Marissa’s Massage

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For my birthday last year, Marissa gave me a 4-pack of massage oils. It includes Detox, Lavender, Relax and Sore Muscle oils. This past weekend, she took some friends on a long hike on Saturday, and in the process, developed some very tired and sore leg and back muscles. So Sunday morning I decided to break out the oils and give my baby a really good full body massage.

She loves scents in the house, so I chose Lavender for her morning massage.

After bringing her a breakfast of pineapple, kiwi, watermelon and a croissant, she ate it in bed while I read to her from our favorite book of Caribbean poetry. Then she showered while I prepped for the massage of her life. Her gorgeous, glistening body came to me, and I helped her get comfy in the center of our bed, on her tummy.

Coating my hands with the Lavender oil, I began to press my fist into the bottom of her left foot. For five minutes I firmly pressed and slid my fist into her, moving the built up fluids out of her muscles. Without tickling her, I pushed all of the ache out of her pedicured foot. I smiled as I noticed the gold toe ring I gave her at Christmas. Her feet are so smooth and pampered, a true joy to massage. bahis firmaları

Keeping an eye on time, I switched to her right foot, and repeated the process, again for a full five minutes. Massage is all about balance, and I was careful to give each foot the same time. When finished, I leaned over and took a toe of her right foot into my mouth, sucking on it just enough so she’d know that the very act of massaging her was a total turn on for me.

Setting her leg down on the bed, I moved on to her left calf, coating it with the shiny, lavender oil. I could feel the lactic acid being pressed out of her strong muscles. My thumb working into the smaller knots I felt. These received five minutes each as well. Then the right calf received the same treatment.

To massage her hamstrings, I hopped onto the bed and straddled her lower legs. The longer hamstring muscles would get more attention, and ten minutes each, which I enjoyed, because my face was staring at her sexy ass the entire time. With very slow, long strokes, my hands worked from behind her knees to her ass, one leg at a time.

Her legs looked so beautiful glistening with oil. I made sure every part of her legs kaçak iddaa received the oil, which made my goddess shine in the morning sun coming into our room.

Next I needed to massage her back.

I squeezed her ass and told it, “don’t worry, I’m coming back for you!”

Straddling her ass, pressing my cock against it, I began long, deep massages from her lower back to her shoulders. For ten minutes, I stroked her back, and her purring told me she was loving every bit of it. If you’re keeping track, you know that once I finished loving her back, we were fifty minutes into the massage.

I’d selfishly spend the next ten minutes on her glorious ass, which on its own has commanded full control of me. Squeezing, pushing, pressing and rubbing, I didn’t just take the shallow route, I actually worked her ass muscles deeply. She smiled as she recognized that even though her ass owns me, I was all business as I was massaging out all the soreness.

After an hour of massaging her body, I gave her butt a playful spank, symbolizing the end of her massage. There would be many more of course. She slowly rolled over, and her smile brightened the room.

“Oh Jon, you’re so good kaçak bahis to me,” Marissa whispered.

As she got comfortable on her back, I wasted no time in cuddling my face into her pussy. Her normal delicious taste had a sweet flavor this morning, as she’s been enjoying the ripe pineapple grown locally. Her own juices were just as tasty as the ripened pineapple, and I licked and kissed all over her pussy. Sucking her clit into my mouth, I alternated the pressure to stroke her clit with my lips, while my tongue flicked wildly on that special spot that drives her wild.

The hour long massage had melted her, and was the best aphrodisiac in the world. Her pussy was now throbbing, and she reached down to hold my face firmly against her pussy, and arched her back when the first of four orgasms jolted through her body. Her juices squirted all over my face, which was a sweet and tasty delight.

As she lay panting in orgasmic exhaustion, I stood up to show her my hard cock, so erect that it nearly touched my flat stomach. She gathered her strength, and rolled over onto her knees, resting her head on the bed. And with her sexy, island accent, she begged,

“Cmon, Jon, get that cock in this pussy, balls deep!”

And the pounding continued until she gave me every drop she had, and I filled her with my hot, sticky cum. Needless to say, she didn’t complain about being sore all day . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32