Lust Letters Ch. 1

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…the things I would do to you if you were here with me right now…

I would start by slowly drawing you near to me, kissing you every so softly, passionately, on your lips…savoring the taste of you…running my hands over your great body memorizing each and every curve with my hands.

You would run your fingers through my hair and pull me closer, pressing your lips harder against mine, so hungry for my kisses. I begin to feel your hardness grinding against my pussy through our clothes. I can’t wait to get you inside of me….but first, I want to play a bit, get both of us REALLY excited, and get me dripping wet so that your gorgeous cock can slide in with ease.

You begin to play with my breasts through my blouse, eagerly pulling at my erect nipples, teasing me…you know I like it rough there. My blouse is now unbuttoned, sliding off of my shoulders exposing my red and black lace bra. You start kissing down my neck to my chest, over my breasts and then pull down one cup so that you can taste my nipples. You playfully nibble on me as I moan with pleasure and draw you nearer, unbuttoning your shirt now, and then moving down to your pants.

You bahis firmaları remove my bra, fumbling a bit with the clasp, and then move down to slid off my curve-hugging pants. You see have a matching black and red lace thong on which turns you on even more. You turn me around, arms around my waist, one hand sliding down into my thong, over my now dripping pussy. You bend me over and slide the thong over my ass, down to my ankles, taking care to kiss the globes of my ass and place a kiss over my wet hole on the way down.

Now that my panties are off you can see my womanhood in all its glory, clean shaven lips glistening with my wetness and a bit of neatly trimmed (naturally red) hair on my mound. You lean in once again, this time licking my slit all the way from one end to the other, not missing a spot, savoring the taste of me. You turn me over once again and lay me down on the bed, legs spread wide giving you complete access to me. You kiss my inner thigh working your way down to where my luscious pussy meets in a crease and then again on the other side. Hovering over my lips you just breathe, letting me feel that hot breath making me want your tongue all over me even more than kaçak iddaa I already do. Finally your tongue finds my slit and licks me from my hole all the way up to my clit and then you start to suck on my now engorged pearl.

I am already so hot for you that I can almost feel the beginnings of my climax in only a minutes time. Watching you go down on me and enjoy it is the ultimate turn on. You lick and suck my pussy, getting gradually faster with your strokes and harder in your sucking until I explode in ecstasy in your mouth. I thank you for the great show and begin to return the favor.

You are already rock hard as I draw you close to my mouth. I tease you a bit with my tender kisses over your thighs, under your balls, and over your shaft. I slowly trace a figure 8 over your sac with my tongue and drop down right under it, tickling you with my tongue. Your cock twitches at my playful touch and I take one LONG sweeping stroke right up the very center of u, all the way up the shaft and over the head. I hover over the head for a second and then engulf it, mmmm you taste so good baby. I start working the head sucking soft and slow at first while I tickle your balls with my hand. kaçak bahis I slowly move my hand up around your shaft and begin to move in unison with my mouth, bobbing up and down over your big tool. I can feel you getting even harder as I continue to work. I don’t want you to cum this way, I have to feel you inside of me.

I start to make my way up your body with sweet kisses, straddling you moving up until you can feel my hot juices dripping over your hard cock. I lower myself onto you and we both let out a sigh as you enter this tight wet pussy. I rock my hips in a slow rhythm gradually increasing the tempo as we go. You put your hands on my hips and drive your cock deeper into me making me fuck you harder and faster. You feel yourself on the brink of climax and pull back, you can’t cum just yet, not with only one position. You flip me over onto my back and raise my legs above my head and onto your shoulders, pummeling this pussy nice and hard and deep. You continue to fuck me harder and faster until finally you just have to let everything go and we both cum together, soooo hard…

Our bodies collapse together and we lay still as we catch out breath, so wet, so satisfied. That is the best orgasm we have ever had together, but we know there will be better to come, and that wont be the last that we share…

See you soon baby… 😉


Your Sweet Strawberry

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32