Melissa’s Gorgeous Ass

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A while ago, I was sitting at my desk pretending to work when I got a very welcome telephone call from Melissa. “George, do you remember when I shared the double-dong with David and you licked my ass and I told you how good it felt?”

“Of course. I really liked it too. Like I’ve said many times, your ass is one of the scenic wonders of the world.”

Melissa giggled and continued. “I said I might like to go further some time. I think the time has come to try it and I want to try it with you. I want you to take my ass cherry.”

“Well, Melissa, I’m glad to hear that and I think you will really enjoy it. A lot of women do. And, to be honest, I certainly am looking forward to being the first with you. I hope you want me to eat your pussy first because that always makes it better for both of us. Do you want to come over here or would you rather I go to your place, and when and what time?” Although I sounded calm, I felt like jumping up and down and shouting “Hip! Hip! hooray!” at the top of my lungs.

“How about if I come over to your place this afternoon at two? And, of course, I want you to eat my pussy first.”

“Melissa, not only is your ass drop-dead gorgeous, you have the most delightful pussy I have ever eaten. I would be very disappointed if we got together and I didn’t get to eat you. Two o’clock works for me.”

She laughed. “Flattery will get you everywhere. See you at two o’clock.”

That gave me plenty of time and I was looking forward to Melissa’s visit so much that I no longer made any pretense of trying to work. I showered and shaved and changed the sheets on the bed. I always do that when I am expecting a lady friend but this time I used my brand new satin sheets. It just seemed appropriate to go to a certain amount of trouble for such a special occasion.

Melissa arrived a few minutes early. I am always glad to see her, first because she is so beautiful but also because she is a really sweet person. Considering these two things, I was really thrilled at being the one to expand her sexual horizons and I vowed to make it as good for her as I expected it to be for me. After kissing her hello, and kissing her hello again, and kissing her a third time because it is so much fun to do, I hung up her jacket in the closet. She removed her shoes; I was already barefoot, and we headed for the bedroom.

Because she expected to be naked shortly after arriving in my house, Melissa hadn’t worn much clothing, just a t-shirt and shorts with skimpy panties under the shorts. I was well aware that under the t-shirt were two of the most beautiful breasts in the world. She raised her arms and I took hold of the hem and lifted the thin garment over her head, letting the twin beauties bounce free. They were just as I remembered, so enticing that I couldn’t resist the urge to cup my hands under them for kissing and licking.

“I like that, George, but why not let me lie down on the bed first? I think it’ll be more fun for both of us.”

She was right, of course but before doing that, I unfastened her shorts and peeled them off her, caressing her lovely ass that I expected to soon be fucking. The only thing Melissa was wearing was her panties and I would remove them just before I started eating her pussy. As I was caressing Melissa’s beautiful body, she removed my shirt, unbuckled my belt and knelt on the floor to pull my pants down. She looked up at me, smiled lewdly, and pulled my undershorts down too, letting my cock spring free so she could kiss it. One by one, I lifted my feet so she could remove my clothing. I was more naked than she was but that didn’t bother me because I knew that she would catch up soon. Melissa got on the bed and lay on her back, a pillow under her head, smiling expectantly and holding her hands under her breasts to offer them to me.

It was an offer I could not refuse so I lay beside her and started licking the nearest nipple. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating; Melissa has truly lovely, completely natural breasts, big and firm and creamy, with a scattering of freckles and topped by sensitive pink nipples. As my mouth caressed her, the nipple quickly became erect and felt even more wonderful against my tongue. What I was doing was great for her too.

“Mmmmm, George,” she murmured. “Take your time. You know how much I enjoy what you’re doing and I want to cum from it before we get to the main event.”

“Me too. I mean, I want you to cum before we get there too. You’ll be more relaxed and it’ll be even more fun for both of us.” We both knew what the main event would be and we were both anticipating immense pleasure from it.

For a long, delightful time, I licked Melissa’s beautiful nipples, changing from one to the other, sometimes using broad strokes of my tongue and sometimes short thrusts with just the tip. She squirmed on the bed, offering them to me and cooing from the pleasure. Her eyes were closed, with her head luxuriously digging into the pillow. We have done bursa escort this many times for each other and we both truly love it.

We both love even more what I started to do next. Melissa’s breasts are the most delectably succulent of any of my lady friends. She continued to hold her hands under either of the beauties, and I drew one into my mouth as far as I could. With my lips forming a seal on the luscious flesh, I sucked gently, while my tongue caressed her areola and nipple. They were so erect by that time that I could feel the tiny ridges as I licked.

“Ooooo, George, every time you do that, it feels better,” Melissa murmured. “And today, it’s getting better by the second.”

It kept getting better to me too. I switched my attentions to the second of the succulent globes and glanced at her face again. Her eyes were still closed and her lips were peeled back from her teeth in a look of pure, relaxed bliss. As I again switched back and forth between her marvelous breasts, I could hear her cooing starting to turn to moans.

The rest of her body was reacting too. Her pussy, covered only in sheer panties was squirming on the bed and her crotch was soaked through. I could smell the juices her pussy was producing, one of the most delightful aromas I know of, and I knew it was time for me to go lower on her body.

Slowly, I kissed and licked and sucked my way down her soft body. She was aware of what I was about to start doing, of course, and tried to hurry me along by pushing my head toward her eagerly awaiting pussy. I laughed, and after my tongue had reached the waistband of her panties, I slid off the bed and got back on at the foot, holding another pillow.

Melissa knew exactly what I was going to be doing next and she was ready for me. When she saw me getting back on the bed, she raised her ass so I would be able to pull off her panties. I hooked my finger tips into the sides of the elastic band but, before I started removing them, I put my nose right against their soaked crotch and breathed deeply of her marvelous fragrance. She knows how much I love to smell her pussy but she was anxious for my tongue to start pleasuring her, so Melissa put her thumbs into the waistband and pushed it down and around her ass. I took the hint and pulled them off the rest of the way.

With the two of us equally naked, she raised her ass to let me slip the pillow under her to put her pussy at the right height for eating. I was still kneeling so she raised and spread her legs to let me duck under and allow them to rest on my shoulders. Leaning forward, I wrapped my arms around her thighs so my hands rested just above her delightful pussy and my nose was just inches away. Once again, I gazed almost reverently at its beauty and breathed deeply of the heavenly aroma.

“Melissa, you have the most wonderful pussy in the world.”

“If you like it so much, why aren’t you eating it instead of staring at it?” She had a certain point there, so I started doing what we both wanted me to do.

As usual, first I licked up all the juices that had dripped onto her legs, belly or anywhere else. I love the taste of almost any woman’s pussy juices but Melissa produces the most delicious ones I know of. After devouring them all, and savoring their taste, I started licking one of her outer lips.

On most women, this is not a very sensitive part so I don’t spend much time there, if any, but all of Melissa’s pussy loves to be caressed by my mouth. Her pubic hair, which she doesn’t shave, is soft and feathery and feels better to my tongue than even her bare skin would. Slowly, covering every part of her lip many times, I licked up to her mons, enjoying the sound of her cooing that started seconds after I began licking her. After relishing the feel of her mons, I brought my tongue back down and treated the other outer lip the same way, getting equal pleasure from her downy hair and her silken skin.

Melissa and I had both been immensely enjoying ourselves so far but it got even better as I started licking her inner lips. Her arousal in anticipation of what we would be doing, and what we had already done had caused them to become swollen and red instead of the usual light pink. The spongy feel of the one I started on was pure bliss to my tongue, besides being covered by her delicious juices.

I wasn’t the only one enjoying the action, of course. “Oooo, George, that always feels so good. You really know what I like.” Besides her words, Melissa was showing me how much she liked it by the way her pussy was squirming and fucking up into me face.

When I reached the end, where one inner lip merges with the other to form Melissa’s clit hood, I raised my head to again survey her beautiful face and body. Her lovely breasts were swaying with the movements of her body as she writhed on the bed, and her head on the pillow was tossing from side to side. Her eyes were closed blissfully but when I paused to look at her face, she opened them bursa escort bayan and smiled at me. I smiled back and stroked her clit hood with my tongue.

“Ummm, yeah,” she murmured as my tongue caressed her, so close to her sweetest of sweet spots. “Keep doing that.”

I did what she asked, but only for a few seconds. It was the turn of the other inner pussy lip and I licked that one the same way, covering every bit of its spongy surface many times over. This time, when I reached her clit hood, I stroked her there several times before curling my tongue under to delicately fondle the swollen love button that had almost pushed its way out from beneath its shelter. Although my touch was light, almost as feathery as Melissa’s pussy hair, there were immediate results.

The results were great, a big gush of fresh pussy juice and her cooing evolving fully into moans of pleasure, ending in whimpers. I could tell she was almost ready to cum so once again I brought my tongue down to her precious love hole. This time, I probed the edges around the wet, pink opening, relishing the taste of the juices that squirted out into my mouth. First the bottom edge, then up along one side and the other, my tongue crossing over between them, dipping in to taste the delicious juices as they bubbled up from their source.

Melissa was thrashing on the bed, her body seeming to be almost completely out of control. I noted her thighs had rotated out slightly, presenting her pussy even more fully to me and I knew she was completely ready to cum. First I probed my tongue into the small area between her pink hole and her adorable love toy, eliciting more and louder whimpers of pleasure. After that, I moved my face up slightly, drawing her clit into my mouth and sucking on it. As I sucked, my lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue caressed all along the engorged sides and top.

“Yes! Like that!” Melissa cried out joyously as she felt what my mouth was doing. “Suck my clit! Suck my clit!” As she begged me to do what I very much wanted to do anyhow, she was pushing her pussy up into my face to help me do it.

Minutes after my mouth had enveloped her precious clit, she happily blurted out “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming.” As she always does when I am eating her pussy in this position, her legs wrapped around my temples and her hands pressed on the back of my head. Melissa’s pussy was fucking so hard into my face, while her hands and legs held me where we both wanted me, that her ass was bouncing up and down, actually leaving the bed. As is also her habit, her heels were kicking lightly against my back. She enjoys cumming abut as much as any woman I know, and I also enjoy it when she does.

When she climaxed, her back arched, and her arms jerked, shoving her pussy against my face for a final time. Totally relaxed, she collapsed back onto the bed, happy with her orgasm. I was happy with it too because of all the fresh juices her pussy had produced, the most delicious I have ever tasted. I licked them all up, even scooping them out of her lovely pink hole with my tongue, because they would not be needed for the fucking we would soon be doing, and they are too good for me to allow them to go to waste. When I was through, I crawled out from under her legs and got off the bed.

Melissa’s eyes were still closed as she rested from her great climax but she opened them and grinned at me when she felt me exiting the bed. “Don’t be gone long, George. Remember, we have something very special planned for later.” I smiled back. I was well aware what was planned and I intended to get ready for it.

After wiping the surplus pussy juices from my face, I rinsed out the cloth, intending to use it to wash Melissa’s ass. When I returned to the bedroom with that, a condom and the bottle of Aquaglide, I showed her the latter two and set them by the foot of the bed. She smiled lewdly at the sight and got to her hands and knees to prepare herself for what she was here to do. She expected it to be a lot of fun.

I expected the same thing of it but there was something I wanted to do first. “I want to lick your ass first, Melissa, so you’ll be better prepared. It was great for both of us before and should be just as good this time.”

“Okay. You’re right. I remember how good it felt too.”

While she knelt, one side of her face pressed against a pillow and her hands spreading her cheeks for me, I gazed almost rapturously at her truly gorgeous ass. The sides curve out smoothly from her waist and taper down to her legs. Her succulent cheeks of her ass rise dramatically from the small of her back to form a perfect full moon before they curve back around and meet her thighs. The soft, smooth outsides of those lovely cheeks are fetchingly splashed with a few freckles but the insides are like pure creamy ivory. As beautiful as they are, they are a suitable frame for her perfect pink rosebud. Whenever I describe Melissa, I use superlatives because there is so much about escort bursa her face and body and personality that comes about as close to perfect as anybody could be.

As gorgeous as her ass is, however, some very unpleasant things pass through there. I didn’t smell anything but her own personal fragrance and I know she always keeps her body scrupulously clean, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Using the wet cloth from the bathroom, I wiped off her pink rosebud and the surrounding area. It seemed almost like a sacrilege toward such a heavenly place but I thought it to be best to be sure.

Once I was satisfied, I pressed my face against her and started licking at the top of her cleft. The skin inside her cheek was as soft as her pussy had been, and I slowly licked all the way down, for the time being avoiding her puckered hole, as I did the first time we shared this wonderful way of making love.

“Mmmm, that feels nice. Your mustache is tickling me.” Melissa was really enjoying what my tongue was doing but we both knew this was just a preliminary.

Slowly, my tongue caressed down and around between her lovely rosebud and her pussy, picking up a few delicious drops of juice that I had somehow missed before. When I started back up the inside of her other cheek, I again skirted the puckered hole. Melissa was enjoying our activities so much her ass was squirming much like her pussy had a short while earlier. When I had again licked all the way up to the top of her cleft, I paused, and started down the middle.

Even more slowly than before, my tongue caressed the silky akin until I again reached the area where the puckering started. Using a fair amount of pressure because I wanted both of us to enjoy it fully, I circled along the area, tracing her precious rosebud. After completing the circle, I pulled back briefly to enjoy the beautiful sight of the pink surrounded by creamy skin. Looking was nowhere near enough, though, and I buried my face between her cheeks, joyfully licking her rosebud first with up and down strokes, then diagonally, then across. I could hear Melissa sighing and cooing happily and I knew I had been right in licking her ass before fucking it.

We were both relaxed and ready for her primary reason for coming here. She was still on her knees but her upper body was supported by her hands. Melissa looked over her shoulder at me. “You didn’t put your tongue in me,” she commented, not complaining, just wondering.

“My cock is going to be there in a few minutes so my tongue seemed like it would be inconsequential. Otherwise, I would have, because that’s fun too. If you’re ready, reach back again because I will need to add lubrication.”

“I’m ready.” Melissa was more than ready; she was eager. Once again the side of her face was pressed against a pillow. “Grease me up good, George. You know how to do it.”

She was right, of course. I removed the top from the Aquaglide, placed the neck of the bottle against her rosebud, pushed it gently inside and squeezed in a healthy dollop. She giggled at the new sensation. “That feels funny. Good, but funny.”

I squirted in another big gob of the lubricant and added some around the rim. Melissa is a rather small woman and this would be her first time for this. I would much rather use far too much of the Aquaglide than not quite enough. I pressed the tip of my middle finger against her rosebud and slipped it inside her, all the way to the knuckle. “How does that feel?”

“Nice, but I hope your cock is bigger than that.”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be big enough.” Keeping my finger straight, I twisted it around inside her and moved it in and out, applying a thick covering of the Aquaglide to the entire inside of her ass.

When I was in the bathroom, I had removed the condom from its package, so I rolled it onto my cock after she was ready. I added more of the lubricant, especially on the end, so I was covered as heavily as the inside of Melissa’s ass. Both of us were as ready as we were going to get.

“Keep holding your cheeks open,” I instructed her. “There will probably be some dull pain at first but it should quickly evolve into pleasure. If you feel a sharp pain, it means something’s wrong. Let me know right away and I’ll back out.”

“I’m not worried. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

It gave me a warm feeling to hear her say that, and it was true. “Melissa, I would cut my cock off before I hurt you deliberately but something could go wrong, like a loose piece of skin. Be sure to let me know if it’s too painful.” She told me she would.

While Melissa held her cheeks spread, I inserted the tips of my index fingers in her rosebud and pried the edges apart. Using the fingers of one hand to maintain the opening I had created, I guided my cock with the other hand until the head was pressed against its goal. With a firm push my cock, aided by the lubricant, wedged inside Melissa’s ass. She sighed and seemed to flinch slightly.

“Did that hurt?”

“Just a little, at first, like you said it would. It feels okay now, though. Keep going.”

I did keep going but only in small increments at first. Another firm thrust squeezed more of my cock into her ass.

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