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Author’s note: Many thanks to my Volunteer Editor sheath for her time and effort spent in polishing this story up.

Lunchbreak ———-

I hurried into the elevator, just barely missing the closing doors. Leaning over to my right, I pressed the button specifying the level. Another man was already inside. I could feel his eyes traveling up from my 3-inch heels up my stocking legs and on to my mid-thighs, where the electric blue skirt of my business suit ended. A matching jacket hugged my figure and accentuated the curve of my waist, worn with a baby blue silk shirt with the first 3 buttons unbuttoned, providing a tantalising glimpse of my curvy body.

Taking no more notice of the man, I glanced down at my watch. Five past one o’clock. Perfect. Knowing him, he’d still be in his office buried under a pile of work. Lately I’d seen so little of him; with all the overtime he’d been putting into this project he was working on, I decided to work to his schedule for a change. The elevator came to a smooth halt, interrupting my thoughts. I stepped out and walked toward his office. Glancing around, I noticed that the office was deserted. Everyone must have gone on their lunchbreaks early. I smiled to myself…all the better.

The door to his office was closed. Quietly, I opened the door and stepped inside. He was busy talking on the phone and hadn’t noticed me entering the room. His back was turned to me as he sat in his leather swivel chair facing the floor to ceiling windows with a fantastic view of the city at his feet.

I clicked the door shut and turned the lock. He swiveled around at the sound of the click and smiled at me. I smiled back and stretched myself out on the sofa while he watched, still talking on the phone. Slowly I leaned forward to take off my shoes, giving him a good view of my cleavage as I bent over. For a small person, I’d been blessed with luscious round breasts that fit perfectly in his hands. Placing the shoes to the side of the sofa, I crossed my legs at my ankles and leaned forward slowly, allowing my blouse to gape open as I took off my jacket and placed that neatly over the arm of the sofa by my shoes.

The cool air conditioning in the room makes my nipples stand erect, pushing against the fabric of my silk shirt, emphasising the fact that I’m not wearing a bra under it. I have his attention now, but he’s still on the phone so I mustn’t be doing very well. I hold his gaze as my hands stroke my body, slowly tracing its outline down to the hem of my skirt. I linger there for a moment watching him watch me. I start pulling the hem upwards as slowly as I can manage toward my waist, inch by inch it creeps up, making sure that I have his undivided attention all the way.

Two inches up my legs and the top of my stockings show. I stop there and bring both my legs up onto the couch. Turning so that my side faces him, I hook my thumbs under the top of my stocking and slowly draw it down one leg, taking my time to roll it up carefully, still watching him watch me. First one leg, down the thigh to the ankle then off it goes.

I lean forward again and slowly bring the other stocking down my other leg, all the while with a slight smile on my lips. I’m really starting to get his attention now. His body seems frozen then I only just hear him gasp softly. He leans forward on his desk to get a better view. Slowly I bring both of my legs together at the knees and turn around once more to face him.

He finishes his phone call and hangs up but still remains in his seat, his bahis firmaları pewter eyes taking in my every move. With a slightly teasing smile, I slowly draw my legs apart and lean back against the sofa. Very slowly, I draw the hem of my skirt up my thighs, at the same time opening my legs apart as far as they’ll go until the skirt is bunched up around my waist. He moans at the sight of my bare pussy and gets out of his chair to walk toward me. I slip one finger into my very wet pussy and stroke my clit gently watching him all the while. He’s a tall man and he reaches my side in two long strides.

“Does my baby want to play?” he drawls.

“Uhuh…” I whimper, my clit buzzing.

He’s leaning in front of the couch between my legs now and catches my face between his hands in a passionate kiss. His mouth hungrily devours mine as his fingers move everywhere. I gently draw back and slip my fingers, wet with my juices, into his mouth. His eyes darken and his eyelids droop as he sucks at the taste of me, moaning deep in his throat as he cleans my fingers off.

In a quick tug he pulls my blouse up from around my waist. My hands push his jacket off his shoulders and yank his tie off in the process. The need is so urgent I’m almost tearing at the buttons on his shirt. He takes my hand in his and guides it to the bulge below his belt. He moans into my mouth as I stroke him through his pants. His back arching, he grinds his dick into my palm. My other hand sinks into his hair, thick and dark as the richest chocolate, holding his mouth captive.

He unbuttons my blouse but leaves it on me so that it almost hides my nipples from view. The sensation of the soft silk brushing against my hard nipples makes me close my eyes and bite down on my lower lip. My nipples peak as the silk slides over them with every ragged breath I take. I moan softly and lean back against the sofa. He rains kisses down the side of my neck as he strokes his hands down my sides, over my hips and all along my thigh. I push him back, taking my time to slowly undo his belt.

Pulling that off and removing his trousers and sexy cotton boxers that hug his beautiful bottom and hard cock, my hands are shaky with need. I wrap my legs around his waist to draw him closer to me, arching my hips to rub my aching cunt against him. He pushes me back slightly and slides two fingers deeply into my soaking wet pussy, fucking me roughly with them.

“Unhh…” I moan in surprise and pleasure as a tremor racks my body.

“Oooh yes baby, fuck my pussy!”

“Ahh…! Harder! God that feels sooo good..” I whimper as I arch my pussy into his hands.

“You’re so fucking wet, baby,” he growls into my ear as he pushes his fingers in and out my slit. My eyes still closed, I moan softly at the feeling of his fingers scraping inside me, pushing my swollen pussy lips apart with each long stroke. My mouth hungrily seeks his again as his hand pushes one side of my blouse away, revealing one curvy tit. He opens his mouth wide and takes almost half of me into it as he sucks hungrily on me. My nipples are big and I know he wants to taste them both. With one hand, he holds my tits still as he takes my nipple in his mouth and sucks hard on it while his fingers keep working hard and fast in my pussy.

My hand, which was holding his head to my breast, pushes him away slowly as I bring his face up for another hot kiss. His hands slowly massage my breasts as he takes his fingers out of my pussy and brings them to my mouth. I suck hungrily on the length of kaçak iddaa his fingers, sucking harder on his middle finger, moving my open mouth and tongue up and down its length, hungry now for his cock in my mouth.

I move to kiss him again, but he moves away to place wet open-mouthed kisses all along the side of my neck, taking his time to make his way downward. He pushes the blouse off my shoulders and lets out a shaky breath at the sight of me. His hands stroke a tit each as he kisses and sucks and licks to his hearts content making me squirm and gasp and sigh. He pushes my tits together with a large hand on each one and licks both my nipples in sweeping strokes making me moan louder.

He moves on down, gently kissing my belly, down to my musky sweet curls. Pushing one leg over each of his shoulders, he dives in and licks hungrily with long quick strokes from the bottom of my pussy all the way up to my clit. I moan even louder as I arch my hips into his mouth, trying to get his head closer, deeper, harder on my cunt. He knows that I’m getting close as he hears my breathing grow faster. He dips his head in and sticks his tongue up my pussy, fucking me with his tongue in quick strong strokes. He’s driving me wild but I need more. I push my hips off the sofa and into his mouth. But just as he feels me about to cum, he draws back. I moan in protest and try to push him back, but he’s not having any of it. My eyes gleam wickedly as I think of the perfect way to repeat the favour. I lean forward and push him onto the plush carpet as I slowly kneel on all fours at his feet.

I move up and kiss his belly then move on to lick the tip of one puckered nipple. He moans out loud and guides my head to it as he watches me kiss and lick him there. My tongue circles his nipple and flickers at the tip, driving him wild. Then at the last moment I dip my head and suck on him hard for just a moment. Teasing him even more, I quickly kiss my way to his other nipple and repeat the treatment.

His breathing is coming out in shallow quick breaths now and I know that he is very aroused, if the evidence of his hard cock pressing against my belly is any indication. I kiss my way down to his cock and gently place small kisses along its length then cup his balls in one hand and squeeze them gently. I lean down quickly and take his cock into my mouth as far as it will go. He lets out a deep primal moan as his hand weaves into my hair, moving me on and off his cock. “Yesss…suck on me!” I watch his blazing eyes watch me as I suck on his thick hard cock, moving up and down its length with my lips tightly clamped around him.

I shift up a little and let his cock slide out except for his velvety head. With one hand, I stroke his cock up and down in a slow rhythm as my mouth sucks hard at the tip.. My tongue slowly traces the ridges of his smooth head and licks him in that sensitive spot right under the tip of the head where I know he likes to be licked. He moans loudly as I lick off the drop of pre-cum that has formed at the tip of his cockhead.

Still on all fours, I slide myself up his body, rubbing my nipples lightly against his skin as I move. I whisper into his ear, “Do you want me?”

“Oh yeah!” he moans as his hands move to grab me around my waist, but I move away. “Tell me what you want to do to me,” I whisper into his ear as I flick the curve of it with the tip of my tongue.

“I’m going to fuck my little slut hard,” he groans.

“Does my body turn you on?” I tease.

“You drive me crazy with your hot kaçak bahis little body, I want you on your hands and knees now!” he orders. In one fluid move, he grabs me around the waist from on top of him and rolls me over, so that he’s lying on top of me. Kissing me hard on my mouth, he moves up so that he’s not crushing me and turns me around so that my chest rests on the sofa with my ass facing him, my knees on the floor and my legs spread wide apart.

The sight of his woman stretched to his will over the sofa in his office on all fours and eager for his cock arouses him beyond belief. He grabs her hips and thrusts hard into her soaking cunt. Hard. Wet. Soft. Hot. Creamy. She feels so good.

I rear my head back and scream, “Aaahh…Yes!” My skirt is still bunched up around my waist. His hands clamp onto my hips and he fucks me hard. I try to muffle my moans of pleasure as he thrusts into me again and again, slamming my body into the couch with every deep thrust. The occasional friction of the leather seam on the edge of the sofa against my clit as my body is fucked into submission sends tingles flying through me. “Uh!…Unhhhh!” My cries and the sound of flesh slapping hard against wet flesh fill the air. My head lolls onto the pillows on the couch as he keeps thrusting as far as he can go until his balls are wet with the cunt juice flowing out of my pussy and dripping down my thighs and smearing on the leather sofa.

Then he pulls all the way out until only his head is still in my tight little pussy. He teases me as he slows his rhythm, taking his time to push himself back on me. I groan in frustration as I try to push my hips backward and whine, “Fuck me baby, please…” I gasp as he slides in another inch, “I need your cock inside me, I’ve missed you so much.”

That was all the encouragement he needs. He slams into me again and again until he feels my cunt throbbing and clenching around his cock. I moan his name and cry out, cumming hard against him. “Mmm…Yes baby fuck me like that,” I moaned. The passion in my voice seems to push him over the edge as he draws himself out and shoots his cum all over my ass. “Ohhh fuck yes!” he moans, wanking himself all over me.

“Baby, what do you do to me?” he groans as his white cum smears all over my dark skin. We collapse panting onto the sofa as he strokes my back and ass tenderly. I hand him some tissues to wipe his cum off as I yawn and snuggle up into one of the pillows on the couch. He hurries back to me, pulling me on top of him as we lie stretched out on the couch. His hands stroke my hair and back as I snuggle my face into his neck, hugging him close to me.

“You are so sexy,” he whispers into my ear. “Do you have any idea how much it turns me on to know that you haven’t been wearing anything under your suit all day?”

I smile sleepily into the side of his neck. “That was the whole idea,” I say. “After this you can go back to work thinking of me in my meeting with the head of departments, knowing that I have nothing at all on under my suit except your hot kisses,” I whisper back.

I feel his cock harden a little again and I smile. “Hold that thought! I have to hurry back to work if I want to keep my job,” I say. He groans in frustration and tightens his arms around me. I pull on my clothes and help him get dressed as we hear the staff coming back into the office outside from their own lunch breaks. I reach into my bag, bring out a paper bag of sandwiches and hand it to him. “You’ll be needing your energy for tonight, my love.” He smiles and kisses me goodbye as we hug one last time.

“Until tonight then,” he smiles wondering what she’s got planned for them, wishing he could drag her back home right there and then and fuck her senseless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32