Lydia Ch. 04

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By Dan57 and Cih

Lydia meets Amit’s son

Amit left in the next afternoon. He had fucked his new sweetheart many times from the early morning to the moment of his departure while he was preparing his wallet. Lydia had helped him as much as she could as it was her day off but she was weeping when he left : he wouldn’t return for two weeks, just after Diwali!

– Don’t worry, pet! I have phoned my son and he will come to visit you during the festival as you shouldn’t be left alone at that moment!

– But, you, Amit? You’ll be alone then!

– No! I will be with close friends who had invited me for the festival! I didn’t know you, then! Next year, you’ll come with me. It’s a promise!

Lydia made Amit a poor smile. When he took his wallet to leave for the train station, she unhooked her choli under which she was not wearing a bra. Her luscious breasts were framed by the tails of her top. She pushed her tits forward :

– I wanted to offer you a nice souvenir of this loving girl. I wish you a safe travel and I will pray for your early return! Bless me, Master!

Lydia fell on her knees at the feet of Amit who didn’t know how to react… He placed his hand on top of her head and left. Lydia went to the window, watching him walking away. When he turned at the corner of the road, she sighed : now she was truly alone with no one to care for her. She should have disrobed completely and wiggled her ass lasciviously in front of Amit’s eyes! Perhaps, he wouldn’t have left her! She went to sleep early : She had had plenty of work out on the previous night and all the day and, tomorrow, she would have to face twelve hours of toil under the sun, once more!

On the next day, Lydia discovered one of the advantages of having to work so hard : she had no time to brood on the departure of Amit… The manager of the team complimented her :

– A good job you’ve done, Lydia! You nearly harvested twice the weight you picked on the previous days. And you put aside all the pests! You made good profit of Amit’s advices! All your harvest is top Quality!

– Certainly, Sir! Amit is a perfect mentor!

– So you have fallen under his spell! Better than that : he was a cotton picker many years ago and he signalled the first invasion of cotton eating worms. A few years later, he had even found a shrub that repels the worms! He is also a very good cook and he had the old irrigation system repaired when the water pumps run out of gas after a strike of the gas transport company. He saved the whole local production! But he never agreed to enter the administration. He is a loner : he lives in boarding houses with no known relatives but a son, a mortician, a good job for a Dalit and he has no known mates! I pity the poor girl who takes him in her nets : he is a Samaritan but not interested by girls… Maybe he is gay!

– Oh! Do you think so? It would be a terrible loss if he is so clever and handsome! I should have discussed more with him…

– You might : he will come back at the end of Diwali. He has accepted the charge of cleaning out the irrigation channels and ditches just in case of a new drought. It is a strenuous task for the workers, just after the cotton harvesting season. He is looking for volunteers, men or women. They will be paid, of course! Are you still really interested?

– Of course, Sir! I need money!

– Oh I almost forgot : Sir Nigam has requested I lend you to him for a short mission : he has very important guests on Saturday evening and he is looking for a girl to serve them food and drinks during the banquet. It will be your day off! He has told me that you have already served in a recent party he had given and you have been perfect! Would you be interested?

– Why not? I have nothing so important to do!

– Perfect! Sir Nigam has told me that you can wear quite elegantly the saree. I am quite surprised by this demand as most Dalit girls don’t look elegant in any conditions! I would have chosen a girl from higher castes! But it’s his problem! The fee for you will be one thousand rupees (twenty dollars) for the whole night assignment and you may get important tips if he is satisfied by you!

– It suits me perfectly! What will exactly my duties?

– Simple : you’ll arrive early, around 6PM to prepare the table and decorate it, you’ll serve drinks on the terrace around 8 PM, then food in the dining room and alcohols after the dinner. You’ll be wearing a gala saree and choli and rich jewels Sir Nigam will provide you! Beware : there will be a Prince who belongs to the Indian central government, a foreign industrialist installed in India and their wives!

– Do they all speak Hindi or will there be some one for the translations?

– No : All of them speak Hindi. I suppose they will speak English or French if they don’t want you to listen to what they say! You’ll consider that they are all high caste, even the foreigner and treat them accordingly. Imagine that a former Maharaja accept to be served by bahis firmaları a lowly Dalit! It’s preposterous, unthinkable! I offered to do the job myself or ask my wife : it would have been an honour for her but Sir Nigam has been adamant!

Lydia had her own ideas about why Sir Nigam had requested her presence : he had seen her wearing the saree but it had been just temporary as she had had to perform a strip tease for Sir Nigam’s guests! She thought that a former Maharaja accompanied by his wife and another couple would be more self conscious! Perhaps, Sir Nigam would try to fuck her after the departure of his guests but that was the main risk for her and she no longer really cared about it! One thousand rupees plus the tips would be far more than what she had earned harvesting cotton for a whole day, for a whole week in fact! She realized she was beginning to think like a common whore! She would have enough to offer Amit a nice welcome dinner when he would come back, IF he decided to do so! But he had left a wallet with his dirty clothes. That should mean he intended to return, at least! She would wash them on her next day off like a dutiful wife!

The next days were uneventful with routine developing steadily. She didn’t need to have the buzzer awake her : she did it automatically as if she had done it for years! The manager came to tell her on the eve of the party with Sir Nigam that he gave her the afternoon to rest and take a bath. In exchange, she would return to work on the next afternoon. She would be alone with no supervision but the manager told her he trusted her wisdom!

Taking a bath in a house with no running water was a wager but Lydia knew what to do. She walked along the river. Not very far from where Sir Nigam had picked her up on their first encounter, she walked into the river, fully clad and dipped down to soak her body, keeping her saree, her petticoat and her choli on. She had just removed her knickers and her bra and left them on the bank. She ran a bar of soap on her whole body, rubbing it in her skin under her garments. She then washed her hair and finally rinsed herself thoroughly in the river… She didn’t have a towel with her but the hot air would soon dry her completely. Her clothes clung tightly to her body. All the curves and cracks of her body were easily available to the naked eye but there was no one to notice them. She even neglected to put on back her undies. If she ran on Vikash, he would just be able to fuck her faster as he had done just three days before! He had just pushed her over the bonnet of his car and fucked her silly with no mercy! She had come to enjoy his brutal manners. He was a beast but a well endowed one! Afterward, she had just plunged into the river a second time and had cleaned herself as thoroughly as she could!

Lydia made no bad encounters. At half past five, the car promised by Sir Nigam arrived. She had expected he would send her a taxi or a rickshaw but his chauffeur arrived with his Lexus car. She was proud he had sent a luxury car to fetch her but the driver told her she was not to sit down in the car but in the trunk, like some wallet! It was clearly a way to remind her she was not worth of sitting in the car! It was strange that a lowly servant like her had been chosen to serve the dinner! She was hushed through the staff entrance. A female secretary checked that she was clean! She sprayed her with antiperspirant and a French perfume she knew from her previous life, Chanel number five, the top class! The secretary told her to strip completely in front of her : another humiliation for Lydia!

Then the girl handed Lydia a bag with a disgusted face as if she was manipulating garbage. There was a very fine fishnet saree in the deep blue hues with a light blue choli lined with gold stripes and the emblem of Sir Nigam’s company on her breast. Lydia felt Sir Nigam wanted to signify to the world he owned her but that was petty from him! The girl rearranged the saree to make it more body fitting. The material was so taut on her bottom and her breasts that she felt constricted in it. Lydia hadn’t been given any undies and the fishnet material was so flimsy that it was quite see through. Her choli and petticoat were barely more opaque. Her tits and her ass were easily visible under her garments. Lydia just put it aside in her mind : she wouldn’t disgrace herself and her employer for such trifle details. She followed the secretary toward the banquet room… The secretary showed her where the plates, glasses and nap were.

– I don’t really understand but Sir Nigam has told me that you have carte blanche to arrange the table. I don’t understand how he can allow such liberty to a Dalit… You may not know how to use properly a knife or a fork! There will be wine and water. Do you want me to tell you how to place the glasses : there is an order…

– No, thanks! I know it!

– A Dalit knows how to serve wine and water, now! You must be joking but it’s your problem! I just wanted to help you a bit! Let’s kaçak iddaa have a little fun : where do you intend to place the guests?

– Let’s see! Sir Nigam on the far side with the two men in front of him and the two women on each side so that sir Nigam will have the princess to his right and the American Lady to his left. I will place the Prince near the wife of the industrialist and her husband near the Princess, so that nobody will be left aside during the discussion!

– God! A clever disposition! Are you sure you are truly a Dalit! Those who work for our company have not such scheming mind! And you’re just a lowly cotton picker!

– I have had a good education!

– Where are we going if Dalits receive an education! I wouldn’t have allowed you just to enter a school, even to sweep the floor. The BJP (conservative party) was right to affirm that the fundamentals of Indian society are threatened by such novelties. I bet you must support the BSP (Dalit socialism)

– You are wrong : I prefer the Indian national Congress!

– Then you must be happy to receive Kyrhan Singh : he is from that party!

When Sir Nigam arrived with Prince Kyrhan beside him and the three other guests on tow, they found a feast table with red napkins under the plates, red flowers in vases between the seats. Lydia was standing at attention in the corner of the room, waiting to help the guests or the host. She was wearing a nice blue outfit, dark saree and clear choli. She was barefoot. Sir Nigam waved at her when speaking to Kyrhan :

– I wanted to show you how modern we are in my company : Lydia is a Dalit girl. She will serve us the drinks and the dinner if you don’t mind! Asking a Dalit girl to serve food to high caste people would have been impossible a century ago, don’t you think so, Prince?

– Certainly, sir Nigam! I commend you for using Dalit employees. It’s a politic to which the government is very attached! This girl is stunningly pretty. What is her usual job? I don’t think you have a live in female maitre d’h!

– Ahem… She is harvesting cotton but she has just recently started to work here!

– A cotton picker! She could have become a model or a receptionist in the hotel managed by my wife! Wouldn’t you like to find a more prestigious job near Delhi, dear?

– No, Prince! I love working in this state… People are kind with me! I am also rather well paid for extras like this evening!

Lydia found herself the centre of attention : Sir Nigam considered her with a large smile. He seemed quite pleased she had declined Kyrhan’s proposal. The prince had already started a new discussion with him. His wife Kira was assessing quietly Lydia. This girl looked resolutely Indian but had some kind of exotic stance. Kira shrugged ; there had been so many conquerors and foreign visitors in India since the Roman times and before that some of them may have added to the subcontinent genetic pool! She was just sad : Lydia would have been a perfect receptionist : she was stunningly elegant in her very adjusted saree! She was pretty sure that Kyrhan, Mark, Dan and the other male dwellers of her hotel would have enjoyed making the full study of what was hidden under the silk of Lydia’s saree! She had the impression she had seen this girl but she was a public figure and had seen lots of people during her visits alone or with Kyrhan. She dismissed the problem : if this girl was pleased having a low paid job, that was her problem. She turned to chat with Sir Nigam who was describing the recent successes of his company.

Mark and Jodhaa were more discreet. They had freshly returned from a trip to Shimla in the Himalayan foothills to meet their recently married friends Preeti and Gwanendra. Both of them seemed perfectly happy together and Preeti was expecting her first baby with her husband in a few months. It had not reduced her sexual drive and they had spent many fascinating hours in the couple’s king size bed, a gift from Kyrhan. Preeti’s only regret had been that Kyrhan had not come to visit her : she still considered she belonged to the prince’s harem and had openly told that she wanted her next baby be fathered by her Master! Jodhaa had thought she had better not point out in front of Preeti that the baby she was carrying was Kyrhan’s!

Lydia couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw under the table Kira playing with Mark’s cock and Kyrhan’s hand exploring under Jodhaa’s saree. Both couples seemed to share a very open idea of marriage; Lydia was puzzled : wild sexual attitudes are frowned upon in India. That was a private dinner and she was just a Dalit, thus nearly transparent in higher castes’ eyes and of very little importance but she could have gossiped about what she had seen. She would, of course, keep her mouth shut about it but neither Kyrhan nor his wife would know it! Kyrhan continued to discuss about economy as Jodhaa was playing with his huge manhood… Lydia admired his self control!

Lydia turned around the table, serving the guests kaçak bahis as if she had done it all her life, offering them to refill their glasses when the discussion stopped, changing the napkins when they were dirty, sweeping the crumbles of bread from the table. As she was doing her job with Sir Nigam, he whispered to her ear :

– Well done, Lydia! You have earned a nice tip : my guests are totally satisfied!

Lydia didn’t really care about what these men and women felt about her service but she would have money to offer a good meal to Amit, a real Diwali festival feast and that was all that seemed of any importance to her! She offered alcohols to Mark and after a short hesitation to all the other people and they accepted quite easily, another departure from tradition! She had been told that prince Kyrhan was rather traditionalist but he drunk alcohols and his wife and this girl just behaved scandalously without attracting comments! Sir Nigam offered them to move to the smoking room and everyone left. He had again a few instructions for Lydia :

– We won’t need you anymore tonight! Just wash the dishes and clean the dining room. Afterward I want you to strip naked and wait spread eagled on the table with the lights off! I may come to visit you later! Prepare yourself to be fucked quite hard. But I may also invite The Prince and his companions to stay here for the night! In the eventuality I don’t come back, wait until 08 AM and then you may return home. My personal attendant will bring you your fee!

Lydia made no comments except a polite acknowledgement of her Master’s orders… The fact he just so summarily told her to stay at his total sexual beck and call was no surprises for her. Since he had raped her, Sir Nigam considered she was his property to do just as he wanted! It emphasized her lower status and her total subservience but she always enjoyed submitting to the whims of more powerful men! She busied herself cleaning the table following his orders. When she had finished, she went to pick up her own clothes and left them on the floor in a corner of the room.

Lydia then just removed her sumptuous garments, folding them neatly on a chair for Sir Nigam’s secretary to pick them up later, then she switched off the lights and stretched herself on the table with her arms and legs spread out, totally offered to Sir Nigam’s lust. She was quite aware she was submitting completely to him but it suited perfectly her deepest submissive urges and she had good reasons to do it : to please the man she really cared for… Amit had not requested her to stay chaste during his travel, had he? If he had asked, she would have refrained from any sexual activity, even frigging herself, for months or even years, if necessary, but he had never hinted at it!

They had left around midnight and Lydia finally dozed off around 3 AM. She was finally awakened by the sound of a door opening discreetly. It was strange as Sir Nigam would have switched on all the lights : he was certainly not the kind of man to take care of her being fast asleep. She had left the windows open to let the night breezes cool the suite and the light of the full moon just fell on her body. Lydia opened her eyes to try to ascertain who was in the room with her. In her position, there would be no uncertainty for her visitor on her total availability! Was it Prince Kyrhan or one of the girls? Lydia had no experience of girl to girl action but princess Kira has made a very strong impression on her. She was a born leader and Lydia would be ready to submit to her quite wantonly. The other girl, what was her name, Ah… Jodhaa seemed so nice and gentle and the westerner, Mark if she remembered correctly, was really handsome and much younger than Kyrhan. A year before, she would have loved to become his girlfriend but she now knew she was not worth attracting the attention of such superior men and women!

Lydia had a glimpse of her visitor’s figure : it was definitively a man and he was much more slender than Kyrhan. It must certainly be Mark! He must now have realized she was lying on her back, totally available on the table! How would he react? She had soon her answer as the man placed himself just between her legs, placed his elbows under her knees to lift them to a more convenient position. He fumbled between her legs. Lydia was terribly excited by this surprise adventure! Her pussy was literally transformed into a swamp from her intimate secretions that were the damp proof of her growing excitement. Mark’s cock slipped easily into her by a couple of inches and she sighed deeply in response. Mark now knew she wasn’t deep asleep. A true man had a single way to react : he plunged his cock deep into her in a furious shove! Lydia moaned desperately but she would have paid to be stuffed in such a delicious manner! She had always dreamed of being taken in such a masterly fashion! Mark bent down to reach for her ear lobe. He bit gently at it and whispered to her :

– I was looking for the toilets and I ran into a sleeping beauty totally naked and ready for any visitor! I couldn’t just pretend I hadn’t seen you! I wanted to know what you would think if I filled your pussy with my hot seed! Just tell me if you are on the pill!

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