Making Up and Making Out

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We both said things to purposely hurt each other. We didn’t speak for a few days and when we did, the words cut to the bone. You packed up your things and moved out.

6 days later…

You contacted me through text messages last night. You were unhappy where you were and wanted out. I gave you the option of coming back home to your best friend. You called the next day while I was at work and apologized for the cruel things you said. I almost cried because you told me you were coming home.

Later that night…

We haven’t really had a chance to talk about things because we’ve had company over. You were sporting the stubble that I find so irresistible and sexy as hell. I find myself staring at the perfection of a cock between your legs when you’d sprawl out on the computer chair. I’m hoping our friends don’t see, but secretly hope you do so that you know what I’m thinking about and what’s starting to make me moist enough to start the subtle quivering. The next day we each zone out on our own things(me surfing Literotica and you playing video games güvenilir bahis while trying to be sly about looking at porn). I’m really getting worked up at this point. I randomly send you dirty and quite explicit texts throughout the day detailing how I want you to fuck my mouth and grab me by the hair as you cum down my throat.

Then, I hear “the song”. As soon as New Order’s Confusion comes on, I instantly start to shake and rub my thighs together. You play dumb and innocent and clueless when I wink at you and say “you’re killing me ya know that right, babe?”

You get up with your back to me, but I can see that your hand has moved inside your shorts and is stroking your massive dick. You slowly turn around and look at me with that devilish grin you’re famous for, showing me that indeed your cock is rock hard and raring to go. You walk past me and your hard on is mere inches from my face.

“Mmmm, HELLO!!” I say as you strip and get on the bed. I crawl up between your legs and kiss and lick your stomach before sucking your cock into my hot, waiting mouth. türkçe bahis Your breathing starts to get heavier as I swirl my tongue around the tip. You pull out and get off the bed so you can stand as I kneel on the bed in front of you. This way you can shove more of your “penis perfection” in my mouth and down my throat. You pull your dick all the way out of my mouth and back up a step so you are just beyond my reach.

I look up at you through half closed lids saying, “You’re such a tease. I hope you know that”. You just smile down at me as you grab my ponytail and make love to my mouth some more. By this time my panties are drenched and I’m pretty sure that they are dampening my shorts, too.

You lay back down as I take your immense erection in my hand and stroke it a few times as I guide it back into my impatient mouth. You begin to thread your fingers through my hair giving me the cue that it’s time to shed the scrunchie and send it flying across the room.

Your hips start to buck as more of you is thrust down my throat. You reach into my shorts, bypassing güvenilir bahis siteleri my panties and head straight for my throbbing, swollen clit.

“Yesssssss,” is barely intelligible with a mouthful of cock. You rub your entire hand all over my pussy which elicits moans from me as I begin to writhe. You insert a finger into my slit as the heel of your hand massages my nub. I cry out, releasing your dick so as to not accidentally clench my teeth as the wave of orgasm rips through me. But, you’re not done with me yet, and I’m far from done with you.

You are mimicking the positions of the porn playing in the background as you spread my cum all over my sopping wet pussy lips. I can’t help whimpering around your cock as I feel another climax coming on with more intensity of the first. Could this be the one? Could this be the orgasm that let’s you see the secret I’ve been dying to show you? But alas, as I cum, it’s not the orgasm that makes me squirt cum all over you. As my climax is subsiding, you raise up, pull my hair and moan as you cum, spurting it all down my throat. I continue sucking, milking you dry. Once our breathing finally slows I tell you how much better I feel now and how badly I needed that.

I hate fighting with you, but so love making up and making out with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32