Massaging Jordan

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Today is a very special day for both Jordan and me.

We’ve spent several weeks IMing after meeting on a dating website. And I’m amazed that we’ve actually come this far. After all, I’m old enough to be her father. Still, when she saw my picture she said I was handsome. That’s a very powerful word when spoken by a much younger woman. And apparently I’m one of the few men she’s met on the internet who isn’t just looking for sex.

Our conversations have covered a variety of topics, from everyday to somewhat intimate. I learned that Jordan really needs to be pampered, to have someone pay attention to her and her alone. And I enjoy feeling appreciated when I focus attention on a woman.

So perhaps it’s not so surprising that we kept IMing.

After her bout with the flu I wanted to do something really nice for her, but she still didn’t feel comfortable enough to meet me face to face. So I suggested to her that I write a story about me pampering her with a sensual massage. If I couldn’t actually be there, at least I could let her know how I’d like to pleasure her. She seemed eager and delighted with that suggestion. After all, how many women have any kind of story written about them?

I asked her a number questions to help me write the story, such as where the massage was to take place, what type of massage she wanted, and so on. Jordan had never had a massage, so I had to help her understand that a complete sensual massage would be the most enjoyable, and she took my suggestion.

I told her that for that kind of massage she’d be nude in the story, and that I needed to know what I, the masseur would see. I was a bit shy about asking her questions about her body. But she told me about her tattoos, and even her breast size and the fact that she has sensitive medium sized nipples.

It didn’t take me too long to complete the story, partially because I really got into the fantasy. The experience, even though it was just pretend, was quite arousing and kept my interest.

I’d made the story a bit more erotic than I had originally thought I’d make it, and was concerned that she might be offended. So I was quite relieved when she told me how much she enjoyed it, and how she’d reread it several times.

We continued to IM after that, and after a short while she let me know she was ready for a meeting, face to face. I let her choose the location. But we still had to wait for an opportune time, when we could get away without arousing suspicion.

Jordan had given me quite a bit of information about her appearance. Still, I was totally unprepared for the attractive young woman with long brown hair that entered the coffee shop at the appointed time. She looked delightful, and I had a hard time believing that a young woman like her would be willing to meet with a mature gentleman like me.

We had a delightful conversation. It was clear when we had to leave that we’d made a connection, and that a feeling of trust had been established. I guess the weeks of IMing had also helped break the ice.

A few IM sessions later I asked Jordan if she’d like a real massage, not just a pretend one. To my delight she accepted. Not only that, but she said she’d like it to be just like the one in the story. Again, we had problems figuring out how we could get away. But finally today turned out convenient for both of us.

And so today I’ll be pampering Jordan, giving her exactly the massage she wants, just like the one in the story.

I arrived at the motel an hour ago and turned up the heat in the room so that she’ll be warm during the massage. Then I called her on her cell phone and let her know what motel room I’m in. Now that she’s here I tell her how happy I am that she’s come, and that I’m looking forward to pampering her.

I give her a hug and notice that she’s definitely nervous. So I hold her close and tight. She smells wonderful and I enjoy the feeling of her against me. Slowly her nervousness disappears, and bahis firmaları we separate.

“Jordan, I’m looking forward to giving you a massage just like the one in the story. You deserve to be pampered, and so this will be all about you. And just as in the story I’ll not use this as a way of getting sexual favors from you. And if there’s anything you don’t want me to do, just tell me to stop; I’ll not do anything against your wishes.

“It’s nice and warm in the room because I turned up the heat for you. Although it’ll just right for you, because you’ll be nude, I’ll work up a sweat while working on your body. So I’m going to be in just my underwear in order to help keep cool.

“Now I’d like you to get undressed and then lie face down on the edge of the bed.”

I start to strip down to my underwear, while Jordan, just as in the story, undresses completely right in front of me. It’s impossible for me not to look as she unveils her charms. She’s got a wonderful toned body even after having children, probably because of her constant exercising and belly dancing. I notice the tattoos she’s told me about, the ones I’ve been forced to imagine up until now. She sees me looking and chuckles, “You’re watching me undress, just like in the story. But it’s ok, and we did agree it would be just like that today.”

As she undresses I get a good look at the rose tattoo on her left breast. In the story I had guessed that it would be a single bud with a wisp of green. But instead it’s a complete blossom, about the size of a quarter, with small leaves around it. I’ll soon know how accurately I guessed about her other tattoos.

She lies face down on the edge of the bed. I place one hand between her shoulders, the other at the base of her spine, press down gently, and pause there for a moment. She’s slightly nervous, probably not quite sure what to expect. “Relax and enjoy this gift from me to you. Put your cares out of your mind. Enjoy the warmth and tenderness of my hands caressing your body. Let yourself be someplace beautiful and quiet and safe.” And then I begin the massage.

I stand at her head, pour some warm massage lotion into my hands, and begin working on her neck and shoulders. As soon as she feels the warm lotion I hear, “Oh, that’s awesome!” With my thumbs I press around the base of her neck and follow down her spine a bit. My hands knead her shoulders to relieve the tension that she’s told me needs relief. I continue working on her neck and shoulders until I feel the tension dissipate. As I work on her shoulders I mentally compare the kitten tattoo on her right shoulder to what I had written in the story. It’s a small tasteful tattoo of two kittens, one black, one tiger. In the story I had guessed it would be much larger, three kittens in a basket. I really should have asked for additional information instead of guessing.

Having finished with her shoulders I reach over her head with my hands and work all the way down along her spine with my thumbs, as far as her buttocks. By now there is no trace of the slight nervousness that I’d detected when I first touched her. Jordan is relaxed and quiet. She seems to be enjoying this massage, the first she’s ever had.

I move away from her head to stand at her side. I pour more warm lotion on my hands and rub it onto her back, starting from her shoulders and continuing in long firm strokes down to her buttocks. I do the side closest to me, and then reach over to the other side. I continue massaging warm lotion into her back for quite some time. By now Jordan is purring, totally relaxed, completely enjoying being pampered. “This is so nice Victor. I never realized how enjoyable a massage could be.”

Having finished with her back I move to stand near her feet. With a warm damp cloth I wipe off the soles of her feet and then begin to massage them. First I rub warm lotion over an entire foot, top and bottom, including the ankle. Then I raise her foot into a position less awkward for kaçak iddaa me. Like all people receiving a massage for the first time she tries to help by bending her leg. “Jordan, just relax and let me do all the work. Don’t try to help me. You’ll only disturb your own peace and quiet. Just keep loose and relax.” With my thumbs I explore and prod every inch of the sole of her foot. Lovingly and tenderly I continue to caress her foot. Then I take each toe between my fingers and massage it gently. The other foot is more difficult and awkward to reach because she’s not on a proper massage table. However I manage to find a position that allows me to work it properly too.

Then it’s time to do her legs. I take the leg that’s further away, bend it at the knee, and lay the calf over the thigh of the leg closer to me, thereby forming a kind of figure 4. With her leg in this position I have an unobstructed view of her groin and I notice the moisture on her pussy. Using more warm lotion I massage the leg, starting at the ankle; I follow the bend in her leg right up into her groin. Because she’s so trim I’m able to completely enclose her leg with my hands all the way up to where her thigh meets her groin. I massage deep into her groin, lightly brush her pussy, and hear a contented sigh. She clearly likes that because she sighs again when I brush my fingers over her pussy once more. As I work on her leg I include some preliminary work on her buttocks.

I unbend her leg and return it to its original position. Then I work on the leg closer to me. I continue to brush her pussy as I end my strokes, and I notice the sweet smell of her arousal. She continues to purr and sigh, completely relaxed, enjoying the sensations. “Jordan, I’m very pleased that you’re enjoying this.” “No one has ever treated me like this before. It’s very nice.”

Her buttocks are the last part of her body to be worked on while she’s on her stomach. Before starting I take a good look at the butterfly tattoo to see how accurately I had guessed its appearance in the story. I guess I really struck out there. In the story I assumed it would be small and blue. At least I guessed the size right, but it’s red, orange, and yellow outlined in black. I guess I’ll have to go back and fix the story.

Now I pour warm lotion into my hands and start to work on the cheek further away from me. First I tenderly caress it, and then begin to knead it deeply and firmly. In order to get complete access to it I put one of my hands deep in her crack. With my thumbs and fingers I press and explore every inch of her cheek as she continues to purr and hum with pleasure.

After doing the other cheek the same way I work inside her crack. As I drip some warm lotion directly between her cheeks I hear “Oh wow that’s nice!” As I stroke inside her crack my hand rubs over her rosebud. There are very sensitive nerves there. I drip some lotion directly on her anus (she gasps) and then bend a finger and use the knuckle to massage the entrance. There are more nerves deeper inside, but I don’t want to risk distressing her by penetrating there today; it can wait for some other time. Finally, to finish the massage of this area, I again brush my fingers over the lips of her pussy now dripping with her juices.

To finish I sprinkle powder up and down her back and distribute it with several minutes of light feathery strokes. Then I bend over and whisper in her ear that it’s time for her to turn over.

As she turns over I’m treated to the view of her beautiful full breasts tipped with their proud erect nipples. She smiles and I see light sparkling in her brown eyes. “I’m enjoying this so much. I’m so glad I decided I could trust you.”

“Jordan, you’re a very beautiful woman, a feast for the eyes. I’m truly enjoying pleasuring you. I don’t know who is enjoying this more, you or me. Perhaps we’re even.”

I decide to start her front massage by working on her head and face. With my fingers I massage her temples and kaçak bahis her forehead. I massage her cheeks, squeeze in and around her jaw and massage her chin and neck. Gently I massage her eyes, careful not to apply too much pressure on them. And then I squeeze and fondle her ears.

I grasp one of her hands in one of mine and extend her arm up over her head. I have to tell her to keep loose and let me do all the work. I rub warm lotion the entire length of her arm, across her armpit and over her breast, and repeat a few times. Then I massage just her hand, first in its entirety, and then just the palm, and then each finger separately. I lay her arm down next to her and work on the other arm.

Then I reach over her head and proceed with long strokes down over her breasts and chest, around her navel decorated with its rings, and end just above her pussy. Her purring shows that she’s enjoying this and so I continue massaging her this way for several minutes.

Her wonderful breasts are next to receive my attention. With my fingers I apply light and slow strokes, smoothing outwards from the nipple of one of her breasts. Then I gently massage it using a kneading-like motion, lifting and pressing it. With both hands I gently twist her breast clock-wise and counterclockwise, being careful to not twist it too much. When I drip warm lotion directly on her nipple I hear a distinct “Ohhhh.” And as I gently rub and twist it between my fingers I feel it grow hard from the stimulation. I finish massaging the breast by applying moderate pressure all around it. And then I give my attention on her other breast.

I move down to the foot of the bed to work on her legs. I spread them a bit and bend them at the knee. Her center is now open to my view, completely unobstructed. As I massage warm lotion into a leg along its entire length I enjoy the feeling of her smooth soft skin. Her inner thighs receive extra attention and my strokes continue right into her groin, while my hands brush her pussy at the end of each stroke. All the while Jordan continues to purr and sigh with pleasure.

I look up for a moment to take in the sight of her wonderful relaxed body. Her torso is enveloped in a flawless expanse of beautiful smooth skin. Her full breasts rise and fall in time with her relaxed breathing. She is an image of sensuality and eroticism. I could easily just look at her for hours.

But now it’s time to finish the massage. I look forward to bringing her to the ultimate enjoyment of sensuality.

I pour a small amount of warm lotion directly on her abdomen, just above her pussy. And I massage there slowly in circles. “It’s awesome what you’re doing,” I hear. After a few minutes I reach down and begin massaging warm lotion across her entire mound. As I drip warm lotion directly on her clitoris she gasps but says nothing. One hand continues to explore her pussy while the other slowly fondles her clitoris. I continue this way for several minutes while her arousal builds. Her breath begins to come faster and faster and suddenly a shudder shakes her entire body. “Ohhhh my God, that was so fantastic.” As she comes down from her release I continue to massage the entire area until her breathing finally returns to normal.

With a warm damp cloth I wipe her groin to remove all her juices and the warm lotion. Then I sprinkle powder up and down her front and distribute it with light feathery strokes. I also carefully and thoroughly powder her breasts.

She lies there so relaxed and contented and looks so beautiful. I take one last long look at her, lean over and kiss each nipple and her forehead and whisper in her ear that the massage is over. I hear, “Ummmm that was nice” “Jordan, just relax there for a bit. I’m going to jump into the shower to freshen up.”

When I return to the room Jordan is still lying on the bed, but she’s moved away from the edge. She looks at me and says, “Come over here and lie next to me for a bit.” As we lie facing each other I automatically begin to caress her. We cuddle and enjoy the feeling of our bodies against each other. And there we remain, peaceful and content in each other’s arms until we have to return to the real world.

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