked me like he wanted to fuck me right through the wall. He pounded me so hard pictures fell off their hooks. And I was all ready to urge him on but he didn’t need any urging. All I could do is wrap my arms and legs around him and hold on and that’s what I did and oh god it was nice. Before I was always urging him on and trying to think of what to say to get him to be wilder and now he was giving me the wild and crazy fuck that I needed and I was gasping and moaning and my legs were clenching around him and I think I was scratching the hell out of his back but I don’t honestly know because my naughty little cunt was too busy telling me how much she liked what was happening to her. I have no idea what I was saying but my sweet little pussy was screaming OH…FUCK…YESSSSSSS!”

“Jesus,” I say, my hips shifting involuntarily as I lean in over the table, bringing my hand up to shield my face, knowing full well that anyone who looks at me will see the unmistakable expression of a desperately horny man who really wants to get off.

“I might’ve said that,” Lucy says. “Can’t really remember. It was just this warm haze of passion and moaning and screaming kaçak iddaa and then, before I even realized it, I was cumming nice and hard around him and that made him cum nice and deep inside me. And it was fantastic. Lover, go without getting off for a few weeks, especially if you have to have slow, soft, gentle sex regularly during that time, and you’ll understand how hard I came. You ever see a video of a volcano exploding? It was like that, except stronger. And more enjoyable.”

“Oh you little tease,” I say. “I need an ice bath now.”

“Oh sweetness,” Lucy giggles, “we’re just getting started. Because after a week like that he wasn’t going to be finished with me that fast.”

“After a week like that,” I say, covering my mouth with one hand so nobody can see my expression, “I’d have chained you to an overactive sybian for an hour. As an appetizer.”

“Mmm…such a lovely idea,” Lucy purrs. “I might go take a ride after this. You know, while you’re in your staff meeting and I’m having mindblowing orgasms.”

“You enjoy making this worse, don’t you?” I ask, trying to keep my voice steady.

“So, so much,” Lucy purrs. “So anyway, where was I? Oh right, I’d just had my brains fucked out against a wall. And then he came and I thought he’d, like, fall to his knees and apologize or something, but oh dear, I think I broke something in that poor boy that day. Because he didn’t give me any time to recover at all. He let me down, carried me to the bed, put me down on it and then dropped to his knees and I thought he was going to apologize but he was just looking for my toy. A nice dildo I’d bought in a vain effort to get him to screw me silly earlier. It was nice and hard and just a biiiiit bigger than he was because I thought that might spur him on, and it didn’t at the time but oh my dear lord did it do the job now. Because he couldn’t get hard again that fast but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from giving me no rest. And my legs were sort of spread open by reflex and then he leaned in over me and teased the tip up and down once and then thrust in and oh dear god, what that did to my oversensitive little pussy doesn’t bear repeating. I let out this little half-gasp half-moan and started to say something and then he fucking growled at me. It was wild. It was primal. It was so…fucking…hot. And before that I wasn’t sure I was ready to cum again and then he did that and I was like yes, I am ready to cum again and then he clicked the button on the base that started it vibrating and all of a sudden I was really, really, really ready to cum again, which was good because he wasn’t stopping. Or paying much attention to anything but fucking me silly. It turns out that when you tease a boy for a week and then before that you buy a sex toy that you tell him is just a little bigger than he is it makes him, oh, what’s a good way to put it?”

“Completely fucking insane?” I say. “A total, sex-obsessed lunatic?”

“That’s a good way to put it,” Lucy giggles.

“I meant you,” I growl.

“That too,” she says. “So anyway, he kept driving this nice, hard, vibrating length deep into me and I’m moaning and squirming and gasping and then he finds exactly where he should thrust it and drives it in there and oh dear god did I have a monster climax. It was nice. It was divine. It was just what I needed. And it was just the start.”

“Someone somewhere needs to explain the concept of chastity to you,” I say, trying hard not to look around, afraid I’ll meet a colleague’s eye.

“Heard of that,” Lucy says. “It sounds unpleasant. So anyway, I came nice and hard and apparently I put on quite a performance because he started getting hard again. And I thought oh good, he’s going to fuck me again but apparently I’d been a little too much of a tease because he wanted to see me suffer.”

“I can’t imagine why anyone would want to see that,” I say, very much wanting to see Lucy suffer soon.

“Right?” Lucy says. “I’m sweet and innocent. Now where was I? You made me lose my train of thought.”

“Sweet and innocent little you had just cum screaming with a vibrating dildo stuffed up your-“

“Oh, right!” kaçak bahis Lucy giggles. “It turns out that little toy had more than one setting. Which I knew, but I’d forgotten about right then because I was too busy having really awesome sex. You know, the kind you’re not having because staff meetings are important or something?”

I let out a little strangled noise halfway between a sob and a death threat, knowing it’ll only encourage Lucy more, and that’s exactly what it does.

“So apparently, even though I’d forgotten the toy had multiple settings, he hadn’t. I’d shown him, back when I was trying to persuade him to fuck me properly, and apparently I’d…made an impression. It had five settings, and the first two were perfectly lovely and the third was a little strong. He flipped it all the way to five instantly and oh my fucking god, it was like having my brain vibrated.”

“I’m pretty sure,” I say, “that your brain is, in fact, located in your-“

“And it felt sooooo gooooood,” she continues, blithely ignoring me. “Not just the feeling but the fact that my sweet, nice, gentle boy was so crazy out of his mind horny that he was doing it. It was this magical kind of pleasurable torture and I fucking loved it. And he kept working me over with it and I wish I could say I had another mammoth climax but it was more like a ripple of little ones that just didn’t stop until at last he drew it out and tossed it off to the side and I thought oh thank god, I don’t think I can take any more and I looked up to thank him and realized we were so very much not done.”

“He was standing there,” she says, clearly enjoying the memory, “and he was nice and hard and clearly eager to fuck again but he was maybe starting to feel just a little guilty, because he really was nice and soft and sweet and gentle and I’d just driven him out of his fucking mind and he was feeling bad for giving me the best sex I’d had in aaaaaaaaages. But he was still really, achingly, desperately hard. And if I’d told him I couldn’t take any more he’d have understood. But I didn’t want him to understand. I didn’t want him to treat me like a sweet little virginal good girl. I wanted him to finally fuck me like a bad girl. And so I flipped over and told him that my naughty little cunt couldn’t take any more, but my tight…little…ass wouldn’t mind being fucked. If, of course, he was in the mood to be naughty.”

“And? ” I ask, after Lucy lets that little tease hang there in the air. “Was he?”

“Mmmmhmmmmmmmm,” Lucy purrs. “I’m lucky he listened when I told him to lube himself up first. And then he put his cock right there and he was clearly hesitating, remembering that he was supposed to be gentle and also remembering how hard I’d cum when he hadn’t been gentle, and I arched my back and cupped my breasts and teased my nipples as I turned just a little bit. And I told him to stop being a good boy and fuck me like he meant it. And. He. Did.”

“I couldn’t cum again,” she says, “not after all those orgasms before. But I didn’t mind even a little. It was still really…really…nice. He wasn’t as wild as the first time but he was a hell of a lot more wild than he’d been before, and that was just what I needed. He lasted a long time, too, and I made sure he enjoyed it, wiggling and moaning and putting on a show. And I wasn’t acting very much, I was really loving it, and I was really, really vocal. Before he’d thought I was just pretending to enjoy it for his sake but this time I think I finally convinced him that I wasn’t just putting up with fucking. I. Love. To. Fuck. And when he came he came so hard he almost fell over. I wore that poor man out. And it was magical. And do you know the only thing more magical than that, sweetness?”

“What?” I growl, my toes curling inside my shoes. My cock is achingly hard, desperate for a release it won’t have for a good long while yet, and I’m going to need more than a few moments just to be able to stand up without it standing out like a flagpole.

“Why a staff meeting, of course!” Lucy says. “What could be more exciting than that? I’ll leave you to it now. I have a date with my sub and a sybian and a whole lot of orgasms. It won’t be as fun as a staff meeting but somehow…I think we’ll make do.”

And the phone goes dead in my hand. It’s a full minute before I can unclench enough to put it away.

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