Lustful Encounter

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I waited for what seemed like an eternity. I kept checking the clock, looking out the window, back to the clock. It was going to be our first time together and because of that, my nerves were a tattered mess.

I finally saw your car pull into my drive and my heart started pounding in my ears making it almost impossible to distinguish it from your knock on the door. My hand trembled slightly with anticipation as i let you in.

The plan was to take things slow, not rush. To completely enjoy and savor every moment of this night but that plan quickly went to hell. Before I knew it, our lips met in a feverish kiss. Muffled moans came from each of us, our tongues tangled in a delicious dance.

Wrapping your around me, you pulled me so close that it seemed our bodies were going to become one entity. I could feel your heart race in your masculine chest. Your hands slid down my body and grabbing handfuls of my ass, your ground your hips into mine. I could feel how much you wanted me by the ever growing erection pressing against my belly.

We made our way to the bedroom, stripping off clothes along the way. It felt so good to feel your naked flesh pressed against mine. The heat from your body melted into mine, fueling the blazing inferno of heat and desire burning within me.

Falling back onto the bed, you quickly climbed on top of me, growling as your head dipped to my neck. Trailing hot kisses and nibbles down güvenilir bahis the slope of my shoulders, stopping at the swell of my breasts, you traced a circle around my nipple, making it tighten into a stiff peak. I gasped as you sucked it into your mouth, flicking your tongue across the hard pebble then clamping your teeth around it, biting… pulling…

You continued your journey down, your tongue leaving a blazing trail down my belly stopping just above my freshly shaved slit. You hovered over my clit making it throb with anticipation. i rocked my hips, aching for your touch, but you stayed just out of reach, continuing to tease and torture me. You stayed there for what seemed like forever, just inhaling deeply… taking in my scent.

Finally, mercifully, you lunged forward, sucking my engorged clit into your mouth, expertly working your tongue over me. My body squirmed, my back arched, loud moans mixed with sharp gasps flew from my mouth. The burning sensation of impending climax coursed through my veins. You took me to the edge then suddenly backed away, leaving me suspended between glorious pleasure and agonizing frustration.

I looked you, an evil grin curling your glistening lips and it felt like a primal switch had been flipped inside me. Letting out a small growl I scooted from beneath you, grabbed you by your shoulders and pushed you onto your back. Leaning down, I licked my juices from your lips then worked türkçe bahis my way down to your gorgeous cock.

Wrapping my fingers around it, I stroked you slowly, gently. A sigh filled with pleasure escaped your lungs as I continued the up, down, up down, motion. A few droplets of precum oozed from the tip. Looking up I saw the need for release building in your eyes. Never breaking eye contact, I dipped my head, taking you into my hot mouth. Your lips parted slightly, allowing deep moans to break free from behind them.

My tongue swirled around your thick mushroom, my head slowly moving down, my moist lips sucking you in inch by inch. I watched your eyes roll back as I took you all the way in, my tongue making small ripple movements, gently massaging your throbbing shaft.

Entangling your fingers in my hair, you gently pulled, lifting my head then pushing it back down. I started moaning, sending subtle vibrations shooting through your body. Your hand tightened in my hair, your grunts and groans becoming louder, more intense.

I sucked you furiously, loud slurping sounds filling the air around us. You released your hand from my head and clutched handfuls of blanket in your fists, your orgasm getting ready to break through, but just as you did to me, I pulled away. I watched you in triumph as you squirmed beneath me, feeling the same agonizing frustration you made me feel.

Suddenly, your eyes shot open, güvenilir bahis siteleri filled with an uncontrollable need. Grabbing me by my waist, you flipped us over, parting my legs with yours. Then in one fluid motion, you impaled me with your rugged cock. Pulling back slowly, you shoved yourself into my harder… deeper.

Digging my nails into your back, you let out a loud guttural growl and began pounding into me faster, harder. In an instant, you pulled out of me, flipping me over. I yelped and moaned as you placed a few firm, sharp, stinging swats to my ass. Looking over my shoulder at you, I wiggled my ass teasingly.

Taking my challenge, you tightly gripped my hips, position the head of your cock at the entrance of my dripping wet cunt then slammed into me. Wrapping my long tresses around your hand, you pulled my head back, pounding into me harder and harder.

Rocking back into you, I met you thrust for thrust, burring you deeper and deeper inside me. My moans grew louder. Your thrusts and grunts grew more wild… more erratic. My muscles tensed, my body trembled and with a gush of hot cum, I exploded into ecstasy. The sensation of my velvety walls contracting around your cock sent you over the edge, but before releasing your load, you pull out and I quickly turn around, taking you into my mouth. I sucked feverishly, aching to feel your hot sticky cum fill my mouth. Finally, you give me what I’ve been waiting for. Spurt after wonderful spurt shot into my mouth and I eagerly swallowed every last bit.

Collapsing to the bed, we just lay there, savoring every taste, every smell, every sound, every sensation of our lustful encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32