Maddie Comes Alive

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The hot water coursed down her back, taking with it the stresses of the day. Another long day at school, although she had volunteered to stay late, so she had no one to blame but herself. She felt she could almost fall asleep standing up. Leaning her forehead against the tile, she breathed out, willing herself to relax. As she took a several deep breaths, she felt the water run between her legs and slide through her pussy. Her hand fumbled for the shower head and she placed it between her legs. She did what she always did…imagined Darius from two doors down was there, sliding himself in and out, at the perfect speed. She moved the shower head in and out, varying the pressure to extend her orgasm. The pressure began slowly, the flames of tension beginning to burn the edges of her imagination, her muscles beginning to clench. It built until she could no longer stand it…The shower head dropped with a clatter to the bottom of the tub, and she grabbed the dildo she kept hanging in her shower caddy. She plunged it deep into her pussy, and she was coming hard. Her body spasmed and she cried out, “fuck!” It was short but deep, and she gasped her last wave of pleasure. The stress of the day was gone, and she felt light again. Relaxed, finally.

Wrapped in a towel in her bedroom, she gazed at her reflection and sighed. She was lonely, but she didn’t want to admit it. She loved her job but it didn’t pay well, not enough for her to travel, which was her dream. Her friends were amazing, but lately it had been harder and harder to feel optimistic. Life just seemed gray and flat, and it seemed no matter what she tried, her spark was gone.

Her phone blinked. It was Emily texting.

“Maddie. MADELINE. Call me.”

“Hi, what’s up?”

“Can you talk?”

“Just got out of the shower. Need food. Meet me at Punch?” A juicy burger from the pub sounded perfect right now.

“Yes! See you in 30?”

A half-hour later, Madeline and Emily sat across from each other in the dark, polished booth of Punch. Maddie had twisted her hair up in a damp knot, thrown on a t shirt and cardigan, along with a pair of worn jeans and her ancient Frye boots. Make-up free, she perused the menu. “I don’t know why I’m even looking, I know I’m getting the Juicy Lucy.”

Emily Banks, her best friend, never went anywhere with damp hair and no makeup. Maddie wasn’t even sure where she had come from (work? home?) but her red nails gleamed as she flipped a silky ribbon of hair off her face. “Mmmm, me too.”

Maddie studied her. They couldn’t have been more different. Emily was a club promoter, worked nights and weekends and loved it. Drank a little too much, used a little recreational nose candy. Perfect white teeth and severe, full red lips flashed every time she smiled. Her hair was always perfectly coiffed, her nails impeccable. Her job demanded it, along with her expensively-draped designer clothes. She had arrived a few minutes early and already had a martini in her hand. She fiddled with her outrageously expensive enamel cigarette lighter. Maddie knew she already wanted a smoke. Emily, on the other hand, considered herself the mousy one of the two. She had fine, light brown hair, which she always wore in a messy bun. Compared to Maddie’s full, bold makeup, she rarely wore more than a few swipes of mascara and lip gloss. Her job was teaching pre-school, and she loved it, and made almost nothing, wearing what she could find at thrift shops and Goodwill. She was the pastel pink to Emily’s magenta, but the complemented each other surprisingly well.

“You should quit!” Maddie smiled good naturedly.

“I know I know I know!” Emily laughed in her usual rapid-fire speech. “No lectures, I have news! I got an email today.”



Maddie narrowed her eyes. “Not…?”





“Well, I said he could come visit.”

Maddie shook her head. “All right. I’ll be honest. I really didn’t think he’d actually follow through with a visit.”

Emily was thoughtful. “I know. I wasn’t holding my breath. But he gets here Friday afternoon.”


“YES, yes, he is staying with me.”

“Ha! I’m glad. You need some action, my friend.”

“Well…” Emily trailed off. “That’s the thing. He isn’t coming alone. He’s bringing someone along.”

“Oh. Who?”

“His sister.”

Maddie blinked. “…What? Why?”

“I bahis firmaları have no idea. But either you entertain her while their here or I will probably not get fucked.” She slid a Gaulois out of its pack and tapped it on the back of her lily-white hand. “And I need to get fucked.”

Roseanna Navarro was waiting at the entrance to Emily’s apartment building when Madeline came to pick her up. She had tea-colored skin and chin-length hair, her round brown eyes and long lashes a gift of her Latin heritage. A black tank top skimmed her waist, and she twirled a gold cross that hung on a chain around her neck. Maddie found herself staring: Roseanna’s breasts were the most perfect she had ever seen. Two soft globes, heaving ever so slightly, cleavage glowing from her evident highlighting with a shimmery body lotion. Desire caught in Maddie’s throat. No way was she expecting this today. Emily had said Roseanna was “younger” so “would probably enjoy the mall,” so that’s where they were headed. Maddie was standing in front of her and could form no words. Roseanna smiled, and languid, slow smile that seemed to reach out of her face and kiss Maddie’s neck.

“You must be Madeline?”

“No. Yes! I mean. Yes. You can call me Maddie.” She blushed and cleared her throat, sticking out her hand, awkwardly. “So good to meet you. Roseanna?”

“You can call me Rosie.” She clasped Maddie’s hand softly, squeezing ever so gently. “My brother said we’re going to the mall? Thank you for entertaining me so he and Emily can…well, fuck.” She laughed. Maddie returned the laughter, her awkwardness dissipating.

“Of course! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Shall we? We could see a movie or…just walk around. Get lunch?”

“Oh yes, that sounds wonderful. I need to pick up a few things…” She slipped a finger underneath a shoulder strap, revealing a demi-cup, lacey bra top. “I desperately need some new lingerie. As you can see, I’m in rags.” She winked and giggled.

It didn’t look at all like rags to Maddie, but she wore white cotton bras and underwear. She hoped her eyes didn’t widen too much at the sight of the top of Rosie’s breast. Her pussy was wet, embarrassingly so, and she knew her voice was husky with desire when she said, “Shall we take a taxi? I usually don’t, but it’s close.”

“Yes, let’s.” Rosie took her hand and hailed the nearest cab.

Upstairs, Emily and Gabriel Navarro were on their third glasses of wine. Emily blew plumes of blue smoke through her red mouth out on the balcony. “I can’t believe you’re really here.”

He smiled, looking not unlike his little sister. “You didn’t think I’d really contact you again, did you?”

“Not really.”

“But here I am. Thank you for letting me come.”

She turned and looked at him directly. “And thank you for making me come.”

He laughed, a loud, glorious sound that Emily loved. “I haven’t yet.”

“No. But now would be a good time.”

His laughter subsided and he set down his wine glass. Rising, he strode over to the balcony where Emily stood, placing a hand on either side of her on the rail. Excitement raced through her. They were seven stories up, easily visible to the people around them and down below on the street. Her breath caught…would he do it? She slid a stilettoed foot next to his. They locked eyes for only a moment before he made his decision. His mouth was on hers in and instant, hungry. Her wine glass slid off the narrow ledge back onto her balcony, shattering, its contents bleeding on the concrete floor. His mouth moved from her mouth down her neck. Desperately, he yanked down the front of her dress, exposing her tits, now taut with desire. “God, they’re beautiful,” he whispered, taking each in her mouth in turn. He left them out, quickly lifting her skirt, and sliding down her red thong. “But I need this pussy.” His tongue plunged into her, finding her clit immediately.

“Oh fuuuuuckkkk,” she moaned. “Fuck me with your tongue.”

He spread her legs further apart so he could get deeper. Licking her clit, then moving in and out of her vaginal walls. She was dripping all over his face, and he could feel her muscles undulating, building to a climax. She gripped his head, moving it quickly in and out, starting to lose control.

“Oh my god, fuck, fuck it…”

And he was upright, unzipping himself and taking out his cock. “I will fuck your pussy after you suck me.”

“Give it to me. Put it in my mouth. kaçak iddaa Fuck my mouth.” She took his cock into her mouth, wetting it and stroking it, then started on the balls. He moaned and she felt his body tensing with the building pressure.

“That’s so good, baby…so good…fuck I’m going to come…” he grabbed her roughly, swinging her around so she faced the street below, lifting her skirt and plunging his cock into her from behind. Emily screamed as the orgasm that had been building raced from her pussy through her entire body, wave after wave, coming fast. Gabriel held her hips and fucked her hard.

“Too hard? God I can’t stop coming…” he moaned.

“You fuck me harder. HARDER. God HARDER…” and she came again.

Finally they collapsed against the rail, spent. He slipped out of her and adjusted himself, as she reassembled her dress and panties. He put her face in his hands.

“Mmmm…God, so good,” he kissed her long and softly. She smiled and put her head on his chest. Exhausted, they limped back into the apartment, ignoring the splattered wine on the ground.

Madeline and Roseanna entered the lingerie store after a long walk around the mall trying not to touch hands. Maddie was blushing furiously as Rosie ran her long fingernails over a display of bras and panties. The way her fingers played over the lace and ribbons made Maddie’s mouth start to water. Rosie picked up a pair with dark blue ribbons and no crotch. “What do you think?”

Maddie tried to smile casually. “Very cute.” Her voice sounded high and tight, far away. Get yourself together, she scolded herself. Rosie turned suddenly to her with a light smile.

“Let’s try some things on.”

“I..ha ha..I don’t really wear these kinds of things…”

“I know. White cotton girl?”

Blushing even deeper, Maddie kept laughing nervously. “I guess, yeah…”

Rosie decisively grabbed a red bra with black lace and matching panties, then studied Maddie up and down for a moment and grabbed another. “Let’s go.”

Maddie was helpless to stop her, and didn’t want to refuse. Rosie reached the dressing room farthest to the back and slid through the curtains, with Maddie at her heels. Once inside, Rosie slipped off her tank top, bra, pants, and panties, not looking at Madeline. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, she thought. She willed Rosie to look at her again, but Rosie was calmly trying on the bra and panties, looking at herself in the mirror. She caught Maddie’s eye in her reflection and turned on her in a flash, pushing her up against the wall of the dressing room roughly, her mouth on Maddie’s, then on her neck, her long-nailed hands caressing her tits possessively. “I thought I said I wanted you to try these on. Get. Your clothes. Off.”

Shaking with desire, Madeline quickly took off her clothes and put the bra and panties on. The red and black flamed against her pale skin, and she wondered why she had never wanted to try lingerie before. Rosie stood behind her, gazing at her in the mirror. “You know I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you.”

“Me too.”

“Can we do this?”

“Please…” Maddie couldn’t stand it anymore. She turned to Rosie and tried to kiss her, but Rosie had a different plan.

“No. Turn around.” She shoved her facing to the mirror, and stood behind her, raking her long nails down her back, stopping just at the top edge of her panties. “Before I check, tell me if you’re wet.”

“I am…I’m so wet…”

“You’re not lying to me, are you? Do you know what I do to girls who lie?”

“What? Tell me.”

Rosie spanked the fleshy part of her ass lightly. “You’ll get punished.” She slapped her a few more times. “Do you like that? If I slap you? Bend down so your ass is in the air and put your hands on the mirror.”

Maddie had never been spanked. She had never known she wanted to be spanked, and now she wanted more. “Spank me again.” Rosie did. “Pull my hair.” Rosie tangled her fingers up in her hair and pulled, hard enough to feel good. “More…”

“No, that’s enough for now. We don’t have much time and I need to make you come.” She ran her mouth down Maddie’s spine, sending electricity through every cell. “I know you just put these on, but I need them off now.” She slid the panties off and fell to her knees. “Spread her legs.” Maddie spread her legs apart, and Rose plunged her hand into her soaking wet pussy. “You little slut, you’re dripping wet!”

“You’ve kaçak bahis made me so wet all day, Rosie…”

“Have I?” She plunged more fingers deep into the pussy. “Don’t come yet. I don’t want you to come like this.” Maddie was starting to breathe hard.

“I have to. I have to come…please…I…I can’t wait any longer….God I need to come….”

Rosie took her hand out and licked her fingers, then grabbed the back of Maddie’s head again. “You will come when I say you can. Do you understand me? Yes?”

Maddie nodded, unsure she could obey. “Yes.”

“Good girl. We don’t have a lot of time. We can’t stay here all day. Now be quiet.” Rosie dropped to her knees again and spread Maddie’s ass, finding her asshole. Slowly she began to work her tongue around the edge of it as Maddie moaned hoarsely, “Jesus…”

Rosie stopped. “I’m going to lick your ass until you relax, and then I’m going to eat you out until you come.” Just the words made Maddie’s brain want to explode, but so she took a deep breath. Rosie’s tongue continued on her asshole, circling it and circling it until it was pulsing with need. She slowly moved her fingers in and out of her own pussy, cupping the juices and spreading them on her own tits until both of her tits were slippery with her own juice. Finally she plunged her tongue deep in to Maddie’s ass, furiously licking and a fucking herself with her own hand. Brought to the brink of what they had been dying for all day, neither of them could wait any longer.

“Oh…Oh…God…Fuck…” Maddie’s anal orgasm rocked through her core, and Rosie refused to stop, her tongue continuing to push through, and her hand furiously masturbating her own pussy. She came too, hard and she cried out as her tongue kept working. One orgasm, two, then one final deep climax as they screamed as silently as they could in the dressing room of the lingerie store.

Drunk with endorphins, wet with cum, their hair tousled and makeup smudged, they sat on the ledge seat of the dressing room, Maddie on the bottom and Rosie straddling her. They kissed languidly, lazily.

“I guess we should go pay for these bras and panties now,” Maddie sighed. Rosie through her head back and laughed.

By the time Maddie and Rosie arrived back to Emily’s apartment, it was dusk. As they entered the apartment, the sounds and smells of dinner filled the apartment. Emily greeted each of them with a glass of red.

“How are you two? Get everything done that you needed?”

Rosie threw her head back and laughed, while Maddie gave a weak laugh and blushed furiously. Emily knew that blush well; Maddie was so self-conscious! But about what…?

“Well, hello beautiful ladies!” Gabriel came into the room, his T-shirt tight against his skin. “Just in time for dinner!”

After a meal of steak and salads, they retired to the living room. Rosie was relaxed, finding every opportunity to touch Maddie lightly, but not too obviously. They talked for an hour before Emily said, “Well, Gabe? Are you going to tell them?”

Gabriel’s smile spread across his face. “I’m moving in. We’ve been apart too long after meeting in Italy last summer…It’s time. I want Emily, and Emily wants me.” And with that, both Maddie and Rosie were on their feet, laughing and hugging and congratulating. When the celebration died down, Rosie was thoughtful.

“It makes sense for me to move, too. I don’t know anyone, I don’t have a job, but there is so much more opportunity for me here than in Georgia. Of course, I’d have to find a roommate…” Her eyes slid over Maddie without asking a question. Maddie knew immediately what to answer.

“Rosie, I have room. I would love a roommate right now. I only have one bedroom, but…” She blushed again. “Er..We could work something out, I’m sure.”

Rose smiled her kitten smile. “Thank you so much. I’m sure we could.”

At the end of the night, both Rosie and Maddie had decided that Rosie should come back to her apartment. As they were slipping out the door, Emily slipped a note into Maddie’s hand. “Read it later,” she whispered

In the Uber on the way home, Maddie nonchalantly open the note, casually acting as though she were cleaning out her purse. There in Emily’s loopy handwriting, was scrawled, “Gabe loves me, and is committed. But we want you to fuck him while I watch, and I want to fuck Rosie. I know it’s crazy, I’m so scared you’ll be offended. I’ll understand if it’s a no.”

Maddie folded up the note and placed it carefully back in her purse. Her life had taken a turn for the interesting, indeed.


Watch for installment two of “Maddie Comes Alive,” revealed in February!

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