Maid Of Honour

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When visitors from Western shores see the domestic help whom almost all Indian households employ, they are in turns, horrified, disgusted, envious, after which a reluctant and inhibiting feeling of taking advantage of someone else’s bad times overcomes them. They then tend to treat the ministrations of such “servants” as we call them, as if they were being treated by a queen!

But Indians know that the employment of domestic help is a small but essential cog in the economic machinery of our country. In fact, in most cases servants are treated with dignity and respect, their fooding, housing, clothing, medical expenses and even the education of their children are taken care of by their employers. In many households servants soon become an integral part of the family, and are treated well. Of course there are women servants who are taken advantage of by their employers and could be raped and silenced with threats and money. And there are instances where such female help are willing partners to the sexual preferences of their employers.

This is the story of one such female servant who worked in Pratik’s house many years ago. She was Nasreen, but called Reena by the people in the house. About 18 years old, she was put in to work as the help to make the beds, wash clothes and dishes, do some ironing and general cleaning around the house. Her father was Pratik’s father’s driver, and he wanted his daughter out of their village to get a taste of city life as she had outgrown the primary school, and the only school in the village. Unable to afford a dowry for her marriage, he decided to make her work for it, and wanted her in the Gupta household where he knew she would be treated kindly.

Pratik, like all young men his age, out of adolescence and coasting into adulthood, had raging hormones, not entirely assuaged by masturbation and the hurried, in-the-dark, rare groping with females from his circle of friends and acquaintances. He was attracted by Reena’s dark and simple good looks, her tight body and firm curves, none of which were completely masked by the old saris his mother had given her to wear. She had a soft voice and smiled a lot which gave her a very merry appearance with sparkling eyes.

Pratik had had luck with a couple of other maids who had been employed earlier in his house, and had been able to get a decent fuck every once in a while from them. It had been six months since he’d last been laid and his small collection of porno had become boring now. While he thought about Reena a lot he was not too keen to do much because Ali, her father the driver was a very intimidating personality. So masturbating allowed him to maintain his cool, but barely so.

It was a balmy evening, a little after the monsoons, and the air was crisp. Pratik was studying for his college final exams a month later, and his parents had gone out to attend a wedding. Smoking a cigarette which he couldn’t do while his folks were at home, he tried to make sense of the textbook on micro-economics. There was a knocking on his door and in walked Reena, looking quite agitated.

– Dada, please stop this Ramu from irritating me! He will drive me mad!

Ramu was the cook they employed, a swarthy middle aged individual who was a master at his work when he was in the mood, but usually turned out somewhat decent, edible food at most times. Home cooking zindabad!

– Why? What has he done?

– He keeps saying he will marry me and take me back to his desh. And then he wants to hug me and kiss me!

– So tell him that you’re not interested! You know he’s married with two kids so tell him that also!

– I’ve told him that, but he says he will leave his wife and marry me. I’ve even told my father, but Abba just laughs, and says it won’t be such a bad idea, as he doesn’t have money to pay my dowry in any case!

She was near his study table, wringing her hands with the end of her sari pallu, tears in her eyes. Pratik felt a great love for her suddenly. As a male he understood Ramu’s intentions immediately, and wondered if now was the chance for him to make the much desired move on Reena he had been contemplating for so long. He took her hands and lifting the pallu wiped her eyes, telling her not to bahis firmaları cry and that he would have a chat with Ramu. He got up from the table, telling her to wait there and walked to the kitchen to find Ramu cooking at the stove. Telling Ramu in a joking way not to irritate Reena, he gave the cook some money to fetch him some cigarettes and made his way back to his room. Reena was making his bed, bent over and swiping at the mattress with a straw broom.

Sitting at his table, he watched her, her plump but pert backside jiggling as she wielded the broom. He could feel his erection growing under his shorts and he knew this was the time. It was now or never!

Having finished her task, she turned around to see Pratik watching her keenly. She felt the heat in his gaze and she blushed, averting her eyes. He gestured to her to come closer, and she did so hesitatingly. He caught her hands, removed the broom and pulled her close to kiss her cheek. From her cheeks to her forehead, her eyes, her ears (which made her wriggle deliciously), and then to her lips. His mouth covered hers and the wetness and warmth made him insert his tongue between her lips, just as she parted them. She withdrew then with a jerk, but he pulled her back.

This time one of Pratik’s hands was cupping a firmly pliant and small breast and he squeezed gently. A soft moan escaped Reena’s lips and he brought her closer. She now had no option but to stand between his thighs, and as he closed them together, she lost her balance and sat on his lap. Pratik wrapped his arms around her and hugged her strongly. His hands wandered all over her body, caressing her, feeling her, squeezing her, fondling, kissing until she was shaking as if in a malarial fever. His penis soared under his shorts and she felt the protuberance under her buttocks, instinctively grinding gently down on it.

Pulling down her pallu, he exposed her bloused breasts, and began to unbutton it. She protested, but it was light-hearted and he ignored her. Uncovering her naked flesh, her nipple, rosy red on a dark mound, was erect, and he sucked it into his lips. She let out a deep sigh, and pushed his head into her breast. His hand squirmed about in her lap, finally cupping her pubes, feeling the heat emanating from there through the cloth. His other hand around her waist gripped her soft flesh there, releasing and gripping in a constant action.

He picked her up and seated her on his bed, turned to close and lock his door. She sat there, smiling but looking down at her feet, rearranging her fallen pallu. Pratik straddled her, sitting on her lap, and she sat back, her hands behind her supporting his weight on her. Both his hands were at her breasts, squeezing them tightly, moulding the firm but yielding flesh. He leaned in and kissed her again on her lips, and this time they parted willingly as his tongue intrusively entered her mouth, tracing her teeth, exchanging saliva and drawing in her breaths as she did with his.

He brought her forward and adjusted his posture. Taking her hand he brought it to his shorts enclosed erection, throbbing and leaking. He made her fondle and squeeze it as he continued to play with her tits. Soon he had to release his prick and it stood up in her fist as she moved her hand up and down. Getting off her, he squatted between her legs and lifted her sari up to her knees. He then slipped his hand under it and found his way to her bushy cunt. It was wet, the hairs were damp and he could smell her heady scent assailing him. Pushing her legs apart which she was vainly trying to clamp together, he inserted two fingers in her warm, wet, wonderful world. She let out a louder moan this time and clamped her legs together, imprisoning his hand. But his fingers wreaked havoc inside her sopping cunt, and Pratik could feel her first orgasm of the evening.

Reena had lain back on the bed, her sari rucked up her thigh almost to the hips. Pratik pulled off his shorts, and taking his hard-on in his hand, he lay on her and began to insert it between her cunt lips. It slid in easily, but as he pressed down, she squealed in pain, and Pratik knowing that you can’t be gentle with a virgin just rammed home. She yelled again in great pain, but he continued kaçak iddaa to fuck her and soon her groans turned to moans, and she took up with his motions, lifting her arse off the bed, matching his rhythm till he came in a gushing torrent, and she too orgasmed along with him.

When he withdrew a little later, it pained her, and when he looked at the apex of her thighs, he saw his sperm flecked with the blood of her broken hymen staining the bed sheet. They quickly jumped off and began to clean up the mess with a water soaked cloth. While she attempted to clean up their fluids, Pratik went to take a long satisfactory leak. She came into the toilet to put the cloth away and seeing him pee, began to giggle.

He’d finished, and having flushed, he pulled her over making her sit on the toilet seat. His prick was hard again, and she took it in her mouth after some playful moments of trying to avoid doing just that. He held his cock as she sucked him amateurishly, not really very good at it, but still giving Pratik pleasure. He came again in a gush, filling her mouth with his spunk, and she insensibly swallowed some before spitting it all out on to the floor. That was all they could manage that evening, as Ramu had returned with his cigarettes and his parents came home soon after.

Subsequently, their trysts were relegated to weekday afternoons when he was back from college, his parents away at their jobs, and Ramu in his quarters for his daily siesta. Pratik and Reena were horny for each other all the time. Whenever he got the chance he squeezed or fondled her body or a part of it. She would happily disrobe and allow him to fuck her, an act she enjoyed as much as him. He would make her stand at his window, her hands supporting her on the ledge, as he plowed her furrow from behind, uncaring and unknowing whether a neighbour was watching or not. She had learned to swallow his come, and he licked her pussy sometimes, taking their juices in to his mouth, relishing the taste. He wouldn’t fuck her when she had her periods, but she gave him lovely blow jobs, an art she had mastered in the few weeks since her first encounter with Pratik.

Both were inexperienced in the matters of sex and lovemaking. They fed off each other, gave the other experiences to cherish, becoming aware and gradually mature in the dynamics of human relationships. A bond of love developed between the two, making their infrequent bouts of lovemaking all the more tender, yet coupled with the urgency that sex newly discovered brings to the physical aspect of the whole thing.

But Pratik began to slow in his ardour. He knew this was the limit he could reach with Reena. There was no way he could take their relationship any further as he might have done had she been from a similar background and upbringing. Reena too was intelligent enough to understand and appreciate the circumstances and it was fortunate for them both that she did, otherwise things could have been a mess.

Yet she loved sex as much as he did. She enjoyed giving up her body to his desires, not really wanting much back. Her demands did not exceed the needs of the moment. Pratik normally did not discuss his sex life with his friends in depth. He loved hearing about others exploits, and their comments, often crude and pornographic in detail, but he himself was reticent about his own doings.

But it was when Reena began to lactate that he couldn’t hold back. It was a sudden thing that happened and greatly surprised her as it did Pratik. It was an off day from college, and he was at home, lying in bed reading a magazine. She barged in to his room and up to his recumbent body.

– Dada look! Milk is coming out from my doodoos! She had exposed her full young breasts and was squeezing small drops of pale white liquid from her nipples. Pratik was astonished. He had never actually seen a lactating breast. He had seen any number of women breast-feeding but that was the extent of his experience in this. Putting his mouth to one breast he sucked and was gratified with the warm, sweetish liquid that flowed in. He had an instant hard-on. Grabbing her hand he put it on his cock and enquired about Ramu. She told him he had gone to the bazaar and would not be back for an hour.

Pratik kaçak bahis suckled both her tits alternating between the two and drank her milk till she began to run dry. Laying her down, he climbed on top of her, and put his prick in the valley of her breasts. She held them both together, clasping his hard penis in the softness of her tits, and he moved it up and down, fucking her breasts. In no time he came, spurting on to her neck, her face, sperm white and more viscous than milk, running in rivulets down her skin. She trailed her fingers in one of these rivulets and then licked them. He put his face to hers, rubbing his sperm on to his skin, tasting his taste.

Later she brought him a cup of sweet black tea and giggling uncontrollably, squirted her milk into the tea to whiten it. It tasted wonderful to him. He lifted her sari and pinched the lips of her vagina together gently. A clear but thick drop formed at her cunt and he put his cup of tea under it and took the drop of her juices in it. He then drank the tea, relishing it by smacking his lips in a theatrical manner, as she continued to giggle.

That afternoon, two of his closest friends came to visit him. Sanjiv and Lal knew he fucked the maid but did not know very much more. Today he told them more in detail about Reena, and especially about her lactating breasts. But obviously they were turned on tremendously and wanted to witness this phenomena. He told them to wait and left the room. Some minutes after he returned, Reena came in with three cups of black tea. But she was blushing and reluctant to take the next action that Pratik had almost begged her to take. Finally Pratik just pulled her sari pallu off and uncovered her breasts. Her blouse was already wet with the seeping milk as he opened the buttons. Holding each cup under her nipple she squirted milk in to the tea whitening it.

Sanjiv already had his prick out of his trousers, he was quite shameless that way, and was stroking it up and down. Lal caught hold of Reena’s hand and pulled her on to him. He grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them hard. Lifting her sari and before anyone realising what was going on he inserted his prick in to her cunt. Sanjiv went behind her and began to rub his long prick in the cleft of her arse. Sanjiv had an extremely thin but longer than average cock. Pratik knew what Sanjiv wanted to do and soon his friend obliged.

Lal by now was lying on the bed on his back with Reena astride him fucking away rapturously. Sanjiv spat on his hand and rubbed his saliva on to the head of his prick. He slowly began to insert it in Reena’s small arsehole. Reena of course had already lost her virginity there to Pratik who had a thicker prick than Sanjiv’s. Sanjiv’s penis was ideal for bum fucking because of its lack of girth. Soon she had two pricks inside her at the same time, and she moaned and groaned in ecstasy. The boys took their time with her, a new experience for all of them. Pratik sat and watched with great interest as the three of them wantonly fucked themselves to an orgasm.

Later he fucked her as she lay on her back and the other two, tired and satiated, watched him go at his maid. Before they left, and before everyone returned home, Reena gave each of them a blow job, drinking their sperm, and then they each suckled her tits, drinking her milk till she went dry.

Sanjiv and Lal had no further opportunity to do much with Reena after that. Pratik’s mother having discovered Reena’s lactating had a talk with her father. In a week’s time she had departed for her village to be married to an aged but recent widower with three very young children, two of whom were breast feeding when their mother died. Finally she had been able to bring a dowry – her lactating breasts – which were enough for the old widower who had apparently not wanted any money as he was quite wealthy.

Pratik missed Reena sorely. He spent many nights jerking off to the memories of their lovemaking. She had cried the day she left for her village, weeping copiously, unable to actually say much, but had managed to find an opportunity to let Pratik suckle her breasts and fuck her in long, slow, sensuous strokes for the last time.

She was a fine maid of honour and she holds a special place in his heart even now despite the vast difference in their social standing. Had circumstances permitted perhaps he would have done the honourable thing and married her eventually. Who knows?

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