Man’s Best Friend Ch. 02

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Kate walked into the room and pulled back the duvet, and folded it neatly against the foot board, her movements slow and somewhat robotic, a single thin white sheet would be all that was needed, the breeze was losing the battle, the room was hot, the humidity all but unbearable. She lay down on the side of the bed on her side in the fetal position then put a frilly pillow under her head. She lay on top of the sheet, her hands locked between her thighs, her boots hanging over the edge, and she was very quiet. I sat down next to her calves and placing my hand on her hip.

“Everything okay?” I asked, somewhat concerned.

“Everything’s fine, joost fine” she answered motionless: her tone contradicted her words. I wasn’t sure why her demeanour changed so abruptly. Perhaps she was experiencing guilt, or the high from the Scotch was losing its effect. Not knowing what to do, I started to untie her boots;

“How bout we take these off.” I offered.

“Fine” she answered, straightening her legs somewhat. I gently removed her right boot, her small and bare foot slipped out easily, although dirty and pungent it seemed well taken care of; her chubby toes unpolished but manicured, faint reddish hair sat softly on the knuckles, her heel soft. I rubbed her hot insole for a moment then the other and did the same.

“Better?” I asked

“Aye mooch.” she replied

“Any room for me in the there?”

Kate squinched over, not changing her position her thighs clenched tightly knees bent to her belly. I spooned into her, rubbing its round smoothness as it waved gently up and down with each breath. Kate moved her hand and placed it over mine, her fingers stroking mine. I moved my hand to her navel and brushed the trail of fuzz down to her panties. I sensed she didn’t want me to go any farther, the moment I traced down toward her pubic bush, Kate clenched my hand and gently brought it to rest under her breast, so I turned my attention back to kissing her neck. She responded well; sighing and stretching it out to receive my lips, her hand began caressing mine again.

“Tell me William, have ye bed many women in the past,” she asked quietly.

That stopped me dead, I’ve been down this road before and the result of a truthful answer was usually not good. I had a pretty robust sex life; and as for the numbers, I’d rather keep details to myself, especially from a woman I liked and didn’t know very well, so I answered trying to be as vague as possible.

“Well, I suppose that would depend on ones perception of many.”

“Over 20?” She asked;

“Kate I’m was a travelling professional, never married, let’s just say I’ve know my way around and leave it at that eh?

“Over 50 then?” She prodded

Getting slightly annoyed I sat up;

“Kate what are you on about.”

“A did nae want it to come to this William A really din’t.”

I looked around and saw a tear rolling down her cheek. Oh no, nothing softens me down more than a crying woman, I leaned down and brushed her tear away.

“Hey…hey now, come to what?” “What’s upsetting you Kate?” Kate skirted my question, with one of her own.

“So ye’ve been with all kinds of women then, being a travl’n mahn and all.”

“I suppose so, but I fail to see why that’s important, if you need to know, there’s no one at the present moment, I am a one woman a time type guy if that’s what concerning you, I always have been.”

“Noo noo, you got it all wrong, A dinnae mean, to pry; A joost – Damn!”

Kate was visibly upset; she was struggling to say what was on her mind, searching for a way to do it. Finally she took a deep breath and began to work through her tears and turned to face me;

“William; A’m likely different from most woman you have been with.” She looked up at me tearfully, very intent on my reaction.

“Yes you most certainly are at that, having my feet washed was certainly new.” I interrupted with a nervous chuckle. Kate grimaced, not exactly amused, I then stroked her hair away for her face;

“Hey, I like the way you are, if you feel you need to tell me about it feel free, I’m a good listener. I mean I’ve met some pretty different people in my time, it was an occupational requirement for me to be the guy whom people would feel comfortable to talk to.”

Indeed my travels and experiences have led me to be very open minded. Mixed with a bit of drinking many people would find it easy to open up, often revealing unorthodox and candid personal experiences and opinions, so I had a ‘whatever floats your boat’ attitude on most things.

Kate managed a weak smile and studied my face, her snibbling started to subside. She sat up against the headboard, placing her head on her knees wrapping her arms around her shins, closing up like a frightened armadillo.

“A feel A can trust ye, boot this is pretty big on so many levels. A kept it to myself, until this day. A joost, thought – well ye came by and did, well, ye didn’t seem to mind…”

She was struggling I put my arm around her;

“Hey, slow down, deep bahis firmaları breath, can I get you a glass of water?”

“Whatever you want to say, just say it; however bad, I promise it won’t leave this room.”

“There’s a bottle in there”, her hand flipped toward the nightstand next to me.

Lazily I tried to stay on the bed and open the cupboard, long story short I succeeded, but not without giving Kate full view of the hairless jewels under my kilt, the bottle was a few ounces shy of full, Scotch of course.

“Double Wood” I read aloud, how appropriate, I thought, thinking back to our tryst on the deck. I uncorked it then scanned for a glass; Kate took the bottle from me then took a stiff swig that would make any sailor proud;

“Ere yer gonna need this,” she handed me the bottle and wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

I took the bottle and tried to match Kate’s drink, again I shook my head as the fumes hit my pallet, unworthy of Dah’s kilt.

“You have my attention.” I said, pulling her in tighter.

Kate took the bottle from me taking another generous gulp, then placed it between her thighs and changed position. She nestled the back of her head into my shoulder and chest, no longer allowing me to see her face, she pulled my arm over her shoulder and held my hand, resting it on between the cleft her breasts;

“A don’t noo where to start so A’ll just start from the start.” She began;

“We lived in a small town of around 200 on Skye. Dah had a block of land not far away and was a peat farmer, Mum passed when A was only 5, which A later found out from my Gran, from ovarian cancer. Mah Dah was shattered and never spoke of it. Meh Gran moved to Canada shortly after Mums death.” Her hand tightened over mine, as she continued;

“When A was old enough for middle school, we had to be shuttled miles away, it was an all girls school and A looked forward to spreading out my horizons, and making new friends, aye A was right excited.” She reflected wistfully, then continued;

“You see up till then A lived a fairly sheltered life, mah Dah kept close to home to tend the farm and was very protective of meh, less the weekly ride for into town to pick up groceries A did nae get out mooch. A had little contact with people outside of our town, A spent a lot of time with the dugs running around the countryside, A joost loved it.” Her mood then brightened somewhat;

“We used to run for miles oop and down the hills, A’ve climbed up some pretty craggy crags in meh time. It may not show now, boot A was quite athletic. Anyway this school had a track team that A looked forward to trying out for. A don’t mean to brag but even tho A was wee, A still was one of the fastest newcomers in the school, and A made the cross country team easily. A made lots lot of friends, many looked up to meh up until 2 years later, the day A made a mistake in the change room.”

Her hand tightened even other went around the bottle, she started to sniffle;

“A…A did nae noo any other…they were so cruel…Soo CRUEL!”

She took another swig tilted her head back her reddened eyes filled back up with tears, her nose started to run and she snorted it back loudly.

“Soooory, Soooory!” She blurted wiping her nose with her hand. I handed her a tissue from the bed stand;

“Why were they cruel?” I pressed,

“After showering A lifted my leg onto a chair to pat meh fud dry, one of the girls came over and gave me a close look then pointed to meh cunny, and asked what on earth that was, A looked down not knowing what she was fussing about.”

Kate paused to blow her nose, and then wailed;

“SHE called me a BOY, and then screamed:

“There’s a boy in the room, there’s a boy in the room!” The rest of the girls joined in, A covered up and ran out the door right into the athletics master she was running too, wondering what all the commotion was about. We collided so hard mah towel fell off, and there A was stark naked on the floor in the middle of the hallway half stunned, all A could hear wus the girls laughing. They wid nae stop until shooed quiet by the coach. “

She cupped her hands to her face sobbing into them;

“A thought they were meh friends, A was young, A din’t have a clue what they were on about, A din’t noo any other; the head mistress’s secretary had already heard, an’ was kind enough to explain it to me on the drive home…FUCK SAKE!” Yet another gulp from the bottle followed;

“Thanks to God she only told my Dah that A got into a slight scrap with one of the girls, A later told him A whooped her guid and that seem to satisfy him.” she finished with nervous snicker.

I put two and two together;

Fuck Sake is right, I couldn’t imagine anything more humiliating to happen to a pubescent girl, man kids can be cruel, and I’d like to think that most don’t know the scope of what severe damage their actions can inflict.

I gave Kate a big hug and rested my head on her shoulder and tried to encourage her;

“I’m so sorry Kate, kids can be real idiots kaçak iddaa at times, and it wasn’t your fault”

“That’s not the worst of it!” she continued, “Apparently the school decided to have a damned investigation.”

She started the bottle to her lips, I intercepted her and took it away and cautioned;

“That’s enough for now, no need wasting a fine whiskey in your state.” I grabbed the box of tissue, replaced the bottle with it, then wrapped my arms back around her.

“You were saying about an investigation?”

“Aye, the damned investigation! Most of the girls were interviewed, and many were punished with detention, and they blamed MEH for it! It didn’t take long for rumours to fly, and suddenly A was anything between a Hermaphrodite to a Transsexual! A was petrified that my Dah would catch wind of it as word spread around; it was horrible. A quit the team a week later and I was subject to nothing but whispers and giggles. A dint wan’ tae be there anymore, so A started bunking off and getting into all kinds trouble, my grades suffered for it. That’s when things started to go sideways with meh Dah. Meh whole life went to shite, from then on A felt ashamed of masell, all because of mah monster of a CLITTY! Kate broke out in tears, sobbing.

“Hey, hey now, Kids are dumb Kate, there’s no normal size when it comes to that. They come in all shape and sizes, those girls didn’t know better. Yes they were cruel, they should have known better to traumatize you for it, and THEY’RE the ones who should be ashamed, NOT YOU!” I held her tight, “Hey, it wasn’t your fault.”

Kate, settled down a bit, her distress eased into snivelling;

“It was mah fault! At least A was sure of it at the time.”

Kate grabbed another tissue, then blew her nose;

“A wasn’t always that big down there, as a young girl it was always there, but not nearly as big as it got in middle school, but after the incident in school…after A realized A was different, A convinced myself that it was through mah own doing. A used to play with masell quite regularly, thinkin’ that the cause. A became very angry and ashamed.” She started to sniffle again.

“We’re all built differently Kate, it’s couldn’t because of that, probably a hormonal change.” I sympathetically offered;

“Right, A know, probably puberty, A worked that out later, but A was young, A couldn’t get information at the time, it wasn’t like today, and I certainly din’t have anyone to talk to about it. It was embarrassing, and A lost trust in all girls, but A did feel a little more normal, after some research and after A met meh first crush, but still kept to myself for the most part.

She motioned for me to give her the bottle, I didn’t resist, she obviously needed a drink, and so did I, for that matter. Kate took another healthy swig and continued;

When A was 16 My first boyfriend Alastair who A thought a right hunk, punched me in the gut calling me a fag when he finally managed to touch meh down there. A can still see his anger when he beat me, then he kicked me out like A was a worthless piece of rubbish. Kate paused then added;

“In his defence A was practically flat as a pancake at the time, so I suppose A can’t blame him for thinking…”

I stared at her incredulously, looking at the strobilus fullness of her breasts then back at her, her upper body was curvy and full, not boyish at all.

“Now way, I mean no way. Really?”

“Oh Aye way, A really didn’t start developing up here till I was 18,” she half-heartily chuckled, then sniffled to stop the mucus from running out of her nose;

“They did a crackin’ job catching up, wouldn’t you say.” She cooed as she gently lifted them up toward me.

“I’ll say – Really?” I was finding it difficult to believe image Kate without her curves, and was fighting to find the words to say something comforting, Kate looked at me and weakly smiling behind her tears;

“William, A want to thank you, yer a kind heart, not to bright; boot kind, A saw it in ye straight away, but ye scare meh.”

“It’s the beard right, got to be the beard”, I quipped (my bald head and chin strapped goatee did have a satanic vibe to it after all.)

“Nae you’re not scary looking, there’s more to it, A suppose it would be more clear if A just came out with it. When ye happened by, it didn’t take meh long to like you, A mean any mahn who would trek through this property to find his dog, and not judging me on meh craggy state…well anyway, ye took meh as A was, from the start, and A thank ye for it;

“Kate, no need. Thank you for confiding me. I know how hard it must of been tough to live through that again, and it’s O.K to be a little scared, you are far from a piece of rubbish.”

Kate’s sobs started to subside;

“A thought maybe, since ye accepted meh warts and all: A decided to play around and A even tested ye. Ye din’t waver despite meh trying.”

Her eyes became smitten;

“When ye grabbed me in the kitchen, A wanted to play ye a little more to see where it may go; but it went kaçak bahis too far: A really like you William. A ken ye won’t reject meh, boot A cannae help but think, well to think ye might… A can’t take another loss, another disappointment: I’m not trying to box you in, I’m perfectly fine with my own company…Oh Foock, A’m a bloody fankle! A’m sooo Sorry William, blathering on and on, it’s a wonder that you haven’t run away screamin’.”

“Hey, I understand,” I lifted her head and kissed her brow, I got it, its okay, all good eh? You’ve been through a lot, maybe we should slow down on the drink and rest awhile, I’m in no hurry, one step at a time…If you’re willing, I mean, no pressure;

“William Stoop, A do want to try, but I think ye should know; A haven’t…Alastair…well he was the first and LAST person I ever been intimate with.” Do ye understand now? Why A’m frightened?”

“Oh,” was all I could muster, It made some sense as to why she would be scared, but celibate for close to 35 years, how can that be possible? I mean she seemed so red blooded sexually, she seem to know what to do to provoke a man, well me anyway. I tried to hide my disbelief by feigning to take it all in stride;

“I would have never have noticed Kate, it’s no big deal you did just fine, I mean more than fine,” so a virgin eh, what another pleasant surprise.”

Kate perked up and laughed;

“Oh meh God” Virgin…HARDLY!” She then rubbed her chin and thoughtfully and smirked coyly;

“Well A suppose in a sense A am, let’s joost say A’m an expert at tending to my own needs, A started young, putting some things A grew in the garden to use and all.

We both laughed then Kate placed her hand on my cheek, pouring her eyes into mine.

“William A’ve wasted so much time, soo much bleedin’ time, it’s all because of this – this thing.” She put her hand over her crotch.

“I want to hate it, it truly is a monster, it puts people off, and it’s ruined meh life.”

“Don’t be so hard on it,” I offered;

“I’m pretty sure It does have its good points, and it didn’t ruin your life, a few stupid naive kids did that, If all happened a few years later, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t give that ‘Monster’ a second thought.”

“Maybe your right William, it has providing meh a lot of comfort over the years. Once, A even considered, well… fixing it, but A chickened out. A coudnae bring masell to it, A was afraid it would lose its sensitivity, A’ve grown to rely on it. It’s a great stress reliever, I could play for hours and build it up until just the right moment, A could control how warm, hot or intense…” She caught herself and looked up slightly embarrassed;

“Well ye get the picture.”

“Control, can be a powerful thing, it grounds us,” I leaded

“Aye” Kate agreed.

“Your life was effected by circumstances beyond your control, It stands to reason that your – let’s say gardening activities, would provide you a stability that would be very comforting. You made a very good decision not to mess around with it. It’s not a monster Kate, it’s a friend, a reliable base, and it helped you to cope.

“A close friend that A visit frequently” Kate sheepishly admitted;

“Let me fill you in on a secret, most men love women that are large down there, I know I do, big time, I’m not afraid of monsters.”

Kate scoffed;

“Hardly a secret, William. A’ve heard that many times from th’ braggarts at the bar, but A never had the courage to, well, investigate – trust me, with a bahookie like this, A’ve had the opportunity: But that day, that day at Alastair’s, was the worst day of my life. A was so scared, alone and felt utterly worthless, A vowed never to let anyone effect me like that again.

“Let’s try to put Alastair away for a moment, Eh? He was a boy, a juvenile; his head was probably polluted by rumour. I would venture to say if he went a little further, you know, spent more time exploring and…I mean think about it Kate; an adolescent, hormones raging, hot little chick like you, do ya really think he would have reacted differently? Poor bastard probably will never realize what a huge opportunity he pissed away, his loss, really.”

I continued:

“What’s important is right here, right now.” Kate looked at me thoughtfully;

“William, you’re a thoughtful sort, but A don’t know exactly why, boot A’m very nervous nonetheless.”

“I think you do know why?” I prodded

“Well A suppose A’m afraid of sharing myself with ye, A’m afraid. A’ve never had to before, so ya – A’m a little afraid”, A’ll do something wrong. A’m…” Kate stammered I cut her off, then looked into her deeply, what’s the root Kate, the root o f your fear – you’re afraid because…?”

“Because A’m afraid of losing control, an’ being rejected”, Kate frowned. “A was getting to that ye noo… Holy, ye need to give a girl a chance.”

“Well I’m not about to reject you, Kate I would like the chance to get to know – you inside and out. I know it’s asking a lot, but you need to trust me, trust that nothing bad will happen. Trust that you’re always in control. I’m not one to be with a gal who’s not into it, and I will know – I can help you Kate, you need catching up.” My eyes instinctively wandered from her face to her tits;

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32