Me , Jay

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I have been talking to Jay for nearly two years on the Internet. Taking “offline” had been brought up numerous times in those two long years. It was always me that kept to the anonymousness of the Internet. Every night for two years we would log in and chat for a few hours, often times we would get sexual, but who doesn’t on the net? Today was the day it went off line.

Looking in the mirror, I smoothed out my shirt, and straightened my skirt, silently hoping my stomach would stop turning. Looking over myself, wondering if my body, for all its flaws would be presentable enough for him. Jay had seen my pictures before; I eventually got a cam for the computer so he’d seen me in real time and sometimes even all of me. I still blush when I think of being naked in front of my computer, showing him my secret places.

I put my thoughts aside as I glanced at the clock, he’s going to be here in less than 15 minutes, grabbing my after shower clothes and towels, checking to make sure I didn’t leave anything else out that would cause blinding embarrassment. I made my way down to the kitchen. Seeing the computer brought back our last conversation. Jay told me that he didn’t think that he would be able to keep his hands off of me when we were finally face to face. I thought about that, and I felt a sharp hot sensation in between my thighs, a second passed and the doorbell rang and I nearly jumped maltepe escort out of my skin, 10 minutes early, taking a deep breath I walked toward the front door.

As I opened the door, he stood there with one of the biggest grins I had ever seen on any one I’d encountered. It caused my heart to stop beating for a second or two. He stepped through the door, taking me into his arms, pulling me up his six foot two frame to meet his mouth. I thought for a moment of how funny it must look, him being so much taller and slimmer than my five foot six, pudgy body. But as our lips met it didn’t matter. Feather light touches from his lips to mine, made way to blinding passionate kisses that begged to branch out and explore.

He broke the kiss first, looking at me as if he were asking for permission to go farther. I answered him by kissing his neck; soft kisses up his neck, along his jaw. That was all he needed to know, he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the hallway. I led us to my bedroom. He closed the door behind him, grabbed me pulling me back against the door, kissing me senseless touching me through my clothes. I moved my hands to touch him, I longed to feel him but he had other ideas. He met my hands half way and took both of my wrists into one hand and pinned them above my head against the door. With the other hand he pulled my panties down my legs and stepped maltepe escort bayan on the crotch to bring them to the floor.

He pulled my skirt up over my hips, then unbuttoned and pulled down his jeans. He let go of my wrists and pulled off my shirt, then reached around me and unhooked my bra. He bent down cupping my breasts with shaky hands, I moaned loudly as he took a nipple into his mouth. I started to move my hands down to hold him, but Jay simply let go of one breast and again pinned my arms up by the wrists. “This is wicked.” I thought as his free hand traveled over my tummy, working its way south. My body coming alive at his touch.

I nearly said something when he swiftly covered my mouth with his, and a second later his finger slipped in to me. It had been so long and I was so tight, he tightened his grip on my wrists, put more force into his kiss as he added two more fingers. Moaning into his mouth and trying to keep my knees from buckling, I wiggled my hips slightly my feeble attempt to open more for him. All the wiggling succeeded in doing was making me cum all over his hand.

While he waited for me to recover he slipped out of his boxers. He looked into my eyes as he pulled them down, I glanced down and there it was, it was a sight. He was long and thick, beautiful in all respects. I wanted to touch him, taste him love every inch of him maltepe escort bayan with my hands and mouth. Only problem was he was still holding my wrists and pinning me against the wall.

He brought up a little condom package ripping it open with his teeth; he took and rolled it onto his impressive cock. Lifting me off the ground with one arm he pounded into me, taking away the little bit of air left in my lungs. So there we were, me with my arms raised, legs wrapped around Jay’s waist, Jay’s arms holding me up and his cock buried deep in me.

He smiled at me, as I fought for air, only when I had taken a few strong deep breaths did he start to move. My god it felt so good. He moved in and out of my tight pussy with a rhythm that I found easy to match at first. He moved with a grace I never knew possible, and I reveled in it. He increased the speed of his hips when he felt I caught up with him, finally I just gave up, tightened my legs around him, as he pounded.

I felt my body start to shake, I suppose I looked alarmed because he planted his lips onto mine. At that moment I just let it all go. My body shook my pussy tightened even more around him, my lips clung to his as my cum left my body and coated his cock and thighs. Seconds later he began to shake his muscles hardened and he breathed heavily into my mouth as he exploded.

He held me up against that wall till his couldn’t stand anymore. He let go of my wrists as I slipped off his cock, and unhooked my legs from his waist. He turned with me still in his arms and collapsed against the wall holding me tight to him. I looked up into his eyes, and said “Hi.” He smiled at me, and said “Hi.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32